Dean Winchester | 13x02 The Rising Son


Why does this scene look so familiar….




Oh how the tables have turned.

Spring Maiden Yang!

Now that I’m thinking about it, Yang could actually become the Spring Maiden. Like seriously, once she finds Raven and confronts her about why she abandoned her, then her “I need to find my mother!” overarching storyline is completed! I know that she probably wants to get revenge on Adam, but I consider that to be a shared interest between Yang and Blake.

The way that the Spring Maiden has been talked about so far, it really seems like it’s building up to something. From what I remember, the spring maiden left and was taken in by the Branwen Tribe for about a decade? I’m sure that it was within Ravens best interest to have a very close relationship with her, practically becoming family! This is only because she is powerful though, a god damn Maiden, of course you’d want that kind of power on your team!

So I’m thinking that once Yang sees this close (practically mother/daughter) relationship between the Spring Maiden and Raven - she’s going to be pissed and upset. Which she has every right to be! Her absent mother is Best Mum™ to this random tribe girl, whereas she left her and Taiyang when she was a baby? Heart breaking!

I think there would be some tension between the Spring Maiden and Yang as they exchanged interactions, I don’t even know if Raven or the Maiden would reveal the fact she was the Spring Maiden in the first place. Imagine the tension built up and they start getting into a fight. Let’s imagine, I don’t know how RT would go about this but Yang accidentally(or on purpose? I HIGHLY doubt that though lol) kills the Maiden, and, therefore becomes the spring maiden!

Raven with her “only the strong survive” mentality would look past the fact that Yang lost her arm through reckless compulsion, and see that not only did her daughter defeated the Spring Maiden, but became the Maiden! Obviously, Yang would deem ‘worthy’ of Ravens approval. But it begs the question - if Raven started to show care and love towards Yang -whether it was fake or not- because she realises Yangs strength and newfound powers, would Yang stay? Would Yang have felt deprived of this relationship she wanted with her mother for so long that she would stay with her? Or would the roles reverse, and it would be Raven who is trying to get to Yang?

Maybe all this goes down and while Yang is deciding what to do, she discovers they’re holding Weiss captive and they HAUL ASS OUTTA THERE. Here’s hoping guys.

ANyway, please leave your thoughts on this!!

Okay... so this have been in my head for days...

I honestly don’t like to talk about those things, but I’ve been fighting it for days. I’ll most likely ignore any notes and comments that you guys have because it’s honestly just something I want to get rid off.

This is a clear subjective point of view, so if you don’t agree, I don’t really care, it’s just how I see it.

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