This is not the year for boy groups….

- L.Joe left TEEN TOP 

- Kevin left U-Kiss

- The amount of underrated groups on Produce 101

- The Legend Disbanded

- History Disbanded

We are not even half way through 2017. I can only hope the rest of the year gets better

Guys, I found out there’s a hate blog now dedicated to just calling out this person and I would formally like to say that I don’t support this at all.

You cannot fight hate with hate and expect a good outcome, and you certainly can’t enable someone to grow and understand your side if you are fighting them the entire way.

Understanding and peace take time and a lot of compassion, if it will happen at all. So please, don’t continue all this, especially in a mean spirited way. You’ll only hurt this person, and that’s not okay.

I mean this is exactly why I didn’t drop any names to begin with.

AU where Veronica writes JD’s suicide note

Think. Long and hard. Conjure him up in your mind.

What would he say?

What is his final statement to a cold, uncaring planet?

Dear World,

Believe it or not, I knew about fear;

I knew the way loneliness stung

I hid behind smirks and crazy dark clothes,

I learned to kiss girls with my tongue.

That’s good.

But oh, the world, it held me down.

I could not escape the walls that would surround.

No one thinks the crazy guy has feelings,

No one gets his volatility,

I am more that guns and smoke and murder,

No one sees the me inside of me.

Jesus, you’re making me sound like air supply!

Keep going. This has to be good enough to fool everyone.

Whoa! Is it murder?

No, look. Here’s a suicide note.

They couldn’t see past my violent mystique,

They wouldn’t dare look in my eyes,

But underneath was a terrified boy

Who clings to his jacket and cries.

My thoughts were just like prison bars,

They’ve left me a myriad of scars.

“Myriad”, Nice.

No one thinks the crazy guy has substance. That’s the curse of instability.

I am more than just a source of handjobs

Wait, what?

No one sees the me inside of me.

‘Sup, I’m Cam (Cameron if you wanna be specific about it), this is my terrible intro. I’m 28, a Gemini and I play guitar with a band full of wankers, you know the one, a new controversy every year and I enjoy causing inconveniences. I like animals and alcohol, and I will volunteer to be the DJ at your funeral.