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I'm very worried about yugyeom... He is probably thinking about all the worst case scenarios about got7 and their carreer. I doubt anything bad will happen or that they'll be disbanded, but man.. I couldn't handle him when watching the pranks. It hurt my heart bcos he's always saying how worried he is about got7 disbanding.. I hope he knows we love them so much

same anon :’((( he’s literally the most sweetest and careless person ever. If they get scolded by JYP or whoever, I can’t deal to imagine how he must feel or what will go through his mind. I couldn’t even watch his reaction when they pulled the hidden cameras on him, he just looked so sad & apologetic :( I hope he’s not hurting that badly :( same with the other members. I’m so worried about them

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My INTJ friend used to hang out with me daily. Now that he is hanging out with an old friend, I go weeks between hearing from him. Sometimes longer. Is this his way of breaking up with our friendship? I've asked him directly and he assures me it is not the case, but I think he is trying to spare my feelings.

INFJ admin: Friendships can also go through a “honeymoon phase” just like romantic relationships. He probably found his old friend and is riding that out right now, and when it fades he might be in a better state of mind to better evenly divide his time among you two.

OR the worst case scenario: with his old friend back in the picture, hanging out with you is no longer as appealing as it was before.

Regardless of which it is, the action you should take remains the same: Back off of him. Just let go for now. You have already asked him directly about the situation and he has given his answer– now it’s his move. Do your own thing– hang out with other people, engage yourself in your favorite hobbies, just do you. If you are a priority to him, he will come back. If you are not– well then now you know, and you’re rid of someone who doesn’t really appreciate you. It’s a win-win either way.

pvtameliatucker replied to your post “guys idk how many of you are in college/how many of you live in dorms…”

One thing at my school is how hesitant everyone is to bother our RAs cuz theyve got shit to do too. I always feel bad bothering them with little things even though it’s their job, b/c i wanna make it easy on them. Hopefully you dont get too overwhelmed! Worst case scenario, buy everyone on your floor Vitamin D for the winter lol cause thts when shit goes down

hahaha yeah i’m fine with residents asking me about things and helping them and stuff bc like that’s my job, what isn’t cool is when they think it’s cute to rip down my boards, steal shit from the lounge, shoot paintball guns off the fifth floor balcony, etc… & god yeah last year literally ¾ of my residents had strep throat at the same time it was hell

Persephone and the Underworld Kids (Part 1)

On Hazel’s existence:
My head canon is that Queen Marie summoned Hades in autumn or some time when Persephone was in the underworld and took away their valuable couple-time (They do this purposely to avoid a marriage like Zeus and Hera) so

Hades was all like “How do I get her to leave me ALONE?!?!”
And Perse was just like “Try sleeping with her.”
And Hades was like “Are you kidding me?”
And she was like “We’ve been married for a thousand years. So long as my mother doesn’t know, worst case scenario is that it doesn’t work.”

So he goes as Pluto, just because it feels less awkward after that conversation and nine months later we hear about cute lil’ Hazel and Persephone was just like
“Awww, she’s so cute like a little flower!When she gets older she has to come for a visit sometime.”
And Hades is still confused AF because “How are you okay with this?!?!” And when Persephone found out about Gaea she was all like “Lemme at her!” But the Fates said no and Hades had to hold her back because
“That is my adorable, INNOCENT, little step-daughter you pieces of-” *cue gag*
Take Two occurred when Hazel was sentenced to Asphodel.

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Combat boots, cry baby 🌿

(Sorry for the late reply, I posted this just as I was beginning a lecture!)

Combat boots: are you a very forgiving person? Do you like being this way?
I think I am and I’m not - it depends on how well I know the person who has ‘wronged’ me. If I know them very well I’m much more likely to forgive them even if they aren’t necessarily contrite or apologetic, which I’m not always happy about. I have a bit of a temper and I’ll act Betrayed and Furious for maybe 15 minutes and then I’ll start thinking about the worst case scenario of never speaking to the person I’m angry with ever again and I put my feelings aside. This being said, I’m much less likely to trust or forgive people I’m very close to, and if it’s someone like a politician who has done something wrong….. I think I can be more even about it when the people are distant from me and forgive people only when they’re acknowledge that they’re wrong.

Cry-Baby: talk about the concerts you’ve been to and how they made you feel.
I’ve been to quite a few concerts in my time, so I’ll pick some of my top ones:
I saw Florence and the Machine when I was 16 (? I think? @littleteacupmouse do you remember?), on tour soon after releasing Ceremonials, and they were spectacular. They were my favourite band at the time (I still love them) and because they’d only released two albums at this stage they played all of my favourites. That same year I went to my first music festival (also with @littleteacupmouse) and saw The Kooks and They Might Be Giants. That day will always be one of my about its memories because it was a new experience, I spent it with my best friend, and because we’re both quite small we managed to work our way close to the front both times. I’ve seen Vampire Weekend on a whim about a week after I discovered them and they themselves were great, and it was my first proper concert in the standing room which was an experience itself.
The two best concerts I’ve ever been to, however were Morrissey (last year at the Sydney Opera House) and The Cure (just this past Monday!!). They are two artists who are very important to me and even though they’ve ~aged~ they gave just the most monumental performances. Morrissey was his brilliant, mournful self, his voice was unchanged and his accompanying band were incredible. And The Cure… I’m still kind of processing them! they were unbelievable! The concert I saw was a sideshow for a festival and I’d seen the set list they’d played there and they hadn’t played *all* my favourites so I’d prepared myself for that and then at my concert….they played all my favourites. Before I went someone tried to tell me Robert Smith had lost his voice but he sounded just as (if not better) as he does in songs that were recorded 30+ years ago, he is a giant sweetheart and a wonderful performer and the audience was full of Old Goths. All around wonderful.

thank you for sending (and allowing me to gush about The Cure)! x

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卐 : Worse role play-related encounter and what advice you would give to others to avoid similar situations?

A long time back, there was a very pushy partner that really didn’t get the hint that I no longer wanted to thread with them. It was for a multitude of reasons, and I just wasn’t jiving with them anymore. Thing was, I really didn’t know how to tell them I wasn’t into it anymore without sounding like a downright bitch, but they just kept asking and waiting for my replies. It really got out of hand.

My advice, I suppose, would be to tell the person if you’re not feeling it. Just do it. Worst case scenario is that they’ll be bummed. But your RP experience is wholly shaped by you- you have the power to choose over what you do or don’t do. 

My coworker was such a dick about downloading Pokemon go as a Canadian, and turned downloading an app into some worst case scenario with getting your money stollen and hacked and all this BS because it apparently violates a rule or law or something, and how he’s so superior and making me feel like an idiot for even wanting to download it. Saying shit like “I want to have a future, and money, and a good credit score and I won’t lose that for Pokemon.” And my non-medicated, depressed and anxious ass really didn’t need to hear that, and now I don’t even want to download Pokemon Go, even though my friend wants to hunt Pokemon tomorrow.