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Uh, if you are taking requests, can I ask for a tiny sollux? Or tav? Thank you very much, I love your art!!!!

… I have a feeling this has been done before???

hey guys so i finally reached my birthday goal and there’s still exactly a month left until my birthday! so thank you to everyone who’s helped get me here i appreciate it so much! so here’s my lil follow forever to thank you nerds

first off i just wanna thank lordrhysands for the amazing and freaking adorable graphic! i love it so much so thank you!

also special shoutout to my best friend on here and very first tumblr friend bellamyisinlovewithclarke you’re the hufflepuff to my slytherin and a huge nerd. everyone should go follow this canadian french-speaking nerd! (especially since she accidentally deleted her blog…so..go follow her)

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again tysm everyone!! and thank you to everyone who’s reblogged my posts, etc, to help me reach my goal!

i love how…. deliberate…. sasusaku is. there are instances whereon kishi writes so haphazardly (lol child of destiny??? reincarnated bros parallelz??? kaguya??? neji’s death???) but with ss, he took the time to make every interaction to build up to the next, up to its forehead poke conclusion (sarada is a bonus).
- shallow fangirlism//annoyance
- learning that he’s fallible//learning that her feelings may be srs bsns after all if she’d cry that much at him dying?
- supporting him and pulling him out of the darkness?//wouldn’t hesitate to kill (or seriously injure at least) if he sees her hurt
- risks her life to protect him//“i’ve lost everything before; i don’t want to see those dear to me die before my eyes again”
- “i love you with all my heart”/“thank you”
- *new resolve*
- momentarily loses hope and plans to kill him to save him//feels betrayed
- *is cautious*//*tries*
- *saves him*//*eyesmex*
- “she only wants to save you”//“you expect me to play at romance?”
- “sorry? for what?”//“for everything up until now”
- “what if i ask you to take me with you?”//*poke* “i’ll see you when i’m back… and thank you”
- “we have you sarada”

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thank you! :) - oh my god, the ask I sent Riz reached 100 notes. HOW COME EVERY TIME I SEND AN ASK ABOUT DEAN, THAT HAPPENS?! lolol

You seem to have that effect on people :) Never stop, you help us spread the porn!!! *evil grin* 

Or it could also being the overwhelming urge we all have to want kiss Dean Winchester! Like forever and never stop! Then slowly remove our clothes and get naked on the first available surface…… either in bed….

 or the Impala….

or against a door…


Ooooh boy! it’s been so long. Too long maybe. But I’m finally ready to open up commissions! I’ve been thinking about it alot and I think it’s time. It will certainly be beneficial to me, in more than one way.

So without further ado, this is what I can offer you:


  • Bust ~ $7 (+$3 for each additional character)
  • Head to hips ~ $8 (+$5 for each additional character)
  • Full body - $10 (+$10 for each additional character)

Full color/Cel shading

  • Bust ~ $10 (+$5 for each additional character) ex.
  • Head to hips ~ $15 (+$8 for each additional character) ex.
  • Full body - $20 (+$10 for each additional character)


  • I can do fanart, and original characters
  • If you do not have a ref for your OC then you will have to be willing to be very descriptive and specific about their traits.
  • I can do Kemonomimi (humans with animal ears/fangs/tail) But not Anthros (sorryyy)
  • If you request a couple I can do cute/sexy (ex.Kissing, cuddling, teasing)  but nothing explicit (ex. Intercourse.. and so forth?) We can discuss this further if you were to contact me~
  • I use paypal only and there are 5 slots open!

So I think I covered the basics? My Email is if you’re interested and need more information! I look forward to working with you!

ok so i’m in that place where my relationship is over and i’m glad bc we just didn’t work together, both made mistakes, and while ultimately he hurt me way more i can’t stop romanticizing the good times and good qualities (even tho end of the day he’s a jerk who didn’t care about my emotional needs at all)

can someone punch me in the face and tell me it’ll all be ok?!??! or just tell me anything really bc my outlook is bleak