That Feeling When...

A/N: Short things on how one might find out that… Oh dang… That skeleton is hot.

Comic (UT Sans)

You’ve seen him smile practically all the time. He laughs a bit, he chuckles and snickers, but as time passed you realized the lack of genuine emotion to his facade. So you try to make him laugh. Amateur puns and pranks, occasionally pick up lines that died halfway through saying them. They amused him but didn’t give the effect you were really looking for.

So of course when he finally really laughs, it’s when you’re not really trying. Just making a pun by complete accident and groaning at how he’s rubbing off on you. Before you still in shock at the abrupt laughter you hear before turning to face him and seeing the sheer joy on him as he continues to laugh like you’ve never heard him before. Only able to just look at something so unexpected yet heartwarming, you smiled softly at him before the realization hits you like a punch to the gut.

You turn away with a fake laugh as you try not giving away how suddenly attractive he looks to you.

Classic (UT Papyrus)

It takes a bit to really get Papyrus. At first you think he’s a bit too full of himself. Then you see he’s actually pretty great to hang around. And then you realize how much he wants to make new friends and oh gosh what were you thinking about him back then???

But being his friend is one of the easiest yet best things you could have ever done. Times spent with him always brightened your day, even if sometimes it results in some property damage. But you couldn’t think of a better friend to be with.

Of course, that changes when a friend of yours texts you if there’s anyone you know that seems like a good person to date. And your response dies in your throat as you end up coming to the conclusion of not a good option, but a great one. When you reply your face is still burning.

Red (UF Sans)

Sans is… well… he’s there.

At first he treated you like everyone else, brash with a temper and occasionally throwing flirty lines your way that made your eyes roll. He easily can put the Halloween isle at your drugstore to shame with how threatening he can be and yet has this charm to him that you would never admit. But lately he’s been… distant. Barely being in the same room as you, and if he was his skull would somehow have a tinge of red to his cheekbones and he’d been pretty defensive when you try to talk to him. Maybe you’d see this as cute if you weren’t confused on why he’s like this.

So you manage to pull him aside and demand as politely as you can on why he’s being weird around you. When he wouldn’t give a straight answer you then express more on how concerned you’re getting. It finally seems to break him as he ends up yelling that ‘maybe he jus’ likes you or somethin’!’ which stuns you before you ask him to repeat that. He doesn’t and instead vanishes, leaving you frozen as you look back on his behavior before letting out a laugh of disbelief.

Well. Consider yourself flattered.

Fell (UF Papyrus)

He’s scary, he’s practically a giant, and he’s got an attitude that can easily overthrow Skeletor and take his throne. So least to say, you don’t find his personality all that charming. But he seems to hold some respect for you for being one of the few humans unwilling to put up with his ego when you’re waiting for your Starbucks order. And thus you’ve ended up in a strange friendship with him. A friendship that takes an unexpected turn a month later when he ends up asking you on a date.

Somehow you felt compelled to say yes before dreading that this will turn into a disaster that will ruin the friendship you’ve actually come to to appreciate. But. It actually turns out for the better. The more romantic hinting atmosphere at the restaurant actually stopped being awkward when you went back to talking like you usually do. And, well, who knew he’d actually act like such a gentleman with a hint of fluster in his demeanor. Leaning your head against your hand, you give a smile of acceptance as you realize that you wouldn’t be opposed for a second date.

Blueberry (US Sans)

It’s easy to underestimate him. A five foot skeleton that would fit in more on a pastel internet moodboard than in a Halloween store. You almost fell in that same trap before finding out that he’s actually the older brother of the taller skeleton with how he mentioned helping raise him. And you can see how lucky Papyrus is for having an amazing guy being his older sibling. Yeah, he may be a child at heart, but that doesn’t change the fact that he can still easily lift a car high enough for Chara to get their soccer ball back.

That was impressive enough. Then he’d one day literally sweep you off your feet when you danced a bit to the music a street musician was playing, taking the lead as you could only attempt to keep up while somehow being flustered at looking straight at his vibrant eyelights.

You’re still blushing by the time he lets go of your hand which has you pull your cap down further to hide it as you stammer out a response. Okay. That was… something.

Stretch (US Papyrus)

Those who know this lanky skeleton well enough know that his casual yet cool demeanor is really just a front. Inwardly he’s a dork that’s a little anxious and self-conscious. The more your friendship with him grows, the more you see of what he is behind his act. And you like it. You’d be endeared by his embarrassed blush and give a friendly nudge since while he is a dork, he’s your dork. Something that seems to make him happy.

So when Undyne texts you demanding when you guys are gonna date already, you reply with how she’s just acting crazy despite the question lingering in your mind. The next time you see him, you take a while to just look at him and wonder… Should I?

… Yeah. Yeah you should.

Blackberry (SF Sans)

This guy. Is a little bit of a hypocrite. He claims his presence is something you should be grateful for and yet he goes out of his way to meet you rather than you’d attempt to meet him. Maybe because you’re one of the few that is willing to let him be near you without being outwardly scared or annoyed. Even though it takes quite a bit of constraint to not let the latter show. So you let him ramble on and just tolerate him before one day there’s just silence. And then he says he’s willing to hear you speak your mind in return. Pretty… unexpected. But soon you talk, he talks in return, and you find out it’s not that hard to make conversation with him. He’s actually not THAT bad when he’s willing to let his guard down a bit.

So the two of you become official friends and you think that’s that. Then one day you jokingly tell him a pick up line and wow, you didn’t know his skull could turn into a shade of that color. So you do it again. And again. Having fun at how he sputters before he gets a determined look on his face and decides to return the favor.

And you end up finding out that it is possible for a skeleton to kiss you. And you actually like it.

Rus (SF Papyrus)

Taller, edgy looking skeleton meets not as tall more squishy human. Add in a realization that the former hasn’t had much access to media culture like you do and cue an unexpected friendship for the ages as you decide to introduce him to the world of music, movies, and even literature. It’s worth constantly bringing him new material to go through to see that subtle glimmer of fascination in his eyelights. It’s become one of your favorite things to see.

Then you one day walk into his house and you find him wearing headphones and being unaware of your arrival as he seems lost in a song from that album you’ve given to him a few weeks ago. And he’s singing along to it. You quietly walk away to hide in the other room to continue listening to him and letting this be a secret. Since you shortly find out you have a secret of your own that you’ll need to hide. For now.


You glance at him. You stop. You stare. And you then walk away as the denial sets in. No. Just no. He’s just aesthetically pleasing that’s all. Then he gives a light grab at your arm so he can give you back your wallet that you dropped. You thank him with a stammer before catching a knowing smirk before bristling and trudging away.

Okay. You admit it. He’s hot. But you certainly aren’t going to say it!


Compared to the attitude most guys, heck, most PEOPLE have these days, he’s practically a gentleman sent from the heavens above. A bit ironic with how he’s a skeleton. And yet you can’t helped but be charmed by him, always smiling when you say goodbye and leave the library, feeling a bit more grateful at his presence than the books you just checked out. You can’t help but keep coming back, hoping to run into him again and have another pleasant conversation that makes your day. And you do to your glee.

Then you trip on your untied shoelaces and he catches you, letting you try to regain your balance against his surprisingly firm chest before you frantically apologize. He says it’s no trouble for him and suddenly you realize how close you are to him.

Well, shoot. You wondered how you didn’t realize any sooner how attractive he is.


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I’ll do my best! There are soooo many in our [sports] tag for everyone else.

Give Your Best
Summary: I sighed and jogged my sorry ass back to the locker room. That’s what I get for rushing. Karma strikes again. I pushed the door open and turned the corner and froze. Reiner was in the locker room. Missing some clothes, sporting a serious boner, and making out with another guy. Well shit.

Scoring More Than Goals
Summary: Eren Jaeger a famous hockey player at 23. Playing for the Shiganshina Titans and a heart throb among the hockey community.
     Levi Ackerman a paramedic at 28. Losing his job only to become the Shiganshina Titans team paramedic.

Summary: Eren gets a irresistible offer from his friend Jean to work for his family as a stable boy in exchange for money. Eren however thought that the family had maybe two, three horses to take care of but he was very wrong. The Kirschtein family owns a huge stable complete with racing arena so taht their jockey, Levi, can train with their best racing horses and make them even faster. Eren is also expected to share the house build on the estate especially for Levi with the jockey himself, and after spending a whole day together Eren couldn’t be more excited to do so.

Razzle Dazzle ‘em
Summary: In which retired figure skating champion Levi Ackerman trains Olympic rookie Eren Jaeger, and feelings are developed along the way.



{Young Justice Week} Day 5: Hanging out

Want so much in this life

There’s so much to be

We sail through our youth impatiently

I finished Dragon Age: Inquisition today. Guess who I romanced?

I knew it was coming. I found out when I ruined it for myself, because I can’t resist taking a peek at the end of the book sometimes. I didn’t spoil everything for myself…at least nothing outside of the Solas romance. lol. I’ve got to say that this is one of the very best video games that I have ever had the pleasure of playing. DAMN! It was my first time playing a Dragon Age game and a Bioware game. Yeah. I know. I’m late to the party.

I started drawing this two days ago and I finally finished it today. Well, it’s actually past midnight now…so yesterday. Anyways, here’s a Solavellan piece featuring my Inquisitor (the first one, at least), Ellana Lavellan. Sorry for not being more creative with her name. I love that name a lot.

Mixed media on paper. (will get a ruler and edit in dimensions later)


What happens in the spawn room doesn’t stay in the spawn room, it gets drawn by Andy instead.

Rhys and I (Hanzo and McCree respectively) are silly. Our Junkrat was also silly. Everyone else was just a little bit uncomfortable, as one might be around a pair that’s making doe-eyes at each other.


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1. Greg House/Alison Cameron

2. Ten/Rose Tyler

3. Gil Grissom/Sara Sidle

4. Ben Wyatt/Leslie Knope

5. Twelve/Clara Oswald

I have soooo many more, omg!

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jessica jones (the defenders)
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sansa stark (game of thrones)
amanita caplan (sense8)
emma swan (once upon a time)
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clarke griffin (the 100) 
rosa diaz (brooklyn nine-nine)

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Ashton Irwin Smut

Requested: Yes

Pairing: Y/N and Ashton

Character Count: 3.9K

Rated: R (sexual content & offensive language) 

Description: You & your boyfriend Luke have just broken up, and it’s girl’s night out for a distraction. Little did you know that a bartender would be your actual distraction.

(i apologize for how bad this is)

“Last call!” the bartender yelled. You turned to your friends, “One more for the road?” They nodded as you stood up to order the last round. This was your first Saturday night out with the girls since you and your boyfriend, Luke, broke up and all you needed was a distraction. You walked over to the attractive bartender. “And what may I get for you?” he grinned. Looking down at his nametag, you saw his name was ‘Ashton.’ He had a thick Australian accent and his smile was quite mesmerizing. “Four beers please,” you reply. He slides them over and you head back to your table. 

Slowly, people start leaving the bar. One by one your friends start to leave until you’re the only one in the bar. You sit alone, deep in thought. So many things were racing through your mind: how Luke cheated on you, how you forgave him and took him back only for him to cheat again. Anger started building up inside you. How could you let him treat you like that? Why were you okay with it? You started tapping your heels against the wooden floor of the bar when someone came up behind you. 

You look up abruptly to see the bartender. “H-hey….” he stuttered, with a surprised look on his face. “I didn’t know anyone was still here.” You quickly stood up, grabbing the collar of his shirt and smashing his lips to yours. You move your fingers to grab his hair, tugging lightly as the kiss became heated. This is exactly what you wanted, to forget about Luke, just for one night. Ashton slowly breaks the kiss, “You know, you never told me your name,” he breathes.  “Y/N” you whisper, pulling him back in. He puts his hand on the small of your back, guiding you backwards, so your behind the bar table. 

He roughly grabbed the ends of your dress and pulled it off your body. “Damn..” he whispered, looking you up and down. You unclasped your bra as he slid your panties to the side, shoving two fingers inside you. “Oh fuck” you gasped as he pumped his fingers at a quick pace, giving you no time to adjust. He grabbed your leg with his other hand and propped it up on the bar, and curled his fingers. You let out loud moans as Ashton tugged at your g-spot. “A-ashton I’m close..” you pant. Your vision goes white as you come undone onto his fingers. He pulls his fingers out as you bring your leg down from the bar. 

“Your turn,” you  smirk, looking at the growing bulge in Ashton’s pants. His excitement is clear as you get down onto your knees to pull his jeans and boxers off. You wrap your hand around his length and start pumping it. “Mmm fuck…” he groans as you lick his tip. Finally you take him into your mouth, his hand grasping your hair and guiding you. You let his tip hit the back of your mouth to fully to take him in, making him groan loudly. “Nuh-uh, nope.” Ashton puts his hands under your arms to pull you back onto your feet. “I wanna come while fucking you.”

He turns you around so your ass is against his front, and you’re bending over the bar table. You feel his tip rubbing against your entrance, purposely teasing you. “Ashton, please..” you beg. “Please what?” he smirks. “Please fuck me!” you plead, the wetness between your legs growing. Without warning he slams into making you scream in pleasure. “Fuck Ashton!” you yell, his thrusts getting stronger, hitting your spot everytime. Your hands grip the edge of the bar tightly, knuckles becoming white. “That’s right,” he urges, “let everyone know who’s making you scream like this.” He groans as he reaches his high, spilling his hot liquids into you. His thrusts become slower as he moves his finger down to rub harsh circles into your clit. 

You soon reach your high and release, the two of you catching your breath as Ashton thrusts a few more times to ride out your highs. “Wow…” you pant as Ashton pulls out. “That was amazing,” he whispers. “How would like you let me take you out on a date?” You smile and nod as you both put your clothes back on. 


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AN: I’ve always wanted to write a mutants AU because I’m a nerd and can’t be tamed. thatweirdparamedicstudent​, this is what I was telling you about. :) I managed to sneak into some poor neighbor’s wifi and post the thing. Here ya go!

below the stratosphere


Clarke hates knowing Bellamy Blake.

For so many damned reasons, but mainly because he’s an Absorber, and she hates it when he saves her ass every damn time.  (Absorbers are the assholes of the mutant community, even if Clarke only knows one. She’s pretty sure he’s a shame to his kind and the whole community. Even if he’s practically legend to their community now. The jerk.)

His ability, his Intuitive Aptitude, allows him to copy or mimic any mutant ability he so chooses to acquire only by talking with the person he wants to acquire it from. Like yesterday, he spoke with a telepath named David and now he’s flaunting it to their friends by hitting on as many girls as he can just to prove that his newly coveted mind-reading skills truly work, the asshole. Not that she thinks he’s an asshole because she’s jealous, no siree; it’s just because he’s a player and those poor girls don’t know who he truly is. An asshole.

And also, he’s a jerk because he comes back to their table with another napkin with a hastily scribbled phone number on it and a smug look on his face, and then he has the audacity to look straight to her as if his victory is her loss – which, no.

She hates Bellamy Blake.

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