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When I Came Out

When I came out as bisexual to my best friend I was too scared to do it in person so I told her with a text. She was surprised but told me that she was bi too. Now, when we go out to dinner we can talk about waiters we both happen to find attractive.

When I came out I wrote “I’m gay” with each letter on a different cupcake. My mum was very supportive, and my step-dad has not seen it yet.

When I came out to my mum and dad I was 36 and I told them both together. My dad looked up from the book he was reading and said, “So what, it doesn’t change anything. You’re still our son.”

When I came out as a lesbian to my best friend today, I didn’t expect her to react the way she did. She simply smiled and said “So?” and hugged me through my relieved tears. It proves that I shouldn’t have worried for all those years about her not accepting me. She is so amazing and supportive

When I came out, I left class 6th period and lots of things were building up. I knew I was gay for about two years. I confided in my best friend and asked her before I came out that whatever I tell her not to treat me differently. She couldn’t have been more understanding, I said “I’m gay” and she said “and!?” but in a comforting lovely way and just said she would never judge and she loves me. I feel as if I can breathe now, and face the world.

When I came out, I went to my older sister crying and I could not get the words out. She started freaking out, “Hun. What’s wrong? Are you okay? Are you pregnant?” I started to laugh… “Pregnant? I don’t even like guys.” She was beyond happy for me

When I came out, I was terrified. I told my best friend who I knew would tell the entire school. This was a really small school in the rural Upper Peninsula of Michigan, so the news traveled fast. For a super religious area, I was accepted by most of my peers, including my super religious friends. I just wish that my Dad and Step-mom would have taken it that well.

When I came out on New Year’s Eve to all my friends, as gay, I already was out, as bi, but I realized I was lying to myself. About a month or so later, I came out to my parents, who either ignore it, or think I’m faking it. At least my friends are awesome…

When I came out to my best friend, it took 3 tries over about 6 months. The first time was when I thought I was bisexual (because I refused to believe that I was actually gay). We were walking through a park and I wrote the whole message down on my phone, planning to show her, but I didn’t. Then I messaged her saying I’m bisexual but the message wouldn’t go through for some reason. Finally I told her I was gay and she was cool with it and actually helped me come out to someone else the same night!

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Helloo lovely!! Is there any older/ teen aged twins fics that you can recommend?? Xxx

I don’t know how much older you’re talking, and unfortunately its very hard to find good fic that isn’t heavy with shipping, especially when the twins are older. But:

  • my friend Jersey is in the process of writing this totally killer older Pines twins fic here and here
  • this is a really sweet hurt/comfort one-shot between older Dip and Mabes here
  • this is a short and sad piece that explores Dipper growing up without his sister here
  • the twins aren’t much older but this is a cute and fluffy sibling fic with Dipper comforting Mabel during her time of the month here
  • again the twins are only like a year older but this is the best dark!dipper au I’ve seriously ever read here
  • this is a really adorable one-shot where Mabel’s getting married and she and Dipper reminisce growing up together before she walks down the aisle. Going back and reading it now after all the fears of growing up there are in the show is actually making me tear up a little omg its here

These are some other recs in case you ever want to read some fics where they’re not older:

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From the music you talk about, I can tell we both listened to all the Shady/Murder inc disses back in the early 2000's. Which do you think is hands down the best one? And have you ever heard Malcolm X by Royce da 5'9?

Eminem’s “Nail In The Coffin” is one of the best disses of all time. I know it focused on Benzino. But The Source vs. XXL/Shady beef was directly tied to the whole Murder Inc situation. 

I liked Ja Rules “Loose Change” diss to 50/Eminem too

“Em whats the Durag for? You never gone have waves, you’ll never know Black pain”

especially the version that had the radio interview snippet on the end.

“… because he’s a FUCKING BITCH… this is how BITCHES ACT…”

These were real diss tracks man

If every choice you make comes from an honest place, you’re solid and nothing anybody can say about you can rock you or change your opinion. It doesn’t shake me because I know why I do the things I do and I know I come from a good place and so people can judge me however they wish. But I know I’ll continue to do the best I can and be the best I can.

I’ll be Home for Christmas (Nate Maloley Imagine)

A/N: Super cute imagine requested by anon! Enjoy everyone xx

“Can you do an imagine where you are a part of the squad but you’re dating Nate. You get accepted to Harvard and are coming home for Christmas, and Nate takes you ice skating and proposes?”

“Hey guys!” I shout into my phone where my best friends were on a conference call with me.

“Babeeee! We miss you” G’s voice whined through the phone making me giggle.

“You all set to go?” J asked, he was always the sensible one.

“Yes, so ready to come home and see you guys. How’s Nate? Have you been taking care of him for me?” I smile into the phone. The guys were shuttling back and forth between Omaha and LA for their music careers, and I was all the way in Massachusetts for school. Not just any school though, I got into my dream college—Harvard.

“Well you know we lost him a couple times, but that’s Nate for you” Sammy giggled, trying to rile me up.

“Very funny Samuel, put Nate on the phone” I laugh.

“Hey baby girl” his deep voice rang through, my ears burned because I had missed this sound.

“Hi Skate” I say quietly, my heart bursting with joy.

“I can’t wait for you to get home, Omaha ain’t the same with you” he mumbled.

“Aww you’re too sweet babe, I’ll be there soon. What do you want to do?” I ask and I could hear him chuckle, “other than that, Nathan” I giggle.

“I have something in mind” he whispered.

“Alright babe, well I gotta get going if I want to catch my flight, I love you” I blow a kiss into the phone.

“Safe flight ma, I love you too” he said before hanging up.

I packed up my luggage and made my way to the airport, where I caught the first flight out to Omaha. It was rough being so far away from my boyfriend and best friends. We did everything together, experienced high school, first dates, first kisses, the whole works. When I got accepted into Harvard, the boys were ecstatic for me, but were undeniably sad about the distance.

Still, they supported me, as I did for them and their budding music careers. We just made sure to face time, text, and call constantly. I especially missed Nate, his touch, his hugs and the way he would call me lil mama. I can’t wait to be in those arms once more.

A few hours later…

“There she is!” Gilinsky yelled breaking into a full on sprint to greet me in the driveway.

“Back off G, it’s my turn for a hug!” Sam whined, the boys all clamoring over me causing me to drop my luggage.

“Damn, you guys are needy” I giggle before hugging them each individually.

“Skate,” I breathed seeing the man I love smiling at me behind the crowd.

“Baby girl,” he whispered as I jumped onto him and held on tightly. I never wanted to let him go, I felt safe in his arms.

“Come on lovebirds, we gotta get to the ice rink before they close!” J called from his car.

“Skating huh?” I giggle looking at Nate.

“They don’t call me Skate for nothin’” he grinned.

It was dusky outside as we pulled up to the outdoor rink. It was cold, a light snow falling to the ground. We were all bundled up and generally had the rink to ourselves, except for a few couples and families.

“Watch this!” G hollered spinning around multiple times on his blades.

“Wow, G that was beautiful” I smirk.

“Somebody help me!” Sammy squealed like a little girl.

“Come on Wilk, grab ahold” J rolled his eyes as Sammy balanced on his shoulder. The boys began skating in circles around the rink, shooting smiles and smirks at Nate.

“What’s up with them?” I ask, looking up at him. We were slowly rounding the rink, hand in hand.

“I don’t know, maybe they know something” he shrugged, his eyes twinkling.

“Nathan do you know something I don’t?” I looked at him with one eye open. He just giggled and pulled me into his side.

I sighed a deep sigh of contentment, as I looked around to the twinkling lights lighting up the night sky. Families were huddled around with hot chocolate, music played in the air. I know this song…

“Nate!” I gasp looking at him. “This is our song!” I grin.

“It is baby,” he kissed my head as we listened to the soothing sounds of familiarity and our first date.

“I love it here. Can this night get any better?” I breathe, watching the others skate.

“It just might,” Nate said before pulling away from me. I turned at his loss of contact to see he had dropped to one knee on the ice rink.

“Nathan…” I breathe, eyes wide.

“Y/n,” he smiled, tears wetting his eyes slightly, “will you marry me?” he asked earnestly.

My whole world stopped, my head was spinning. Could this really be happening?

“Yes Nathan Montgomery Maloley, I will marry you” I laughed through tears. He picked me up and spun me around in a huge hug, kissing my face all over. Cheers erupted from the boys around us, and I had realized that they were in on it.

They skated over in a rush to hug us and congratulate us.

“Aye there’s the man!” Sammy shouted bringing Nate in for an unsteady hug.

“Congrats lovers” G smiled kissing my cheek. We all hugged and talked about how they managed to keep the secret for so long.

“Man I was gonna crack I’ll tell ya” J laughed.

We all walked back towards the car when Nate pulled me aside briefly for a passionate kiss.

“You’ve made me the happiest man in the world by agreeing to become Mrs. Maloley” he said before kissing me deeply, the diamond ring on my finger glistening in the moonlight.


I love my windows in the morning. My best friend/housemate thinks I need to get curtains- keep in the warmth blah blah- but I can’t bring myself to do it

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It’s taken me a really long time to be able to competently make a bowl of soup.

The only lesson I’ve learned that matters is that a good stock is the key.

Canned and powdered are plenty fine if you need a bowl of something warm - and I’m not even saying that in the snooty Ina Garten kind of way, I was raised on some powdered caldo de pollo and other types of boullion cubes (shout out to Goya) - but the best stocks come from stuff we throw away: bones and vegetable scraps, but also stuff we rarely eat at all (like chicken feet or pig ears.) 

Just do me that favor, start saving up your kitchen trimmings and bits - carrot tops and celery leaves, onion skins (which will give a stock a beautiful dark brown color), gristle and bones and fatty bits from roasts and rumps or whatever you’re cooking - and stuff it in freezer bags. When you’ve got a decent amount in there, chuck it in a pot or pressure cooker with some water and I guarantee you’re gonna dig the result. You don’t even have to use it for making soup, you can use it as a base for rice, beans, hell I’ve even made a mean bowl of grits with pork stock before.  

And yeah, don’t bother looking for pork stock on the shelf at your supermarket. You’ll find chicken, beef and veggie and maybe even fish but pork stock is not something commonly found in American cuisine at all. If you want it, you gotta make it. Pork bones are easiest, but pressure cooked pig ears will give you the best result. I fell in love with the stuff after I had a pot of liquid leftover from, well, pressure cooking pig ears, but I realize not everyone is willing leap face first into the abyss like I am.

Pork and Cabbage Soup


  • ½ cup pork stock
  • ¼ cup diced cabbage
  • ¼ cup diced onion
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • ½ apple
  • A splash of bloody mary mix (you don’t get to judge me)
  • Salt and Pepper to taste


It’s really just as simple warming up your stock, adding your ingredients, bringing them to a boil and then reducing the heat and letting it simmer until your cabbage starts getting soft, I’d say about twenty minutes.

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What is your jump roping circuit?

ok so it’s kind of hard to explain but I’ll do the best I can! I may do a video tutorial soon:)

1. 200 “warm up” jumps. These can be straight jumps or alternating, it’s up to you.

2. 100 high knees as fast as you can (yes while skipping rope)

3. 100 butt kicks, basically the same as 3^

4. 50 right leg only

5. 50 left leg only

6. Points- start with 4 sets of 8 per leg but work your way up from there

7. Last is the killer… jumping as fast as you possibly can to a full treble jig or hornpipe. Try to think the steps in your head as you jump to the music, this helps with getting over the mental part of stamina when doing your dances! You should add steps on when you get better but remember to jump as fast as you can or this won’t give you the results it should. this should be followed by doing the same exercise to your light round and your set too!

Hope this made some sense!! get jumping

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Do you exercise? I think it's the best thing you can do for yourself to feel happy and change your world positively. If you don't, I started with a 40 min jog (walked here and there) every day for 2 weeks to kickstart my body. It. Changes. Everything. I really hope you give it a try, don't let yourself slip for even 1 day.

id rather die than exercise willingly
The Ultimates Provide Proactive Protection | News |
Al Ewing assembles the most powerful team in the Marvel Universe to deal with Galactus and other massive challenges!

This interview is gold! I love Al Ewing’s most recent work with Agent of Asgard already, but the things he’s said about this book so far are also pumping me up it loos like it’s gonna be great! Lemme show you the best parts:

“There are going to be some moral debates—when the problems you’re dealing with are sentient or even above-sentient cosmic creatures, how do you ‘solve’ them?” he questions. “At the same time, someone’s got to deal with these long-running, world-threatening issues. You can put up with a leaky roof if you have to—you can’t put up with a collapsing house.”

“Science and exploration feels like something very positive, a general good—it helps mitigate some of those moral concerns,” continues the writer. “I think an emphasis on expanding knowledge makes the team a lot more interesting and sympathetic than, say, a mission to beat people up in the name of preserving the current social order.”

I am already so here for this. A team of superheroes exploring outer space while trying to save everyone from cosmic horrors!! So far, I can think of Tony Stark doing that with the GOTG and Carol Danvers in her most recent book, and both stories have been so much fun!! The potential is huge!

“It’s basically a mix of power levels and general interest,” reveals Ewing. “I wanted to continue telling Adam’s and Monica’s stories [from MIGHTY AVENGERS], so they were definitely in, and then we ended up picking characters with a big, passionate fan base who’d mesh well and bounce interestingly off each other—and who were incredibly, hugely powerful too. This was always a cosmic team for cosmic threats; only the most powerful, physically, mentally or politically, need apply.

All this superheroes are being recognized as the best of the best and I just love love love love it ok? 

“Well, there’s obvious chemistry that’s been building with Adam and Monica, and some drama between Adam and T'Challa, the potential for some robust debate,” he acknowledges. “Monica and Carol spark off each other well. MAC, meanwhile, is almost the outsider, and judging their ability to do a job she’s been doing since she was a kid.

Really, any of the five will react with any other, which is the mark of a fun team.

I’m here for all of the team’s dynamic, but I was SOLD at the Ms. America part! This is what I’ve been wanting writers to explore with her all along! She’s been doing this for so goddam long, and that experience is finally gonna be acknowledge and I want her to be a little cocky but also I want to see the kinder and more respectful sides of her personality. I mean, from experience, I think she’d be the one better suited to deal with the moral problems they will be facing! But she’s also the youngest and she can be the brashest at times! …Ok I’m gonna stop now. But yes. I’m sold.

“We start off very much in media res: the team [is] fully set up, they’ve got all their equipment in place and they’re ready to kick ass,” the writer promises. “Scientifically!”


They see you there, there and there. 

They complain that you are everywhere. 

They blame that you take the position which should belong to another member. They just see your smile. They don’t see the time when you’re exhaustedly practicing to fill the blank of the teams which none of any other members can do. 

I love to see your serious expression when you’re practicing. Because it shows that you little kid weren’t offered the mission of leading the whole group for no reason.  

I love to see your smile. Because it shows that you’re a really strong kid who never loses your hope in future. 

Hard time is coming. She, who always shows her true feeling to you, is about to leave. You’re still there, trying your best to complete your path that still lies ahead, alone. 

But please, be strong. 

Our big girl will get through this time. 

Everything will be alright. 


I pray to God everyday that you keep this smile forever

It’s so hard to grow up watching your mom work her ass off and make so many sacrifices just for the health and safety of you and your siblings. Just so that you can even survive. It sort of creates this horrible vacuum that just makes everyone so miserable. Your mom is miserable because she’s working and doing so much and you’re miserable because you feel like you ruined her life by being born and existing and taking up space and money. Anyways it took me like 18 years basically but I realized just now that it doesn’t have to be like that and every single day I see my mom hurt or go through horrible shit just makes me more and more motivated to be a better person. It’s not really about me. I’m the best thing that ever happened to my mom I know this because I can tell by her actions. I should reflect my actions to show her the same. I’m so afraid to become a mother in the future because I’m afraid I won’t be able to be this good of a mom and I won’t have a child mutually adore me the way I do my own mother

5sos Ships

hey all, i’m doing ships :)

what you get:

  • ship and why
  • best friend and why
  • who liked you first and why
  • who always teases you and why
  • a song about you and your ship
  • a small imagine about you and your ship (you can request an idea if you want or it will be random)

what you have to do

send requests here!

Opinions Needed  (^ー^)

So I’m going to Summer in the City in a couple weeks and I’m hoping so much to meet Dan and Phil. I’m planning to make them some art, frame it and gift it to them, but I’m having some trouble deciding what to do. I’m wanting the portraits I give them to be somewhat different in some way, interesting to look at, but I can’t quite get any of my ideas to work, and I wanted some opinions on which is the ‘best’ so far?

  1. Shaded with rainbows, Phil would have a matching one

2. Starry night on Dan’s face, Phil would have a day time painting on his face

3. Just drawn with lines in the normal colours, possibly do something with the background.

Any preferences? Thanks ^u^
Or other ideas?

Consider The Following Pt. 2

Okay, so I have read the reblogs and comments about this.

So here are some of my thoughts;

Trying to start a more official fan club, still called The Bush Babes. I think we would need the endorsement of DC for this. Anyone know more about this, or can point me to resources? That might be fun, because we could try and start a newsletter/emailing thingy, and a chat room. Opinions?

I do not think we can have the Con, should it ever happen, in Alaska. At least, not the very first one. I realize this is disappointing, and I do apologize. I’m seriously thinking having it in a larger city is in our best interest. Reasoning is ease of mass transit in (think airports/train stations), larger accommodations, and things to do outside of just Con stuff. I truly think the first Con is going to be less ALL ABP ALL THE TIME and more a meet and greet and general hang out. Thoughts?

I think having the con, in say, Chicago, NYC, or a sort of hub city would be good.

And I think at some point, a group of us need to approach DC about all this. Thoughts, feelings, emotions, cake recipes?

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As a developing feminist ally, how can I know I'm invading feminist/female space?

Asking is generally the best way, I suppose. Events and spaces will generally list who can attend, and if they don’t contacting the organizers is a good option.

If you mean more like, in conversations/debates, it would also depend on the issue. If two women are arguing, don’t step in. But if the situation already involves males saying/doing misogynistic things to a woman, then that is an opportunity for an ally to back her up.