This is the only thing I’m going to say.

This blog and this jewelry is run by a neurodivergent LGBTQ+ individual; I am bisexual and on the ace spectrum. If there should be any doubt, this blog wholeheartedly supports transgender individuals, Muslims, black lives, latina/latino lives, disabled lives, and anyone else who woke up today scared and grieving.

This blog unabashedly rejects Trump and any of his supporters.

This is the last thing I’ll say as I want this blog to serve as a safe space and a form of escapism. If you feel as though any piece from my shop will serve to make you feel better in any way, here’s a coupon code: “MOVINGFORWARD” for 20% off any purchase, good until Friday.

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Welcome Home.

The rhythmic beeps of the heart monitor filled the plain white room. The sound held him company throughout the dreams and the nightmares alike, it turned into a comforting melody, a distant reminder of his still pathetic existence. Until one night, the intensity and harsh blow of a dreadful nightmare made him lurch up from his deep sleep.
Sasuke panted harshly, his shaking arm barely supporting his weight. Bending forward, he passed his only bony hand over his eyes, swiflty removing the pearls of sweat trapped in his thick eyelashes.
Then the reality of his situation hit him like a brick.

He was in Konoha.
He was in a hospital in Konoha.
His left arm was no longer there.

Naruto looked to be nowhere.

Panic surged through him like a blazing scorching fire, only it was ten times worse. He frantically ripped all the wires hooked into him, ignoring the sharp pain of the needle breaking against the tender skin of his wrist. Frothy red droplets collided with the white bed sheets. The red a lonely foreign tint amidst the white.

Sasuke was amazed that his frail body could still function albeit painfully. He reached for the door handle and twisted the knob. He was surprised to find it unlocked, but his surprise was greater when no sight of guards or anbu greeted him.

Ignoring the weird circumstances and trusting his gut, he limped toward the staircase taking one stair at a time. He wasn’t too sure why he took this path in particular, but something was beckoning him forward, giving the promise of the thing he longed to see, needed to see.

Because of course there was no way in hell, absolutely no way he died.
Naruto could not be dead.
He has no right to be dead.

He gave him a promise.

He pushed open the door to the rooftop. For a moment he couldn’t see with the harsh sunlights blinding his vision. Then things started slowly taking shape.

Naruto smiled at him.

Sasuke’s legs nearly buckled under him from the intense surge of relief flooding through him. He could hear his frantic heartbeats in his ears, loud and strong.

He was alive.

Naruto’s eyes softened,
“Welcome home, Sasuke,” his words, so simple yet powerful and so few yet meaningful. And the impact they had on Sasuke could almost be tangible.

Sasuke took a step forward, and then another until he was within arm’s reach of him.

And then he smiled, a genuine wide smile that seemed foreign on his face, but still oh so very fitting.

“I’m home, Naruto.”