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I would love to talk about "Tombstone" for the rest of my life

13x6 just added 10 years to my life. While I wished that Dean’s initial reaction to Cas being back would have been more (“Welcome home, pal”? What? Lol), his reaction throughout the rest of the episode is the reason I’ll wake up in the morning for the rest of my life; not to be dramatic or anything. Like, Sam knows. Sam freaking knows. He called Dean out on being in a really good mood and then when Dean said that he needed a win and having Cas back was a pretty big win I had to pause to hyperventilate and thank Chuck, all of the angels, all of the demons, the weird being of The Empty, and even Billie. Chuck bless us all. And let’s talk about Cas throughout the episode too. WAS HIS TELLING JACK ALL ABOUT DEAN NOT THE CUTEST THING YOU’VE EVER SEEN IN YOUR LIFE?!?!?!! Like how he told Jack that Dean really likes cowboys, how he warned him not to wake Dean, and then when he explained to him that Dean was an angry sleeper, like a bear. I died and was resurrected a million times, I might be a Winchester. And then when Dean said that he made Cas watch the movie “Tombstone” that was the biggest “old married couple” shit I’ve ever seen. I am living because Castiel lives, and so is Dean Winchester.

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Niall w/ 3 daughters would be the cutest and funniest thing ever 😂 i can see him doing whatever his girls wanted

yup, they would literally have him wrapped around their little fingers.