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Remember when Zayn almost punched a pap for pushing Niall?

“Zayn Malik Fights With Paparazzi For Niall Horan” like honestly fuck those paps but zAYN KNOWS THAT NIALL IS CLAUSTROPHOBIC and thEN THEY PUSHED HIM TO THE GROUND AND GOD ZAYN GOT SO MAD LIKE RIGHTFULLY SO buT like he set aside his own safety for niALL because he needed to protect nIALL

i’m a mess.

so this painting

has been going viral all over the web, especially after therealbanksy tweeted it.  it’s project i did for school and i’ve been completely discredited. if you see it, please know that the artist is Rachel Matile.

thank you so much.

The original is here:

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Yo, sophii, what about Person B (Percy) making a deal to save Person A(nnabeth)’s life at the cost of all their memories together.

Yo, Mari, this is rude as fuck. What is your problem. 

  • Annabeth gets poisoned during some monster fight and no matter what the Apollo cabin tries, they just can’t heal her 
  • she seems to accept her inevitable death and simply wants to go home and be held by Percy as she takes her final breath 
  • but Percy can’t let that happen 
  • he goes to the Nemesis cabin and asks the campers how to summon their mother 
  • they try and talk him out of it but he is dead set 
  • Nemesis appears and offers Percy an out: 
  • “I can tell you how to cure her, but the antidote will also take her from you.”
  • “what does that mean?” 
  • “The choice is yours” 
  • the plant that will be turned into the antidote that will save Annabeth waits on an underwater cliff that Percy easily gets to 
  • he rushes back to Camp and hands the plant off to the nearest Apollo camper 
  • he sits and holds Annabeth’s hand, praying to every god that still likes him 
  • when she drinks the antidote she immediately falls asleep 
  • four hours later Percy is dozing off in a chair that Will had brought in for him, and when he stirs he notices Annabeth sitting up in her bed looking at him
  • “Annabeth, I’m so glad you’re-” 
  • “You drool when you sleep” 
  • he smiles wide but then he registers a look on her face and an uneasy feelings stirs in his stomach 
  • “Do I know you?” 
  • Apollo medics rush in to begin examining and questioning Annabeth 
  • she remembers everything 
  • except Percy 
  • she recounts a summary of the last few years, remembering every major event but somehow leaving out an extremely important part: her best friend and boyfriend 
  • Percy demands another meeting with Nemesis who only appears as a breeze 
  • “I told you, Son of the Sea, every choice has consequences” 
  • he slashes his sword at the wind, but all he hears is Nemesis’s laugh echoing into the distance 
  • he stabs Riptide into the ground and collapses, no longer able to hold it together 
  • his body is wracked with sobs and he’s not sure if they’re relief or sadness 
  • as the sun sets, he lays on the grass and looks up at the sky like he used to do with Grover and Annabeth on lazy days 
  • a shadow falls over him and he squints up to see Nico standing over him 
  • “Mind if I sit?” 
  • they sit in silence for a long time, Nico in no rush and Percy just trying to find the words 
  • “Would you want Bianca back even if she wouldn’t remember you?” 
  • Nico looked into Percy’s eyes, searching for the playful mischief that usually danced around, but it was nowhere to be found 
  • “Honestly… yeah. Because even if she wasn’t mine anymore, she’s still be here y’know? That’s love, isn’t it? Wanting the best for the other person, even if it sucks for you?” 
  • Nico’s words dance around in Percy’s head as he tries to fall asleep that night and he struggles with the weight they seem to create on his chest 
  • over the next few weeks, he watches Annabeth from afar
  • it hurts more than he thinks he can bear until one day at dinner as he stares blankly into the hearth a plate clinking against his table snaps him to attention 
  • Annabeth sits across from him with that all too familiar “thinking about everything at once” look in her eyes 
  • “Malcolm tells me we’re friends” 
  • Percy nods, “best friends actually” 
  • “Then why don’t I remember you?” 
  • Percy looked down at his plate and pushed some food around, trying to formulate the right answer, “Every choice has consequences, Annabeth.”

your rude prompt warrants a cliff hanger sO DEAL WITH IT 

Nothing says welcome to the city like “Excuse me, ma’am, do you have a moment to talk about our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ?” and a convergence of some of the most whacked out looking mascots under the sun. Oh, New York how I love thee.