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YO….we don’t hate tobjorn bc he’s ‘ugly’ or ‘doesn’t fit into fantasies’ wth it’s literally because when the game came out his turrets were literal hell  (  still can be ahhhh  )  &  you’d go against 6 of them in competitive. that’s when it all started it’s got nothing to do with the actual character himself o:

@fatedswords replied to your post:

/thank god it isn’t just me who thinks it looks terrible lmao


Yuri has a knack of wearing sone pretty butt-ugly clothes. Though he does have some nice outfits. But just thinking back to his spa outfit and that summer Hawaiian shirt where he has his hair pushed back, I’m just….. “Yuri, why”

By this point though, I find his ugly outfits pretty hilarious. Especially this one.