“Did you even miss me?” PART TWO


Luke + Reader

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I sat on the bathroom floor, my knees brought up to my chest. I’d stopped crying ten minutes ago, but my breathing was still slightly laboured.

i could hear Luke packing up his things in our bedroom, which only made me want to cry harder,

I brought my hands up to cover my ears, hoping it could block out the sound and feeling of the best thing that had ever happened to me.. leaving.

It didn’t work. I was still thinking about it.

I was stubborn - I didn’t want to go out to him and beg for him to stay. I was afraid of his reaction. I just knew he was going to either ignore me or laugh in my face.

Either way, he would still leave.

I brought my hands down from covering my ears to wipe the tears that had flowed down my cheeks.

I could hear Luke on the phone.

“..Could I stay at your place?” He was moving around the room still. “She’s being annoying. She told me to move out. So I am..”

I squeezed my eyes shut, ignoring the piercing pain in my heart.

I heard him hang up and toss his phone on the bed. He sighed and I had to resist the urge to get up and run to him and hug him and never let go.

As I looked up to the bathroom sink, I realised he had things in here he had to pack as well.

It was probably just an excuse to see him before he left for good, but I grabbed his toothbrush, razor and other things in my hands, before twisting the door handle and pushing it open.

He looked up when I stepped out of the bathroom. 

Keeping my head down, I walked past him and into the kitchen to grab a ziploc bag. Dumping his things into it, I sealed it and headed back into the room.

He watched as I placed the ziploc into the same pocket I always did when I was helping him pack for tour.

Out of habit, I started rearranging the clothes he’d haphazardly thrown into his suitcase.

The room was silent. I could feel a few tears sliding down my cheeks, which I wiped away hastily.

I felt him come up beside me and grab my hands, stopping them from folding his clothes.

That was when I let loose. I started crying full-force again, and he pulled me into his chest, letting me cry on his shoulder - it was more like his chest due to the height difference tho.

I can’t remember how long we stood there, him rubbing soothing circles into my back while I soaked his shirt with my tears and snot.

When my cries turned into sobs, he led us to the bed and sat down, pulling me to straddle his lap.

He brought his hands up to my face, wiping my tears away with his thumbs. “I’m not leaving..” He said softly.

I sniffled, not knowing what to say. “I would never leave you, okay?” He continued, twisting the promise ring around my pinky. “I made a promise to you and I’m planning on keeping it, albeit the horrible things I’ve done to you these few weeks. I’m sorry, and I love you, okay?” 

“I love you too.” I managed to choke out and he sighed, bringing me closer so our foreheads touched. “I hate it when you cry.” He said and I laughed slightly. 

“I know, I’m sorry.” I apologised. “I’m sorry I got mad at you for spending time with your friends and family. I should’ve understood, I mean you don’t get to see them very often. I’m a bad girlfriend.” 

“You have nothing to be sorry for. I don’t get to see you much either and I should’ve made time for you. I’m a bad boyfriend.” He said.

I giggled. “We’re both pretty bad, aren’t we?”

He grinned, nodding. “Yeah, we are. But I think we’re pretty good together.” 

“We are..” I told him, pressing my lips onto his gently. 

He responded quickly, pulling me closer by the waist. I threaded my fingers in his hair as he deepened the kiss and lay down on the bed with me on top of him.

“How could I have even considered leaving? I would’ve been leaving this.” He said in between kisses, slightly out of breath.

“You’re dumb.”

“Excuse you. You’re the one who gave me that idea.”

“Was not.”

“Was too.”

[conversation fades out towards the end of the mini spat but you can’t tell bc this is a story and not a film but yeah you get it]



Anyways, I’m writing a Calum imagine right now and it should be out in a couple of days so look out for that!

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From the lost first attempt at a live-action adaptation of Disney’s Gargoyles series!

“Gargoyles (1998)
In 1998 Baker spent considerable time and resources on a project that never saw the light of day: a live action movie based on Disney’s beloved and still-brilliant Gargoyles animated series. Staggeringly little is known about the project, but the model that Baker is auctioning off is tantalizingly awesome. It appears to be a mock-up of main character Goliath (that shock of hair gives him away). It’s a truly jaw-dropping design and we desperately hope, should Disney ever return to the franchise (there were press reports about a new live action adaptation as recently as 2010), they’ll dip back into this well of awesomeness.”|none|natural|blginsider|InsiderMay|FB|jeffjensentomorrow-Gargoyles|InHouse|2015-05-29|||esocialmedia

Full auction catalog and more here:

Gargoyles available on DVD! Go buy it and watch it again (it’s still awesome)!

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I am going into escorting soon and have been educating myself about condoms. there are so many type of condoms, so I thought it would be best to start making condom "variety packs" for future appointments. I'm still a bit fuzzled on how many I should bring. how many would you suggest an escort bring? love your blog<3

This is a super good question and no one has ever asked it before! Gold star for you. Now, I’ll tell you my opinion. Other ladies may do things differently but you’ll probably find a system that works for you.

I have two methods to my madness. One method is for a new client. Obviously I have no idea what I’m walking into. This is also somewhat a time issue. If they book a longer appointment, I’m going to pack more covers. So let’s say it’s a standard 1 hr-90 minute for giggles. I usually pack 3-4 of my favorite brand, 2 skyn, and 2 magnums. Usually if a guy is really big, really small or has an allergy, he’ll bring his own. But don’t count on this because some guys are idiots.

If it’s a guy I know and have seen before, usually I’ll bring 2-3 depending on the guy. Some older guys only pop once so there is a few extra just in case one breaks or whatever. If you are possibly doing Greek, bring like 10. haha

If I have a hotel room then I just have a whole bunch in my overnight bag and then have a few in the bedside drawer. I know some ladies bring a whole huge box with them everywhere. lol. I guess if I’m doing an outcall or just one appointment, I’d rather not have a million covers on me.


Man, today was busy.  Busy in the sense that i woke up late, moved really slow and then amazingly when you start your day late you have to jam a bunch of stuff in if you still want to get home at a decent time.  Luckily, even with all that self imposed business the world managed to tell me I needed to post Priyanka Chopra again.  People have brought her up some to me recently (one of the best things is when I post someone and someone tells me they haven’t ever heard of her but now are fascinated by her).  A bunch of people reblogged pictures of her today on my dash.  Somehow.  And then I saw her on TV somehow in the place I grabbed a sandwich at lunch.  I dunno what was going on there but that’s pretty rare.  I will take it.  Because she is gorgeous so there is no part of my life where I will complain about seeing her more.  Today I want to fuck Priyanka Chopra.

Things I do...

I save almost every voicemail my husband leaves me. He doesn’t leave a lot but I still save them.

I worry so much that something horrible might happen to him one day and that we will lose him, so in keeping his voicemails I believe that I’ll still at least have that small piece of him with me if such a thing ever happens.

I’ll still be able to hear him tell me he loves me. That he loves our girls.

I’ll be able to listen to him say how frustrated he is that he is missing K’s soccer game. Or that CM has to play on the playground by herself because he won’t be there.

I’ll be able to listen to him being ridiculously mad about work.

I’ll be able to listen to him apologizing.

I’ll be able to listen to his breathing.

I’ll be able to listen to him being the complete goofball he only is around me.

And all those messages, I know, might be what keeps me together if anything ever happens to him. And I hope I never have to use them like that because I can’t keep myself from crying at even the thought of living without him.

To this day I still question if this literally fucking did Harry actually turn to fucking serenade his husband on live TV?! Like are you fucking serious???? This may be one of the most obvious displays I have ever seen he is literally facing him and singing to him and the best part is that Louis moves forward and turns to face him in return and now my heart hurts.

One thing that pissed me off a lot in TG is the fact Kaneki never once try to visit Hide after the post-Aogiri,not even try he never even actually thought about it,like ever?? he still think about Aitenku and Touka but Hide???? just wtf bruh,the dude is like your childhood friend,not only that he is your BEST FRIEND,the guy who stick up after you when you got bullied,the guy who helped you deal with your shitty aunt,the guy who tried his best to cheer you up after the Rize accident and you never once thought about him after the Aogiri stuff.

Meanwhile on Hide’s side,he knew Kaneki is a ghoul and yet still being supportive,he slips some info to the CCG so Kaneki can escape easily,he even joined the CCG just so he can get more info about Kaneki’s whereabouts,he tried his best and really care about him,but Kaneki is just??

After the post-Aogiri,I was expecting Kaneki to thought about Hide,what he’s doing and sad that they cant be friends anymore,but nooooo,there’s fucking none,as if Hide doesnt exist in his life anymore.

As much I wanted them to be reunited back,I feel like their friendship is really one-sided,Hide deserve Kaneki and all of the happiness but Kaneki doesnt deserve Hide.

Life Might Not Be The Party We Wanted But Lets Dance While We Can
im really bad with descriptions i just wanna party

Good Girls Go Bad x Cobra Starship // Uptown Funk x Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars // Shut Up and Dance x Walk The Moon // Best Song Ever x One Direction // Yeah Yeah Yeah x New Politics // Uma Thurman x Fall Out Boy // Don’t Trust Me x 3OH!3 // I Don’t Wanna Be In Love x Good Charlotte // Animals x Neon Trees // Want to Want Me x Jason Derulo // All The Small Things x Blink 182 // Still Into You x Paramore // If I Had You x Adam Lambert // Here’s to The Zeroes x Marianas Trench

{listen here}

You know what really grinds my gears? How suddenly everyone is hating on Tony Stark. Like I get it, Steve is the literal definition of beautiful-cinnamon-roll–too-good-for-this-world and I’m sure you’re all just preparing for Civil War or whatever (or making room in your headcanons for Stucky, because obviously if Bucky and Steve are together Tony has to be awful?). 

But, like TONY. Tony who is probably one of the best cinematic representations of trauma induced anxiety I have ever witnessed (and what happened to everyone gushing about how great IM3 was?, like, wth?). Tony who, YES is problematic and not blameless for the terrible things his weapons have been used to do, is trying. God, he’s trying so hard. He’s working to make clean energy sustainable and achievable, he’s obviously still hunting down his weapons, he’s making a family for himself. And that’s important because guess what; his dad was at best neglectful and at worst outright abusive, and the guy who became his dad tried to kill him for not selling weapons to terrorists. He’s not really had the best example of what family is. But, he’s still trying. He’s giving Bruce a home (probably, whatever headcanon/fanon says that’s true) and building robots to PROTECT because he’s terrified of failing again, of finding out that the things he’s built are once again being used to hurt innocents. He’s gonna fuck it up, he’s human after all, and that’s what so interesting. If I were in his situation I would have made a lot of the same decisions and probably a lot of worse ones and I love that. I love seeing superheroes mess up and actually have to deal with the consequences of their actions. It doesn’t make them any less of a hero, more of one if you ask me.

Does it really have to be one or the other? I adore the pseudo-patriotic spitfire that is Steve “I’m gonna fight him in an alley and then go lie on a government form” Rodgers, but you will never pry broken-but-trying-to-be-better lonely genius Tony Stark from my grip. Geniuses who surround themselves with people to keep the voices at bay are just as important as war heroes who collect other soldiers to try and help them. 

Besides, I think Steve would be pretty disappointed in anyone who hates on Tony

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The song honey I'm good reminds me of Dean if he were ever in a relationship am I the only one imagining Dean sipping on a beer at a bar and waving off girls??

Totally! Like, he’s there because he got in a fight and is in the doghouse:

“Oh no, honey,” Dean said with a wry chuckle, setting his beer down. “I’m good. I got somebody at home. Who’s pissed at me, I’ll give you that. But still the best thing I got.”

As it would happen, nothing goes smooth and pretty. As it would happen, Dean and Cas don’t act on their feelings spontaneously and cinematic; they don’t cut ties with hunting as though it were nothing more than a dirty relationship. As it would happen, they never do get around to starting that b-and-b in Vermont.

(As it would happen. The Vonnegut in Dean loves that. As it would happen. If the accident will.)

But it’s still good. It’s damn good. The best Dean’s ever had. They still live in the bunker, something oddly fitting about it that Dean couldn’t find the will to part with. Sometimes one of them gets hurt on a hunt and shirts are torn into makeshift bandages. Sometimes Dean still wakes up from a Hell-induced nightmare gasping for air around the scream stuck in his throat, disoriented enough to believe himself on the rack.

Those things aren’t different. They’re harsh truths that circumstance has forced them to try to adapt to. But there is difference in the way Cas shakes and holds him close after a hunt goes sideways. The intimacy with which they touch each other as they carefully tend to wounds–unabashedly tender in the way they would have been afraid to be before. The way that Dean no longer wakes up alone except for his pounding heart but with Cas, who grounds him and wipes his tears and calls him “beloved” and kisses him, kisses him hot and slow until the nightmares withdraw like the tide and sleep comes once more.

Yeah. As it would happen.

There is a gospel told in their trail of salt and motel sheets stained with rust-colored blood, and as it would happen, their trail ended here.

It ended red and raw, a scrape sensitive to the touch, and where it once was a new moon there is now light in the way that Castiel smiles and feels under his hands, and yeah, it’s not perfect, but Dean thinks it’s pretty damn good.


Nostalgia Saturday

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I am VERY curious about this two head duck XD

This is 

Duke Quackington and his lovely lady  Clementine

They greet me every morning on my way to class, sadly they’re on Vacation during the summer at my aunt’s place until next semester. 

when i first got my copy of les mis, i was walking down the street and looking at the back of the book, reading the summary

and just as i got to the sentence “the relentless persecution of valjean by inspecter javert” i walked past a store that was blasting blondie’s “one way or another” 


Next Door || Calum Hood (part 2)

A/N: requested by anon, request as many things or parts as you want. All feedback is welcome

Part 1




A couple of weeks had passed slowly, a couple of weeks ago was also the last time that you had talked to Calum. You still saw him every once in a while but neither of you had the guts to say something.

It was already late in the evening when you came home from your best friend’s house after a movie marathon. 

You quickly took a glance at the window that was opposite of yours and like everyday guessed it was Calum’s bedroom since he was always the one staying in there, sometimes he played the bass, you could hear it loud and clear and it was one of the most special things you’ve ever heard.

‘Head over heels’, that’s what everyone told you when you started replaying the words of Calum to them, at first you tried your best to deny them all but now you had to admit that you more even more than high over heels for him.

You closed the curtains but left the window for some fresh air, you put on your pajama’s and snuggled under the covers in your bed.

Falling asleep within minutes.


You were peacefully sleeping until you hear some rummaging, you thought it were your parents who got up or maybe it was already morning.


“Get up lazybones!”

You kept your eyes closed and turned around once again, murmuring something about  more minutes of sleep that would be nice.

The person in your room let out a laugh and that’s when your eyes shot open in surprise.

Your sight was a blur that soon was replaced by the normal sight of objects, surroundings and Calum?!

“What are you doing here?”

“Showing my soft side”

He went over to your closet and started to rummage through it until he had found a comfortable outfit, from behind his back he showed one of his jackets that you could wear.

The heeky boy you met was still there though since he watched you change which involved nudity but you didn’t mind though, Calum was someone that looked familiar, like you’ve known him for years.

Soundly you both went down the stairs and out the front door, the darkness outside showing that it wasn’t even past 5am.

On the way to somewhere Calum had intertwined his fingers with yours and he was telling all kinds of things about him, the band, his sister and even more.

He hadn’t touched a cigarette from the moment that he arrived in your bedroom and you had to say that he did quite well do leave them at his house.

“Here we are”

An old park is where he led you, a few swings, a bench and mostly just the natural surroundings but you were happy that he took you to a calm place like this.

He grabbed his phone and started to search for something, he put it on the bench and played a modern but slow song, reaching his hand out for me.

“Can I have this dance?”

You nodded, taking his hand as he pulled you up, which ended in you resting in his arms as you both swayed along to the soft music from his phone. 

The silence was something comfortable, no awkward things, just enjoying the peaceful silence, like you both understood each other without all the words needed to be spoken.

“Y/N, can you possibly see us dating in the future?”

You giggled and put your head on his chest, his soft side was nice although he had a hard time exoressing it but you didn’t mind, it was cute, he was perfect for you and that’s all you needed to know.

“If that means that I like you and would want to be your girlfriend, then yes”

With that he placed a sweet kiss on your lips.

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To that anon guy, take it from a girl, there's nothing wrong with being the smaller spoon. I sometimes spoon my boyfriend and it's still the best feeling in the world. He likes it because he feels safe in my arms and that's one of the most beautiful things anyone could ever say to me. So there's nothing wrong with you, love xx


Accident - Calum Hood Imagine

Okay, here’s some background on yours and Calum’s “relationship”.  You’ve been best friends ever since you met him at secondary school back in Sydney and one day when you were hanging out, you decided that if by the time you turned 16, you were still a virgin that he’d take your virginity.  Weird pact for two best friends but whatever.  So, when the day came, Calum took your virginity and greatly enough, you were still best friends and nothing was awkward at all afterwards.  That is until you and Cal kept on sleeping together without the whole relationship thing.  Well, you had had sex about a month ago after your 19th birthday and you two didn’t think twice about it at all.  Right now, you’re currently pacing back and forth in your bathroom, waiting for the timer to go off.  You hadn’t gotten your period in that time span of a month and it was really freaking you out.  The timer rang and you picked up the 3 pregnancy tests that you had taken.  Positive.  All three tests were positive.  You fell to the floor and felt hot tears run down your cheeks.  You couldn’t take care of a child, you’re only 19 and can barely take care of yourself.  You’re not even in a relationship with the baby’s father (even though you wouldn’t mind being in a relationship with Calum).  You shakily pick up your phone and shoot Calum a text.

I need you at my house ASAP.


You clutched the three tests in your small hands for dear life and continued to sob.  You were thinking about what you were going to do when you heard pounding on your front door followed by, “Y/N, IT’S ME!"  You shouted for him to come inside and you stood up, your legs shaking slightly.  You walked out of the bathroom and down the stairs only to see your dark haired best friend searching for you.  "Hey."  You mumbled, voice cracking.  He spun around and quickly hugged you.  "Oh my god, what’s wrong, Y/N?"  He frantically asked.  You didn’t say anything, just handed him the 3 positive tests.  You looked back down at the ground, once again feeling sad, until you heard, "Is this what I think it is?"  You looked back up to see Calum smiling widely at you.  "Cal…I’m so sorry.  I didn’t mean for this to happen."  You started but was soon cut off by Calum saying, "Sorry?  This is fantastic news.  I’m having a baby with the woman that I love!"  I furrowed your eyebrows and felt the heat rush to your cheeks.  "Love?"  You whispered.  "Of course I love you and I can’t wait to have this baby."  He said hugging you again.  "But Cal, you’re going on tour soon and I’ll be alone for this pregnancy and maybe even the birth.  I can barely take care of myself."  You interrupted. 

"I do leave soon, yes.  But, I can always facetime you while you’re in the doctor’s for the sonograms.  And as for the birth, I’ll fly home when you tell me that you’re in labor.  I’ll be here the whole way through and when you go into labor, i’ll have my mom drive you to the hospital."  Calum stated with a wide smile on his face.  You nodded your head slightly and said, "Okay."  "WE’RE HAVING A BABY!"  He shouted while pulling you into a tight hug.  "Oh and another thing, be my girlfriend, Y/N?  Please?"  He asked.  You blushed and nodded your head, "Okay, I’ll be your girlfriend."  He pulled you into a hug and kissed the top of your head as you wrapped your arms around his torso.  You couldn’t help but think, I really hope he is here for everything…


Hey guys!  This was requested and I might turn it into a pregnancy series?  What do you guys think?


i just want a beautiful painful full of tears, fear and happiness bellarke reunion and i’m not sorry. i don’t want the ‘you left me so now i don’t know what to do or say anymore’ bellamy, i want the bellamy that would hug the fck out of clarke, *but i still want clarke to initiate the hug aka jump in his arms ahuum* and cry and just i want them to realize how much they missed each other as best friends and as that single one person that gets the other better than anyone else I DON’T WANT COLD BELLAMY AND I DEF DON’T WANT COLD CLARKE and excuse me while i don’t even believe that it that will ever happen because they both have a connection that is way too strong for childish things like ‘oh look i’m just going to sit around and ignore you because you are not the actual single person that matters the most to me’


I found these in my lightroom archives. They’re very old and pretty shit but it was one of those nights which i’ll never forget. At the time i was just so stoked that i had this amazing technology on me which could freeze time and capture the strike of lightning and to me, that was the best thing ever. I didn’t sleep that night. I was up all morning watching and listening to the thunder and lightning. I only got a few pictures, they are shit but still, it was amazing to think that i was living in a time where capturing pictures like this was possible. 

I’m spending the next few days looking back on some of my older pictures and re-working them with my current knowledge to see how much i’ve changed and developed over the time.

Also, I probably won’t be uploading many of my old pictures to my photography blog :)