And then, after being hastily dismissed by Alphys, he ran all the way to Snowdin screaming about tacos and Queens. The legend of the blue streak was born that day. The blue streak that almost kills your eardrums when it passes you.

This is Sans and Toriel’s first meeting in which Sansy is an adult. Sans met her as a child a long time ago, but they haven’t seen much of each other since. Sans has had a bit of a celebrity crush on Toriel since meeting her as a child and always dreamed of meeting her again. Alphys used this to her advantage to convince Sans to give her reports to Toriel so she can have some time to visit a certain fish before Sans got back.

And then when Sans got home… well…


He had to make the BEST tacos EVER. No exception. And it took him a while till he made the perfect ones. Sans made so many tacos that they had leftovers for MONTHS. He could feed all of Snowdin and half of Waterfall with all the left overs.

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quietlydesperatelives  asked:

Can we have a Jonsa fic in which Jaime comes up to Winterfell and bonds with Sansa, making Jon jealous?

Sansa is queen of the north and Jaime gives up everything to be her hand. They are close and that makes Jon jealous. Jaime teases him about it a lot.

I’m just going to kill two birds with one stone. I tried to hit both at the same time, but I think you both will like it. Thank you for the prompt! 


Jon did not mind. Not at first. The Kingslayer had proved useful, leading half the Lannister army towards the North in retaliation of Cersei being on the throne. The other portion kept to keep Casterly Rock in one piece.

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i was tagged by @ohmoreau and @josephminyrd thanks friendos

rules: you can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. put your mp3 player, itunes, spotify, etc… on shuffle and list the first ten songs, then tag ten people, no skipping songs. (you also have to put in your favorite lyric from each song)

The Good Times Are Killing Me- Modest Mouse

jaws clenched tight we talked all night, oh but what the hell did we say?

Breezeblocks- alt j

she’s morphine, queen of my vaccine 

2AM- Bear Hands

i put the ball in your court

text me back

Upside Down- Paloma Faith

it feels sometimes this hills to steep

for a girl like me to climb

but i must knock those thoughts right down 

i’ll do it in my own time

Halo- Cage The Elephant

all my life with a skeleton

i had to let go

Taro- alt j

mine is a watery pit 

painless with immense distance 

Sweetie Little Jean- Cage The Elephant

lay my weary head against your bones

where all my troubles will be dead and gone//

i’m sorry, love, for all the damage done

i only hope that someday to be back beside you

Bite- Troye Sivan

i’m pulling on your heart to push my luck

‘cause who’s got any time for growing up

Flashed Junk Mind- Milky Chance

now we are stunned minds

full of junked goods

Spiderhead- Cage The Elephant

i’ve been waiting for answers for way too long

seems i’m always waiting around//

you may take my eyes, but baby i’m not blind

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anonymous asked:

for the mass effect ask : 1; 12; 25; 37; 43; 54; 66; 89; 90; 101

thank you for asking!!!

1. How did you get into Mass Effect? I actually picked it up cheap from a CEX store because I’d seen another tumblr blog raving about Garrus Vakarian and I was curious to see this alien everyone loved (and I was determined not too…I failed). Best random choice I’ve made!

12. Favorite mission from ME1? Honestly? Virmire. Although the decision was fucking tough (and I accidently killed Wrex the first time and actually went way back in my save data in order not to screw up again), it had the best environment for me and was just an enjoyable experience, particularly finding out about Sovereign and all the secrets there. Fuck Feros. Feros was the worst. Noveria was okay, but mostly because of Lilihierax XD and saving the Rachni Queen.

25. No diplomatic option possible: side with the Geth or the Quarians? AAAH WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?!?!?! Ugh the quarians because I love Tali with all my heart and soul and I couldn’t watch her die but honestly I always take the diplomatic option because fuck this picking sides thing.

37. Creepiest moment in the games? The Collector base. All of them. Every single one. Fuck the Collectors, fuck their shitty ships, fuck them and their ridiculous bug eyes and Harbinger can go fuck itself.

43. Non-romancable characters: who would you romance? Hmm if I could romance a non-romanceable character. Tough choice. Well Tali is technically non-romanceable by femshep so probably her, but a truly non-romanceable character? I don’t know. I honestly can’t think of one XD Kal’Reegar possibly, or Nyreen Kandros <3

54. Your absolutely NOTP? CANON FEMSHEP/VEGA IS NOTP FOR LIFE. like some people’s headcanons and shit is cute but no no no to canon version, its just so gross and wrong.

66. Have you cosplayed any ME characters? No, but I do have a pair of Tali style leggings!

89. Do you have any friends who love ME too? @agent-wolfe @strappycat, @scrptrx

90. Did you get someone into ME? My brother but he got bitter because I was better then him and now spends his days slagging it off because he’s a douchebag lmao.

101. If you could meet Shepard, what would you say? I’d probably cry and ask her if she loves Garrus and Tali XD