Stay With Me

Title: Stay With Me

Characters/Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 870

Reader Gender: Female

Warnings: Sam has a gun because he heard the reader scream, reader has a violent dream that’s briefly described.

Summary: The reader wakes up Sam when she has a bad dream and he comes to her room and comforts her.

Author’s Note: Okay, so like all my one shots as of late this is yet another Imagine that got away from me! It’s not terribly long but I still thought it was too much to be an Imagine. And this is the first fic I’ve ever tried writing in third person (though it’s still reader insert, we’re just not in her head) and to my complete surprise I actually enjoyed writing this way a lot more than I thought! So if you guys liked the third person please let me know because I wouldn’t mind doing another one like this! Feedback is always appreciated!

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     Sam woke with a jolt as a sharp shriek rang through the bunker. Then another. Then another.

     He was on his feet before the first one had finished and had the familiar weight of his gun in his hand by the end of the second.

     “Y/N??” he called, letting the slightest bit of panic creep into his voice as he ran down the hall towards her room, gun raised and heart pounding. When he reached her door he shook the handle and found it locked, the metal twisting mere milometers under his manipulation and quickly bouncing back again. He called her name - no answer. He tried again - still nothing.

     He didn’t even realize what he was doing until the door had already swung open under his foot and was hanging crookedly off its hinges.

     Sam burst into Y/N’s room and gave it a once over, gun following the path of his eyes, ready to shoot. Though what he found wasn’t any manner of monster, but Y/N, with her sheets twisted around her body and thrashing violently against their hold, a series of cries and fear-blurred words escaping her lips. Sam felt his chest tighten with new kind of fear and dropped his gun on her dresser.

     “Y/N?” he said gently, cautiously laying his hands on her shoulders and attempting to pull her from her nightmare.

     Her eyes shot open. She gasped and clawed at her sweat-dampened neck. Then her eyes met his.

     “Sam?” she asked weakly, sounding as though she were on the brink of tears.

     He smiled wearily, longing to take her into his arms and hold her until the pain went away. “Yeah, it’s me.” Her eyes grew wide. “Are you okay?”

     “You – you were dead. I saw …” Her voice trembled. “I saw you die, I couldn’t do anything to stop it! I tried Sam, I tried to stop him! But he was too fast - and he was gonna …” she brought her hand to her neck once again. She’d had a knife to her throat.

     Sam’s self-control snapped and before he had a chance to think better of it he pulled Y/N’s shaking body against his chest, feeling like she were a delicate little bird who might break if he squeezed her too tightly. To his surprise, she hugged him back just as hard.

     “You’re safe now,” Sam whispered against her hair, fingers running through the tousled strands. “We’re all safe.”

     They stayed like that until Y/N’s breathing evened out and her shaking stilled, the hand she had bunched up in the front of his shirt finally loosening its grip. But when Sam eventually tried to pull away she held onto him life a life raft, like the one thing keeping her on solid ground.

     “Can you …” she looked up nervously, then down at the ground before Sam could even see the color of her eyes or enjoy the freckles on her face. “I mean, do you think you could … stay with me? Just for tonight?”

     Sam found himself unable to form words and just nodded numbly, suddenly feeling awkward and unsure. His eyes flicked to the empty spot on the bed, then to the chair in the corner of the room. Had she meant stay with her, or…

     Mercifully Sam was spared the need to ask when she inched over on the bed, lifting the covers and making a spot for him. But his relief was short-lived when he realized he now had to share a bed with the woman he’d loved for so many years, but with the knowledge he was only here because she’d been crying and terrified only moment’s before. It felt wrong to take any kind of pleasure in having her sleeping beside him when he knew she was so shaken.

     Sam climbed into the bed and willed his breathing to stay even, forced his hands to not reach for her and to keep a respectable distance between their bodies.

     She threw the covers over the both of them. Her hand dragged along his abdomen on the way back.

     Sam stifled a gasp.


     “Yeah?” He forced his voice into neutrality, not letting her know what it did to him to have her so close.

     “Could I – or, would it be okay if …”

     She shook her head and seemed to decide words weren’t helping the situation, then slowly moved forward and pressed herself into his side, settling her hand on his chest.

     “Is this okay?” she asked quietly, her voice so small Sam barely even heard it, even in the crushing silence of night.

     His only response was to wrap his arm around her waist and pull her in closer, waiting to see how she would react before he let himself relax.

     She rested her head on his chest. All the tension in Sam’s body disappeared.

     “Thank you,” Y/N whispered, her voice slightly muffled by his shirt and her cheek pressing against his chest.

     Sam let his eyes close as he breathed in her scent, allowing his grip on her waist to tighten just the tiniest bit, to remind him she was there even when he couldn’t see her.

     “You’re welcome.”

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look i’m not saying voldemort would’ve actually WON if he’d tried seducing harry instead of killing him, but i am saying we have 100% definitive proof that grindelwald was not above using his own sex appeal to entice powerful teenage wizards to the dark side and look how much further that got him

When I was in 6th grade I had this teacher that was an absolute mess. She was going through a custody battle that whole year and would be gone I swear at least once a week! My class was terrible and would act out when a sub was teaching (me and like 2 others were the only kids that didn’t act out). So the subs would always leave a note about how terrible the class was, and our teacher would always lecture us about it and a few times she tried to guilt trip us about how she might lose her daughter and stuff. She also gave everyone including me and the 2 that never did anything wrong a note about how terrible we act that our parents had to sign. When me and the 2 other kids told her that we hadn’t done anything wrong and she knew that we didn’t act out with subs, she just said that if we weren’t part of the solution then we’re part of the problem. She seriously expected 3 kids to somehow stand up to the entire class and tell them to stop acting out!

She also started hating me after that. She changed our desks and sat me next to this boy who wouldn’t stop picking on me for some reason and since he wouldn’t leave me alone I yelled at him a few times a day. I kept telling the teacher that I couldn’t sit next to this kid, but she told me I had to put up with it. Then one time the boy stole my pencil case off my desk and refused to give it back and I said something like, “Give me back my stuff, you stalker!” The teacher sent me out into the hall because I called him a stalker and because I wasn’t doing my work (which I couldn’t do since all my pencils were in the case the kid took), and she did absolutely nothing to him even though he stole my stuff.

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Hey, you can skip this but is it possible to ask for something? The player revealing to Gladion that the player is pregnant and frightened to be a parent because because they were neglected and isolated growing up until they were taken away?

It’s always alright to ask for things because if you ask for it chances are you’ll get it! :D I was a bit confused who was the frightened parent so I did two, one for both scenarios and I did short fics because I have finals in 30 minutes.


Gladion’s mouth drops open, stuttering as he stared at his wife of 2 years. They’d tried, he knew it might happen but he didn’t expect to feel this way about it. The joy in his heart was only consumed by his fear. Fear that he couldn’t be what you and the baby needed, that he would be a terrible parent because of his terrible childhood, that you would be terrified of him, that you would leave him-

“Gladion?” You place a hand on his shoulder. “Honey, talk to me.”

It’s all his nightmares come true.

“Are you okay?” You grip his hand and he looks at you, at the way pregnancy has made you glow and made him love you more day by day. Is he willing to trade that chance for this happiness?

“Of course I’m not.” He swallows back the lump in his throat and tells his anxiety to piss off. “But I will be.”


You burst out of the motel room, tears tracking down your face as rain fell making your hair limp. How could you let this happen? What would your mother think? Would she think you were just as irresponsible as your absent father? Would the child hate you?

Would your child hate you?

“I can’t do this.” You gasp, trying to pry yourself out of black clothed arms that went around your waist but you stop. You can’t compromise the baby and Gladion knows deep down you won’t. He clings to you as you shake in his arms, hands absently stroking your abdomen.

“You can. You know why?” He whispers in your ear. “Because you’re the strongest trainer in the world, [Y/N].”

You take a deep breath and turn around, wrapping your arms around him. You wouldn’t give this up, you wouldn’t give him up. If it were up to you, you’d spend the rest of your life with him.

And, as if by answered prayer, so does he.

“Marry me.”

There’s no other answer than yes.

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MikoRei! IzuTotsu! Sarumi! All the couples lives in the same building but Mikoto and surprisingly Reisi aren't good cookers so they are always at IzuTotsu's place. IzuTotsu adores Mikoto and all but need their space so they take vacations and MikoRei is at Sarumi's place. Saruhiko is NOT happy ok? Oh, and let's say Awashima hears that and gives them a lot of anko. I would like Silvers and Greens scenarios like a little extra. Thanks in advance, I know this ask is pretty stupid :(

It’s not a stupid ask at all anon, I think it’s kinda cute ^^ So we have the whole cast living in one big apartment building, Fushimi and Yata are the young new lovebirds who have just moved in and are very cute and in love half the time and bickering like five year olds the rest of the time. Munakata is naturally very excited to welcome their new neighbors and probably tries to bake a nice casserole or something except he’s actually terrible at cooking (he tries to follow every recipe perfectly but then gets bogged down in attempting to get the flavors just right and in making sure all the meals are perfectly balanced. Mikoto doesn’t give a shit and orders them takeout half the time). Munakata also takes an immediate shine to Fushimi, which Yata finds sort of suspicious except then he can’t say anything because he thinks Munakata’s boyfriend Mikoto is totally amazing. The peacemaker between them are the neighbors on the other side of their room, Kusanagi and Totsuka. Mikoto and Munakata normally spend a lot of time at Kusanagi and Totsuka’s apartment because Kusanagi can mix drinks like no one’s business and Totsuka’s an inventive but surprisingly good cook. Kusanagi and Totsuka are also childhood friends on Mikoto’s so they don’t complain that much about having to host him for dinner so often (though Kusanagi’s not a big fan of Munakata and they occasionally passive aggressive each other over passing the dinner rolls while Totsuka smiles widely at them both and Mikoto pretends he doesn’t see anything).

Totsuka and Kusanagi have been pretty overworked lately so they end up deciding to take a nice honeymoon together, except Kusanagi’s slightly worried that if they do this Mikoto will starve. Munakata assures them that he is perfectly capable of providing food for himself and Suoh, thank you. One half-burned down kitchen later he’s knocking on the door to the Sarumi apartment, all smiles and sparkles as he asks a very perplexed Yata if he would be interested in hosting a little dinner party. Fushimi hears that Yata’s invited Munakata and Mikoto over and he is not pleased, he doesn’t like interacting with people, he finds Mikoto intimidating and he thinks Munakata’s kinda creepy. Yata’s like ‘I didn’t really have much of a choice, with the way that bastard kept smiling at me!’ Fushimi tries to make Yata go next door to tell Munakata that the dinner party is off, Yata refuses because that’s embarrassing and anyway he kinda wants Mikoto-san to eat with them. They’re loud enough that they wake the neighbor above them, Awashima, who shows up at their door and shoves a plate of anko at Fushimi and tells him that it will make a lovely dish for the dinner party. Maybe nearby happy polyamorous neighbors the Silvers are passing by when they hear this and Neko’s all ‘did someone say dinner?’ which is how they score an invitation to the party Yata and Fushimi didn’t realize they were having. Kuroh’s fully committed to bringing a nice dish to the party as a proper guest should, Munakata hears and isn’t willing to look boorish himself so he commits to making his own dish to bring (even though this whole thing started because he wanted to have someone make him and Mikoto food in the first place). In the end the rumor spreads throughout the apartment building and Fushimi and Yata end up hosting this giant housewarming party, much to Fushimi’s dismay because this place is full of people and they’re being nice to me and what the hell am I supposed to do now.

The only ones who don’t get invited are the weird guys living in the basement level apartment, some old dude in priest cosplay who’s rumored to be related to the landlord and who’s living there with his slightly creepy handicapped son, as well as a strange purple man and a bratty kid. They also have a parrot even though pets are against the rules. Team Basement is very put out at not being invited to the party and Hisui tries to send in this random white-haired kid who lives on the third floor to infiltrate the party and steal Kuroh’s amazing quiche dish. On the way white-haired kid runs into a returning-from-vacation Totsuka and accidentally spills ketchup on Totsuka’s nice white shirt before making a run for it, mayhem ensues as everyone else tries to figure out who ruined Totsuka’s best shirt.

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Do you or Souppy ever sing to each other, or about each other at home? If he does, does he -USE ANTLERS IN ALL OF HIS DE-COR-A-TIONS~

Veronica: Souppy tries to get me to sing to him sometimes, and I’m too self-conscious to want to do too much of it :-[ Like sometimes I want to ask him to find me a song and he tells me to sing it a bit to remind him what it is (Because I’m terrible at names) and it just embarrasses me too much. He’s always so happy to hear it, though ;___; he’s a sweetie

Souppy likes to sing a lot and it’s really cute, but sometimes it annoys me because he’ll sing over songs I really love so I sit around thinking “SHUT UP I WANT TO LISTEN” :-[ I’m the worst.

Oliver: YOU ARE THE WORST. Because you always say this grumbling like twenty minutes after the song is over and I apologise and offer to replay whatever it was and then you refuse to say and I have to guess it

Veronica: BECAUSE IT’S ULTIMATELY NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL AND I DON’T WANT YOU TO REPLAY IT FOR MY SAKE and i’m a huge jerk and you’re great and you should be happy

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Can I ask all the mods what their preferred race is that they want to be in my purposefully terrible episode story?

Like, skin color?

I tried to make myself on episode ink, but was too lazy. It’s toffee for me.

I have dark brown hair/black hair.


“D-Do I… really have t-to wear this? I-I gotta admit it f-feels comfortable, b-but it’s kinda e-embarrassing…”

((Here’s Blackberry’s design for the Reverse Christmas Ball. I’m not that great at drawing and colouring but I tried ^^; and I took this on my phone’s camera so sorry for the poor quality. It looks terrible, I’m sorry.))

I think the dance genre is probably the easiest out of the four. (Or is that I’m just biased as a Dance Class star?! Ahah.) 5-star difficulty Star Jet! is more or less the only song I’ve ever have difficulty with. I finally full comboed it today after seven tries or so?

Runa’s face. She knows she looks terrible in this coord but she whooped your ass anyway.

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Rucas and riarkle for the ship


I used to love them so much like lucas was so whipped for riley like do you not see that boy was in love with her like rucas s1/s2 all of the rucas yes yes yes but then in s3 lucas started treating riley like actual shit, never really apologized for her shitty attitude, his jealousy of charlie in s2 was okay like at a normal level but in ski lodge literally he said he doesn’t want her talking to anyone else???? how fucked is that????? this is a terrible setup for an unhealthy relationship furthermore I haven’t watched since ski lodge oops but at some point he tried to make himself more important than maya???? like I knew he was joking but it wasn’t that funny like it starts as a joke then it escalates like get lucas away from riley PLEASE 


my second fave ship after rilaya. what cute nuggets. they have such a good foundation and deep friendship like this is what I wanna see @ gmw writers like they have so much more depth and connection than rucas do like how can you not ship them they care for each other so much and outside of maya I think riley cares for farkle the most I just want farkle to be the best man at rilaya’s wedding or maya to be the maid of honour at riarkle’s wedding is that too much to ask for this show was so pure when it was just riley, maya and farkle and you know what i love zay and smackle too let’s just get rid of white bread boy lucas

Send me a ship and I’ll give you my (brutally) honest opinion on it

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I'm gonna be honest i tried to watch a few episodes of eyewitness but the acting is absolutely terrible 😶

yeah it’s crazy to watch the diff between eyewitness and skam. isak can show soooo much emotion with like a swallow but eyewitness has a lot of overacting. 

the story just frustrates me….and tonight was all dramatic at the end but i felt nothing lol


Cumberbatch is clearly riled up by trivia questions from his co-star Martin Freeman. When Benedict admits he has never heard of a particular actor, Freeman shoots back “I assumed you’d probably been christened by him. I thought you knew every actor over 50. I thought there was a by-law.” by Radio Times article(x) about Sherlock outtake (X)

Sorry for my poor caption. I tried not to make this but couldn’t help it.