Why do we find it so hard to let go? Why do we have such a difficulty accepting the inevitable, dealing with what’s right in front of us - why can’t we get over something we can do nothing to change? I guess we all just hope too much. Hope for the best, hope that he’s still holding on when the truth is he’s long gone, up, up, up and away. There’s a fine line between faith and naivety, sometimes we’re too in love to see that line and so blindly cross it.

Hello everyone! Like this post talks about, there’s a “listening party,” if you will, planned for tomorrow to boost No Control’s plays on Spotify. 

Reading that post about how a non-fan found (and loved!) No Control via the insistence of our Twitter trends, I think it might be great if we could get another No Control-related trend going!

#NoControlListeningParty seems like it could be the most relevant for what we’re doing tomorrow. So keep that in mind, and let’s try to trend it if we can! (The “party” is scheduled for 4-8:30 PM EST so it would be best if the hashtag is trending then, but let’s do what we can!)

Harness Checklist

I know plenty of us will be taking our birds outdoors this summer, while the harnesses will keep them relatively safe it’s important to make sure we run through a checklist to do our part to ensure outdoors is as fun and safe as we can make it! Expect the best but be prepared for the worst!

  • Harness is on, secure, no breaks, loose threads, gaps, bird is fully comfortable with the harness on
  • Bird is responsive, not distracted by the surroundings, immediately responding to recall with the harness on indoors as well as outdoors (all birds must understand recall before considering heading outdoors in case of an emergency) (recall can easily be taught in a matter of minutes)
  • Eyes on the skies for predatory birds before heading out and during the walk
  • Look for other people, dogs walking, other wild animals that may startle your bird
  • Check for winds, clipped birds or birds new to the outdoors should not go outside in the wind even with a harness on, it’s very easy for wind to catch their wings and they will not have the muscle to fly against it should anything go wrong
  • Bring water and moistened seeds, it is very easy for them to overheat, many birds may not drink water outdoors out of discomfort in the new surroundings by feeding them seeds which retain mucilaginous coatings (chia, flax) you can ensure they’re getting plenty of fluids
  • Stick to the shade where possible
  • Bring something the bird can play with, a string of toys around your neck or just an old shirt for them to chew on.  Many birds will get bored at just walking around and may begin chewing at the harness, best to come prepared!
  • Don’t go farther than your bird is willing to go, move at their comfort level. I know it’s exciting when you first head outdoors but if we want them to enjoy heading out there we need to make the first experience as enjoyable as the last!
  • Watch your bird’s body language, they will likely detect something irregular or threatening long before you do
  • Check for flattened feathers, open beak, heavy breathing and tongue bobbing, if you see these signs get them to a cool area and lightly get their feet wet to help cool them down, these are signs of an overheating bird
  • If you’re putting them on a plant for pictures check for insects, prickles, and ensure your city does not spray pesticides on them! Also a good idea to read up on diseases present in your wild bird population and whether they pose risks to your bird as well.
  • If you can, bring an anchor bird!  An anchor bird is one who gets along with the harnessed bird who may contact call them and act as a motivator to help retrieve a lost bird, the anchor bird should typically be kept in a travel cage.
  • Remember that clipped birds should never go outdoors unrestrained either, they are faced with just as many hazards and risks. Remember, there’s plenty of years to spend with your feathered friend, take it slow and take the time to teach them to wear a harness.  Doesn’t matter how old your bird is, they can all learn to wear one when proper positive reinforcement methods are implemented.  Do not risk your bird’s life just for the sake of speed or laziness!

UV rays are super beneficial to their health, so I do encourage you to get your bird out in the sun, especially if you can’t afford a full spectrum UV light.  If they aren’t harness trained there’s plenty of other safe ways to get them outdoors by bringing them in bird backpacks or travel cages.  Please don’t ever skip out on their safety, if they’re not responding or are acting a little off one day it’s much better to keep them indoors than have that day be the day where something goes wrong. Have fun, but be safe!

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guess what: zoos would LOVE to be non-profit, but the government doesn't care enough about environmentalism to help us. the best we can do is try to give people that visit a mindset that animals are not ours to make money, but we're giving them a home. and stop saying cages about zoos. ever. no good zoo has used cages in the last 20 years. it's a blatant misconception

I don’t know why you keep pushing after so many months about zoos. I’m not going to change my opinion about them. I don’t know why people forget that not everything is as in UK, USA, Australia, There is no blatant misconception in the following pictures, all of them were taken 1 month ago at the Simon Bolivar Zoo, here in Costa Rica (”a green country”).

If those aren’t cages, then what are they?
Do you see now why I keep pushing and saying that I don’t support them? Because even when countries like the ones people usually always refer as “good zoos”, usually forget about us, countries that aren’t so developed yet. So, I will keep pushing until all of this places turn into sanctuaries and non-profits that take care of animals, providing good conditions and because they truly care about them, not about money.  


I went to Brussels for Europe-related activity, had a lot of feelings about the beauty of the EU bringing people together (blah blah blah but it really DOES!), and generally did all the most stereotypical things it is possible to do in 72 hours, excluding moules frites but including waking up with a hangover 2 days running while pretending to be a serious professional because that beer is like, 8% or something, they should really warn people about that.

the signs from a Leo's pov
  • Aries : WOW BUDDIES we’re like twins it’s scary but sometimes you’re being a real loud motherfucker and it annoys me a bit, still love u tho
  • Taurus : you’re down to earth and peaceful, also suprisingly romantic. however I wanna crush your head sometimes cause you’re stubborn af
  • Gemini : I didn’t know there could be someone louder and more talktative than me but hERE YOU ARE LMAO
  • Cancer : sOO SENSITIVE WOAH. of course u can be emotional, i’m emotional, but sometimes u need to stop whining. Apart from that, you’re really sweet
  • Leo : Queen and Queen, King and Queen, we’re the best and we know it guyzzz, BOW BEFORE US
  • Virgo : i like the fact that you’re very precise and perfectionnist in what u do, you’re also ruled by your reason which is a good and a bad thing– following your heart and passions can be awesome u know
  • Libra : you’re da one seductive and attractive motherfucker, funny and nice, like u alot
  • Scorpio : are u my best friend? my enemy?? my soul-mate??? idk but weirdly we ‘always’ get along and you’re as passionate as me
  • Sagittarius : ok speaking of soul-mate I think you’re one to me.. You’re always so energic and adventurous and funny, i can’t help but to love it
  • Capricorn : you seem so quiet and silent but jesus, once I know you, you’re actually rlly funny and nice to be around. you take time to open up but it’s worth it
  • Aquarius : jesuuuuuuus I didn’t know you could be that weird but at the same time that clever and smart. I like you alot because your temper is rlly different than mine but we share common things and I enjoy talking with you alot, you’re interesting and original
  • Pisces : your eyes are either lost in the horizon or staring deeply into my soul and it’s confusing but you’re so sweet and loving and caring that even if we seem to be kind of oppposites, you make a great friend to have. We both share dreams and that weird humor of ours, you’re a cutiepie

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Good luck at your interview!

Thank you, kind anon!

It’s for the same company I spent five years working for back in California. So, not ideal (as is evidenced by the many griping posts in my archive– it’s not the best company), but I know my way around their systems and protocols like the back of my hand (much to their confusion, I walked one of their cashiers through doing a return the other day) and I’ll take pretty much anything I can get because as fun as it is to sit around and play video games or sleep all day, I’m not actually down with the mooch lifestyle.

i feel like im in a weird place on this website where like i have a significant amount of followers but the ~cool net kids~ don’t like me all that much. and that’s probably for the best tbh i can’t see myself being too happy as part of their group but idk it’s weird ive gotten here when i dnt really speak unless spoken to. most people with a substantial following do at least some sort of networking

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No. 30 NaLu

Send Me A Number

30. This can’t be real

No this wasn’t Natsu, he would never do anything like this.

He wasn’t holding her up by her neck, claws digging into her skin, with a wicked grin spread across his face.

“Na-tsu s-stop.”

He chuckled before pulling her face closer to his, “I’m not Natsu, human,” he said, dropping her to the ground.

“But you are N-”

“Etherious Natsu Dragneel, or I believe you know me as your best friend.”

Gray coughed from where he lay on the ground, “All this time…even when we were kids…Were you just pretending this whole time?”

“Let me think…yes.”

“Everything was a lie?” Erza asked, from where she leaned against the wall, sword piercing through her stomach.

“Yea, you guys are pretty stupid ya know.”

“All this time the enemy was right beside us,” Gray murmured, slowly losing consciousness.

“As your beloved dense Salamander,” END said with a laugh.

Lucy felt hot tears pouring down her face, memories flashing through her head.

“Now if you don’t mind I have a brother to go teach a lesson too,” he said turning away.

“Natsu don’t go!” Lucy shouted.

“Lucy be careful he’s dangerous,” Erza mumbled, feeling lightheaded as she watched her blonde haired friend stand up.

“Please don’t leave me Natsu.”

He turned back towards her looking down at her small frame, biting his lip.

“You know Lucy, you’re the only human that I actually like.”

She stared into his onyx eyes, “Please take me with you…I l-love you.”

“Demons don’t feel this love you talk about Lucy…but for some reason you make me feel…human I guess you would say.”

“So take me with you!”

“You really want to leave everything behind?”

“I just want to be with you.”

“LUCY NO!” Erza shouted regaining some strength.

Natsu held out a hand to her, wings extending behind him.

“Lucy don’t go,” Gray whispered from the ground, knowing his attempts were futile with how much she loved him.

She grabbed onto his hand, which he flung over his shoulder picking her up bridal style and taking off. She held on tightly burying her face into the crook of his neck, inhaling the scent that smelled like home to her, even if they were hundreds of feet in the air.

“I love you too,” Natsu said, “At least I think I do…As much as a demon could ever love someone.”

“This can’t be real, Natsu Dragneel loves me…I must be dreaming.”

“Naw you’re awake but it would be best if you slept…Don’t worry I promised I wouldn’t hurt you and I won’t let anyone else hurt you…You’re mine now got it?”

She nodded her head, ignoring the anger in his voice, “I’m yours Natsu.”

“And you won’t leave me…I’ll make sure of that.”

She felt herself falling asleep, his warmth enveloping her feeling her heart drop when she heard him mumble,

“I’m sure Zeref can find a way to make you immortal so we can be together forever.”

Ha! Mr. Seb thinks this is going to take me all day but luckily, I already had this prepared. That’s what the best Interns do, you know, they get a head. Hopefully this is what they want. I can’t believe they want this guy as a client though- what a rude and lazy pooper. 

His grandmother (?) is lovely though. But not very business-minded. 

Now to go and drop this off! 


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When you get this, you must publicly post something nice about at least 5 different people you follow, then copy and paste this in each of their ask boxes <3

Thanks for the tag ‘Dreaaaa! I remember doing one of these long back but I’m up for doing it again :) I’ll try to keep it simple and short without ranting, though 5 is not even close to how many people I truly want to say nice things about on here (wish I can do more than 10). But oh well, rules are rules…so I’ll start with my tagger ^^

1) misspinkchocobo You have been one of my best friends since middle school (8th grade?) and I’m very happy to have you in my life. You bring a whole other person out of me and you’re always there to talk when I’m stressed or feeling down. Yeah you may not share in my love for Naruto but I love seeing your passion for video games (and for getting me hooked onto Evil Within. Damn Jojo! Lol). We’ve shared a lot of hilarious memories over the years and going to the sakura festival with you is always a blast! U da best, child! :D

2) fayeharuno-uchiha You and I have been talking ALOT lately thanks to our sudden love for the Live Spectacle Naruto cast and of course KOUDAIIIIII \(*^*)/  But you’re so sweet and hilarious and seeing your tags make my day (still can’t stop laughing at us both tagging each other in a post at the same time haha!). It’s great to talk to you when we do and our dramatics really help to relieve all that tension that exists in our fandom. So DON DON DON! MAMBO! and a SHITENHOOOOJI to you! :D

3) tachipaws My griffin in the sky! My AU soulmate! The Tachi to my Asura! XD Cheesiness aside, you’re a great person to have as a friend on tumblr, so sweet, so fierce, and hiLARIOUS when it comes to your doodles. You’re a wonderful mother blessed with a beautiful family, and a kickass Naruhina trash-lord to boot! It’s so wonderful to have started our OC story with you and pair our OCs together (yay for Tachisura!). The way you draw them are so cute and I always smile like a goof when I see them :D Thanks for being you, Space Hinata! <3

4) selink7 We just recently started talking but it’s so nice to have you as a friend! Always kind and sweet, and you cosplay the perfect Sakura! (of course you get that alot). Your passion for what you love is very admirable, and I’m always thankful for the tips you give me (especially the ukulele, can’t wait to buy one soon!). I hope you achieve your goals and do great things in life! ^__^

5) rieriebee I thought you were great when I first looked you up on tumblr but you’re even greater in person XD I know ppl think you’re too talkative but I actually love people who can hold up a conversation and talk about anything they want. You’re hilarious, smart, passionate about the things you love, and fierce against the haters, and I’m grateful to have been able to see the Last with you AND give you a tour of Philly! You became my friend in real life now so I’m pretty sure we’ll be crossing paths more often haha (Along with darkdreamerx who’s also a fantabulous and bubbly person irl and you guys together make the perfect when-opposites-collide pair! lol). Love both of you girls!  \(*^*)/

I feel like I need to do more because it said “at least” 5–

6) bluekarma5 and bhavna-madan , you girls are hilarious and I love seeing the love you both express for the Live Spectacle cast (Koudai and Ryuji respectively). Like with Faye, we can go on and on about the cast and it’s really great what you guys bring to the table. Bhavna, your SS art is always great and Diya is very creative herself. Great to know two desi NH and SS fans :) (we need more bollywood crap!). 

7) iirehtalasse you’re a great friend to have on tumblr too and an amazing artist! You work really hard with the things you enjoy and it’s so nice to talk to you (though I understand you’re busy). Thanks for being a lovely, passionate, and awesome person that I was fortunate to befriend :)

I don’t want to write a book but I really wish I could say nice things about everyone I’ve talked to so far. cari28ch3-me zoe-chan neshawrites chehlove girl-addicted-to-naruto crystal-mci cray-cray-for-naruhina ravinaaloveena hope101-tasuke judy-san downychan juliuzumaki pickledlilys whitesnow14 vampirenovelfan nothin2c lady-nounoum xenaphobiia rawrrsakura starlitgravity raspberrynilla raypazza m-mimima studylikeadoctor iwillishallandican jolliesjaded inconnusmademoiselle chubbyanimedork jmarieallenpoe narutowhat hinata-dancer    and anyone else I missed from this fandom and beyond thanks so much for being great! 

(Okay end book)~

Dear A

Can’t you see that when I’m with you I feel the best parts of me come out? You break down all the walls, all the fears I have built up. You make me feel something inside that I can’t get enough of - love. Nothing would make me happier than to spend my days with you, but then why is that so hard for me to do? Because I end up putting up more walls, more layers, more barriers to hide from what I know is the truth, that I need you more than you need me. So along with my wants and desires my fears and anguish are locked inside a fortress of lies I tell myself to keep me sedated, to keep us stable so that I know you’re still there when I go to find you. But each time I see you those walls melt and everything comes at me all at once, and I fall even harder than before. There’s so many words I wish to say but there are only three that I dream that one day I find the courage to say,

I Love You.



so my college is covering my tuition and room & board.

the expected cost of living is ~$6000

and i really wanted to see if i could cover that $6000 in outside scholarships and money from a summer job

i applied for about 20 different scholarships/competitions AND

i got 4 of them.

yesterday i got a scholarship rejection and i was like aite, like what did you expect if you’ve already been blessed so much. 

 and the last one i interviewed for was last friday and i almost didn’t even go because i had a retreat that i really wanted to go to so i called them and asked to reschedule and luckily someone cancelled so i took their spot!

 the org required that i disclose my scholarships and financial aid offering, and i was like well shit like they’re not gonna give this to me if they know i’ve been very lucky, but the best thing i can do is to be upfront, right? so i bring copies of my scholarships. and the dude goes, WOW, this is the largest scholarship i’ve seen in the state of washington. at this point i’m like screw it, i’m just gonna take this at face value and try to tell them what i care about and show them who i am because eh! i’m already here and my chance is slim but i really love what they do and what they stand for.

yesterday i found out one of the summer jobs i applied for offered me a spot! so if the higher-paying job doesn’t work out i have a good fallback

and today i got a letter from that place i interviewed and i was like ok, don’t be disappointed. THEY GAVE ME A SCHOLARSHIP!!! DID THEY LIKE ME ENOUGH TO GIVE ME ONE ANYWAY???? i couldn’t believe it bc it means they rly thought i was worth investing in and that means so much

so right now my scholarships total $5000 and i’m definitely gonna make more than 1k over the summer SO IM HAPPY SO HAPPY SORRY THIS IS SO LONG IM JUST V HAPPY

Hello friends!

In light of recent frustration in the tag I thought it might be a good idea to do something nice to fill the turnwood tag and generate a little more content for shippers.

I’ve started this blog in the hopes that we could have a fun, low pressure challenge of some sort like a fic challenge but not as narrow. Ideally I think it would be best if the challenge didn’t have any theme and was open to anyone regardless of whether you make graphics, write fic, draw, make fanmixes, or etc. I could even set up a collection for any fic for this challenge on AO3 if anyone would like to crosspost there.

Before I start working on any possible rules for this challenge I kinda need to know if any of you would like to do this. If this all sounds silly to you I can let this blog fade quietly into the night. We can pretend I never brought it up.

So, friends, are you interested in participating in some kind of Turnwood mini challenge? What kind of due dates would work for you? Do you have any additional ideas or would you like to help out in some other way? Please send an ask to leave your feedback! If you’d like to contact me directly I can be found at gatorfever (I’d prefer you to leave questions about this blog here first and not at my main so I don’t get confused about what you’re talking about).

In the meantime if you’ve got any prompts or headcanons you want to get out there I could accept those? Just make sure they adhere to the general shipping guidelines for fandom as can be found on the excellent fuckyeahrtfanfic shipping PSA I linked on the sidebar that can also be found here.

Thanks for reading!