One of My Many, Possibly Unpopular Opinions/Point of Views of Riley and Maya from "Girl Meets World".

Just in case anyone was wondering, in the bare minimum, there have been 29 episodes of Girl Meets World.

At least nine of them have focused mostly on Maya. The rest, mostly on the “core four” (as in Farkle, Lucas, Maya, and Riley). There is of course “Farkle’s Choice” and “Flaws” which has mostly Farkle focus, but really seemed about them all. Then there was “Sneak attack” and “Secret Life” that had Lucas focus.

Explain to me how the main character barely gets any focus unless she is portrayed as a daughter or friend that likes to help people??? And for that matter, why is it never discussed in the narrative why she likes to help people so much?? I know I’ve said this before, but I don’t want to know what Riley is, I want to know WHO she is.

It’s like she is being relegated to being a background character in her own life. I get that people think that Maya is a better character and more able to relate to. But does that mean that Riley’s narrative should suffer? The writers really need to think about this. It is basically like saying that just because you still have two parents who are happily married, go to school, are a good kid with decent grades, that you are supposedly “Lollipop”, and being “lollipop” is boring. Children who are like Riley deserve to be spoken about too. There are children in the audience who feel like they have boring lives because the media they consume tell them they do. Why not show them that they are wrong??

Look, I love Maya, and I love the relationship between Maya and Riley. Which I have stated in my previous post. I just really don’t understand why Riley isn’t getting half as much development as Maya is when she is the main character. She’s the GIRL who MEETS the WORLD. Then why is she sitting in the backseat??

Would love to hear whatever thoughts you may have??

Angela Moore

Girl Meets World literally used a beautifully written character who had a proper relationship with the characters from the original series as an arc to push Shawn and Katy together. Hearing that Trina and many of the Shawngela shippers aren’t happy, I am glad to not be the only one who thought that they did a shitty job with Angela’s story in GMW. It was disrespectful and unecessary. For a show that is aiming towards a realistic approach for a new generation, they did a very unrealistic approach towards Angela being treated as a “Hurricane” and that Katy needs to date Shawn to make his role in Maya’s life significant. 

Apparently I’m not done, so here’s the thing, the beauty of the couples in BMW was that Topanga and Cory were idealistic and perfect and it was balanced out by Shawn and Angela who were imperfect and realistic. Cory and Topanga ended up together and you talk about how rare and special that is, your entire concept behind this pairing is that they were made for each other and you glorify the idealistic pie in the sky notion of these two being sweethearts from pampers until adult diapers. But the idea of Shawn and Angela being a couple or rekindling their romance is “unrealistic”? How? When your show revolved around a less than realistic couple? Shawn and Angela were very realistic, which was necessary to counter Topanga and Cory. So which is it? Because Not everyone marries their high school sweetheart. And 4 ½ years of dating someone doesn’t typically end up in marriage. But Angela wasn’t just Shawn’s hs sweetheart. They were also college sweethearts. So it’s more like 6 years. It’s not terribly unrealistic that people who dated in college, which is when your adult relationships really begin, could end up together again.

Shawn Hunter is never meant to be happy. Fair enough, but stop rewriting canon in order to sink a ship. Because in rewriting that you’re taking the only main poc character from a classic show and you’re painting her in a negative light and actively undoing all the positive things that made her one of the pinnacle characters of representation in a teen show of that time just to…what? Give Shawn more pain and further some other juvenile storyline? Honestly they don’t have to be together but don’t drag Angela, and rewrite canon for the hell of it, just because you can.

Do you know how offensive that is? As far as representation goes, Angela Moore was one of my favorite characters from my childhood/adolescence. I saw a girl who could be fine in her own skin and have her own culture and still hang out with her white friends and it not be an issue. She cracked jokes, but her race was never a focus. She dated the resident “hot guy” of the show. That was the first time I ever saw a girl with skin like mine actually date the hot guy that all the girls wanted, instead of just being the sassy black friend who no one ever seemed to pine after. Do you know how amazing it is to be able to self-insert as young girls are bound to do when daydreaming about the characters they had crushes on in their favorite shows? As a WOC I can tell you that rarely happened for me as a teen and I’m just now able to do that now. Or how about the fact that interracial relationships were viewed as normal, so for once it wasn’t “weird” to express interest in people, anyone, who wasn’t the same race as you.

This isn’t just about the interracial dating though. What about the friendship? So it’s equally unrealistic that people remain friends from high school onward? But it’s not too farfetched that Cory, Topanga, and Shawn have been best friends from infancy? For years Angela Moore was the only non male friend Topanga was ever shown as having. She was in fact her best friend, and we’re supposed to just accept that they never spoke again after the BMW finale? She didn’t show up for the kids being born? They didn’t even know who she was and she hadn’t been mentioned. Do I seriously need to go into the problematic nature of this erasure? They did two entire episodes dedicated to the newbies versus oldies, us versus them friendships pitting Cory, Topanga, and Shawn against Angela, Rachel, and Jack which resulted in some kumbaya hug fest, but someone thought it was okay to dropkick that canon and the lesson that went with it out of the window for…what exactly? Because friends fall out of touch, despite the fact that the connections and friendships you make in college typically sticking better than those in hs and younger but whatever let’s ignore that too because reality. On a fictional show that’s a ham sandwich with extra cheese.

Angela was Topanga’s best friend. She was one of Cory’s closest friends. How are we just erasing that, because the writers want to play around with angsty storylines? Why must it be at Angela’s expense? Stop cherry - picking what and when you want to be “realistic.” Because many of us were happy at the idea of bringing back old characters but if it meant screwing with some of them this way, I’d have rather they didn’t. They could have left well enough alone.

Why do we act like romantic love is so strong and passionate and intense and that everyone should want it. We romanticise romance. Why do little kids feel the need to have boyfriends and girlfriends so young. Why dont talk about friendship more. I want a movie about some people who think that theyre in love but realize that they are so much happier as friends. I want a book about a boy who feels lost and alone and I want him to meet a girl who changes his world for the better and I want there to be a scene where they openly talk about there feelings and they feel comfortable and happy together. They dont fall in love. I have found a boy who I love more than anyone in this whole world. he has been my bestfriend for years and years and has helped me through so much. If our lives were a movie, hollywood would write us as childhood lovers. our love is strong and passionate and intense. It is not romantic. Platonic love can be everything romantic love is. I’m writing this mainly for my own benefit. I find that writing things down helps me make sense of my thoughts. I’m posting this here off a whim, in the hopes that some kid somewhere will read this and understand.

I won’t lie, it’s baffling to me how many people believed that Angela’s reappearance would lead to Shawn and Angela getting back together. From the moment the announcement was made I was positive she would either be dating someone else or married, and from the moment it was made clear that Shawn and Angela were no longer together early on in the show, I placed them in the “never getting back together” category in my head.

It’s like no one has ever watched television before. Two childhood couples from the same show who manage to make their relationship last into adulthood for something more permanent almost NEVER happens. I can’t even think of a TV show that has done that, but I’m sure someone else can name a few.

It would just be highly unrealistic. I’m sorry to the people who have had an image in your head of Shawn and Angela spending their lives together after BMW ended, only to have it blown up by canon, but I don’t see how any of this is even a little bit surprising.

Angela in girl meets hurricane was such a waste like serously why bring her back just to show that she’s married? and isn’t sure on how to be a good mum so she comes to Shawn for advice… like it was only a leeway for the Shawn/Katy track and although I’m all for Maya’s happiness I think that it was a shitty ending to shawnangela and this is coming from someone who shipped them so much on boy meets world

I am NOT here for the disrespect the writers gave Angela’s character. No honorable silence or empathy for her dad who was a STRONG AFRICAN AMERICAN SINGLE FATHER on the show who was IN THE ARMY, blatant disrespect from Riley when that was her MOTHERS BEST FRIEND, barely any acknowledgement from Cory who was supposed to be a CLOSE FRIEND and barely any true nostalgia for their relationship which ADDRESSED BOTH OF THEIR MOTHERS ABANDONING THEN, SHAWN ABUSING HER WHEN HE WAS DRUNK and being an INTERRACIAL COUPLE along with other landmark events.

If you didn’t want to put them together, fine. But at least show some respect for their history together, both as a friendship as well as romantically.

Girl Meets World Post

I want to start this post by saying: Yes. I am a twenty something year old who watches Girl Meets World. To be completely truthful, I watch it with my mom and older brother. We used to watch Boy Meets World when it used to come on TGIF, way back when.

That preface being done, I just have a few things to say.

First off, sure many people would like the show to be on any other channel but Disney. And I understand where they are coming from. But do you realize how many family sitcoms there are on these other channels?? For the most part, the plots would be more or less the same while the actors being different. Being on Disney, I think they are able to do more with it to make it different. Weird thinking, but I truly believe it.

Secondly. What people need to realize is that this show’s target audience is not the ones who were fans of BMW, but the new generation. Therefore, comparing the two is practically ridiculous. It plays on our nostalgia for sure, but it shouldn’t be forgotten who this show is really for. Different generation, different situations. Although fundamentally, they are both strong at their heart. Ps. The first few seasons of BMW were not as great as the later ones… so give this show a chance to grow like BMW did.

Third thing. I have really come to see a recent trend in television shows lately where the writers try really hard to keep the best friend relevant that the main character falls to the wayside. And that really bothers me, don’t know if it does to anyone else. I am sick of how the main characters are only just there to prop up their best friend. The narrative of the show, from the beginning, seems to make Riley all about Maya. And I understand that, and I love their relationship don’t get me wrong. But there is so much more to Riley, and people often confuse being good as being boring. Complexity comes in all varieties, hence being complex. Just because she doesn’t act out or that her parents are lifelong sweethearts who got married young, doesn’t mean her problems and her experiences are any less valid than Maya’s. It is not fair to compare them and rate them on their character sheets. Here the writers have no problem giving all these explanations for Maya’s actions. But what about Riley?? Why, or even what, makes her so good and only see good in other people?? Why does she want to help her friends all the time?? What made her the Riley we see??

This past episode, and everyone’s reaction to a couple scenes, really made me wonder about Riley and fans reaction go her and how it feels like they don’t understand her. A lot of shippers of Lucas and Maya had countless of gifs made about the interaction between them. But what really interested me was how Lucas had mentioned “I never do anything”, as his reason to go with Maya. Farkle wanted to have fun, and Maya just led the pack. Despite all of that, she let them choose. She didn’t stop them from leaving, nor did she follow them.

I think in regards to shipping, or even just regular platonic friendship, scene was the one where they kidnap Riley. She didn’t run away as soon as they put her down. She told them they looked ridiculous and gave them wipes. The dialogue between Lucas and Riley showed the very thing Lucaya shippers said Riley lacked when it came to Lucas after watching Girl Meets the Secret Life episode. She saw Lucas as the person he is, not who others see him as. Just like he sees her for what she is. The fact that neither of them would call each other the name their friends clued them during the detention proved that so beautifully.

And that shows how their relationship is growing. It’s changing and making each other better and helping each other understand their own selves better. And isn’t that what being in a healthy relationship supposed to do?? With Maya and Lucas it’s always the same. Something happens to show a different side of Lucas, she cracks a joke and calls him names, they move on, the wheel keeps turning. There is nothing new about their dynamic. At least as far as the writing has shown us so far. I know all this sounds biased because I really like Riley and Lucas together, but there is only so much banter between two people because they totally like each other troupe a person can take before it gets old fast.

Thing is, as a viewer of a lot of television and aspiring writer myself, I am well aware that at the end of the day it doesn’t matter how much of a fan you are of the show. shows do not belong to you the same way it belongs to its creators and writing team. They have the story they want to tell, and we are just here along for the ride. We can critize it and analyze it all we want, but at the end of the day it’s not ours in the same way it’s theirs. Therefore, whatever direction this GWM ride goes, I am going to enjoy the view.

Twins (Lucaya)

Rated: K+
Words: 548
Summary: When Maya and Lucas can’t reach an agreement about what they should name their twin boys, Lucas comes up with a joke that has an unexpected turn.
AN: They’re about 27-28.

He wouldn’t stop staring at his two new-born kids. He just couldn’t. How could this two tiny precious human beings come from him? Looking back, it was exactly what he thought when his first kid was born, 3 years ago.

He then looked at his wife. He couldn’t imagine what she had just gone through. But he knew that as soon as she wakes up, they both wouldn’t have an easy time. Yes, because after 7 months and a half knowing they were expecting a baby and after 4 months knowing it was twin boys, they hadn’t come up with the names yet. Again. The last time they only reached an agreement after 5 hours of searching through old memories because he wanted to name her something meaningful to both of them. They ended up naming her Rose.

After a couple of minutes, Maya started opening her eyes. She immediately looked at the twins and smiled.

“Well, good afternoon, sleeping beauty.” Lucas joked as he kissed her cheek.

“I’d like to see you be in labor for almost 12 hours and don’t get tired.”

“Hey, calm down, I was just kidding.”

Then silence hit the room. They just looked at the babies who they had the privilege to call their own.

Maya was thinking about the past, how she never thought she would ever have kids. When she found out she was pregnant with Rose, she freaked out, started crying so hard. It’s not like she didn’t like kids or that she didn’t want to have kids, because she wanted. The reason why she thought she would never have kids was because she was sure that she wouldn’t be a good mother, that she wouldn’t be capable of giving the life that kid deserved. Turns out she was wrong. And let’s be honest, Lucas was a great father, and a great help.

“Where’s Rosie?” Maya said, breaking the silence.

“She’s with Riley.” Rose was practically Riley’s niece, and she also enjoyed to play with Riley’s son, Aiden.

Another quick silence invaded the room, when Lucas finally said: “How long are we going to avoid it?”

Maya knew exactly what he was taking about- the names.

“Did you have any ideas?”

“Well, I thought about John and Daniel.”

“Please tell me those weren’t the names of two of your horses, because I’m not naming my kids after horses.”

“In fact, it was my great-uncle’s name- John Daniel Friar.”

“What about Ethan and Owen?”


“Because it sounds better.” Lucas smiled a little bit.

“Now you really made want to name them Lucas Jr. and Huckleberry.”

“Don’t you dare! It would be better if you named them Rick and Roy!”

But he actually thought it sounded good (much to his surprise). It meaningful in some way.

“I like that.”

“You do know I was joking, right?”

“Think about it.”

And that’s what she did, and she had to admit- it wasn’t at all bad. Of course the people who had known them for the past 14 years would think of it as a joke, but it was something kinda special to them, and it made sense that two of the three most important things they had in the world would be named after that.

“Ok, Rick and Roy it is.”


↳ a carlos madrigal/santanico pandemonium mix asked by anonymous

i. just a boy - angus & julia stone [you took me in, gave me something to believe in / that big old smile is all you wore / girl you make me want to feel things i never felt before] // ii. girl in the war - josh ritter [i got a girl in the war, i know that they can hear me yell / if they can’t find a way to help her, they can go to hell] // iii. west of her spine - bell x1 [it’s here i’ll rest my chin and breathe her deep and smile / for i think i’ve found a soft spot and i’ll lie here a while / it’s here i’ll raise my flag and claim this land as mine / just south of her shoulder and west of her spine]  // iv. barricade - stars  [you were the only thing that mattered / there was no one for me but you / i held my breath as i watched you swing / then run your fingers through your hair / oh, how could anyone not love the terrible things you do? / oh, how could anyone not want to try and help you?] // v. i had me a girl - the civil wars [i had me a girl / like cigarette smoke / she came and she went / i slipped through his hands / to my back door man / under his chin] // vi. chew me up & spit me out - cobra starship [here’s my heart tonight / go on and take a bite]  // vii. somebody i used to know - gotye [now and then i think of all the times you screwed me over / but had me believing it was always something that i’d done / but i don’t wanna live that way / reading into every word you say / you said that you could let it go / and i wouldn’t catch you hung up on somebody that you used to know] // viii. sleep all summer - the national ft. st. vincent [i would change for you but, babe, that doesn’t mean I’m gonna be a better man cold ways kill cool lovers / strange ways we used each other / why won’t you fall back in love with me? / there ain’t no way we’re gonna find another /the way we sleep all summer / so why won’t you fall back in love with me?]