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Crossed-out name verse: Anakin and other Jedi know Obi-Wan is not dead and desperately try to find out what happened to make him disappear. Through a holocron or the artifact that he touched they find out just where Obi-Wan went, what kind of position he is in, and the fact that he will not be coming home. Sorry if you have seen this prompt but I haven't seen it on your can't/won't prompt list so Tumblr might have eaten it.

“It should work as long as we power it up carefully. I mean I guess…sort of.” Anakin licked his lips then shrugged at their looks. “Its the best I can do masters. I can’t really say I understand it, even Madam Nu was very skeptical to some of the translations.”

Grumbling, Mace rubbed his head before nodding. “Alright, carefully. Show us how Padawan.”

Glancing at the machine that held the holocron Obi-Wan had touched before he disappeared, Anakin took a deep breath and focused on it, slowly feeding Force into the machine to power it up.

Around him, the council members watched closely from their chairs.

Slowly, they joined him, the machine growing brighter and brighter with Anakin’s bond to his master as the guidance.

There was a sharp, whistle like noise before the holocron opened, light sprawling out of it before focusing upwards into a circular pool that turned translucent and then seemingly solid. Anakin stared still focusing power into the machine as things and beings started to come into focus.

And there Obi-Wan was, his master looked a bit scorched and was followed by a man in white and blue armor though the helmet kept them from seeing his features.

He looked…

He looked healthy.

Thank the Force.

Anakin had felt nothing but worries since his master had disappeared and to know he was healthy from the looks of it was lightening his heart.

The man stepped into what was clearly a medbay, looking around quickly before making his way to…

“Is that me?” Anakin blinked, his focus wobbling for a moment and therefor the image disturbed like someone threw a pebble into a pond before it cleared back to Obi-Wan standing by the bedside of the other Anakin, a woman who was clearly Padme beside him.

“I’m not sure what you want me to say Anakin but we cleared the decks, no other sabotage to be found… Empress.” Obi-Wan’s voice washed over them as he bowed lightly to Padme who smiled at him.

“And we’re grateful for your vigilance. Now sit down, you look exhausted.”

Obi-Wan hesitated at the invitation.

Padme raised her hand to him, on the back of her hand Anakin’s name was written in a clear crisp writing. “Your our third. You have just as much right to be here as I do…” She grasped his sleeve and tugged it, smiling warmly when Obi-Wan slowly did sit down. “This is where you belong… Captain Rex, please go take your own rest, have a standard rotation of guards going.” She turned to the man in armor.

Obi-Wan looked uncomfortable for a moment even as the armor man responded to Empress Amidala before he settled, peering at Anakin who looked older and also rough worn, resting from what must have been a battle.

He tensed up a bit when Padme reached up and cupped his head with one hand, pulling his head to rest on her shoulder but allowed it, slowly settling. “…This is all wrong.” He sighed.

“This is where you are now.” She countered before lifting her hands to show both to him, on the back of each were Obi-Wan and Anakin’s names. “This is where you belong. I know you come from a different place, I know that there is no soul mates there. But your name is written on the back of my hands and I wake up thinking of both you and Anakin. As far as we know, there is no way for you to go back and our names have appeared on your body.” She took the hand with Obi-Wan’s name and placed it on his chest. “…Why not make home here?” She questioned softly.

“…Beguiling words, I will admit you have a way with words.” Obi-Wan laughed tiredly before sighing. “…But you do have a point. There might be no way home for me.” He closed his eyes and let himself be pillowed on Padme’s shoulder.

He looked worn, exhausted and on the verge of taking a final decision.

It hurt and Anakin lost all focus as the holocron closed itself, firmly ending the connection.

“…At least we know he’s alive.” Windu murmured as the councilors sat back tiredly in their chairs.

Anakin just stared at the spot where Obi-Wan had been, heart racing.

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i was wondering if you have any tips on how to get out of a depression

The best I can tell you just do you things that get your mind off things. That you are passionate about. Surround yourself with good people. Talk to someone. Just do things for you.

I’m so confused did the first episode of season 2 leak or something?

I thought there was a vague December date for season 2 to be on Netflix, there was the worldless trailer I saw a week or two ago, but now I’m seeing tones of new clips, collector stuff, Gabriel…………and the Disney Channel logo on everything.


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slow burn/fake date/enemies to lovers: Aizawa, Toshinori, Midnight

Slow burn: Aizawa. I would buy a sofa specifically for him to sleep on with the many, many cats he will undoubtedly come with. Because he deserves nice things in life.

Fake Date: Midnight. Listen. It’s not that I don’t love me some fine looking women up in this place, especially fine looking women capable of kicking ass and taking names, but I’m not into super kinky stuff? Also sex with other people is a no-go for me, and I get the feeling she’s very much into that. She needs to touch people and I just… can’t. At all. (I’m so sorry.) So yes! Fake date, best I can do (forgive meeee).

Enemies-2-lovers: Toshinori. There would be a lot of screaming on my part in the beginning, because any giant 8 foot man that comes after me looking like he did when he beat the bejesus out of Bakugou and Midoriya is going to get that reaction out of me. However, I also love and respect Skeleton Might, so I would stop screaming long enough to get to know him. Chances are still very good I would carry a flinch reaction every time All Might comes into play though. 


you may be blind but i am blinded by your beautiful looks