2017 us secret classic + senior women

i hate when someone makes a joke about the look of late 90s 3d games and some fool appears like “no but you don’t understand. these are technological limitations. you are disrespecting the game, nintendo, miyamoto and god himself. how dare you. ocarina of time looks great” like chill the fuck out karen let us laugh at the polygons

reminder to turn off your availability through the settings if people seeing that you’re online / last active makes you uncomfortable!

can i get uhhh happy birthday to @striderepiphany uhhh lov u broski ur a radical dude n uhhhh!!!!! ur th coolest guy if ive ever seen one,,,, im lov ur art and ur one of my top 3 biggest inspirations and uhhhhh,,,,, mwah 💖💖💖 also uh lets hope aizawa washed his gross stinkie ugly face bc u might get fuckin rabies from that