i really dont know, i was going along the lines of i talked you into this and you got mad because i kept calling you a brooder and the scars pissed you off, (please i dont sleep ((i mean i sleep but not the sleep sleep)) this was at like 1 in the morning wasnt it?)

ya punched me,i jump off the building we where on and next part in a while or two


What happens in the spawn room doesn’t stay in the spawn room, it gets drawn by Andy instead.

Rhys and I (Hanzo and McCree respectively) are silly. Our Junkrat was also silly. Everyone else was just a little bit uncomfortable, as one might be around a pair that’s making doe-eyes at each other.

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selena has soooo many gifs in her tag... i can't believe you're doing more

ok so here’s . here’s the thing … i like to make my gifs. i wanted to gif her bc i wanted to use her. and because … well i can gif whoever i want ? nd usually whatever i make and finish i release so …. why is that big of a deal . it’s not that deep and i don’t have an obligation to just make gifs of underused ppl … i was thinkin of makin some of ariana too huh lol :) 

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There were so many damn hot players in Jena this weekend. We had a new crush like every 5 minutes. So we decided to make a hot list. Our top ten: Tübingen 13 - Mario Passau 95 - Wagner Hamburg 7 - Niklas Augsburg 96 - Michi Bonn 9 - Zimpelmann Heidelberg Pi - Ostertag Bochum 11 - Zimpel Freiburg 218 - Gryphius Bingen 6 - Kress Bonn 7 - Troll


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1. Greg House/Alison Cameron

2. Ten/Rose Tyler

3. Gil Grissom/Sara Sidle

4. Ben Wyatt/Leslie Knope

5. Twelve/Clara Oswald

I have soooo many more, omg!

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Ashton Irwin Smut

Requested: No

Pairing: Y/N and Ashton

Character Count: 4.5K

Rated: R (sexual content & offensive language)

Description: Your boyfriend Ashton ignores you for almost a week after he gets back from tour, but one night you confront him, and he shows you just how much he missed you on tour.

(this is the first smut i’ve published so sorry if it sucks)

It had been a week since Ashton had come home from tour and he hadn’t given you so much as a glance. Every night was the same, he was out with the boys until almost 3 in the morning while you sat up waiting for him. You’d never seen Ash this distant in the two years that you had been dating.

Tonight was no different than the others. You sat on the couch in your apartment watching reruns of How I Met Your Mother. Nervously glancing over at the clock, you saw that it was nearing 4:30am. Where the fuck was Ashton? Every night your anxiety kicked in when you thought about where Ashton was. Was he ok? What was he doing? Who else was he with? Suddenly the lock clicked and Ashton stumbled in. He was drunk.

“Ashton where the hell have you been?” you screamed, jumping off the couch. “Out,” he slurred, walking away. “No… you’re not walking away from me tonight. Tell me where you’ve been until 4:30 in the fucking morning!” He turned to face you with bloodshot eyes. “Y/N, I just told you I was out.”

This was the most you and Ashton had interacted since he came back from tour. “Ash, just tell me what’s going on,” you plead. “You haven’t so much as glanced at me since you came back from tour, and you’re never in the house anymore.” You feel your eyes sting as you fight back the tears, losing. Ashton’s eyes soften at the sight of your tears. “Y/N…” he slowly walks over and embracing you and pulling you in for a soft, passionate kiss.

The kiss quickly becomes urgent, your tongues fighting for dominance as your lips move to a perfect rhythm. Ashton’s hands travel down your ass and squeeze gently. He tugs at the hem of your shirt as you break the kiss momentarily, to pull it off. “Fuck babe..,” he whispers, staring at your chest. You pull him back in, connecting your lips and moving in sync.

“Jump,” he commands. You obey and wrap your legs around Ashton’s waist. He starts walking backwards towards the bedroom, and throws you onto the bed. The softness of the pillows hitting your back fill you with excitement as Ashton hovers over you. He wastes no time in getting your pajama shorts along with your panties off. He runs his middle finger over your wet folds earning a soft moan from you. He slips his finger inside you, another one quickly following. “Oh my god Ashton,” you moan as he pumps his fingers at a tantalizing pace. “Ash please.. faster,” you plead, that familiar knot in your stomach growing with every touch of his fingers.

Ashton pulls his fingers out just as you were about to reach your high. You sit up and whine as he licks his fingers clean. He crawls over next you on the bed and lays down, putting his arms behind his head. “My turn,” he smiles. You roll your eyes and start pulling his jeans down, along with his boxers. His hard on springs up against his stomach causing him to let out a soft groan. You start slowly moving your hand along his length while rubbing the tip with your thumb. “Fuck..” he moans.

You continue with your slow torture before finally taking him in your mouth. He groans as you hollow your cheeks and bob your head up and down. As you felt him twitch, you pull your mouth off causing him to pout. “Y/N you’re gonna pay for that,” Ashton smirked as he turned you over onto your back. He brought his lips down on yours with a force that electrified your entire body. Your tongues fought for dominance again as he positioned himself at your entrance.

Ashton broke the kiss to look you straight in the eyes before pushing inside of you. Your eyes start to close as you moan in pleasure. He pulls out for a second before ramming back into you. “Ash!” you scream as he thrusts into you relentlessly. The apartment becomes filled with the sound of both of your moans. “Y/N I’m close..” Ashton grunts, not allowing his thrusts to become sloppy. He twitches before emptying his hot liquids into you, but continuing his fast pace. He moves his middle finger to your clit and starts rubbing figure 8’s, pushing you over the edge. “Fuck fuck fuck,” you gasp, as you’re taken over by complete euphoria. Ashton thrusts a few more times to ride out both your highs before pulling out and collapsing next to you.

“That was amazing,” he breathes. You sit up to pull the covers over your bodies and rest your head on Ashton’s bare chest. “I missed you Ashton.” You look up at him as he gives you a soft kiss on the lips. “So did I babe.. I’m sorry for ignoring you all week,” he whispers, his eyes filled with sadness. “It’s ok, I’m just glad to have my Ash back,” you smile.


(the end was kinda bad i’m sorry // it’s 3:23am ok)

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There has been SOOOO many GMW trending tags in the past couple of weeks, but what other Disney shows have that?? No one is trying to save best friends whenever, or whatever other shows there are. This just shows how much we love this show and if Disney cancels it that would probably the most stupid decision on their behalf. Gmw appeals to so many different people ages that could range from 10 to 30 and teaches life lessons that actually mean something. Unlike a show about a talking dog that blogs or friends that time travel when they touch each other. GMW is probably the only show on Disney that a lot of people watch, but keep 4 seasons of a talking dog cause ya know, priorities. Don’t keep the show that people actually like and learn from.