i’m a mess.

so this painting

has been going viral all over the web, especially after therealbanksy tweeted it.  it’s project i did for school and i’ve been completely discredited. if you see it, please know that the artist is Rachel Matile.

thank you so much.

The original is here:

percyyoulittleshit asked:

Yo, sophii, what about Person B (Percy) making a deal to save Person A(nnabeth)’s life at the cost of all their memories together.

Yo, Mari, this is rude as fuck. What is your problem. 

  • Annabeth gets poisoned during some monster fight and no matter what the Apollo cabin tries, they just can’t heal her 
  • she seems to accept her inevitable death and simply wants to go home and be held by Percy as she takes her final breath 
  • but Percy can’t let that happen 
  • he goes to the Nemesis cabin and asks the campers how to summon their mother 
  • they try and talk him out of it but he is dead set 
  • Nemesis appears and offers Percy an out: 
  • “I can tell you how to cure her, but the antidote will also take her from you.”
  • “what does that mean?” 
  • “The choice is yours” 
  • the plant that will be turned into the antidote that will save Annabeth waits on an underwater cliff that Percy easily gets to 
  • he rushes back to Camp and hands the plant off to the nearest Apollo camper 
  • he sits and holds Annabeth’s hand, praying to every god that still likes him 
  • when she drinks the antidote she immediately falls asleep 
  • four hours later Percy is dozing off in a chair that Will had brought in for him, and when he stirs he notices Annabeth sitting up in her bed looking at him
  • “Annabeth, I’m so glad you’re-” 
  • “You drool when you sleep” 
  • he smiles wide but then he registers a look on her face and an uneasy feelings stirs in his stomach 
  • “Do I know you?” 
  • Apollo medics rush in to begin examining and questioning Annabeth 
  • she remembers everything 
  • except Percy 
  • she recounts a summary of the last few years, remembering every major event but somehow leaving out an extremely important part: her best friend and boyfriend 
  • Percy demands another meeting with Nemesis who only appears as a breeze 
  • “I told you, Son of the Sea, every choice has consequences” 
  • he slashes his sword at the wind, but all he hears is Nemesis’s laugh echoing into the distance 
  • he stabs Riptide into the ground and collapses, no longer able to hold it together 
  • his body is wracked with sobs and he’s not sure if they’re relief or sadness 
  • as the sun sets, he lays on the grass and looks up at the sky like he used to do with Grover and Annabeth on lazy days 
  • a shadow falls over him and he squints up to see Nico standing over him 
  • “Mind if I sit?” 
  • they sit in silence for a long time, Nico in no rush and Percy just trying to find the words 
  • “Would you want Bianca back even if she wouldn’t remember you?” 
  • Nico looked into Percy’s eyes, searching for the playful mischief that usually danced around, but it was nowhere to be found 
  • “Honestly… yeah. Because even if she wasn’t mine anymore, she’s still be here y’know? That’s love, isn’t it? Wanting the best for the other person, even if it sucks for you?” 
  • Nico’s words dance around in Percy’s head as he tries to fall asleep that night and he struggles with the weight they seem to create on his chest 
  • over the next few weeks, he watches Annabeth from afar
  • it hurts more than he thinks he can bear until one day at dinner as he stares blankly into the hearth a plate clinking against his table snaps him to attention 
  • Annabeth sits across from him with that all too familiar “thinking about everything at once” look in her eyes 
  • “Malcolm tells me we’re friends” 
  • Percy nods, “best friends actually” 
  • “Then why don’t I remember you?” 
  • Percy looked down at his plate and pushed some food around, trying to formulate the right answer, “Every choice has consequences, Annabeth.”

your rude prompt warrants a cliff hanger sO DEAL WITH IT 

Nothing says welcome to the city like “Excuse me, ma’am, do you have a moment to talk about our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ?” and a convergence of some of the most whacked out looking mascots under the sun. Oh, New York how I love thee.