Modern AU with nothing special going on, no aliens, no magic space lions, nada.

Shiro works as a social worker and helps out at a private institution for kids with no parents that aren’t good fits for regular foster homes. Keith is a young kid whose parents died when he was young and he was sent to his next of kin, who are just. Awful, awful, awful people. They get a call from a concerned neighbor and it turns out the kid had been severely neglected to the point where he’s mostly nonverbal, and Shiro’s workplace takes custody of him.

Shiro was the first one on the scene and he was the one who coaxed Keith out of the house, he made sure to speak softly and tell him that he was safe and, when he figured out that Keith couldn’t or wouldn’t speak, made sure to ask yes or no questions that he could nod or shake his head to. Because he didn’t even have a change of clothes, Shiro gave Keith his jacket and let him keep it and now Keith just latches onto him instantly.

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me: I should be productive today and clean the house!


me: oh shit you’re right I have like a million wips going right now and I could


me: wait what no that’s not what I meant at all

brain: TOO LATE!!!!

me: …dammit

I’m powerful when fueled by salt.

I wrote more than 18 pages today. Just a little bit more and my perfect ending for Mirai Hen will be complete. I’ve just got one scene left, but it’s the most important one because it’s the komahina one. Because you know that in a perfect world, komahina is endgame.

the voltron fandom is great for memes and all but this fandom is not friendly for shipping at ALL yall are nasty and vicious for like no reason

besides yall shiro’s VA has literally publicly condemned ship hate in voltron

plus the fact the sheith ship name was supposedly made by creators in voltron themselves?? like damn ain’t nothing perfect in fandoms but some of you guys ought to chill tf out

anonymous asked:

I dont know how to phrase this really are you so passionate about your life? Like everything that youve shared us in the little details about your life, whether its your friends or family, and then school and journalism, and then the fictional mediums like tv and comic books. I mean youre life consists of you caring so much about things and being hardworking and when I think about you its like "god shes so alive" and youre such a cool person in my eyes. And its like how do you do it

How did you get to this point in your life? Because like im aware your life isnt perfect, I mean sometimes you have a ton of stuff on your plate, but even then you triumph, you succeed. No matter what happens you just keep going with a victorious smile on your face. At least these are all the vibes I get from you. Like you seem excited about everything and thats awesome. I get scared because I always feel drained and like I dont care about things anymore. Like I got the life sucked out of me.

So I dunno…point is dude, youre super awesome. And I hope a lot of good things come your way soon.

Wow. I really wish I hadn’t gotten this message on a Sunday after I spent 24 hours in bed being not productive hehe but I think I know what you mean. I’m surprised you see me like that, because what you think of as passion I think of as 110% anxiety over all the things I’m trying to get right. 

Here’s the thing you’re right about though: I care. I care a lot about a lot of things. I am unable of casually liking something. When something or someone matters to me I will invest a lot of time and brain power on it. 

Still, you’re right, stress and exhaustion can slow me down, make me doubt, but I am not one to give in to self-pity. Instead, here’s what I tell myself:

a. You wanted this. My classes, my college, the school news paper, the social interactions. I chose them. The work may get exhausting and demanding, but I have to remind myself this are things I want in my life, that I enjoy, that I think will be important for my future. I don’t get to complain when I made my choice and I won’t give up because there is a reason I wanted them in the first place. 

b. You have survived everything so far, you will survive this. Look, this is true for everyone and the most obvious truth but I keep repeating this to myself. I have gotten this far. I have survived and succeeded on everything else. I will survive this too. Even if it feels overwhelming and drowning, I can pull through. I have proved I can, now I just have to do this. 

c. You’ve got this. I say this one out loud. Picture me panicking by a random situation. Feel like I’m dying. Wanna give up on life. Stop, say this out loud: “Okay, Sofía. You’ve got this. You can do it.” Hearing myself say it helps. Sometimes I even picture a more put together version of myself, grabbing me by the shoulders and shaking me and aggressively supporting myself. Gotta be my own cheerleader. 

d. What do I need to get through today? Pick a reason. A new comic is coming out today. A new episode of my favorite series. I’m meeting a friend. I’m watching a movie. I’m having something delicious for dinner. I’m having a beer when I get home. Whatever the reason, pick one a day to get you through. I plan my whole week with little incentives that keep me going. If you don’t have one, make one up for that particular day. You’d be surprised how much a nice finish line helps. 

e. What would my favorite character do? I pick my faves especially for this. I love journalism so whenever I have to work on a tough piece I think “Lois Lane would not back down on this”. Gotta push through an exhausting day, I think “America Chavez would keep going”. And so on. Not only does it inspire me, but it also kinda makes me feel like I’m part of a story. 

f. I’m the main character of this story. This is just a plot twist. Characters go through ups and downs, they face conflict, they struggle… but in the end they always succeed. You too will get through. What would life be without drama? Think, if you were a character, how many people would be rooting for you. This is your story, and you can take control of the narrative. Put some cool soundtrack music and tell yourself “this is my success montage, this is the point of the story where everything changes”.