partners in crime;

member- yoongi (ft. all of bangtan)

genre- i have no clue what to call this

summary- when eight people’s bank accounts come up to be wiped clean, they group together to pull off one of the biggest heists of their lifetime. heist!au

listen to- this

a/n- i’ll probably write a part 2 to this tbh…but this whole thing is basically a mess of all my ideas smushed together lmao but i hope you enjoy!

This wine tastes pretty shitty for such a lavish party, you thought as you took tiny sips from your glass. Sighing, you remove the cup from your lips and scan the room. 

Everybody was in fancy attire- even you. With a solid red, form-fitting dress, you felt increasingly insecure. But it wasn’t like you were the only one dressed up- oh no. The men were sporting fine tailored suits and shiny shoes while the women flaunted their bodies in glittery formal dresses and sleek stilettos. Classical music was echoing around the room as couples swung each other around on the dance floor, laughing. 

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Let me tell you that I have no doubts about this ship, I believe in their feelings and if they are not showing enough love then I don’t know what else they should do to prove it.

The only thing that bothers me is that they might never be a couple because they’re both males. That’s my biggest and saddest insecurity about the ship and basically the reason why many people don’t see their potential.

If they were a hetero couple many people (me included) would have thought “This is going to be canon” from chapter 1.

Kinda sad and annoying, tbh.


Sul Sul! This is Kelly Wang, she’s Camron’s half sister. I use her sometimes, but I thought it would be nice to make my kell-bell downloadable. The only thing you have to worry about is downloading her genetics. She wears base game clothing, but tbh I didn’t put any effort into it, so she doesn’t wear shoes. (I’m so lazy…) you will find her in the gallery, my origin id is kaiguk.

(She uses genetic cc, so don’t forget to mark include cc in advanced settings.)

hair | eyebrows | skin redness | skin | lipstick | eyelashes 

please enjoy!

Good for you - Taehyung AU

omg Hi, this is angsty af and I’m so sorry. Tbh I think this is one of my favorite things I’ve ever written. This will probably only be a part one, but I’m not sure yet. I’m so sorry for potentially slaying all Taehyung stans w my angst. I thought this idea up and I had to write it. I was working on a reaction and got this idea and I had to stop in the middle of the reaction. The reaction will probably be up later or maybe even tomorrow. I’m so sorry for delaying reaction, but i hope this makes up for it. Also I do plan on continuing the Marty’s Lounge - Hoseok AU, once I get idea for it.

(Part Two, Part Three )

- V♥

Looking in the mirror at your half naked body you seemed pleased, running your fingers along your curves and played with the bit on lacing on matching black bra and panties you wore. You always pulled out this kind of attire when you wanted to feel sexy, desired and that’s what you felt right now. Empowered you stepped into the small, black number and fastening the zipper at the back. The cut outs in the side showcased the parts of your body that you were particularly proud of. The black dress snaked down to just below your knee, with a small slit in the side. The back of the dress open, putting on display the hint of your shoulder blades and vertebrae that protruded from your skin. Your ass looked undeniably good as you slipped on your nude pumps that gave a bit of pop to color lacking dress. Swiveling to the front you ran your hands down you stomach, admiring the cleavage that shown through the top off the dress. Showcasing your assets was never much your style, but tonight you were seeking attention from your husband; none other than Mr. Kim Taehyung, CEO of an advertising label. He was gone these days, not physically but mentally, working himself to the brink of exhausting coming up with a new slogan for something as simple as a nasal spray. Finally, inspiration hit him and the jingle caught on, making the nasal spray a hit and it was selling out shelves like crazy. Tonight was the celebration of success and like always you were invited. The stunning wife of Mr. Kim, Mrs. Kim, who was never seen unless called for. But you would make an appearance tonight, in a beautiful black dress, hung on the arm of a tall lean man, known only as Mr. Kim.

A knock interrupted your silence as he entered the room. Looking handsome as ever, tall, lean with his famous serious face that was put on every time he attended a business transaction meeting. “Well don’t you clean up well?” You cooed as he raised an eyebrow. “You don’t look so bad yourself, you ready?” His mood not changing, he dangled his keys in front of your face. “As I’ll ever be” The reply rolled off your tongue as you followed him out to the fashionable red car, that was given to him as a present by his father.

Your hair was up in a curled bun, that only allowed a few loose hairs to frame your face. Your lips a dark shade of brick red, that made your lips appear more plump than usual. Your eyes fiercely decorated with a dramatic, black wing that you’d only done for special occasions. Despite all your self conscious thoughts, tonight you had to admit to yourself, you looked good. Kim Taehyung on the other hand , always looked good. No matter what he wore, a usual business suit, casual out on the town clothing, or night attire, you name it. He was popular by most women at his office, always surprising him with coffee and muffin baskets. Ass-kissers of other male employees bought him gifts and kept their wives away from the building if they knew better. You wouldn’t pretend that it didn’t bother you; hot, young women swooning over your husband, over someone that used to love you. You would, however, pretend that the coldness didn’t bother you. The distance, the lonely nights, the affairs, the stress of being the wife of a handsome young business man, that had the world at his disposal. You’d pretend as if none of the disloyalty existed, as if Kim Taehyung really loved you the way he did back then, when you were young and beautiful. When you were a smiling face, without a care in the world; before he was the CEO of a famous business firm, before he was Mr. Kim, instead of TaeTae.

You loved him, without a doubt that was true, but your lives changed not for the better. He got busy, you got lonely. You nagged for time alone with him, for him to just stay home opposed to spending long nights at the office. You stopped cooking him meals in hopes that he’d actually return at as reasonable hour to eat them. He stopped calling to check in, to see how your day went and soon you lost all contact. You stopped smiling, stopped begging to be loved, and touched, to be needed; You lost all physical contact with each other. It felt like you were living in a house with a stranger, one that you knew all too well. A stranger that went by the name of Mr. Kim. Taehyung was gone and in his place stood tall, handsome, Mr. Kim.

The car stopped, parking in it’s designated parking area. Taehyung opened his door and got out, he came over to your door and opened it for you as well. It was probably an attempt to look good, but you didn’t complain. His arm bent for your to hold and you did. Plastered on his face was a wide smile, that almost made you sick at how real it looked. You could hardly see his dissatisfied face beneath it. Walking into the front door of he firm, you could hear the cheers as you both walked slowly down the steps. Pictures were being captured and women were screaming “There he is!”, “Isn’t he so handsome!”, “His wife is one lucky women”, and you couldn’t help but smile. If only they knew what life with Kim Taehyung was like. Arriving at the bottom of the steps, you let go of his arm, moving separate ways. He disappeared into a crowd of men and women, and you made your way to the bar. Swigging down your first shot of the night, your rushing mind was relaxed. Your hopes of him noticing you had failed as quickly as you thought them up, all you had left was to survive the night before your black and white life restarted itself.

Across the way sat a young man about Taehyung’s age; His business rival, Mr. Park Jimin, the less successful CEO of a rivalry advertising label. He looked troubled with some kind of hard liquor on the rocks. He tossed the ice around in he glass before taking his last gulp. His eyes locked with yours and he quickly looked away. “What are you doing over here? Shouldn’t you be swooning over your husband?” He scoffed at you, with a dark smile plastered to his face.

“Isn’t that the job of the younger women at his office?” Your response to his hurtful comment snapped quickly, leaving a sarcastic undertone in the air.

“He seems to be enjoying himself, huh?” He pointed at your husband who was laughing at the dry jokes of his well known secretary. The hurt was real again, as you downed another shot. You didn’t doubt that he was still having an affair with her. His long haired, dirty blonde mistress, with pale blue eyes that was probably a better lover than you anyway. Flashing images of her naked on top of him, littered your mind. 3 shots down, thoughts disappeared and your once clear mind was now hazy. Looking over at Park Jimin, who was laughing at you. Lust filled your eyes, but you were still sober enough dismiss those thoughts. Knowing that even though you wanted revenge on Mr. Kim, Taehyung was still deep within him at you wouldn’t risk hurting him. Though, you were beautiful enough to score any other attractive man, you were still longing for the approval of your once love Kim Taehyung. Though, you heart was clouded with hate you couldn’t dismiss the feelings for your first love. Negative thoughts crowded your mind as you felt as if you were about to burst. Half drunk and half sober, you were only about 45 minutes into the party. You decided that it was time to get going home as you thanked Jimin for a good chat. Giving one last glance at Taehyung who seemed to be having a good time, you walked out of the building and down the block. Waving down a cab, you couldn’t wait to get home as the night air got chilly on your exposed body.

Things happening on Shadowhunters that makes me want to rip my teeth out because I LOVE the Shadowhunter books okay:

  • Rearranging the events of the books so they have little/no emotional impact i.e. Clary finding out Valentine is her father in the 2nd ep, the gang facing the memory demon (that originally happened in the LAST book), meeting Valentine (shouldn’t happen for a long while yet), meeting Camille.
  • Making Clary and Jace too sweet too soon. 1) it dampens Jace’s trademark snark and 2) it makes Clary look like the search for her mum is something she is only occasionally think about because in the book she couldn’t stand him for ageeees.
  • As a person of middle eastern background it makes me happy when shows make the effort not to white wash. But diverse casting isn’t an excuse for completely changing a character’s nature. When you’ve got Camille Belcourt, one of the oldest vamps in the Shadow world chucking a full on tantrum because there’s a few randy shadowhunters scampering about her hotel I’m gonna call bullshit because a) Camille Belcourt didn’t become the leader of the NY vamp clan because she can’t handle kid nephillim b) she’s not even meant to be there at this point and c) she’s a fuCKING BLONDE
  • Valentine was never a brainless brute who tortured people. He was an brilliant and gifted idealist gone rogue. He never killed Shadowhunters with his bare hands. He valued angel blood far too much. Valentine didn’t even kill Luke when he became the thing Valentine hated. On another note, the Circle? A full force already? How about that literally took like 2 books to happen.
  • The way they’re making Magnus constantly boast his age makes him look like a nutter and an ass. Two things Magnus never was. But at least they’ve made him canonically bi.
  • Would it really shatter the universe if someone made a halfway respectful adaptation of these characters and this story, rather than making it look like a shitty fanfic? Read the books, for god’s sake.
  • They better not screw up malec or I’m coming for blood

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Is Darth Vader a Hufflepuff villain? okay now hear me out this the main reason why he turns into darth Vader is to protect the ones he loves and to benefit other people from his point of view the Jedi are evil and corrupt so in order to help the republic he kills all of them. idk if I'm right but it's just a cool thought tbh... Love ur blog btw ;) it's super awesome it's the only blog I regularly check on

We have previously sorted him into Gryffindor and while I can see your point and somewhat agree, his personality does tend to lean more towards Gryffindor. He’s not particularly grounded by any sense of the word and does tend to be firey (yes, I went there).

So while you make good points, those things could also make a Gryffindor become a villain (it’s the overlapping part of Gryffindor/Hufflepuff). 

But awesome theory and remember, we are not the official sorting hat, so who knows! 

-Amy (Hufflepuff)

Wanting to protect people is very much a Gryffindor thing as well as a Hufflepuff thing. In addition to this, I see Gryffindors as responding more quickly to something that conflicts with their subjective views of right/wrong  morals, particularly against what they deem as evil. So– I also second Gryffindor.

-Justin (Slytherin)

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I hear a lot of ppl on tumblr saying ppl in the ace/aro spectrums aren't allowed to call themselves the q slur? What is the reasoning behind this? I thought it was okay. These are blogs I trusted but idk anymore...

The conversation is mostly centered around cishet aces and aros. Because a cishet ace/aro person is not going to experience the same things that a trans/nb/sga person (including trans/nb/sga aces/aros) experience. A cishet ace/aro will experience ableism for the most part (tbh most acephobia is actually ableism but the ace community doesn’t like listening to us disabled aces oops), and won’t be subject to the derogatory use of the q slur. And only people who can be called the q slur can actually reclaim it since. Reclaiming sort of requires that label being forced on you in the first place.


HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!

Thank you everyone for supporting me and sending me asks and song recs and dealing with my weird opinionated rants on all things Achilles and Patroclus! 

Tbh, when I first made this blog I figured there were only like 100 people in the TSOA/Iliad/non-percy jackson related Greek mythology fandom but LOOK. 3,000. WE MAKE A SMALL ARMY. 

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Is there anything you can't do ? Like I've read your latest fic and it's the shit tbh. But the thing is that it's not only that one. Everything you write is a fucking masterpiece and I'm so in love with your writing you have no idea. You are the most talented author on here and deserve all the recognition you get. Hope you're having a lovely day !

omg i thought this was a hate message bc i read the first part as “i’ve read your latest fic and it’s shit tbh” im laughing so hard im glad i reread that <33 

thank u so so much this is so SWEET im honeslty . im smiling so much this means a lot to me i hope u also have a lovely day xxx

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Wow I just read your really long reylo thesis thing and you are so so smart! To be able to pull all that together and explain it is really cool. I did a class that was basically that - analysing texts with literary theories and archetypes and stuff - and the longest thing we wrote was like 3000 words but we had weeks to do that and you just pulled that together in one sitting :') it's cool that there are people like you in fandoms to add that kind of depth

Thanks! Tbh I’m only smart in certain areas. My intelligence is pretty selective, but I use it well, and I’m always trying to get better (there’s always room for improvement, folks).

And yes! I studied literary criticism as well. I love analyzing texts and using different schools of thought to dissect books and media. I probably shouldn’t be using it for fandom, but like… I love fandom? I love talking with other fans??? I want to transition exclusively into original fiction (one day), but fandom has been a big part of my life for a long, long time, and I’m very protective of it. I owe a lot to it. I want to give back to it and make fandom a happy place for others to operate in. If me writing 15k+ essays on a ship will do that, then that’s what I’m gonna do.

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spxcedoll asked:

Ask and you shall receive (grab a drink this may take a while): Uranus: What’s your hobby? Moon: What do you hope to study? Rigel: Have you ever gone on a rollercoaster? Deneb: Have you ever been out of your home country? Arcturus: Have you cried out of something other than sadness? Cassiopeia: Favourite book? Delphinus: Favourite subject? Gemini: Favourite song? Phoenix: Favourite thing to wear? Cygnus: Favourite weather? Asteroid: What does your dream life look like?

Uranus: What’s your hobby?

writing, although I haven’t written in a while 

Moon: What do you hope to study?


Rigel: Have you ever gone on a rollercoaster? 

yes omfg I love rollercoasters 

Deneb: Have you ever been out of your home country? 

yeah! my family took a vacation to Jamaica when I was in fourth grade

Arcturus: Have you cried out of something other than sadness?

hell yeah, school sucks lmao 

Cassiopeia: Favourite book?

I rly liked the revenge of the sith novelization tbh

Delphinus: Favourite subject? 

english and film 

Gemini: Favourite song?

I’m obsessed w death of a bachelor by p!atd right now

Phoenix: Favourite thing to wear?


Cygnus: Favourite weather?

fall weather! and if I’m inside I really like the rain, too 

Asteroid: What does your dream life look like?

me, waking up and making coffee and standing in front of a window looking out at the city or the ocean or the forest (I don’t know where I’ll end up, tbh) with a flat, bare chest as I pet my big dog and there’s camera equipment and filled notebooks laying around everywhere 

Am I the only one that got the feeling there’s been something between Arthur and Pocket? I know he has feelings for Amelia, but bisexuality is a thing. I don’t think they had a relationship or romantic feelings for each other, but a little bit of fun maybe?
First it was the thing with “too honest for his own good”, does Arthur think you can only make money by lying and cheating or did Pocket accidentally or on purpose out them to his father or someone who told him? That would also explain why he paid Pocket to travel and “make something of himself” because tbh, who does that for a nephew? Unless you want him away from your son because you don’t approve of their relationship.
Then when they were drinking Arthur was clinging onto him, which I found strange as I wouldn’t have thought him a particularly physical person.
And lastly, when Pocket very seriously told him to go home, “for me”. That might just be because he’s the overly dramatic and affectionate cousin who thinks Arthur likes him more than he actually does, but Arthur didn’t say anything about it, didn’t scoff or even roll his eyes. I know he wasn’t at his best, but if he had found it ridiculous, shouldn’t we have been shown that?
I don’t know what difference any of this makes as Pocket’s long gone and if he would at any point come back it would be for Amelia, so whatever happens this relationship probably won’t be addressed. But still.

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K i saw some of the posts anon was talking about before and i thought they were u until i read it and tbh THEY'RE NOT EVEN FUNNY ITS SO CRINGE AND AWKWARD lel. You and this blog are literally the best things that ever happened to the hq fandom. You're always going to be the original so fuck those people, you'reforever the only one we love <3

holy your judging is so savage LOL

but thank you so much for all the love and support! ♡♡♡

thehomestuckfiles asked:

Hey, for the headcanon thing, could you possibly do England and Japan? (If only one, please Japan)

Of course!

APH Japan

Sexuality Headcanon:
I think he’d be a homoromantic asexual but I duNno Kiku can be whoever he wants and I’ll still love ‘im

Gender Headcanon:
I’ve never really thought about it– I think he’d be happy with his biological gender but I also like agender Keeks

A ship I have with said character:
AsaKiku/AmeriPan/tbh i ship almost everything with kiku

A BROTP I have with said character:
GiriPan tbh

A NOTP I have with said character:
JapWan? If that’s the ship name? Idk I’ve never really liked it very much but I don’t despise it ya know

A random headcanon:
He’s the biggest dork ever but he refuses to show that side of himself to anyone he doesn’t know very well

General opinion over said character:
He’s amazing??? And adorable??? My son omg

APH England

Sexuality Headcanon:
Panromantic pansexual? Dunno m9

Gender Headcanon:
Genderfluid maybe

A ship I have with said character:

A BROTP I have with said character:
USUK; I only see them as brothers tbh

A NOTP I have with said character:
USUK t b h s o r r y

A random headcanon:
He can get 0-100 real quick jealous, like, if someone catcalls/asks out his significant other, its a ‘mess with the bull, get the horns’ kinda deal. Afterwards he’d be pretty disgruntled about it but be extra affectionate towards his s.o.

General opinion over said character:
my other son omg i love that dork

with the new Invader Zim comics coming out, i feel a sort of revival of my old love for it all hahaha. it’s been YEARS since i’ve drawn these OCs - - and i have a feeling i am going to fall right back in mild obsession with the ridiculous series ! 

tbh the only reason i stopped drawing these babes is because i gained a boyfriend that had total disdain for anything jhonen v,, and little 13 yo me really wanted him to think i was cool - i just dropped everything i liked and became whatever i thought he’d like (newsflash: NEVER DO THIS). 

so any internalized shame i have about digging this jam needs to be FLUSHED OUT of my system because it’s !!DUMB!! for me to not do the things i enjoy because of other people !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

welcome back to dorklife, keara dooley/elcabal !!!!

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what if underfell frisk wore dots

nah ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ thats a cute headcanon but it’s just not for me. Thank you for sharing it with me though!

tbh it’s mainly because I cant go changing my frisk now. Not after drawing them the same way for all my Underfell content.
I did consider changing them once though, back when i saw a bunch of people drawing them with red and black stripes. I thought it was cool, but I couldn’t stand changing them.
Plus, I really like that Frisk looks the same in UT as they do in UF because it emphasizes that they’re the only thing in the whole underground that hasn’t changed. Them being good or bad is strictly based upon the actions of the player and they exist outside the Underfell corruption because theyliterally are the same Frisk from Undertale, just thrust into a different universe.

Whups that got a bit long but yeah, those are my two cents on my design choice for Frisk! Thanks for giving me an opportunity to share it hehe. 

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This is the weirdest thing on the planet. I never thought I would hear the name team crafted ever again, except maybe from blitz or Sarah, maybe Blaine. buT NO ITS EVERWHERE. I also like how most of us moved on to rooster teeth.

Yeah, rooster teeth was just there with open arms. I’m sorry this is everywhere tbh, I just saw a few of them post on Instagram about it and was like “lmao a few people may find this fun” AND THEN THIS HAPPENED