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Dude, you are actually the cutest little thing ever. I want to hug and squeeze you and give you sweets!!! AHHHHHHHJJJHHJJJ!!! You're toO CUTE! I CANT'H JSHSJSJ. Save me.

????? omg thansksskskz

We’re keeping whatever we are a secret from his family so when we pick us his sisters we don’t hold hands or kiss in front of them but today we secretly held hands touching each others hands hiding them where she couldn’t see my heart was racing the entire time it was cutest thing ever


Okay, this is probably the cutest thing I have ever seen. Jane Lynch complementing Kate  (about her lips, yup!) and Kate blushing like mad.

Yanagi & Kujou’s Youthful Memories

Last Chapter Project | Lala

With a total of 56 chapters, Yanagi’s history of his agonzing love is finally out in the open! Thank you for all the support regarding the Last Chapter Project for “LG” ♥ Without further ado, here are the winners of the poll!!

1ST PLACE: The scene where Kujou realizes her feelings for Yanagi☆

☆ I think Mikocchan finally realising her feelings for Yanagi after all this time is the cutest thing ever! [Yurika Fukutani] ☆ Seeing Mikocchan’s expression as if the right path has opened up in front of her, the natural way she said “like”, and Yanagi’s sweet smile really left an impression on me. [Saki]  An unforgettable moment for the both of them!

Chibi Yanagi: I had no idea…!

Yanagi: Ah, that’s right. (rustle) I bought cake and red wine, although you don’t seem to be able to drink it?
Kujou: …That’s okay. I like it.

2ND PLACE: The scene where drunk Yanagi kisses Kujou on her forehead

Seeing Yanagi express his affection towards Kujou is the one scene where my heart can’t stop pounding no matter how many times I reread it!! [Hina] ☆ Lifting your head up and then suddenly kissing someone’s forehead has an amazing destructive power ♥ Yanagi’s definitely the cowardly guy who didn’t aim for her lips (laughs). [Mimi]

Kujou: Yana—

3RD PLACE: The scene where Kujou and Momoka tell each other their true feelings while crying

The feelings Kujou had bottled up inside her has finally… I was really moved by her tears and true feelings! [Arisu Kaneko] ☆ You can’t read the scene where Mikoto-chan and Momoka-chan are telling each other their true feelings without crying!! [Shinobu Kyousaka]  The moment we see emotion on her face…!

Chibi Momoka: It’s not like I did it for Kujou-san’s sake! 

Kujou: E-Even if you like Yanagi and Yanagi likes you back, as long as we’re friends, we can stay together forever.

4TH PLACE: The scene where they start their last game

10 years have passed and they finally start their “game”… I cry every time I reread it. [Saki Itou] Everything started here! 

Yanagi: …Let’s have the last game, Kujou.

5TH PLACE: The scene where Yanagi meets the eyes of a nervous Kujou and questions her

I can’t help but clutch my chest whenever I read see this scene! [Kyon] Your heart can’t help but pound at the sight of Yanagi’s natural kindness ♥ 

Yanagi: What is it, Kujou?

6TH PLACE: The first kiss scene which started with “I can’t wait. I’m at my limit”

Good for you, Yanagi… (cries). He’s changed from his usually cowardly self… ♥ What is he, a rolled-cabbage guy*!! [Rinrin]  Congrats Yanagi! Yanagi, congrats!

*T/N: This is a term to refer to men who seems like they’re romantically passive (like a herbivore), but is actually aggressive (carnivore), hence the rolled-cabbage reference (vegetable on the outside; meat on the inside).

Chibi Shiori: That really took a long time. 

Yanagi: Close your eyes…!

7TH PLACE: The scene where Kujou rejects Souma but he smiles as he still became her “first”

Souma-kun smiles despite fully understanding Kujou’s words. I realized in this scene that everyone is trying their hardest in love. [Fuuka] Souma’s love ends…!

Souma: …If that’s the case, then that’s good.

8TH PLACE: The scene where Yanagi holds Kujou’s hand as they head to the hospital by taxi

Here you can see the best example of Yanagi’s kindness when it comes to Kujou! [Kaya]

Kujou: He was always there with me when things got tough…

9TH PLACE: The scene where Kujou confesses to Yanagi at the airport

This is the scene where the dense and awkward Mikocchan confesses her feelings at around the same time the game ends. It’s very emotional. [Mogu]   Her feelings come pouring out.

Kujou: I like you!
Yanagi: –Eh…!

10TH PLACE: The scene where Yanagi “experiments” with Kujou

My heart couldn’t stop pounding and I couldn’t stop smiling seeing Mikocchan’s reaction ♥ [Momoko Nakamura] I can’t get enough of the defenseless Kujou

Chibi Souma: L-Love birds…

Kujou: Um. Eh.

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Ok so let's say Denmark is learning sign language because there's this cute boy at his school (Spoilers it's Norway) who's deaf and nobody sits with him and he has trouble making friends and normally eats lunch alone and his parents are too poor to buy him a hearing aid. Denmark works up the money for a hearing aid for him, then one day Denmark sits down at Norway's table and signs to him 'I think you are very beautiful' and hands him the money. How would Norway react? -ANA

(This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen :0)

Norway would stare at him with absolute shock. He would ask why, why would he give him this? Denmark would just shake his head and push the money into his hands. Norway doesn’t have to ask what it’s for, but he’s desperate to know what Denmark said before he sat down. He would immediately get a hearing aid, revelling in the sounds he has never been able to experience before. The next day at school he approaches Denmark and asks what he said, to which the Dane blushes and mumbles; “I-I think you are very beautiful.” At that, Norway would smile. “And I think you’re cute.”

I know I’ve been a bit of a silent Sharkaroo shipper lately but OMG

I’m sooooo excited about the wedding!!! And that new video of their dances is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

Ten years I’ve been watching this show and it’s about damn time something like this comes out of it. 

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your posts about your bf are literally always the cutest thing ive ever seen omg and i think you are really one of the sweetest people i follow, i hope youre doing really well!! ♥

you are so sweet wow thank you so much I hope you’re having a great day angel

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imagine Cyborg-Genji being protective over Angela when Sparrow Genji & Young Genji tried to flirt with her >_<

That’s the cutest thing ever! Mercy would just find it so amusing that these boys are pulling all these lines and moves with her then, then her Genji’s appears like, 

“Boi touch my angel i dare you”

And he’s all serious and very passive agressive with his words like

“So, MY WONDERFUL GIRLFRIEND, should we go?”

“MY SWEETEST GIRLFRIEND needs you to stop calling her babe.”

and then he’d basically plant himself between Mercy and the younger boys and Mercy’s just dying because this is the funniest/cutest thing that has ever happened and she loves it when Genji goes all Protective Mode™.

The younger boys are super annoyed at Cyborg Genji and just want to talk to Mercy alone because she’s really pretty but, bruh, let me tell you Cyborg Genji is not letting that happen. Eventually Mercy lets him put her arms around her and escort her away while she’s trying to hide her smile.

Gency for my trashy heart, aw.