Adhd is not always genius level white boys whith tons of energy and fast reflexes
Sometimes it’s
Executive dysfunction so bad you couldnt shower for over a week
A queer kid who thinks they’re broken because they dont fit the narritive.
Adhd is not always a gift in disguise, it can be debilitating
and alienating
and self esteem crushing.
How many times have you heard the phrase
“Not working to your full potential”?
Listen, im sorry if i didnt do my homework, but i didnt eat dinner until 11pm because i couldnt find the motivation to make anything.
I once repeatedly put off and forgot sending a thank you email to someone i had interviewed for a month.
It took me 3 weeks to make myself write a short essay, but once i did it, it took an hour. I got a 94% on the rubric, but failed because it was so late.
I have dealt with years of working through the voice in my head saying
Im lazy im lazy im lazy im bad im dirty im useless ill never amount to anything
Years of fear that i wont be able to survive on my own, that i’ll be too late and too disorganized and unmotivated.
I had to teach myself that motivation and productivity dp not define my worth. That being “lazy” doesnt make me less of a human being.
So sorry if your quirky hyper white boy narrative doesnt do it for me.

Data Visualization: “London Heartbeat” by Oliver O’Brien

I’m loving this interactive map by Oliver O’Brien that uses entry and exit data direct from TfL to build a picture of how the Tube across the course of a typical day – with around 5 million rides or so. (The data doesn’t yet include the newly-introduced Night Tube, so things wrap up as the last “day” trains finish their journeys at the moment.) 

Watching the day progress is mesmerising enough – especially the flow during the two major peak periods – but you can also drill down to see detailed information for individual stations, which is kind of amazing. Interestingly, while the map uses a heartbeat as a metaphor for the flow, I almost see it as breathing: inhaling (inbound) for the morning peak, and exhaling (outbound) in the evening. Either metaphor works to describe how vital the Tube is in making London a living city. This is really lovely work by Oliver, and definitely worthy of detailed perusal! 

Go explore by clicking here.

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When I ship MightDeku I only ship Deku with AM current age as a father/son and teacher/student. But if AM is the same age when he talked to Nana, then I hardcore ship it to oblivion!!!! Hope this makes sense???

Nah! It’s not strange at all, I also see them as father/son in canon. As for them as ship, I imagine it the other way round as you.

All Might is not only a father figure for Deku, I wouldn’t ship them if it was like this or if he was his adoptive father. To be honest we don’t know how does Deku see him: if as a father figure or if as an ideal to follow. The thing is that All Might has always been Deku’s idol and it wouldn’t be so rare that he had a crush on him. Who hasn’t had a crush for an idol? We all did.

He’s also his teacher —another typical crush figure— so I believe it wouldn’t be that strange. All Might, obviously, wouldn’t accept his feelings until he was older though. He would think he confuses admiration with love. I’m not sure he could see Deku as something more, but if he did it would be at… 20 maybe? So i ship them in a future canon.

Star isn’t going to grow anymore besides maybe her wings omg… mewmans are typically kinda small so they can fly easier and be faster and stuff

Star gets mad at Marco though because he shoots up to like 6 feet tall before he’s 18 and Stars still like 4"11’. He can hold her like a baby omg…shes so little

  • me:Okay brain, it's late so we need to go to sleep. I have to get up early for work tomorrow. Understand?
  • brain:yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
  • Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
  • I think I did it again
  • I made you believe we're more than just friends
  • Oh baby
  • It might seem like a crush
  • But it doesn't mean that I'm serious
  • 'Cause to lose all my senses
  • That is just so typically me
  • Oh baby, baby
  • Oops!...I did it again
  • I played with your heart, got lost in the game
  • Oh baby, baby
  • Oops!...You think I'm in love
  • That I'm sent from above
  • I'm not that innocent
  • You see my problem is this
  • I'm dreaming away
  • Wishing that heroes, they truly exist
  • I cry, watching the days
  • Can't you see I'm a fool in so many ways
  • But to lose all my senses
  • That is just so typically me
  • Baby, oh
  • Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
  • Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
  • "All aboard"
  • "Britney, before you go, there's something I want you to have"
  • "Oh, it's beautiful, but wait a minute, isn't this...?"
  • "Yeah, yes it is"
  • "But I thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean in the end"
  • "Well baby, I went down and got it for you"
  • "Oh, you shouldn't have"
  • Oops!...I did it again to your heart
  • Got lost in this game, oh baby
  • Oops!...You think that I'm sent from above
  • I'm not that innocent
To Max, on his first day
  • Suzy:That there is Edward Burger. He is one of the dumbest boys you will ever meet. Dimitri sat next to him in English last year.
  • Dimitri:He asked me how to spell 'orange'.
  • Suzy:That little one, that's Isaac O'Connor. He's totally rich because his dad invented Toaster Strudel. He's in everyone's business. He knows everything.
  • Dimitri:That's why his hair is so big. It's full of secrets.
  • Suzy:And evil takes a human form in Isabel Guerra. Don't get me wrong, she may seem like your typical, back-stabbing jerk, but in reality, she's so much more than that. She's the Queen Bee, the Star. Those other two are just her little workers.

“Casting out the evil spirits,” plus the same scene in the ghostly realm (courtesy of the scanning process at Google Books), from The Rappers, Or, The Mysteries, Fallacies, and Absurdities of Spirit-rapping, Table-tipping, and Entrancement by A Searcher After Truth, 1854.

This recalls our repository of ghostly images that were never meant to be, entitled The Ghost in the [Scanning] Machine.  The specters were conjured unwittingly, through a mechanical process of book scanning.  Their portraits technically do not exist, except within this context.  To explain: in old books, frontispieces were typically protected by a sheet of translucent tissue paper.  So thorough is the Google Books scanning process that even this page of tissue paper is scanned.  The figure in the plate beneath the tissue—"beyond the veil,” as it were—emerges as from a foggy otherworld.  The frontispieces were never meant to be seen this way.  Their wraithlike manifestations have been artificially “fixed” in time by the scanning process. In essence, timeless phantasms of dead writers have been captured and bound into a new age.  And so we call this phenomenon “unforeseen art,” as it constitutes an aesthetic expression without original intent.  Just as artists often credit their inspiration to a Muse, the accidental art herein is in the domain of real ghosts; every author here has departed to the Other Side.  We call it “necromancy by proxy,” as the scanning machine serves as our “spirit medium” or shaman.

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I would dearly love to see some headcanons where Allura and/or Shiro get presented as being demisexual. We're on the ace spectrum too, and people tend to ignore us or tell us we don't really exist.

I’ve recently been thinking I might be demisexual (however since I don’t know for sure/haven’t figured it out yet/liable to change I’ve just been going as straight) and it’s so true!! Demisexuality is really underepresented and I could definitely see both of them being demisexual for sure! Especially Shiro, since he’s typically so serious and focussed, I feel like his attraction to Allura would really sneak up on him and then he’d be like “oh O H” 

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Hi, my son is 5 and a couple teachers during pre sch have hinted at him having adhd, and his last principal outright refused to have him back for kindergarten saying they can't handle him. Can it be diagnosed this early? (1/2)

In my culture (caribbean) boys are normally hyper and hard to control, people call them rude for not being easily controlled and they play ALOT, and get distracted easily. My son is typical according to family and friends. So should he be tested? 2/2

Okay, so normally I prefer to wait for diagnosis until a kid is at least seven. Sometimes it’s really obvious that a kid has Hyperactive ADHD though.

However, it’s also totally possible that your son isn’t ADHD at all and just needs a way less restrictive school environment. If the school he was last at was a regular public school, you might want to look into schools that are more “alternative” like forest schools, Reggio-based schools, and Montessori schools. Waldorf is another possibility.

Kindergarten has been getting less and less play-based, which is really not good for any of the kids because it means they’re being expected to do things that they are not going to be ready to do for a few more years. Sure, some kids are good at sitting and doing worksheets when they’re five, but most kids aren’t ready for that kind of thing until they’re at least seven.



i was tagged by @yikes-cas to post some selfies, and I was debating whether to post a bunch of random "typical” pics, or one of me right now…

So I decided to just post a “what I tend to look like online vs what I actually look like most days” 

I’m not going to tag anyone in particular, because I know how sensitive posting pics can be for some people, but if you’ve been considering posting a selfie, go ahead and say I tagged you! Show the world your beautiful mug ;) 

I’ve been watching One Punch Man with my friends and like… it’s really good? It’s super amusing, all the tropes they attack. It’s so simple and whenever you think a really heroic Typical Anime thing is gonna happen it just falls flat. I love it.

Also I’m falling again into weeb hell. I thought I was cured…

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end yourself you attention seeking piece of shit

Fuck you. I did absolutely nothing to you or anything to warrant a message of this nature. Telling someone to “end themselves” is actually more serious than sending typical hate mail, so I pray that whatever pissed in your Cheerios this morning to make you send this message to me resolves itself quickly. Because you’re seriously going to fucking hurt someone if you don’t stop screwing around.

Think about that, will you.

Have a very nice, fucking day.

*Edit: If anyone else ever gets messages like this, don’t believe a word of it. These people are cowards and deserve absolutely nothing from you.


“You’re not just another brick in the wall!” - Special 2

I found this video gallery most recently and thought immediately how good this will fit into my current topic called “you’re not just another brick in the wall!”, even there is not a single picture among the 470 portraits which was taken with a brickwall as background.

This video gallery shows more than 470 gay men (due to several portraits of couples) that are all beyond the typical clichés about gay men, which are so often used by straight people to makes us appear as all being the same, very independent and singular persons… …as everybody is it on this world, no matter what’s his/her skin color, his/her belief or his/her sexual orientation.

So even all clichés have their true roots, don’t let them stereotype your way of thinking about others!

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I feel like Ichimatsu might like the song "Forever Halloween" by The Maine, it's a very somber like song and idk I think of him when I listen to it. Also Kara bc it's about putting on a facade and how you should be you

Oooh yes, I can definitely see that!

It certainly matches his lethargic and laid-back nature, so it fits right in with his typical lifestyle. I can easily imagine him just laying on his back, starting blankly at the ceiling with the song playing somewhere in the background.

As for Kara, the song is too somber to really be his style, but he could effortlessly lighten the music to sound more tender and romantic!

And sorry for taking so long to get to this simple question, I’ve been a little…preoccupied just staying alive lately :’) ((help me))

I work as a graphic designer for a small promotional products company, and we sell a LOT of hats. I was working with a client who wanted hats that were completely custom from the button-to-the-bill. We handle the design, and then they’re manufactured in China

This client was a nightmare from the beginning. Getting art approval was awful for everything, from figuring out if they wanted a printed sandwich, contrast stitching, contrast eyelets.

The problem was trying to explain things to them. They were a husband and wife team that own an insurance company; the husband is easy enough to deal with but the wife…  let’s just say I think she’d have a real problem with a book of connect the dots puzzles.

Me: Alright, so after proof approval, these hats typically have 60 days production at this price. However, there will be an additional two weeks because of the Chinese New Year.

Client (Husband): Oh, that’s fine.

Me: You don’t have an in-hands date or a specific deadline do you?

Client (Husband): Nope! 60 days should be fine.

A month passes, and we get a call from the other client.

Client (Wife): We just wanted to check up on the status of our hats? It’s been a long time and we thought they would be done by now. We need these for our open-house!

Me: Well, you chose 60-Day production and there was also an extra 2-week delay because of Chinese New Year. This was approved by your husband.

Client (Wife): Yes I saw that in the email but what does Chinese New Year have to do with anything?

Me: They’re… made in China?

Client (Wife): Well why on earth would they be made there?

Me: ….

Want to know if freelancing is for you?