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love u love u love u love u love u <3 how wonderful you are? tbh the girl that is your girlfriend is the luckiest girl alive! also.. have you heard about this band named Twenty One Pilots?

love you too!!! so much 💕  and naaah i’m sosos lucky to call her my girlfriend tbh idk why she’s with me but i’ll take it haha .. and ofc i’ve heard of them, i’m actually going to see them in 33 days i think? i’m really exicted about it ahh! can’t wait!!!

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tokugawa and kamuro's first kiss would be the cutest thing ever tho.... like theyre probably studying or thinking abt something for the school or idk and suddenly theyre touching shoulders while sitting?? hm. weird. "kamuro" "hm?" and they both look at eachother and theyre so clo s e and tokugawa closes the gap between them softly and their noses squish together a bit but its super soft and sweet and they kinda look at eachother for some seconds until kam smiles shyly and tokugawa feels so ga y


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What if you woke up to Sebastian talking to your pregnant stomach. Dad Seb is just 😍

it was the first of many nights you actually slept more than 2 hours without waking up and needing to go throw up in the bathroom. and you usually didn’t wake up too early because of it. not that you liked being up early anyway.

but this day was different. as you slept peacefully, your body began to wake up and so did the baby inside of you. it began to kick and you wondered why.

that was until you heard Sebastian talking to your stomach. It was crazy how the baby and Sebastian had already formed a bond.

Sebastian was talking to the baby about what was going on in the world and all of his new projects coming up and how excited everyone was to meet it. you pretended to stay asleep just to hear him talk to the baby because it was the cutest thing ever.

“mommy and I love you so much. I can’t wait until you’re actually here, like in my arms and stuff. and we’ll get to do cool things. oh and uh, I’ll give you cookies and candy when mommy doesn’t want to. oh! and I’ll buy you McDonald’s Happy Meals too! You gotta have those. They come with cool little toys.”


This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen

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Woke up from a lovely MSR dream last night. M&S were meeting with a minister to talk about if she would allow them to get married. She said I would love to officiate and marry you and S burst into tears (Per Manum esque when M says yes) and walked over to hug Maggie who was so happy for M&S. Mulder wore a zebra print shirt with a leopard print tie for the day and S thought it was the cutest thing ever. Love waking up from MSR dreams, they're the best.

Zebra print? Hoo boy.