“You just use [special interest] to escape from your anxiety. (even though I don’t do my special interest when I’m anxious) It’s a good thing you haven’t done [special interest] recently. (it had been weeks since I last did it, and it was causing me stress) That way you can focus on school.” and “Why don’t you just do X? (when I say my executive disfunction is causing me not to be able to do something) (this is asked over and over when I don’t reply the way she wants; she made me cry one time about it)” - said by my therapist

Don’t worry. I don’t see her any longer. Everything that came out of her mouth was just as unhelpful/horrible as this.

(Sorry it’s so long)


Translation: “Your autistic traits like hyper focusing on special interests are bad. I think I know you more than you do and can tell you why you can or can’t do something.”

I am glad you got rid of that therapist. I hope this is good enough of a translation.


therealeasya asked:

Lol, what are some of the craziest expressions you have done?

i had to really dig for all these lol there are more but they’re not on my computer, they’re in hard drives.  Not the craziest expressions but these are probs my fav expressions ive done, these are really old tho.  Most of these are from past storyboard projects and doodles lol

Don’t imagine this. Just keep on scrolling past this ridiculously stupid thing I’ve done.


I loved loved drunk Mike! Maybe another drunk Barba, but instead of the dom one that you did, a more romantic one?

“Come on, Rafi! It’ll be fun!”

“Absolutely not, cariño. Do you remember what happened the last time I got drunk, hm?”

You looked towards the ceiling, hand under your chin, pretending like you had to recall the time he was referring to.

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I had a very long and tiring day, and complaints in my inbox make me blue. However, I’m not going to whine about it or how I haven’t been on in ages because IRL is a butt (yes haha, this is a veiled complaint anyway - you got me!), and instead share one of my last progress photos of my Dottie cosplay because I am proud of it!

Under the cut because it’s a big photo. This isn’t the final product, but the dress is actually done now and I just have to add the jeweled thing in the middle tomorrow and I’m done! WOOP. (I’m going to Wizard World Philly this weekend, by the way, so if you’ll be around - drop me a line!)

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[[ For @purrfectcatalyst <3 I’m so glad to finally have this done for you! You get me inspired with our rp that had Evil all tied up and he decided to sing a Saving Able song.
Tagging @thelovesickartist because I showed them a preview so here’s the full thing!! My favorite is the last one. ]]

When people say to you those heart wrenching comments like “but you were so cute together..” “Why didn’t you last” “how is she doing” don’t- don’t you dare blame anyone but you. Don’t make up a story where you’re the hero and I’m the enemy in order for it to all make sense. I gave you all the love I had to give and more, I tried to make it work, I did everything for you, you were the one that decided to turn the page and stop trying. I was the heartbroken one, you’re just fine. After all you’ve done the least you can do now is finally be truthful.
So tell them she was in love with me, if she had any fault in this it was that she cared to much, I was the jerk, I left her stranded when I promised to always be there for my own selfish reasons.
—  B.L letters I never sent

Like I’m Gonna Lose You, master post

Finished the last two pages in one go. Overall, I’m feeling so-so about this. I still have issues with consistency and should probably use more references but I think I learned quite a bit. There is a short companion fic after the cut :)

Or read on | AO3

Now that this is done, I’ll be working on “She’s Mine!” again.

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yall as a bellarke shipper im about to be real

clexa in the finale made me so happy. i was so happy for clarke like she looked so peaceful in lexa’s arms?

tbh I just want my baby girl to be happy omfg and she was for that little moment and you know what, even tho i ship bellarke, i was so fucking relieved clarke had that last, good moment with someone she loved. she deserved that.


i wasn’t sure if you meant farewell adrian or stolen adrian so i did both because she’s wonderful and double the adrian is double the fun

I understand the concern for safety, I really do. What bothers me about the Big Weekend performance is that someone somewhere must not have done their research because he does this all the freaking time.

Last summer, the people at Lollapalooza knew that Tyler liked to climb things and they didn’t want him climbing things so guess what they did? They talked about it with him before hand and they gave him a ladder. He hated it, but he complied and it was still a great show.

Or before that one even, I saw tøp at Osheaga festival and they gave them a stage with no scaffolding so Tyler literally had nothing to climb. Again, he probably didn’t like it but him and Josh still got to play a full set for an amazing crowd that got to enjoy it fully.

If they had just looked into the band’s performances they would have known what their usual set entails and found better ways to deal with it, instead of just cutting his mic off and their set short.


Graduated last night!!! It was amazing, I actually had such a lovely time! 

The fact that Genevieve actually made some photo ops with fans… I couldn’t believe it. That was my dream to ever meet her, and I thought I had 0 chance on that. That’s a complete miracle that I even had this photo op done, as they all were sold out in 10 min.

So I was almost the last one to take a picture, and I step to them thinking about everything I wanted to tell them.

Then this happens:

Gen: Oh, you got such a pretty dress!

Jared: I told her about that during a photo op some time ago, right?

*I look at them having no idea why Padalecki family is discussing my dress and giving me tons of compliments*

Me: Thank you both!

Gen to Jared: Let’s give her a sandwich hug?

Jared: Sure, let’s do this!

* I am standing in the middle so shocked I couldn’t even think of hugging Gen, though I managed to hug Jared haha*

Then I asked Genevieve to hug her, she let me do that, and I was like all jumping around her lol. I told her I loved her, and then I turned to Jared and went - well, I love you, too. It was so funny, because it seemed like I did Jared a favour giving him some attention. And Gen giggeled at it hahah)) I love her SO MUCH!

Later, during the autographs I had a chanse to chat a little with Genevieve. And I told her that they both were like a role models to me, because I had a family of my own and a kid. She asked me if I had only one, I explained to her that yeah, I had a four-year-old son. And Gen was like - Kids can be so tough, right? I was like yeah, they can, especially when you are alone at home, and your husband is somewhere working all the time. She agreed with me very enthusiastically on that point. Poor Gen) And somehow Clif appeared out of nowhere and told Genevieve that I was that girl in a yellow dress (WTF DID YOU DISCUSS ME LATER???))) Gen recognised me then and gave me some compliments AGAIN, and she also added that a couple of days ago she bought the same dress for herself. At this point my mind exploded and my life felt complete. I really doubt that Gen use the same shops that I do, though =)

Requested by an anon who is slowly making me fall for Jin -  Could you please do a video imagine where the boys are teasing Jin by flirting with his girlfriend and he gets all protective?

A/N: I hope you enjoy it haha. I was dying while making it. This is the last one I had already done, I’ll post the others hopefully starting Wednesday (5/18)!

Please like or reblog if you enjoy it! :) Please do not claim as your own!

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You’re Late (Steve Rogers x reader)

steve rogers x reader where her and a group were gone on a really long mission and they lost contact but finally made it back and when they’re coming off of the helicarrier, steve’s all nervous bc he’s scared she didn’t make it and it takes her a while to come off bc she’s last and he’s just so relieved and tears and angst/fluff thanks man i love your writing

supercarricat said: Could you do one, where he’s on a mission and comes back to reader a little later than expected? Lot of fluff? :D

Steve was taking the North with his team, and you were directed to the South with yours. Normally the two of you worked as a pair and had done so for every mission since you joined the Avengers a few years ago, so the feeling of running in opposite directions felt foreign and admittedly scary to you.  

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you were sat cross-cross on the sofa in the back room of the tour bus, your laptop perched on your lap, you just got off an 8 hour flight to visit your boyfriend whilst he’s on tour, michael insisting that whilst you had two weeks off university you should come tour with him, which of course you gladly accepted and agreed to.
“babe?” michael questioned, walking into the room in hopes to find his girlfriend.
“yeah?” you responded, your eyes not leaving the word document in front of you, you had one last essay to complete and then your undivided attention would be on michael and enjoying the various countries you could explore whilst on tour with him. mikey came to sit next to you, his jean clad thigh touching your knee. “I thought you said you were done with school stuff?”
“one last paragraph to this essay and I’m all yours.” you mumbled, still not taking one glance at your boyfriend.
“if I knew you were still busy, I wouldn’t of invited you. I don’t want you to get distracted.
"michael, seriously. this is the last essay and I’m done. just hang on” you responded, becoming frustrated at him attempting to argue over one petty thing. michael loudly sighed from besides you, he was intentionally pissing you off, you got worked up easily and he knew this.
“are you kidding?” you said, your voice getting slightly louder. you finally tore your eyes away from the dimly lit laptop screen and looked at michael.
“what?” he obviously asked, knowing exactly what the issue was.
“you put on shows 5 days a week and do writing sessions at the studio during breaks and I’m perfectly okay with that and respect that because it’s your job. don’t be whiny because I’m doing something that needs to be done, uni is just as important as being a superstar rockstar michael, maybe not in your eyes but it is in mine.”
“really?” he responded, growing just as frustrated as you even though he started the entirety of this unnecessary argument. “I cant just drop everything when you arrive y/n.”
“I never asked you too! don’t put words in my mouth, michael.” you yelled, the boys probably hearing you from the other side of the bus. you didn’t care, you were vexed now, verging anger. “all I’m saying is you told me everything that you needed done for uni was done.”
“because it is!” you yelled back, closing your laptop screen down and setting it besides you. “it’s one final fucking thing.”
“then—” you cut him off by raising your hand in the air, getting up from your place next to him on the sofa and walking out of the room, completely disregarding any more nonsense that’ll come out of his mouth. luke, cal and ash were all sat on the sofas, them hearing every single word that was exchanged between you and michael. they didn’t say anything to you storming out of the bus, knowing you’ll flip at them despite them doing nothing.
you weren’t that much of an idiot though, you knew it was unsafe and dangerous to walk around a foreign country, so instead of doing the idiotic move you sat outside the tour bus, leaning against it, hoping to calm yourself down.
you heard the tour bus door open, preparing to argue even more incase it was michael, but you saw the familiar dirty blonde, unruly hair. “just making sure you didn’t end up getting lost.” ash said, moving besides you.
“not that much of an idiot.” you humourlessly laughed.
“so why did you—” you cut ash off, already knowing his question. “you heard everything.”
he nodded in agreement, knowing too full he was eavesdropping along with the rest of the boys.
“he’s an idiot sometimes but he loves you, you know that right?”
you silently nodded, you knew michael loved you, he’d drop any and everything if you needed him, if you asked him to come back home whilst on tour he’d do it in a instance, no questions asked. but you respected his job, you respected the fans that cared about him as much as you did and knowing it’ll break their hearts if you requested he’d come home and cancel a show.
“do I go apologise?” you asked.
“no, you weren’t in the wrong.” he stated. “maybe just go back in there and see if he says anything to you.”
you nodded and made your way back into the bus, thanking ash for checking on you.
you walked into the bunk section of the bus, bumping into a tall figure on the way.
“i’m sorry.” the raspy voice that you loved so much said. “i’m an idiot and get jealous when your attention isn’t constantly on me, I know you have a life and I know you dropped a lot to be here with me, i love you, you know that right?”
you smiled at your idiot of a boyfriend, his lop sided smile making it hard for you to stay angry at him any longer.
“I love you too.”


“I’m only 28 29 years old, I have a lot of time to still go crazy, you know?”