I get people complaining in general about Steve Trevor being in the movie as a love interest bc people feel there doesn’t need to be a man at all (or maybe even have a female love interest instead) but like….. it’s Steve Trevor. This isn’t a random guy who was made up or turned into a love interest, this is one of DC’s power couples, and is typically an important part of Diana’s origin story so….

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Hi, I know this is kind of similar to the kissing head canons but can you do Edmund and peter head canons for how they are with pda please ? :) x

Sure thing! Sorry this took me so long!


  • typical kind of jealous boyfriend
  • his goal is to make sure everyone knows she’s with him
  • if he sees another guy flirting with his girl he’ll come up and kiss her right away
  • Peter is really into hand holding or having his arm around her
  • all she has to do is say her feet hurt and he’ll be leaning down insisting on giving her a piggy back ride
  • at concerts he’ll sit her on his shoulders so she can have the best view possible
  • he doesn’t care who else is in the car, if he’s driving and his girlfriend’s in the passenger seat Peter has one hand on the wheel and one on her thigh
  • he gives her so many hickies


  • less into pda but still lowkey loves it
  • cheek kisses and lots of hugs
  • has his hand on the small of his girlfriend’s back 24/7
  • he leaves love notes all around her room
  • totally the type to buy her an outfit, leave it on her front porch, and text her saying “I’ll pick you up for diner in an hour”
  • Edmund thinks she’s way out of his league and just wants to show her off as much as possible
  • if they go to a carnival, he literally won’t leave until he wins her the stuffed bear she wants

Apologies, I know I said the latest SP recolors would be up last night.  I passed out while cuddling lè Pup, woke up, spoke to Synth for a bit and passed out again… Typical.

Sorry bout that, I have the night free so It’ll all be up tonight (for sure), well starting now.


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How did you learn to draw like you do? Your art is just really good and I'm jealous :) I want to start but I'm not very good at digital art or drawing people…

I sold my soul to satan

Honestly thought it’s just a lot of practice since i’m self taught. I like to look at a lot of people’s art styles, so i keep a folder full of inspirational art. Typically, I would look at every piece and think on how they may have colored, lined, etc and incorporate pieces of it into my art. 

But really, it’s just a lot of drawing and improving. Things such as flipping the canvas to find errors, taking a rest and looking back at a drawing to spot out mistakes, etc can also be helpful. I didn’t even draw humans until around  a year ago, but drawing them frequently really help. Even to this day i’m still improving and working on my style. 

Don’t feel discourage if you aren’t satisfied with your art now; everyone has to start from somewhere!

(also i recommend design doll for human poses, art tablets to do digital art, and sai/clip because stabilizer. sai is more simple and easier to navigate though, and photoshop is good for adding finishing touches)

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Hi! I was just on your storenvy, so I just thought I should let you know that there seems to be a probably with your Pidge mini-print. It won't let you add all of the mini-prints or Pidge's to the cart

Hello!  I’ve received a handful of similar messages about this, so I’ll answer them all here:

Storenvy typically has a lag between items running out of stock and the actual shown stock level on the site.  If you put items in your cart and it says something like, “Cart contents have been adjusted,” that means that the item is actually out of stock and therefore wasn’t added to your cart!  If this happens, I usually try to restock once I notice, but if prints haven’t been updated within the hour, feel free to drop me a message via email to let me know!

Thank you!
Is MSG Bad for Your Health? - Science Friday
Monosodium glutamate has gotten a bad rap for causing allergies, but is it justified?

Today, I decided to make fried rice for dinner and lunch for the next few days.

So, of course, I spent the time the rice cooker was going browsing furikake on Amazon.

Which got me thinking about Asian foods, Asian-American food, typical seasonings, flavor profiles, etc.

So of course, I remembered MSG.

I don’t know about you but when I was growing up, MSG was the go-to “bad guy” chemical. Chinese restaurants would advertise as being MSG-free, people would make their restaurant choices based on MSG. The perception was that MSG was new, cheap, a dangerous additive we didn’t know anything about. Nobody ever mentioned that it was a seasoning that has been in use since 1909 and yes, while now synthetic, was in fact included in many of the bases of Japanese meals that made up the distinct flavor profiles. (x)

I never really looked into this until today. I never avoided MSG because, I mean, hey, I also would eat a bag of Doritos with Hidden Valley. If that isn’t as scary as the news wanted me to believe MSG was, I don’t know what is.

As it turns out, the MSG hyped fear comes from (like many other incorrect beliefs that we attempt to attribute to science) one man’s opinion on why he had a head ache after some lo mein and a follow up of poorly designed studies.

So, give this SciFri article a read and maybe be inspired to order some delicious MSG laden take out. If I wasn’t sitting here with my homemade fried rice, I know I would be.

Ashton woke up before Luke, which wasn’t actually typical since she worked all night. So she rolled onto her side and stared at the blonde man fast asleep next to her. As gently as she could she traced his collar bones and shoulders. His beard prevented her from tracing over the jawline she favored so much. She flipped her hair out of her face, rolling onto him halfway she kissed his chest. Her fingers traced themselves up to his lips and her own mouth followed. She wanted to wake him up in the sweetest way she knew possible. As she pecked at his lips she gently slid a hand under the blanket and rubbed his torso. Hoping the mixture of touches and kisses would wake him.

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Sorry joining in like this but I'm so glad they didn't make L another typical and boring 'attractive, cool, badass detective'. I mean he's cool, badass and eccentric in his own way but he is also unattractive, weird and creepy at some point and that's why I like him. He was nothing like I expected him to be when I first saw him confronting Kira on Tv..

Haha, I can see where you’re coming from there. I’m no big L fan myself, but I have to leave it to him that I will take him over BBC’s ‘cool edgy mysterious asshole’ Sherlock any day. 

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What is the Air Velocity, of an Unladen Swallow?

Well that kind of a strange question since air velocity is usually only used for ventilation… 

…But I’ll give this a shot regardless. 

Swallows fly anywhere from 31-40 mph (strongly depending on they type of swallow) but air velocity is typically measured in cubic feet per minuet (CFM). Also, 31-40 is kinda a wide range of numbers so lets say the average swallow flies 35.5 mph.  

So we could conclude that the typical swallow flies ABOUT 272.62 cubic feet per second. 


With further research, it’s unanimously decided that swallows fly 24 miles per hour, as opposed to my 35.5. This is because they made use of the Strouhal equation for calculating flight–> (U ≈ 3fA) (which I did not know about). So when taking into careful consideration beats per second and meters per beat, yes, you would get 24 miles per hour. 

CONCLUSION: The air velocity of an unladen swallow is typically 24mph

For Blaire and Miles. Starting with non Monstercat (long post) typically when you listen to EDM you have a producer you listen to or a style of music you dont deviate from. Most producers only put out the same sounds, monstercat is unique because of its diversity but it tends to stick to non traditional spring time jams.\


This is don diablo. hes a fucking legend . Everything he does is simply sublime. he has a mastery of house music. this is my favorite of his.

This is another don diablo. Its a great party jam especially to kick off a night of partying 

good old diplo. Hes more famous for his mainstream stuff but Diplo is a master of bounce. I espessually like this song because diplo and get low sound the same.

So this guy is doctor p. hes kinda known in the groups of edm listeners who are the cool kids. this track, flying spaghetti monster, is a perfect track for glitch hop, a style where glitchy and unconventional beats and sounds are made into hip hop. this was super popular back in 2013 and even though it eventually fell to trap it is still well liked

most edm artists are weird nerds. Odd mobs “is it a banger” is a song based off of the parks and recs joke

i cant add anymore videos so i guess just links now. same song but with daft punk’s technologic during the drop. daft punk makes everything better B) now this is one i have loved since my freshman year. Its some real good step, i think chillstep. its dark and sad and just what Franz ferdinads’s take me out needs. (remember my email address is franferdfanatic. i love those scots) more fran ferdinand remixes. this is to evil eye from their 2013 album. it is nu disco or maybe indie dance? which is a perfect complement to their song which is already very 70′s this is the way of life for every raver. You eat. You sleep. You rave. And then you repeat. every step is essential. its the mantra and it started with this. its the creed we live by found this song while cleaning my house. now i always listen to it while i mop my floors. reminds me of those old tetris remixes with its electronic upbeat ness with russian medleys Feel good inc vs technologic. like i said. daft punk makes everything better. discovery album is like the butter of edm. some great house music. It drops nice and hard and makes me want to dance and wiggle around like an eel. its not edm but i like it. it only has 350 veiws and this well done mashup could use some love. I enjoy this song deeply. Something about the drop “drop kick can you handle it?” makes me gitty Watchdogs isn’t my favorite game but its my second. its so infuriating and i love it. the sound track always helps me come back to this hell of a game. this is my favorite track from it. the theme from the madness mini game where the objective is to run over demons in your car. its perfectly angry in all the right ways. makes my blood boil in love with this remix. the drop feels like the ocean and the buildup feels like sunshine. plus it feels nostalgic to bask in skrillex so this is an hour mashup that is about 50 songs. thats a lot! its a tour around a lot of diffrent popular music and isn’t just edm. lets be friends really knocked it out of the park with this one.

and lets be friends are part of the monstercat family! so without further ado, lets get into my favorites this is fat cat adventures. man you can feel the hubris of that fat! CAt! tut tut child is a master at what they do. they dont put out much with the family as much but when they do the whole world stops and listens the nerds are the KINGS of monstercat. these sweds are always putting out music on the channel and rock everything they do. this song, emoji, is extra great because its about being vocal with who you are which is what edm and raving is all about another in the pink cloud ep i love. the drop makes me melt. the vocals are astounding this song wasn’t well resived but i love it. i listened to it on repeat the entire time i read stone ocean so its extra special. the vocals floored me the first time i heard them i am actually make a fan jojo character after this on. Unlike pluto’s first release with the family took everyone by storm. it sounds like it belongs on the radio with it lyric heavy song this is also marshmello’s frist with the family even though he is well known outside of monstercat. alone is a great song and is always requested during the podcasts this one brings back a lot of memories. I went through some of my roughest shit with this song playing on repeat. and you know what? pegboard nerd’s disconnected soaked it all up and still remains a song that fills me with joy every time i hear it. its that good. this is monstercat’s first releace. ive been with the company almost from the start so ive been listening to this for 5 years. its still just as good as when i first heard it tristam is the most popular artist in the family and for good reason. his soulful sounds and his out of this world vocals captivate every time. there are no lytrics in this song but this is the most popular song on the channel my first monstercat song <3 stephen walking has been a long long favorite of mine with his weird antics and this is the song that really started the journey for me. top of the world 2 makes me cry a good italian this one.  Razihel is always resived well when he puts out sounds. this is my favorite. its sounds like those shitty shitty remixes from 2011 but the consistency of it takes me back to when i thought first of the year was good this is what monstercat put out for its start of its 5th anavery albam. it brought back ephixa, who was long missing from the family with stephen walking. the first artist with my first artist. it is a perfect blend of walkings new, weird, overly happy and care free style and ephixa’s B) sounds ive been listening to this non stop. noisestorm really outdid themselves with this on. the choir like lyrics and the powerful buildup…. amazing and this is what closes the album out. you didn’t think id let you go without experience tristram in his full glory. seriously. i know a guy who chose his name after tristam. you need to know why and this is what im going to leave you with. one of the most magical songs i have ever heard. 7 minutes dead made a real journey with this one. you need to listen to it more than once to really get it

if any of these really got to you, tell me and ill give you more like it. this is just a wild palette of little treats i like

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Can you do nicknames bb would call you in bed? maybe the kinky ones too xx


I think G-Dragon go with endearing names that make you out to be a goddess of sorts:
pretty girl, baby girl, princess, beautiful, babe, my queen, sweetheart, doll, and baby


I believe T.O.P has a dominance kink so he’d probably go with names that mark you as ‘his’, but in a classy fashion:
baby girl, kitten, your name, naughty girl, nasty girl, doll baby, and angel


I see Taeyang as a ‘guy’ guy so I think he’d go with typical names:
babe, beautiful, sexy, gorgeous, sweetheart, and baby


I think Daesung would keep it super vanilla:
beautiful, your name, gorgeous, pretty girl, my queen, babe, and darling


I believe Seungri would like kinky, degrading names alongside powerful ones:
sexy, babe, sweetheart, my slut, little fuck, baby, whore, nasty girl, and beautiful

Does anyone believe that dreams can come true? And I don’t mean dreams like oh I have a dream to be an astronaut or the president, I mean dreams when you sleep. Because last night I had a very vivid dream that I reconnected with an old friend of mine from elementary school and at first I was so happy to see her again after all these years but I kept getting the vibe that she didn’t want to be around me. I kept reminiscing and talking about the things we did as kids and watching old videos and whatnot. As the dream progressed, she started throwing away the gifts that I had given to her as children and it really hurt my feelings. Then she said that she never liked being friends with me.

In typical dream fashion, the setting and plot changed so nothing happened with my old childhood friend after that but I couldn’t stop thinking about it when I woke up. This brings me back to the question of if dreams can come true. If I reconnected with this girl again, would we go back to being good friends like we were as children, or will she not even want to speak to me?? Maybe it’s just part of my subconscious that has me believe that people are only pretending to be my friend and that no one really likes me but what if it’s like some kind of foreshadowing? What if I talk to her and she doesn’t want anything to do with me? It’d completely be within her right and I’d back off but it would still hurt. This isn’t the first time that I’ve had a dream like this so it’s clearly something that bothers me.

We ended up going to different middle schools which is how we lost contact in the first place, so we haven’t seen or really spoken to each other for almost 10 years. We are friends on facebook but our communication hasn’t gone past saying happy birthday. I just don’t know what to do. Do I ignore the dream even though it’s given me such strong emotions? Would it be weird if I messaged her and was like, hey we were good friends 10 years ago so maybe it would be cool if we became friends again if you’d like? Or would that be creepy? Is this just a subconscious distrust that I have for people that I’m friends with, in which case I should be talking to my current friends and not bother someone I’ve not seen or spoken to since childhood?

Do other people have a similar problem? 

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11 and 27 for the artist asks?

11. How many art-related blogs do you follow? - i’m not sure, not many since i usually compare myself to their art and it brings me down.
27. For digital artists: how many layers does a typical piece require? - around 100 layers so i can go back if i make a mistake. though i do merge them later if photoshop cant handle it lmao

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2 original members from the ark are going to be in musick's new gg called White. They forced minju n yuna (the 2 longest trainees in the ark) to leave so they could enforce the typical gg styles and stray from the hip hop concept :( yuna confirmed they were forced to leave

y ikes honestly…. is their company ran by monkeys they literally had so much potential :-((((

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What is marriage not dating about?

So it’s your typical contract dating/marriage set-up.


The acting is brilliant and so fucking hilarious, and the drama itself has an incredibly entertaining format. Each episode starts with a “cold open” so you land in the middle of some dramatic situation and then you go back in time to see how they ended up there.

It’s FANTASTIC. Do watch it. I highly recommend ;)) the actress’s name slips my mind, but she was the one in Girl K and she was so young but fucking brilliant ok her comedic acting is A class.

//wishes to watch again

♥︎Admin K

EDIT: HAN GROO is her name.

I really want to bury this Taylor Swift topic once and for all. But… man. Her fans think that the fact that her ‘exes’ don’t diss her publicly means they all love her.

L M A O.

No, sweetie, they’re media trained and care about their images. They know it’s in their best interest not to say anything. Some of them, like Harry, are just fucking gentlemen and way too nice.

Harry was once followed for miles through the motorway in LA by a fan. He slowed down, rolled down his window and raised his voice a little, asking her to stop following him. Her friend had recorded it and uploaded it on twitter. He searched for her, followed her and sent her DMs APOLOGISING. He’s fucking out of this world. Him being polite about Taylor means absolute shit.