Tbh, I’m just glad I let go of most of my bitterness over n.aruto’s ending (is it even a true ending tho ? because it’s still going on ?!). I simply do not take in consideration (most of the time) what happened after chap 698 and enjoy things mostly the pairings I like and the great art.

Being in the knb fandom now (I began the anime a few months ago but I began the manga a year ago) makes me realize how good it is to be in a positive fandom who ships many pairings and enjoy it without hate everywhere. And people are really cool there, I swear, just look how we are about the ending of the anime next tuesday: no war, just feeling sad and excited about the last episode. Because n.aruto fandom is just so toxic to be honest.

I may let go of what happened at the ending but seeing NH makes me sick. I’m serious. And that’s not because of the pairing. Because I don’t like SS neither. In fact they’re even worse compared to NH as a pairing because they’re abusive and I don’t know a lot about what is happening in Gaiden but it seems pretty messed up. But the fandom. God, part of this fandom is disgusting. Believing in retcons in one thing. Telling people to go kill themselves is another. And yeah, I have on my dash NH fans but they’re nice, I even have friends here that ship them and I don’t mind. Some are not nice. Not at all. If you think I’ll forget that one of my friends attempted suicide because of your messages, I will never. So whoever send me again this message: ‘you should stop shipping NS and join our side. It’s just a waste to be w. the losers NH is awesome’. STOP.

Why are you even so bitter when your ship is canon ? Do you need to make people feel miserable ? Because it’s not working for me and it will never. Next time you’ll do it, I’ll just make a pretty NS edit for you <3

kobbelobbe asked:

God, remember how we met via Zeldathon this winter? (btw what does haducken mean)

yea omg zeldathon is about to end right now. haducken is an inside joke from this zeldathon, its about as influential as “dont get blasted”. this duck emote kept getting spammed in chat (\__(o)< and someone combined it with a hadouken emote and it became haducken (\__(o)< ─=≡ΣO(o)< HADUCKEN