My husband called me a troll because when we went out to dinner tonight I asked our waiter (who had been friendly, attentive, quick, and kind of awkward. You could tell he had probably just ended training) to see the manager working and the poor guy looked like he wanted to cry. I mean, it was a busy Saturday night and he really was doing his best. He goes to get her and bolts to the kitchen while I sit there and heap praise on the kid because he was so fantastic, and not just to us, but all the tables around him. She starts laughing because it turns out he is new, and she couldn’t wait to tell him because it would be a real morale booster, and she thanks me and heads to the kitchen.
Like, 5 minutes later the waiter finally comes out, grinning from ear to ear, and thanks us for saying that to his manager. We tell him of. course, repeat the praise to him, and he takes our check blushing. We leave a 40% tip and head out the door.
Basically, tip your waiters well, and if they go above and beyond, maybe tell a superior. They pretty much only hear complaints.

speaking of lukas kristjanson’s inability to write queer women, i’m still so fucking mad about sera’s romance quest & the way it was written.

like the thing that kills me is that sera is an actual sweetheart throughout that awful quest. the whole thing starts w/ her giving the inquisitor a gift, which is a really sweet gesture in & of itself, but it also turns out to be a real morale booster for all the soldiers and other occupants hanging around skyhold. like that’s such a lovely n thoughtful move on her part, and the whole thing still goes to shit after that cutscene.

like it’s just. the whole quest is nothing but u going from companion to companion and hearing everyone shit on sera. like no one is actually supportive or happy, because even the comments that aren’t ableist as hell are still gross because they’re either a) extremely fetishizing or b) mocking bc haha, you and sera, that’s going to set everyone’s tongues wagging (”you and sera? nice.“ & “you and sera, huh? good one. that’ll make some eyes twitch.”). some of the companions fucking disapprove when you ask for their help.

and it’s supposed to be funny. like it’s p clear that the quest is supposed to be the most hilarious thing ever because oh, that sera, she sure is a crazy little cretin who doesn’t understand anything.

and it’s just even worse when u compare sera’s romantic quest to what all the other LIs get. dorian gets back his family amulet that still holds sentimental value to him despite his mixed feelings towards his country and his family. josephine gets a duel and gets to choose love over a political marriage. cassandra gets a poetry reading. commander macklemore gets a trip to his childhood sanctuary. the first lesbian li tho? lmao fuck that noise. just shave ur fucking pubes n be done w/ it.

like what the hell, bioware. what the everloving hell.


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A HUGE ROCKET JUST EXPLODED…. and it’s going to be OK.  Just a reminder that space exploration isn’t easy.

Watch the video here:

The rocket was an Antares Rocket designed by Orbital Sciences Corporation. It was being launched at Wallops Island, VA.  Next time you hear people talking about how much money NASA spends on rockets compared to “COTS” commercial rockets…. remember that there’s a reason. Man-rating something requires an incredible amount of research and development.  Unmanned systems are made with the same safety requirements as manned systems.  Just be aware that a rocket isn’t a rocket.  Also remember that with every set back like this we end up learning more stuff and getting Smarter.

Don’t allow people to argue that this kind of event is a waste of money. It’s not. Awesome science is difficult. Doing hard stuff means that sometimes you’ll make mistakes. Mistakes make you SMARTER in a very real way.

The latest OFFICIAL updates on the booster failure can be found here:

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“Yeah, that’s a real confidence booster, Rowena… Very helpful.“  Charlie rolled her eyes, voice dripping with sarcasm.

“I’m only speaking the truth.  They only care about each other.  Or do you think you were the first nerd they had in their employ?”  Fergus had told her about the prophet boy.  “At least you have a chance with me, if you do as you’re told and work hard.”


I think this officially qualifies as a talent (Sorry for bad pics)


Stila In The Light Palette: $39

Stila In The Moment Palette: $39

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette: $28

Tarte lights, camera, flashes mascara: $23

Urban Decay Lipstick in 69: $22

Real Techniques shading brush: $6

Physician’s Formula Happy Booster: $14

Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation: $8

Roc Eye Cream: $25

Neutrogena light night cream: $13

Neutrogena makeup remover pads: $8.50

Hair clips: $5.50

Essie Nail Polish x2: $8.50

Big Lots:

Remington beard trimmer: $25

Cat toys: $3

Sephora by OPI nail polish x2: $1.80

Revlon Lip Butter in Gumdrop: $2

Loreal Colour Riche lipstick in Sunset Angora: $4

Revlon Lipstick in Cocoa Bronze: $2

Sally Hansen Salon Effects: $3


Golden Artist Colors x5: $10, $20, $15, $20, $12

Golden Fluids x3: $12

Total: $403.60

I’m making my boyfriend a painting for his birthday. I only went out to get paints. And then this happened. Oh my god. Lifting from Big Lots was interesting. You can kinda find good makeup if you dig through the mounds of crap. I think I literally got everything that was anywhere near good regardless of whether I wanted it or not just because I could.

tumblr at it again! Thanks and Welcome!!

Sometimes tumblr is a mystery to me, well most of the time to be honest. My blog has seen a 75% increase in followers over the last 24 hours and I don’t have a clue why. 

The pegged out “new-follower-ometer”  is a real moral booster to be sure and I hope all you new guys and gals are entertained at least a little bit by what I have to offer.

I sure would like to know what it was I missed and what brought you to my humble space! 

Sony NEX-7 at ISO 100, shutter speed 1/4000 using a 35mm Hartblei super rotator and a Metabones Speed Booster. I shifted the lens 8 degrees to lessen the lens flair and move it out of the main focal point of the image…also I like blur.