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Hi! What does класс mean when it is used in social media? Especially on instagram, people will write "класс!" under a picture. I know the definition, but I wasn't sure if the word means anything different on social media.

Hi! It’s like “awesome”, “classy”, “cool”, “dope”, “super” and so on. Just a general expression of  excitement, positive evaluation and social approval. You can also find other words like this on social media, for example:

круто, крутяк - cool
клёво - dope
супер, суперски - super
чётко - dope/cool (I’m not sure if this slang word is still in use)
классно - classy, swell
офигеть, офигенно - mind-blowing, freaking good (informal, slang)
охренеть, охрененно - fucking cool (warming, mildly obscene)
охуеть, охуительно - fucking great (strongly obscene, do not use it when talking to your Russian teacher)
отпад -  mind-blowing, slang
отвал башки -  mind-blowing, slang
чума, чумовой - lit. plaque, rad, brutal


This was a request for some simple yet classy back to school looks! The stripped t-shirt and black jeans are super simple but still classy the with pop of color with the shoes and red bow! The jeans and grey sweater is another laid back look and the converse and glasses give it a nice touch! The stripped top and skirt is a nicer outfit choice! This can be worn when you feel like dressing up little for school! The dress and green cardigan is another dressy look and the hat and shoes pull the outfit together quite nicely! 

Check here for outfit details 

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Question: Who else makes this look this good?

This is one of my top favorite supermodels, David Gandy @davidgandy_official
Killin’ this commercial for @vitabiotics #wellman @tomobrejc @r_pierce_ @larrykinghair. Song: “Hollandia” by @ethanandthereformation

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Thanks for clearing up the rumor about MMB & SDCC. It was a horrible decision by AMC to not include her, the sole woman survivor since season 1 & one of the Atlanta 5. A decision that even the mainstream media has picked up & questioned. Norman sent her some love & support via IG. He's a class act & a good friend!

No problem. I was confused at first to as to why she wasn’t there. I feel like she was super classy about it and letting people know what was going on was rad.

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to that anon working in a law firm looking for what to wear, id defo check out lecoledesfemmes 'secretary side slit pencil skirt' super classy and sexy at the same time. also shops like asos have a 'work dresses' option but not all of them are as classy and chic as lecoledesfemmes


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*sends anon love to counter the stupid anon hate* I think your writing is really good, you make the characters come alive and I can see your stories unfolding in my mind like a movie and that to me is a sign of a really good story. I also think that you are super classy in the way you deal with jerks and I hope you have a lovely day <3 you're beautiful and talented and I'm glad I follow you.

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Thank you so much for the support! I really appreciate it. <3

What my cousin thinks of the Diaparents
  • Cordelia:Classy; either super evil or super sly.
  • Beatrix:Super serious rich kid. (she thinks she is a kid cx)
  • Christa:Super kind and shy.
  • Karlheinz:Wait is that a guy? Omg he's a guy!
  • Richter:wow wow wow wow...he's the cool kid and only talks when necessary cause he's observing and he sees things realistically.(again with the kid thing...)

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Hey pixie! If you are bored and don't mind checking out my YouTube channel Alyciv , it would mean the world to me if you let me know what you think ! Thank you 🌞🌹

omyGOD i actually just watched some of your vids and you’re cute as heck !! the quick video that plays when i open your channel is super classy too !! you are such an adorable lil bean omygod i luv all your vids :-)

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@mayhart ’s blog is honest-to-God amazing. I love May’s content, I love May’s theme because it’s just super classy to me idk why. And i haven’t really talked to them i think, but they seem like a really cool person. ☁


That’s right, I’m back, by unpopular demand. :)

So that’s the view from my window. San Diego is pretty, man. And the other pic is an Elizabethan style jerkin with real leather that was actually super classy. And Captain America themed. They had a whole bunch of superhero ones behind it, but this one was in front, and also my favourite. Handy how that works out.

But yeah. Good day. We saw a few panels, including the Nerdist (have I ever told you guys how much I love Chris Hardwick? I LOVE Chris Hardwick.). Very fun. Walked the floor, too. I got multiple comments on my R2D2 dress (I posted a picture of it earlier, in case anyone missed it and cares), and the bartender at the hotel bar made me a custom cocktail and charged me happy hour price even though it was no longer happy hour and called me R2 the entire time I was there. I feel like I’m winning at (lowkey) nerddom.

That’s the daily report! This place is fun. Huzzah for fun.