The Guggenheim wins at social media.

If you’re like me and follow a bunch of museums on places like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc, you might have noticed more than a few posting about Marc Chagall’s birthday, where the museum/institution in question highlighted one of his works in their collection and wished him a happy birthday. I first started seeing these posts on Sunday, and, puzzlingly, they continued into today. When I googled his birthday, Wikipedia told me it was July 6 (Sunday). Why then, I wondered on twitter, were museums posting about it a day late?

As someone who is in charge of social media for a museum, I know how hard it is to monitor your different channels and respond right away. Plus, huge institutions like the Guggenheim, the Met, and the National Gallery must get tons of mentions every hour. I didn’t really expect a reply.

But then!

Which set off this chain:

Not only did the Guggenheim respond with a link to their website with his date of birth from their records, but they also promised to look into why the date was different on various websites - way above and beyond the scope of just their social media person.

A few hours later, I got this notification:

I had an answer! From a reputable source, which I could then pass onto all of you:

This is how you do social media well. I’m insanely impressed and was reminded today why I love the internet.


HELLO EVERYONE! :D I’m bringing you some goodies today, take it as a followers gift since I haven’t really made anything for you lovely people Q_Q , I hope you like them :>

First we have Shoukeir’s “BONBON” Pouf converted from the sims 2, using vimpse‘s recolors because I adore them. (I only did the patterned ones for now, that are 15.)


On the second pic theres BuggyBooz’s Sage Set Chair, converted from the sims 2 aswell, using datapeach​’s Recolors, 14 in total, 10 patterned and 4 solid colors, I just changed the color of the wood because I wanted them to match (?). 


And lastly d0rkysimmer’s Bean Bag Chair recolored using nyren‘s recolors -all 16 of them- for the sims 2! I also got rid of the shine on these because it was bugging me. 


Swatches are included with the download.

credits: shoukeir @ sims2play, vimpse​, buggybooz, datapeach​, d0rkysimmer​, and nyren​ 

Holy Simoly’s Amarante sofa, love seat, and chairs converted to sims 4.

Used these chairs nonstop in my TS2 days, sorely missed them and set aside some time to convert them today. Only did the 4 colors I actually liked, the others were pretty ugly so there’s the ones in the preview and a white recolor.

Meshes and recolors all credited to Holy Simoly, I merely just made it work in a sims 4 world.

Download here.

SAI Brush

I’ve received similar questions before and I’ve been wanting to talk about it but I end up forgetting every time :_D but today is the day!

I mostly use the predefined brushes on SAI and mainly just 5:

-  Pencil: Modified normal brush. It paints like it would be pencil. I use it to sketch. I found the settings in DA, there are a few over there and all good ^^

- Brush (that is the name :D) I use this for flat colors and some lines.

- Watercolor: I use this when I want some gradiation or mixing. I alternate the pressure so it looks soft but still with visible brush strokes

- Marker: I do lines with it and mainly use it when I’m doodling

- Kishida Brush: A modified normal brush that I created (the only one! :_D) I did it long time ago and named it after Kishida Mel because I love him and because it looks a bit like his lines. You can see the settings and some (poor) examples below. I use this mainly for lines, especially when going after softer feel.

Other than that I don’t have many tricks :D I open SAI and just draw with my 5 brushes ^^ oh! and I mirror my canvas all the time! it helps me a lot :)

The reason I did that campaign was not to come out. A lot of people took that as me coming out, but it wasn’t at all. I did it to say the opposite, to say that you don’t have to label your sexuality. If one day I decide to do something different, I’m comfortable with that, with whomever I happen to like. I’m just saying to kids today: It’s becoming more acceptable not to label your sexuality, to not say I only like boys, or I only like girls. It’s something that’s so fluid and not set in stone. You might think you’re straight for 50 years and then decide that you’re gay, or vice-versa. It can change. It’s a spectrum, and everybody is somewhere on the spectrum. Like whoever you want to like and feel whatever you want to feel.
—  Lily-Rose Depp
Literally WTF...

I checked Splash again and now there are even more pics of Briana’s mother. One is of her shopping with her son on the 15th and one is from the 14th and is the mom, stepdad and son. I did not see these there this morning…they may have been there but not searchable under Louis name until today. I literally searched Louis Tomlinson and 4 out of 6 of the recent results are her!

Notice that both of these are Exclusives (= Set Ups). Also both of these appear to be backfilled. Look at the caption for the 14th. If they were posted the day it happened, it would have said just arriving home, but no…it’s like these were just uploaded today, which matches with the fact I searched for Louis pics this morning and there was only 1 set and now there are 3 plus 2 pics of the outside of their home. They all look completely set up….I’m not wasting money to buy them to show you guys. Maybe F Y Z could be useful for once and steal them or something. This doesn’t match at all with wanting to be private. that’s 3 photoshoots in 3 days. 


EXCLUSIVE: Tammi Clark, mother of Briana Jungwirth who is pregnant with Louis Tomlinson’s baby.

Date of Picture: 07/15/2015

Caption: EXCLUSIVE: Tammi Clark, mother of Briana Jungwirth who is pregnant with Louis Tomlinson’s baby. 1 Direction singer Louis is expecting his first child with California native Briana. her mum and younger brother were seen shopping on Thursday morning. Tammi chatted on her phone during the outing.

Picture by: Splash News

The set with the mom, stepdad and son:
Headline: EXCLUSIVE: Tammi Clark the mother of Briana Jungwirth arriving at the family home on the day it was revealed that Briana is carrying 1D Louis Tomlinsons baby
Date of Picture: 07/14/2015
Caption: EXCLUSIVE: Tammi Clark the mother of Briana Jungwirth arriving at the family home on the day it was revealed that Briana is carrying 1D Louis Tomlinsons baby.
Picture by: Clint Brewer / Splash News

The more I think about, the more I need Natasha to be a double agent. Even if, god forbid, the Russo’s don’t make Buckynat red room history canon it still doesn’t change the fact that she is literally the only one who could possibly understand the situation James is in. She is the only who knows what it’s like to be tortured, brainwashed and conditioned into a killer.

I mean, Clint would get, to an extent, but his brainwashing didn’t last nearly as long as James and Natasha’s did and it only took a hard knock to the head to snap him the fuck out of it. Whereas, James and Natasha were literally moulded into the assassins they are today for years, decades.

So for me, it really does not make sense that she, of all people, would chose to subject James to that kind of treatment, to lose his sense of freedom, when in the last Cap film she stood up in front of the Government/the world; having blown all her covers and said, ‘you’re not going to arrest me’ then proceeded to walk out with her head held high. Free. 

It does not make sense. 

What's Best for You

Summary: Reader and Steve are close friends and neighbors. They get into an argument that heats up fairly quickly. 

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: 1,488

Warnings: Angst, Swearing, Fluff.

A/N: I’ve been binge watching New Girl, so I was inspired to write this. Hope you enjoy! <3 As always, comments/likes/reblogs are much appreciated. 

Tags: @sebastian-stans-thighs @bovaria @shaniadw @isaidtobehave @feelmyroarrrr @vivilix @4theluvofall @bookish-fangirl @sincerelysaraahh (If you’re crossed out, it means Tumblr doesn’t let me tag you) 

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Omigosh ;A; George came through for me! I didn’t think he’d be done photographing my Bravely Default badge charm things for weeks…but he got them done today!!!

I have them for sale on my Etsy here:

If anything, please just go there to look at them! They’re only about one inch so I just feel incredibly proud of the detail in them yknow! They are so much work but they LOOK SO BEAUTIFUL. Bravely Default is one of my favorite games and I don’t know where I found the dedication to make a 24 set of pins but I did, by golly.

It’s like having to play a game 8 times just to beat it and you still do it anyway haha.

If you know someone with PTSD, depression, anxiety or any sort of chronic illness, mental health issue, etc and they tell you something like

“I went outside today!”

“I talked to a stranger today!”

“I got out of bed today!”

“I ate something today!”

“I did the laundry today!”

“I smiled today!”

Or anything that seems small/simple/every day to you.


Do not belittle, make fun of, mock, ignore or laugh at them or the thing they were so proud of that they shared it with you.

The fact that they told you means that they trust you enough to let you know of their victories. The fact that they were able to do it means they are trying to recover. 

If you react negatively, it could not only set them back but also ruin any trust they had built with you (or any one for that matter.)

Thank you.

I’m going to be honest, I’ve never been the type of girl to feel comfortable walking out the door without makeup on. Especially because the one time I did I got a various array of comments ranging from “Do you feel OK?”, “Are you tired?”, or my favorite, “Have you been crying?” For this reason and many more, I’ve always been self conscious about what other people think of me even though I tell myself I don’t care. I’m always second guessing my appearance and comparing myself to other girls, especially when I see other girls bare faced and without a stitch of makeup. Our society today is so used to seeing the female face touched up and made over that we forget what the true, natural, fresh faced human looks like. Not only that but we set up unrealistic expectations that no true female can hope to even achieve which sets women up for unavoidable failure and grief. This picture is my first step in accepting who I am and, an even harder fact to accept, what I look like. So I encourage you to embrace who you are and what you look like because there will only ever be one you

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who remembers this show? it happened to be my older brother’s favorite television show. week by week we tuned in to watch  james west tame the wild west. all while protecting the homeland. and when your family owns only one t.v., well, many of you remember you had to take turns watching your preferred t.v. show. but i can’t complain as i think i liked wild, wild, west just as much as mark did (though i wouldn’t admit it). today’s ootd backdrop immediately conjured up childhood memories. doesn’t it look like a setting from a ghost town? the old chicago brick and expansive windows were the perfect compliment to my leather jacket, blue jeans and suede boots. sometimes lady luck decides to intervene and magic happens – both with the outfit and the photo op. happy monday gang!

labels: denim Lucky Brand; shirt Merona @Target (similar here and here); jacket Nicole Miller (similar here andhere); booties Banana Republic (similar here and here); belt Talbots (similar here and here); handbag c/o Talbots(similar here and here); necklace c/o Talbots (similar here and here)

Boy in luv Jungkook imagine


That’s how I would be described.

The popular girl who doesn’t want to be popular.

To be honest, I’m only popular because puberty hit like a bus and I got hot. All the guys chased me, but I don’t want just any guy. You see my heart is set on one, one special guy. That guy is named Jeon Jungkook. The cute shy guy that’s it’s in the back and doesn’t really talk to anyone. He’s adorable and something about him is so intriguing. Just another Tuesday, history with Jungkook, anatomy what did jocks, calculus with the nerds, lunch with Jungkook, and English with Jungkook. Maybe I’ll talk to him today, or at least wave at him.

“Hey (y/n)” A group of Jocks called to me. “Hi” I have fast reply and continued walking. I walk down the halls and heard a door open, but when I turned around there was no one. I open my locker and placed my books inside. I stepped back and someone slammed my locker closed. My eyes met the persons. Jin, one of the only people Jungkook will talk to. He grabbed my hand and suddenly began leading me down the halls. Finally, we made it to a dark classroom. Jin lead me inside. “Wait here” he ordered before walking out. Never have I been so confused in my life. A light turned on above my head and I saw a silhouette. “Who’s there?” I called out. The figure moved closer and stepped into the light. “Jungkook?” He stopped and looked up at me holding a rose. “(Y/n)” he spoke, his voice coated in a thick layer of nervousness. “Y-yes?” I stuttered out. “I’ve liked you for a while now, and seeing so many guys chase you made me realize I need you, I can’t let them take you away from me. He paused for a second. The pounding of both of our hearts was evident. "Will you be mine?”

anonymous asked:

Have you wrote anything post-686 Ichiruki and Ishihime fanfic. I feel like to read one because today I cried about why ichiruki didn't became canon and it still hurts.

Hi my lovely friend! I have indeed written things that qualify as what you are after. I’ll give you my post-686 stuff, some other people’s and then my fix-it, so you can soothe yourself afterwards. 

Unsubstantial & Transparent - Post-686, canon-compliant, no actual adultery. These are set in the same ‘verse, and there’s another couple of pieces coming. Neither of these are very happy and well. You asked for it. 

$5 Ishihime Adultery - Post-686, adultery. A nice anon paid me five whole dollars to write this, so I did. This is… smut and a bit of feelings in the middle. 

Incendiary Devices - Post-686, adultery. Ichiruki, shameless smut. I have no excuses and I make none. I keep 686 only so I can ruin it. 

Ichiruki Excerpt - @hashtagartistlife Post-686, canon-compliant, sans adultery. This is part of a much bigger fic that I have on good authority is being furiously written rn. 

(Sera’s also writing another one that… I have had the privilege of seeing pieces of and it is going to murder us all.)

Ishihime Excerpt - @mizulily Post-686, canon-compliant, sans adultery. This hurts me, I hope it hurts you too. 

Morally Questionable Ishihime - @mizulily Post-686, canon-compliant, adultery. I know this is also part of something bigger than is incoming. 

Yearning of Youth - @deathbympreg Post-686, Ichiruki, canon-compliant, adultery. Elena murdered us all with this. 

A Crossroad - @deathbympreg Post-686, Ishihime, Ichiruki, canon-compliant, implied adultery. This was so excellent. 

Repeat - @woodrokiro Post-686, canon-compliant, ichiruki, sans adultery. Brilliant little drabble. 

And now, to soothe you, read this one: 

The Angels Dragged My Throne [Part One] [Part Two]
Ichiruki. Fix-it, accepts canon up to 685, then ignores it. 

  • "Lecha Dodi"
  • Benedetto Marcello a la Shelomit

@plinytheyounger was mentioning her “Lecha Dodi” experiences in Budapest (“HUNGARIAN FRIEND TURNS YOU ROUND IN RIGHT DIRECTION / GAZE CONFUSEDLY AT DOOR / BREAD HAPPENS”), and it occurred to me that there was a lovely “Lecha Dodi” tune in Benedetto Marcello’s Estro Poetico-Armonico that she would like, but I cannot find a recording! So, uh, I made one, because it’s a lovely tune, and because already had my recorder out for a Latin assignment, and because I had only read music left to right so far today. Marcello’s transcription is at the beginning of his Psalm 19 setting in vol. 4:

i live to work

One theme during my 8 years as a foster parent is that my job has always kept me sane.  It doesn’t matter which job I’m at, it’s just the physical removal and ethical demand away from my own problems and into someone else’s that provides reprieve.  Stability and security.  Routine and predictability.  Feelings of self-worth.

Like today.  First thing at 9:15am I had to evaluate a man who intentionally set himself on fire a few years ago in a suicide attempt.  Based on his burn scars I have no idea how he survived.  Prior to that was the sadly typical fare of NYC trauma- rape/gangs/drugs.  Then I saw teen triplets with autism and before lunch I assessed a woman who at only age 49 was a war veteran, lives with schizophrenia, had a debilitating stroke and hereditary dementia.

Wait, did I mention which job this one is?  I can’t remember what I have or haven’t blogged.  Four days a week I do Access-a-Ride psychological evaluations for the MTA.  It’s a very easy, low-stress job which is exactly what I need right now.  Also, it’s only a 3 minute commute by car.  Another day a week I have a case-load of more traditional psychotherapy patients at local hospital and then I continue to teach 2 classes. 

So I’m talking about the Access-a-Ride gig.  I see people who believe, or someone else believes, has a brain related or psychiatric disability that prevents them from using the regular buses or trains.  The assessments are very short 10-20 minutes - but on occasion if I’m working through a translator or malingering case it might be an hour.  I describe it to friends as Humans of New York (the famous facebook page) 10 times a day.  I’m incredibly honored to bear witness to so many stories.  Things that I couldn’t even imagine- like the man who won’t go back into the subway because he once killed someone on the platform in self defense.  The subway sanitation worker who had legit PTSD from the rats running out of the garbage and up her body again and again.  And then there’s the too too many young men in wheelchairs, shot in the head in relation to gang activity- now their moms will be wiping their butts for the rest of their lives.  Last week I had the most beautiful 20-something mom and her husband and toddler come in- she had just been diagnosed with an inoperable, cancerous brain tumor.  She’s exactly the type of person I’d see walking down the street, or playing with her son in the park, and think that she has the perfect life.

So I feel a little guilty somehow benefiting from others’ tragedy, but hearing/reading their stories helps me stay balanced and have perspective.

Growing up, Helena Costa often had to go to neighbors’ homes to watch soccer games because her father did not like the sport. Decades later, she is set to become the first woman to coach a men’s professional soccer team in France. 

Costa, 36, has been the manager of the women’s national teams of Qatar and Iran and had managed the boys’ teams at one of Portugal’s leading clubs on the regional level. But her new appointment is a major step in terms of competition and visibility. She will be the first female manager in one of the top two divisions in Europe’s five major professional leagues (England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain). 

“I think it’s very good for all the women in sports…And I hope this is only the first step. I opened a door today and more women will walk through on my back,” she says.

Read more via The New York Times.

Millennial Artists

I’m gonna be real honest. I think YouTube and tutorials, and instant gratification has spoiled this generation’s artists. I’ve spent years training my eyes, hands, and mind to be the artist I am today, and I see nothing but people my age and younger expecting to get it from a 3 minute video tutorial. I tried tutorials but they could only help me to an extent that wasn’t good enough for me so I left the tutorials. I trained myself to quickly create art habitually, that I would never have been able to do before at my previous levels. My current skill is easy to me now (for the most part), but would have been hell for me a few years ago. Not to set myself apart from my generation so much to seem like a special snowflake, but how do you think artists of any skill level get to where they are? We did not jump from medium to medium and hope that one would suddenly make us as amazing as the previous user. We did not hate ourselves for not developing at the speed of light. We treated ourselves as beginners, and brought ourselves step by step to where we are now regardless of the hurtful, unsolicited comments on our art, and the sleepless nights spent reading and erasing through every faulty line. You have to take care of yourself, yet put yourself through struggles if you want to develop in any aspect of life and as a person. That’s what seems to be missing from any tutorial I’ve seen.


Today I’m starting a set of dyed Amanita muscaria fiber sculptures. The “caps” are the only part I’ll be dyeing so I did one cotton dye bath with a peachy orange for a base coat (first picture), cut round shapes from from that and started a low-water scarlet dye for the center (the second picture). Hopefully after it’s rinsed and dried I can add some cool/fuschia tones to the center…

When I’m done with all this, I want be surrounded by my fiber amanitas & looking like the last picture


Day 8

Name: Shannon

Age: 35

Career: Works in the beauty industry.

Interesting Fact: Use to show horses.

Today was an interesting day. I did not feel like talking to a single person let alone meeting someone new. Moments like this when we feel overwhelmed and want to avoid everything extraordinary things happen. I met Shannon whose positive energy and fascinating conversation about life, altered my entire mood. I always believed in the notion that when we least expect things amazing people come into our lives, even if it’s only for a short period of time. I learned something from our conversation, everyone has a journey and a desire to do extraordinary things. Yet we set limits for ourselves when truly no limits exist but the ones we create. Shannon made me realize though I was having a hard day and doubted this project amongst other things, it’s only a fraction of my life. 

When I first approached her I was hesitant. She is 6 feet and while I’m only a measly 5′4 (Yes, I’m short!). I realized her height was intimidating. Shannon was kind and took the time out of her day to have a meaningful conversation, which is more than I expected.