Also, there is one thing I want to point out coherently:

Metatron referred to “the angel formerly known as Hannah,” which means said angel no longer calls themself Hannah. Presumably, this is because they were briefly in a male vessel and seem to manifest as this vessel when it is necessary to manifest in Heaven, which we see at the end of 10.17 where they and the other angels enter Bobby’s room. We can assume that they have either gone back to using their original angelic name (which fandom generally treats as ‘Hanael,’ to my knowledge) or are using a more masculine version of it. Hans? Hansel? We don’t know, but this is the cool thing:

Hanael no longer refers to themself using a feminine name, and doesn’t seem to view themself as a woman. Hanael is canonically non-binary.

it’s weird to think about how life changes so quickly?? last year i constantly felt like the saddest, most incredibly alone, absolutely no self-esteem trash heap.. and fast forward a year later, i’m full of self love, hope, and i feel a genuine happiness within me. i still have fears and concerns about where my future will take me, but it’s nice to be able to see the beauty in life again.

I’m going  to meet the girl I used to be friends with and I owe her a lot if it comes to what kind of person I am now since I used to be a quiet mouse but at the same time she was the reason that made me belief that I can’t love myself if I don’t reach some standards of looking etc. and she also did fuck up me if it comes to LOTS of insecurities. I kinda want to prove something to myself otherwise I would’t agree on that meeting, I just want to fight her. Like not literally but just show her that I’m happy with the way I am and I don’t have to meet her standards to feel like this and that I’m living my life really well even if in her eyes I was wasting it. 

guess who just applied to go back to college AND the fafsa all in one day

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GOOD VIBES !I believe it was the mod Ren (who is godsent) who asked for more gender euphoria so heres mine! When I first put on my binder I started crying cause it felt so right and looked perfect. The happiest ive ever been about my body!


she’s been my best friend for nearly fifteen years and with her medical problems I really don’t know how much time I have left with her. but I hope it’s enough to ensure that I gave her a long, happy life

I’m all moved into the bf’s abode and life is wonderful. I applied to a book store a couple hours after I got here and got an email back today, so now I have an interview for the job tomorrow. The best part is that it’s a supervising position with benefits. Life is so good.

I can honestly say that in all the confusion that college has been, i learned to love myself along the way. that makes me happy.

i always forget how important self care is like no matter how crappy i feel, i can try to cheer myself up by putting on a big fluffy jumper, grabbing a cup of tea, and dancing around the house. or like. at least feel productive. so i cleaned the kitchen for mum. and i’m getting through the newest eps of all the series i watch bc i’ve been too lazy to watch them lately.

it’s just nice being able to look after myself.

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