College Truths pt.2

1. Write your thesis they said. It will be fun they said.

2. “You’re a good student.” Said no professor ever.

3. The expectation is that you can have the same routine each semester, in order to do well in college. But what is really doing well in college?

4. College relationships in senior year either end in proposals/marriages. Or they end up with break ups. Worst case scenario is when you have no idea what to do with your partner.

5. I’m happy I’m graduating. I’m sad I’m graduating.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm trying to look into my mental health more, and I was wondering if you could give some examples of how you think dpd and hpd comorbidity might display itself?

disclaimer: I don’t have hpd, so to anyone with histrionic personality disorder, if I’m speaking out my ass, please, please, please feel so free to call me out and if you feel up to it, correct me

well, I’d look at similar traits as well as the diagnostic criteria for both first so

Catastrophizing - The habit of automatically assuming a “worst case scenario” and inappropriately characterizing minor or moderate problems or issues as catastrophic events.

Dependency - An inappropriate and chronic reliance by an adult individual on another individual for their health, subsistence, decision making or personal and emotional well-being.

Engulfment - An unhealthy and overwhelming level of attention and dependency on another person, which comes from imagining or believing one exists only within the context of that relationship.

Fear of Abandonment - An irrational belief that one is imminent danger of being personally rejected, discarded or replaced.

Feelings of Emptiness - An acute, chronic sense that daily life has little worth or significance, leading to an impulsive appetite for strong physical sensations and dramatic relationship experiences.

Lack of Object Constancy - An inability to remember that people or objects are consistent, trustworthy and reliable, especially when they are out of your immediate field of vision.

Selective Competence - Demonstrating different levels of intelligence, memory, resourcefulness, strength or competence depending on the situation or environment.

Sense of Entitlement - An unrealistic, unmerited or inappropriate expectation of favorable living conditions and favorable treatment at the hands of others.

Testing - Repeatedly forcing another individual to demonstrate or prove their love or commitment to a relationship.

and the diagnostic criteria for dpd can be found here and for hpd, here

wherein I would say that hpd and dpd would have a lot of comorbid traits around gaining and holding people’s attention, often for the purpose of receiving validation 


  • displaying attention seeking behaviours* and then looking for validation of these behaviours to the point of manipulating people’s opinions of the situation in order to garner sympathy  
  • an intense fear of being alone
  • a lack of sense of self and the ability to become whoever you think will be most liked in the situation, down to mimicking speech patterns and gestures 
  • shallow emotions easily influenced by present company (if my friend is sad, I’ll be sadder and the attention will be back on me)
  • oversharing, a lot of oversharing; oversharing for attention, oversharing to disguise discomfort, oversharing to manipulate certain emotions in another person
  • intense anger or hopelessness when things don’t go your way
  • strong/intense but often temporary attachments to people who might not feel the same way, going so far as to base important decisions on these peoples opinions despite their lack of investment in your life 
  • doing things you find unpleasant to gain attention and validation, even doing things that bring direct harm to yourself

and I think that’s the best I can do for you. Maybe there’s someone with both hpd and dpd who can comment and give you a better sense of their comorbid relationship

(dpd -
(hpd -

*a lot of writing emphasizes sexual behaviour but psychiatrists tend to be creepy like that and focus on “sexually deviant” behaviour in people with personality disorders so I wouldn’t be surprised if these claims lacked validity in the sense that sex is one of many ways to seek attention but sex is still entrenched in body politics and cultural history so the behaviour stands out as abnormal

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Oh my God! Tony would panic even more after he kissed Rhodey. it would sober him up totally at that moment, and he would finally realize what he actually said and did. He'd be like "oh my God, i'm so sorry, shit, shit, damn it" because he never meant for Rhodey to find out. Tony feels like his whole life is ending right there, because Rhodey is his BEST FRIEND and his oldest one and his entire world and what if he's gonna leave him now or be disgusted or never speak to him again or...

… his brain would  just keep coming up with worse worst case scenarios, because sometimes being a genius sucks. And it would not help that Rhodey would be completely thrown by that sudden development. Because he honestly never expected Tony to kiss him, and he just doesn’t know how to react.

It probably doesn’t help that they have the other Avengers as their audience either. They don’t even pretend they’re not watching this like their lives depend on it. Because this is soap opera come alive, and also because it is THE brotp or otp moment and they’re emotionally invested.

Tony would be completely obvious to their attention though, he’d be too busy watching Rhodey’s face for any kind of reaction. You know all these descriptions of how you can see someone’s emotions in their eyes or read them in their faces? Yeah. It’s all crap. Tony can’t read a single thing in Rhodey’s eyes, alright, and it’s driving him nuts.

Then, finally, after an eternity of at least four seconds, Rhodey opens his mouth and says, “Tony-”

Cue the alarm going off.

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Forget that other person; you're absolutely right that people deserve more slack for mental health, and it's okay to take a break if all that gets overwhelming :) Trust me--I tried to keep pushing through as my anxiety and depression got worse, and it just made me stay in a worsening situation that kept affecting my mental health more and more. I'm still learning to give myself slack for mental health, and it's not easy, but it is important.

yes exactly. I think many people do not understand how, in many cases, people feel guilty for skipping, or feel their mental health isn’t important enough. In worst case scenarios, people may ignore their problems just because they are in denial or the symptoms aren’t “bad enough”
Now i don’t think anyone should take too many days off for it, since it’s easy to get in a cycle of not showing up to things, as well as many therapists would advise you at least try to show up to classes 

But to sum up my argument, I feel that there shouldn’t be a deliberate and strict policy on being against “mental health days” since it’s definitely all individual scenarios. like many people would feel grumpy that someone having slight anxiety for a day would skip class, but most situations where people DO skip from anxiety/depression for one day is because of horrible panic attacks or emotional outbursts from depression. and I’ve been in situations where I knew something was going to happen revolving around my struggles, and I went to class anyway just to burst out crying about 5 minutes in and had to leave.

Actually, many teachers will even excuse students if they are crying a lot from anxiety or depression and can’t make it through the day 

Lost Data (Lost Prompts?)

So I let my sister borrow my laptop and she ended up accidentally downloading a virus and I hadn’t saved my data particularly recently.

My laptop will probably have to be completely wiped.

What this means is that, except for the asks still in my inbox for the fake fic title event, I’ve lost my list of pending prompts and the notes I’ve made for each. (Along with other files, but that’s not all that relevant)

That’s the worst case scenario. Maybe they’ll be able to save the data and all of this is just a premature overreaction. But just a heads up.

Sorry everyone who had sent in a prompt previously that is still pending. Feel free to re-send it with “lost data” in the message so I can differentiate it from the fake fic title events.

Thanks for understanding. I still have a few fake fic title posts queued up so hopefully this won’t lead to missed posts.

Being a sad adult has its ups. No one can make me sadder. Im gonna be the equal amount of depressed if i get fired and get disowned by my family for being gay or if i graduate w a 4.0 and win a free ride in college.

So it feels like ur winning when someone tries to bring u down and i can confidently say “if i kill myself its DEFINITELY not over you thinking im too much of a dog person”

And like. No fear. If something bad happens that will just stroke my masochistic “i deserve this” attitude in some way. If i die that isn’t even a worst case scenario. Im so sad and anxious that literally the worst thing that can happen to me all starts to be equal to “no bread in the house for a sammie”

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Help. Ok so there's this girl at my school that I've liked for a while. She's gorgeous, super smart n stuff and her smile is perfect I've always caught her looking or staring at me but it's just she's 10000 leagues ahead of me. Idk should I try talking to her? I'm shorter than her, ugly and shy as hell. I'm probably just being super conceited and misreading this whole entire thing but I just get the feeling maybe I just go for it? Sorry for bothering

I will tell you exactly what I told my friend earlier today: the worst case scenario is not doing anything and regretting it afterwards every single time you think about it. So don’t worry and just do it!