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people including my best friend are talking about how jadedavekat is probably going to keep being A Thing in future updates and i was already really freaked out about it but then somebody mentioned how act 4 built up davejade and act 5 built up jadekat and then act 6 was davekat and now this????? i lovelovelove jade but i can't help feeling really awful and upset, like i just want my otp to be my otp???? pls reassure

Hey first off if you’re getting here from the dave//jade, jade//kat or dave//jade//kat tags, I can’t edit asks to add slashes so sorry this is showing up in your search.

Second, I truly think our worst case scenario is that canon never explicitly confirms dave kat and it keeps being presented with dave, jade and karkat ambiguously hanging out together, leaving the specific dynamics open to speculation from hopefuls in both camps. I truly do believe that’s the worst we are going to have to deal with. After the amount of teasing that’s been done outside of canon I don’t think they are going to outright sink us though I 100% understand the worry. 

And I still have that like 1% hope that we’ll get something in the epilogue, who knows. It’s like literally at 1%, but that’s better than the ZERO percent I felt after Act 7? So yeah. That’s where I’m at right now. 

Also I know exactly who you read that from and my honest, sincere suggestion is to block that person. They are insisting upon putting dave//jade//kat stuff explicitly in the dave//kat tag specifically to upset people who aren’t keen on poly shipping them and that sort of rudeness really doesn’t need to be respected by anyone when we have the tools to remove ourselves from it.


This cover is extravagant.

Notes From The Author

It feels so fantastic to be back!! 💗 Thank you for being so wonderful and sticking with me.

I hope you guys have enjoyed the last 2 chapters of Save Me 😈… I think they ended up being as deliciously dirty 🔥

I’m going to do my best to post the next chapter tonight, it’s written but needs to be edited, but it all depends on how much I can get done during the day.

I’m heading out of town tonight for a little getaway 🚙🍷☀️and won’t be back until Sunday night. In the absolute worst case scenario, the next chapter will be posted early Monday afternoon.

📖 Just in case you haven’t read the last 2 chapters and want to catch up, here are the links to them.

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

In case you don’t know this already, I love you guys!!! 💗💕💗

Feeling tired, but accomplished.

I have 50 posts in my queue. I’m preparing to take my tablet to Best Buy, and in case of not having my tablet before a week or losing all my shiz again, I’ve beefed up my queue and am uploading my family as they currently are to the gallery. I’m making plans and preparations for the worst case scenario.

Anxiety Nº 1

That in spite of what the FiveThirtyEight election forecast predicts, Trump will win the election, thereby politically legitimizing the agendas of some of his worst supporters. While trying to unpack how I was feeling Sunday evening during that shameful display of a debate, the only thing I could compare it to were my childhood fears of Reagan or the Soviets deciding to start a nuclear war – in other words, the world (or at least my corner of it, in this case) falling into chaos, and I having little power to stop it.

Sadly, even if Trump loses, all of the attempts he has already made to delegitimize such a scenario as anything but the result of a rigged system (and dog-whistle calls to monitor polling places) could mean that we’re in for a messy few days after the election. Additionally, his loss does not mean we’re rid of the 26% of the population who seem willing to vote for him.

Granted, of that number, it’s fair to assume some of them are traditional conservatives who will be holding their noses when they cast their ballot (folks with whom I already fundamentally disagree with on how this country should be run, but that’s another story). Still another portion are folks who just can’t abide Clinton, and a vote for Trump, as problematic as they might find him, means that their vote prevents one from landing in her column. But that still leaves the racist, antisemitic, xenophobic, sexist sleaze who have come out from under their rocks to rally around this clown. Are these thugs going to just roll over and accept defeat on November 8?

three dreams

I’ve mentioned before that the last 1.5 years have shaken any belief I had in superstition or fate or a narrative shaping my life. I’ve realized that that feeling that I have when rocky turbulence starts on a plane – that thought: this can’t happen this way, this isn’t how my life is supposed to go – that everyone has that feeling. Everyone thinks they’re not going to get cancer, that their pregnancy isn’t going to implode. And then, one day, the worst case scenario comes to pass, and we all realize there was never any magic thread holding it together at all. 

But. The one thing I will admit is that I have had some dreams over the last year that have been strange. The first was two days before we found out we lost the first pregnancy. In it, I was in my best friend’s bathtub, bleeding. I woke up screaming; it had seemed so real. Two mornings later I woke up and went to the bathroom and there it was: blood. I remember thinking, maybe this is just a dream too. I literally pinched myself, dug my fingernails into the flesh of my arm, even though I knew it was happening.

I kind of brushed the dream off at the time; I had been anxious the whole pregnancy (for good reason, things were rocky to start) and our upcoming NT scan was looming large in my mind. I didn’t think the dream was a sign; it seemed more reasonable to assume it was a symptom of my anxiety. 

The next dream came in September, during our second IVF cycle. I dreamt I took multiple pregnancy tests and they were all positive. I was on a bus (a weird throwback to a reporting assignment for a page one story that had finally come out a couple weeks before) and I showed everyone. Two days later, I got a faint positive on a HPT. Then another. And then two blazing first responses. 

The third dream was a couple days ago. I dreamt we got a PGS report for our two embryos – the one currently hanging out in my uterus (current status: to be determined at tomorrow’s ultrasound) and the one in the freezer. Both were PGS normal. (Note: we did not do PGS in real life.) Both were boys. 

I’m convinced this pregnancy is a boy. Mostly because I’ve been less sick than last time, but tonight my mom admitted she had the same feeling too. She had always thought the last pregnancy was a girl. Now I think so, too. 

I’ve been writing and reading long enough to know that one’s dreams are rarely interesting to others, and I don’t even know where I’m going with this exactly. Maybe I’ll be proven foolish tomorrow at our scan, or a couple weeks down the line. I don’t even think a PGS-normal embryo would mean we’re in the clear; I think our problems might be different than those that chromosomes reveal. And yet. I feel a little less scared about tomorrow. 

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Hi Bonnie. I'm nervous about an appointment for a breast mammogram and ultrasound thing. I'm only 18 and my doc said I could have cancer since both sides of my family have it. I'm only 18. I'm too young to die

Hey hon, I can understand why you’re scared.  I had my first mammo at 18 also because my mom had breast cancer at 31.  I have never had breast cancer, but many, many lumps called fibroadenomas, which are NOT cancerous but feel suspicious.  To have breast cancer at such a young age would be very rare, but anything abnormal should always be double checked, and your doctor is likely giving you the worst-case scenario to cover all the options.  The majority of breast lumps at any age are non-cancerous.  Try to not worry too much until you have to, if you even do.  With a strong history of cancer in your family, you will likely be doing regular mammograms younger than others, and anything you ever feel will be checked fully.  This isn’t a guarantee that you will ever even get cancer.  Yes, the risk is there, but it’s not a sure thing.  Do your best to think positive, and ask every single question that you have.  I’ll be thinking about you, love.

update (if you care):
i can’t tell if my depression is spiraling further out of control or if i’m making progress. it’s a hazy line but i just feel confused and in constant shock all the time anyway.

i’m posting this because i scheduled a few therapy appointments. hopefully i do manage to get out of this hole. worst case scenario i finally get to vent my feelings to someone whose willing job is to listen to me cry about my teenage angst.

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So I recently got close with this guy, sometimes the way he acts around me makes me feel that he likes me but he tells my friends that he thinks of me as a friend and he's so caring and sweet towards me. I don't know what to think

he could just be hiding his feelings for you from people, or he could just have a flirty personality. you should talk to him about it and see what he says, that’s the only way you’ll find out the truth. i know it may seem risky, but what do you have to lose? worst case scenario, he doesn’t like you. then you can go and find a dope ass guy that actually does!

Okay, so. I need to make a little PSA…

I need to take a break from writing. My mental health isn’t quite up to par right now, and writing was the root of the issue this time. I have a plan to get through this, and step one is taking a break until I feel better. And then just writing fluff pieces, and we’ll see how it goes from there.

(There is a very real, worst-case scenario, that I stop writing indefinitely. I’m hoping I don’t get to that point, but it’s something that could very well happen. And I want you guys to know that, too.)

Thank you guys so much for your kind words and encouragement. :)

@numeriku replied to your post “a life update[[MOR] things with the squish are escalating fast. he…”

Communication is a key factor in a relationship. If there’s no communication, it will start to fall apart. Talk to him.

I just did, though it was a lot of me rambling and not making sense, I think. I told him earlier today that I needed alone time and he said he understood but it felt like he was hurt when he answered. it’s very likely that he thought he’d screwed something up and the thought of him hurt and moody terrifies me because he did get like that at work and it wrecked me and made everyone feel uncomfortable. I feel like I’m going to screw this friendship or whatever I should call this, and worst case scenario, I’ll lose a friend and likely a coworker. my older coworker warned me about this. told me he went through something similar and he ended up leaving because he couldn’t handle being in the same environment as the other person.

I’m just… I’m in a keyboard smashing sort of mood

Thanks to everyone who gave some nice words. My feelings are strong but I know I still have a chance. By the time I got the rejection, I was leaning more towards duke so maybe it happened for a reason. I had best case scenario I get accepted to only one school so I don’t choose. And worst case scenario and I get rejected at Duke, I still have another interview coming up.

So I’m in that “ dark cloud with potential silver lining” phase.

Who knew end stage rejection feels worse than straight rejections?

If I can’t start taking testosterone yet at least I’ll go ask if I can change my legal name already…

But I’ll honestly rather be healthy and wait those damn two years for changing it but at least start the fucking hormones already

Now I have to repeat analysis and if it wasn’t due to stress I’ll have to have my brain checked bc it’s a gland problem. This is so scary. As the doctor explained it doesn’t cause anything bad, but if I’m going to start a hormone treatment they cannot let me start like this. And worst case scenario, if I actually have a gland problem, I’ll have to take medication before starting taking T, and the treatment could last up to two years. She said that it doesn’t necessary means that I’ll have to wait two years for starting T but…

Gah, I feel so bad. I just want it all to be over already and start taking T

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Help! I realized I developed feelings for a close friend of mine and I'm terrified of feels so I prolly won't say anything but I want to. But I know they don't see me in a non-platonic way so idk what to do. I'm too scared to even go off anon...

OK, don’t worry! Deep breaths, we’ll figure it out. I know you’re scared, and feelings can be problematic, but the problem will not go away if you don’t talk to them. I am the biggest advocate of communication in the world. Talk to them. When I have to go through scary things like this, I think ‘what’s the worst case scenario here’ and I make my decision on the basis of how I react. Talk to them. They are a part of your feelings, and you don’t know how they might react. 

It’s scary. But we have to do scary things every day. It’ll make you stronger.