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ive been thinking abt link and zelda in the hateno house, and they just finished dinner and someone started playing faint music down the road. idk what happens next but listen.. they're slow dancing and so so happy

(pick ur flavor) 

It had been, so far, a typical summer evening in Hateno. After dinner, Link and Zelda sat on either side of the couch, fingers intertwined. Their usual routine was just to chat until they got tired enough to go to bed, but tonight they were interrupted. Sweet accordion notes drifted on the breeze, floating in through the open kitchen window. It was a familiar song, but still, neither of them could pinpoint it. 

“Is one of Kass’ kids in town?” Zelda asked tiredly, but there was a new light in her eyes. Link knew that look. Music always had that affect on her. 

“I don’t know.” 

“Mm,” she replied simply, staring past Link at the window, but swaying somewhat to the music. Link let out a breath of a laugh and stood, offering her his hand and a knowing smile. Zelda smiled back, taking his hand and stepping up off of the couch. 

In the center of the room, Link held up Zelda’s hand carefully, his free hand on her hip; she reached back and up to hold his shoulder, and they began to sway, stepping slowly in sync with each other. A smile etched itself onto Zelda’s lips as she looked up at him, her hero staring back down at her with unwavering blue eyes. Even after so long together, even after a century of living, heat filled her cheeks. It was no longer butterflies, but a heavier sort of love that burdened her heart and willed her to be close to him. 

It was silent now besides the accordion music and the floor creaking occasionally beneath their feet. Zelda rested her cheek against Link’s chest, wondering faintly when he had gotten so much taller; Link dipped his head next to hers, let his eyes fall shut, and savored the smell of her hair as their bodies became closer with every step. There was nowhere they could feel safer or more comfortable than in each others arms, warm and content and forever grateful that no matter what struggles had come their way, it brought them here. Nothing else was more evident, even in such a fleeting dance, that this moment transcended the pain they had gone through - in this moment, all was well in Hyrule. 

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“Are you fucking insane!?” reyder?

I’m sorry this was so late! 

But as requested, Scott x Reyes ficlet! I hope I did them justice D:

Sunrise in the Badlands had a rather special flair for Scott. For one, the uniformly cobalt blue of Kadara’s horizon seemed unfazed by the pinkish glow of a sunrise whispering against the trailing darkness of night. The air had a biting and crisp coolness so typical of a planet with a thinner stratosphere. He breathed it in, letting the frigid air blister against the heat of his lungs. At one hundred percent viability, the sulfurous lakes were no longer so dangerously sulfurous, but instead almost purified save for the ossified detritus hovering on the lake’s surface. Reyes ambled about the jagged shoreline, stopping short of a stalagmite formation barring further passage.

“No,” came Scott’s chiding response. He shook his head with something of an incredulous grin. “No way we’re doing this.” 

“Relax,” Reyes countered, stressing the final syllable with a cavalier tone. “I tested it just yesterday.” His hands already fiddled around for his vest as if the question hanging in the air had already been answered.

“Are you fucking insane!?” Scott shook his head and lay flat palm over his forehead. “Wait… please don’t answer that.” He planted his feet firmly on the ground as if his own stubbornness could somehow move an otherwise immovable object.

Reyes merely chuckled. Almost rid entirely of his accouterments, he quirked a brow as he motioned to remove the rest of his clothing. “Suit yourself,” he said shrugging.

The Pathfinder, on the other hand, for once found himself timid. “Yeah I’d rather not have my skin melted off?” 

Given his penchant for pithy retorts, Scott half expected Reyes to counter, but he instead maintained a tight lipped grin as his eyes focused in the other direction - to the now glittering waves of the lake before them. His torso was bare, reddened by dawn’s copperish hue. He stood as if mesmerized by the gentle lull of a waveless shore. “Gorgeous isn’t it?” His words were muted into a breathless whisper.

“Now where have I heard that before?” Scott remained a short distance behind, watching as Govorkam’s star cast small shadows over the grooves and scars of Reyes’s back. An incoming breeze seemed to goad him further, closer to the jagged peaks jutting into the waters.

“There was a time,” Reyes began, “when my family lived by the water.” He kept his gaze off to the distance, as if endlessly hypnotized by the other side.

Scott ambled closer, almost brushing shoulders with him. “You never told me about your family,” he spoke with gentille caution, as if afraid that the mere acknowledgment would cause the more elusive man to clam up and to never speak of it again.

But much to his surprise, Reyes simply sighed - an exhalation that sang of relief rolling from his shoulders. “It was a long time ago. I was very different then.” A look of resolve left lines on his face. One could only glimpse a trace of the devilish smile that was once there. An air of contemplation seemed to hold sway, and the idleness of the following moments had both men staring lost into the cerulean sight of a lake no longer hissing with venomous fumes. Only the sound of undisturbed waters meekly lapping against placid rocks filled the otherwise soundless sunrise. “But enough about me.”

Reyes suddenly hooked an arm around Scott’s waist, pulling him closer. Scott let a low chuckle cut into the dexterous motions as he let himself be swept away. “Aw, but I was just beginning to enjoy you,” he said, proud of the shabby one-liner he barely scraped together in time.

Of course, the cavalier smuggler didn’t mind. In fact, he found it rather amusing. “There’ll be time for that,” he said in a low growl. Reyes pressed his forehead against him, the corner of his mouth brushing against the ridge beneath Scott’s nose. 

Scott could almost laugh. He wondered why, amidst the golden glow of a rising sun as they overlooked a gorgeous lake, they treaded around the delicate motions of a kiss. His impulsiveness got to the best of him, and soon his own hands wrapped around Reyes, waiting to close in.

“Ready?” Reyes suddenly murmured. 

“Wait wha-”

There was barely any time for a reaction when Reyes suddenly tightened his grip around Scott and whipped over the precipice. Suddenly the ground disappeared from his feet, and a breathless cry flitted through his lips. The thrilling weightlessness of the air right before the their bodies felt the tug of gravity made his stomach sink deeper into his body. The high of a free fall whistled low into his ears, and the two hit the brisk slap of a cool water’s now tempestuous surface. Soon all sound plummeted into a void as the clear sanguinary hue of a bright sunrise darkened into bluish depths. Bubbles rose in columns around him, and for a while all Scott could see and feel was Reyes’s hand clinging to his arm.

Scott felt the water push him to the surface, breathing through as he breathed back the cool air in sporadic bursts. “ARE YOU FUCKING INSANE?!” The once rhetorical question found a more sincere iteration in the grave moment of his shock. His arms splashed about, suddenly worried that the very weight of his armor would plunge him back in.

Reyes reappeared thereafter, but more gracefully breaking the surface as he threw his head back in the air. Gentle ripples trailed the swift paddling of his arms. The still panicking Scott scurried through the water after him, still enraged and deathly afraid that his skin would melt off at a moment’s notice.

“Relax,” he teased in a repeated yet nonetheless gentler tone. A slow laughter rolled through his throat in between hitched breaths. “Fun, right?”

The more fatalistic disbelief lining Scott’s face hinted at a much more different concern. “‘Fun’ is the most inaccurate description I can think of right now.” His hands padded against the waves, disturbing the limpid surface as it foamed around him. 

In a few deft strokes, Reyes swam closer and held Scott in a more steadied embrace as they floated aimlessly in the lake. A halcyon breezed seemed to silence the panic of the moment, letting the two catch their breaths so soon after an unexpected dive. “Don’t worry,” he said, in a hoarse yet reassuring voice. “I got you.”

“I hope so because if I-”

A long awaited kiss cut through his terrified words. Scott could feel the warmth of his breath, the softness of Reyes’s mouth as they locked together. Lost in the moment, all he could think about was how never wanted to let go; how the gentle motions of their feet keeping them afloat, and the tightened weave of their hands around each other were the only ways he wanted to spend the rest of his life.

Yet all things had to come to an end, however sweet. And as soon as a breath parted their lips, Scott found it in him to offer up a lopsided smile. “You are insane.”

Reyes was usually one for words. They often came as if inspired by the sheer force of his own suave ingenuity. But this time, under full view of a sun basking in the heights of a blue sky, all he could do was hold Scott closer and silence him with another kiss, neither guilty nor innocent of the affectionate accusation.

Thank you for the prompt! 

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I need to talk about this scene because it’s so different from the typical way pep talks go. 

Moana has just suffered a tremendous defeat and been abandoned by Maui, her demi-god ally. She’s understandably upset- the heart of Te Fiti has to be restored or decay will consume her island. And yet she’s just one teenage girl on a damaged canoe- how is she supposed to face down Te Ka, actual vengeful Lava monster? 

Her fairy godmother grandmother’s spirit doesn’t come in with a magical fix, insist her doubts are baseless and/or bluster that she should just get on with the impossible. She comforts her and tells her it was too big a task to expect of her (all true!) and then tells her it’s okay to give up, that she will be there with unconditional support to help her go home, no guilt or shame. 


And it should. “Encouragement” is so often a lot like bullying in narratives, even towards characters that are children. “I know you have it in you (even though you were just soundly beaten)! Now get back out there (even though you’re miserable)!” 

Instead, Gramma waits until Moana herself realizes that she’s not ready to give up, through self reflection. She wasn’t there to insist that Moana “suck it up”, but simply to “remind [her] that come what may, [she] know[s] the way”. 

That is awesome. 

Teens Who Graffitied Historic Black School With Swastikas Sentenced To Visit Holocaust Museum

More than $70,000 was raised to restore the school.

A group of Virginia teens convicted of spray-painting an historic black church with swastikas and “white power” have been sentenced to visit the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.

The Ashburn Colored School opened in 1892 for black students who had been forbidden by law to attend school with white students. The school remained open until the late 1950s after the Supreme Court banned segregated education. Prior to the defacement of the building in September, local students were working to restore the school and open it as a museum.


Graffiti of racist slogans, swastikas, and male genitalia… So typical for racist scumbags! It is so sad to see historical sites destroyed, definitely, this was a hate crime… Too disgusting! Because this is our cultural heritage!

I’m very glad to notice this Historic Black School is going to be restored! And this Black History Month is truly magical!


whenever ryan plays a horror game he’s usually unfazed by jump scares and the like which honestly just makes me think about gta ryan who is generally stoic and calm in the face of chaos

and then maybe the crew is playing a horror game and they notice that ryan’s the only one not jumping out of his skin every five minutes, so the lads, being lads and also being in the possession of a death wish, apparently, make it a goal to try to startle ryan

which just results in a straight week of ryan blinking indifferently or getting annoyed or going for a weapon every time someone jumps out at him (gavin, i’m going to end up stabbing you and i can’t promise it’ll be an accident)

and then one morning before a heist they’re all gathered in geoff’s living room/kitchen area tiredly grabbing food; ryan’s waiting for coffee to be done and jack’s got bread in the toaster and gavin’s too busy talking to the lads to realize his eggs are burning

and then from the living room everyone hears three things in quick succession:

  • jack’s toast popping up
  • ryan shrieking in alarm like a four year old
  • the sound of an expensive toaster hitting the tile floor at mach 5 and shattering

everybody appears in the kitchen to find ryan surrounded by toaster parts and looking distinctly embarrassed. he denies it ever happened every time someone brings it up (which is at least three times a week for easily the rest of their lives).

Trans guys are allowed to and desire to be strictly masculine in their presentation.
Yes gender norms are total horse manure but I’m a guy who wants to present entirely masculine. Not just androgynous.
Stop telling trans people that ‘you of all people should understand that boys should wear dresses or makeup, too!’ I wanted to die when I wore dresses and I don’t think that’s changed. I don’t mind makeup but even still I don’t wear it in a way that society sees as typically feminine so leave me and other masculine trans guys alone!!!
If you’re a trans guy who doesn’t feel comfortable presenting typically feminine in any way this post is for you. I totally understand. You aren’t a bad person and you aren’t reinforcing negative gender stereotypes.

So a few weeks ago I got interested what made us human apex predators(cuz lets face it we don’t look intimidating). One of the obvious is superior intelligence but that can’t be all. I figured I put a list together for any writer that want to use this information. (these are all google facts so feel free to do your own research or correct me)

  • Unique Hunting
    • We humans are persistent hunters, so instead of the typical predator approach by stalking our prey and kill it fast, we let our prey know we are here. We tried to hit it with rocks or spears, if the first strike didn’t kill it, we would just calmly walk after it and try again. This goes on over hours, usually during the hottest time of the day, not giving the poor thing a chance to rest until it’s finally to exhausted to run away. We would literally walk our pray to death. There are other animals that hunt like this(wolves) but we humans are the best at it.
  • Insanely Good Trackers
    • This is tied in with our intelligence but I wanted to give it an extra point. Most animals track by smell, which we don’t. We track foot print and things like fur on branches or broken twigs. Water or rain will wash away a scent but following broken twigs is a bit easier in the rain.
  • Amazing Cardio
    • We can’t out sprint any animal but we can outrun them. Humans are within the top 5 animals that are able to walk/jog/run long distances without needing a break. And we are the only predator in that  list.
  • Incredible Aim (hand eye coordination)
    • Out of all the animals we have by far the best aim. Other species with similar abilities just don’t have the same success rate.
  • Best climbers
    • We are one of the best climbers there are and if you don’t believe me watch a parkour video.
  • We eat everything (and i mean everything)
    • We eat many things that are either unenjoyable for animals or poisonous. Our digestive system is unique and allows us to digest these poisons without a problem. While some of these poisons would be dangerous enough in large doses, it is literally impossible for us to OD on them if we eat them as food. Here’s a list:
      • Chocolate
      • Spicy food (is not deadly just unenjoyable)
      • Milk (Humans are the only animals on earth that are lactose tolerant when we grow into adulthood)
      • Avocado
      • Garlic 
      • Coconut
      • Yeast bread
      • Eggs
      • Grapes/Raisins
      • Onions
  • Super Healing
    • Our flesh wounds stop bleeding relatively fast and heal fast too.We heal so well that a broken bone is considered a relative minor medical issue. A broken bone is a death sentence in the animal kingdom and even for modern days vets its impossible sometime to heal an animal’s broken bone. Not only do our bones heal fast but it grows stronger afterward.
  • Lack of Fur
    • Animals that don’t sweat need to regulate their heat by panting. Humans have much better way at regulating heat: we sweat. Sweating happens parallel to whatever activity we do and allows us to perform these task without needing a break. If you made a dog do sports like a human it would have a heatstroke.

All in all we are a species that can adapt to any sort of environment thanks to these traits. 

“Bring Micah back.”

A mother in Raleigh, North Carolina, is seeking justice for her 15-year-old son, who says he was the target of a white student’s continued racism and harassment at school. The teen’s story has gained nationwide attention after a video of his altercation with the white student Friday went viral.

What the video doesn’t show, however, is the alleged harassment that Micah said led him to his boiling point. Micah told that he endured two months of the student’s racial slurs and degrading comments before the two got into a physical altercation on Friday. 

The point that pushed him “over the edge” is when the student showed Micah a video of him shooting a gun and threatened to kill him and his family.

Micah was suspended for 10 days. The other student wasn’t punished at the time.

Since the video of the altercation went viral, students have been rallying in support of Micah.

On Monday, students protested in the hallways of their school. They chanted, “Bring Micah back.”

Micah’s suspension has been reduced to five days since his story gained traction. His mom, Yolanda Speed, told that she was told that the administration decided to punish the white student at that time as well, but she wasn’t given any details. Speed believes the other student was punished because the video went viral.

Though Micah’s suspension has been reduced, the teen is facing backlash from the video. In addition to worrying about potentially getting kicked off the football team, Micah has received comments online calling him racial slurs and saying that he “deserved to be lynched.”


A white kid threatens a black kid’s family and the black kid gets punished? This is so disturbing and so typical at the same time… If someone bullies you and threatens your family you ain’t got a choice but to put hands on them.

Actually, the white kid needs to be charged with making terrorist threats! We need to find out white kid’s name and put it out there!

Justice for Micah!


some SOFT CIVILIAN ANGEL CONCEPTS, because i love civilian angels:


a lone virtue, much smaller than many virtues but larger than some, is assigned with just one miracle– any miracle, it doesn’t matter, so long as it is moved by grace. some virtues turn planets with their miracles, but this one knows it should start smaller. much smaller, probably. it touches down in new york city, 1947, between a bustling club and a small pawn shop.

it’s very easy, once both feet are on asphalt, to stop listening to the hum of every voice in heaven and to focus on the the chorus here on earth; new york is as busy as the gates to purgatory and twice as noisy. and the music… there is really something to be said for the boundless nature of human music. the virtue sits in the window of the club and watches the musicians’ hands, losing days learning swing jazz measures.

after a while, the virtue sends a prayer up to God: “can i stay right here, where music and light never stops? there are countless patterns to it, and i want to see how people dance.”

so the virtue completes its task– one miracle, moved by grace: it learns to play the double bass, and joins a jazz band.


there are a few reasons God never sends seraphs to earth, the first of those being that they can never seem to stick the landing. the first seraph’s attempt is long, long before humankind is around to be embarrassed for it.

“smaller. slower. much less fire next time.” God says, grimacing.  “try again in 65 million years or so.”


it is the duty of a throne to know and impart all the wisdom of heaven, intermediaries for the rest of the angels and saints. this is an awful lot of knowledge, even for a mind as endless and intricate as a maze of mirrors– so much that some thrones can’t be bothered with the sharing. some find that human ears don’t take too well to their voices, simply can’t hear them at all, like colors outside a visible spectrum. one throne finds it’s much easier to whisper secrets to the dirt, all her voices at once, and make flowers bloom.


a few odd million years later, the seraph finally makes its way to earth. it gets the pacing right, squeezes itself into a form just about perfectly human, and causes no extinctions this time. but here’s another reason God never sends seraphs: they just don’t know how to shut up once they get going.

“listen, you’re on earth now. there’s only so many hours in a day for talking, learn to make it count.”

the seraph approximates a frown and says “but talking is my favorite.”

“and you’re very good at it. just maybe try only one voice and language at a time. speaking in multitudes scares the kids.”

“that seems fair.”

“– and enough with the flames.”

“i will try.”

“and remember you don’t need to cover your face when people look at you– i promise they won’t burn up.”


there’s a principality who spends all their time with dogs.

they abandon their post in heaven and come to earth with the express purpose of opening a shelter for abandoned ones, big and small, young and old. “but… couldn’t you have just let a human do that? isn’t that what humans do?” asks one skeptical angel, a malakhim, lowest of the choirs. “aren’t you supposed to be overseeing the rest of us? isn’t that your job?”

“because,” says the principality, comfortable under a pile of sleeping puppies. “half of you are so tiresome. look at these– these are the real angels.”

Who Do I Attract?

So, I have a lot of these asks in my inbox right now, and it’s not really an ask meme, it’s an entire area of astrology! I figured it’d be easiest to just make a post on what areas and ways you may attract certain signs or placements.

The placements here are likely to draw in people of certain signs or planetary dominants. Usually, it will attract the Suns, Risings and dominants of these signs. 

Below, in no particular order, are areas of your chart that may attract certain people or placements.

Your Moon Element will attract the same element and it’s pairing one. For example, a fire moon will attract fire and air moons. This is because your inner workings and feelings are understood by each other more so than typically incompatible elements, like water and air.

Your Rising Element will also attract the same element and it’s pairing one, but it may attract the Rising or Sun sign. For example, an earth rising will attract earth suns and/or risings. This is because your flow and ego is attractive to those who think and appear like you too, rather than those who are more reserved or wild than yourself.

Your Rising Sign is likely to attract, and in turn be drawn to, it’s sister sign. This can be in Sun, Rising or Dominance. This is because your ascendant is the opposite of your descendant, and this is the type of person we look for and admire. For example, Virgo Risings have Pisces Descendants, so are attracted/attractive to Pisces Suns, Risings and/or Dominance as the two act as a whole.

Stelliums which you may have will attract people of a certain sign. If you have a Stellium in a sign, such as Aries, you will attract Aries. This could be Aries Sun, Rising or Dominant. It may also attract Mars, Fire or 1st house dominance. If you have a Stellium in a house, such as the 3rd house, you will attract Gemini. This could be Gemini Sun, Rising or Dominant. It may also attract Mercury, Air or 3rd house dominance. A list of possible sign and house stelliums and the placements they may attract is below. The people you attract may not be mathematically dominant in these ways, but they may be prominent in their chart, like in their Moon or Mars placements.

  • Aries/1st House Stellium: Aries, Mars, Sun, 1st House, Fire dominance
  • Taurus/2nd House Stellium: Taurus, Venus, Moon, 2nd House, Earth dominance
  • Gemini/3rd House Stellium: Gemini, Mercury, 3rd House, Air dominance
  • Cancer/4th House Stellium: Cancer, Moon, Jupiter, 4th House, Water dominance
  • Leo/5th House Stellium: Leo, Sun, 5th House, Fire dominance
  • Virgo/6th House Stellium: Virgo, Mercury, 6th House, Earth dominance
  • Libra/7th House Stellium: Libra, Venus, 7th House, Air dominance
  • Scorpio/8th House Stellium: Scorpio, Mars, Pluto, 8th House, Water dominance
  • Sagittarius/9th House Stellium: Sagittarius, Jupiter, 9th House, Fire dominance
  • Capricorn/10th House Stellium: Capricorn, Saturn, Mars, 10th House, Earth dominance
  • Aquarius/11th House Stellium: Aquarius, Uranus, Saturn, 11th House, Air dominance
  • Pisces/12th House Stellium: Neptune, Jupiter, Venus, Pisces, 12th House, Water dominance

Your Dominant Sign will also attract certain signs. For example, if you are Aquarius dominant, it is likely you attract air or fire Sun and Risings, as well as fellow air/fire dominants.

Your Dominant Planet will also attract certain signs as it is the energy dominant within you. A list is given below. The sign in capitals is the sign ruled by this planet, so it is the most likely to be drawn to you. The one in normal case is where this planet exalts, so whilst they are drawn to you, it is not as much as the first.

  • Sun dominant: LEO, Aries
  • Moon dominant: CANCER, Taurus
  • Mercury dominant: GEMINI, VIRGO
  • Venus dominant: TAURUS, LIBRA, Pisces
  • Mars dominant: ARIES, SCORPIO, Capricorn
  • Jupiter dominant: SAGITTARIUS, PISCES, Cancer
  • Saturn dominant: CAPRICORN, AQUARIUS, Libra
  • Uranus dominant: AQUARIUS, Scorpio
  • Neptune dominant: PISCES, Leo, Cancer (People debate whether Neptune exalts in Leo or Cancer - to keep peace I have written both)
  • Pluto dominant: SCORPIO, Pisces, Aries (People debate whether Pluto exalts in Pisces or Aries - to keep peace I have written both)

For example, someone with Jupiter dominant is likely to attract Sagittarius dominants. Or, equally, someone with Sagittarius dominant is likely to attract Jupiter dominants.

There are even more areas you could personally look, but referring to this list can give you a good idea. For example, if you have Scorpio Venus and Mars, you can tell from this you’re likely to attract Pluto dominants, Taurus Risings, and/or people with 8th house stelliums.

Your Midheaven can also work here for the first attraction! For example, I was instantly attracted to my boyfriend when I first saw him as he was a mystery to me, and as it turns out his Midheaven is the sister of mine. The basic rule for this first sight attraction would be like this:

  • Opposite signs: Mysterious, wanting to know more, seemingly the same yet different to you
  • Element match: Similar, you feel they are like you in some way
  • Compatible elements: You seem to appreciate them for who they appear to be, but know you are not one in the same
  • Midheaven ruled by same planet: You seem so different, but there is a similar energy within you
  • You can obviously attract and be attracted to any Midheaven, but these matches would stand out for the purposes of this post

what she says: I’m fine 

what she means: Luke Skywalker was not your typical Masculine Hero™ in any way shape or form, and honestly I think people miss the point of that? He’s supposed to be vulnerable and caring, he did not listen to Yoda and Obi-wan about letting go of fear and attachment. Luke purposely uses love and attachment many times throughout the OT, especially when it comes to facing his father. Luke shows there is nothing wrong with showing emotion, something that so many other Typical Masculine Heroes™ do. He shows the audience that you can take fear and love and compassion and turn it into a weapon; not a weapon used to destroy harshly, but one to use to manipulate and help. Luke Skywalker is just so good and I hope the sequel trilogies stay true to his character


It was an idea I had, I think, when I was flying from L.A. to somewhere. I thought it would be nice to lose our identities, to submerge ourselves in the persona of a fake group. We would make up all the culture around it and collect all our heroes in one place. So I thought, A typical stupid-sounding name for a Dr. Hook’s Medicine Show and Traveling Circus kind of thing would be ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.’ Just a word game, really.”

—Paul McCartney, 1984

The Venus Signs // When Things Go Sour

The 1975 songs to describe the tough times we all go through ☾

Aries Venus: Change of Heart 

You smashed a glass into pieces
That’s around the time I left
When you were coming across as clever
Then you lit the wrong end of your cigarette.

Taurus Venus: Loving Someone

We’re all human, we’re just like you man
We’re sentient, we’re something
You know I can’t really remember, whatever
We shouldn’t have people afloat
If it was safer underground, we wouldn’t be on a boat.

Gemini Venus: Paris 

I caught a pinky in her nose
As the crowd cheered for an overdose
And I don’t suppose you know where this train goes
There was a party that she had to miss
Because her friend kept cutting her wrists.

Cancer Venus: If I Believe You

And if I believe you,
Would that make it stop if I told you I need you?
Is that what you want?
And I’m broken and bleeding, and begging for help.

Leo Venus: She’s American

Oh, she’s dancing enthralling, I guess I gotta wait my turn
I said, don’t fall in love with the moment
She said I’ve got a lot to learn.

Virgo Venus: Is There Somebody Who Can Watch You?

I know it’s me that’s supposed to love you
And when I’m home you know I got you
Is there somebody who can watch you?

Libra Venus: You

And you’re a liar, at least all of your friends are
And so am I, just typically drowned in my car
It’s my party and I’ll cry to the end
You must try harder than kissing all of my friends.

Scorpio Venus: Somebody Else

I don’t want your body
But I hate to think about you with somebody else
Our love has gone cold
You’re intertwining your soul with somebody else.

Sagittarius Venus: Girls

They’re just girls breaking hearts
Eyes bright, uptight, just girls
But she can’t be what you need if she’s 17
They’re just girls.

Capricorn Venus: Pressure 

Well I stay tuned, listen to the news and try to fall asleep at night
Because I’m living in a house with just three walls
So I’m always getting recognized.

Aquarius Venus: Undo

I didn’t even see you when I liked you
Now I ain’t got no time
Girl I wanna see you undo it
I wanna see you but you’re not mine.

Pisces Venus: This Must Be My Dream

Pipe down, you’re no lover
This feeling keeps your body tune
Well, I thought it was love but I guess I must be dreaming
‘Bout feeling something instead of you.

for a show that’s about a black woman joining major league baseball, talks about the pressure on women to succeed in male-dominated sports, features an amazing platonic relationship between the main female and another main black male, talks openly about anxiety issues, includes a black housewife that flourishes in that role while supporting her husband’s career, while also talking about the sacrifices she has made AND has a very beautiful friendship based on respect and love between the main career-orientated female and the housewife, pitch does not get the love it deserves

The Wolf Eel

Definitely not one of the beauties of the ocean but a really interesting animal none-the-less. To start off the wolf eel is not a true eel, it is a member of the wolf fish family. If you look closely you will see they have pectoral fins (the ones on the sides) and true eels lack these. They can grow up to a little over 7ft and weigh about 40lb. They are native to the Pacific Ocean, and are typically found in crevices, caves, or in some form of shelter. They have a strong set of teeth for crunching through the shells of crabs, sand dollars, and sea urchins.

Wolf eels are also attentive parents and they mate for life. Females will lay up to 10,000 eggs at a time. She will then wrap her body around the eggs, to shape them into a neat sphere. The male will then wrap his body around the female to protect them.

As juveniles wolf eels are brightly colored, and lack the strong molars adults have so they typically will stick to a diet of fish until they grow in those teeth.

A common problem biologists face in keeping these animals in captivity is making sure to keep giving them a crunchy diet. If wolf eels are not regularly given crunchy foods (crabs, sea urchins, etc.), it will affect their teeth.

Despite their looks and those large, strong teeth, wolf eels are actually known for being gentile and curious. They have also been known to eat out of diver’s hands! Of course you should never actually attempt this becasue it is always better to leave wild animals be!

So I’m typically a player however I’m an aspiring author and decided to give GMing a chance. It should be noted that my players are incredibly experienced players who I have played with for 2+ years. I start them in a small tavern and everything progresses quite well and they are on their way to fight a lich (their characters are all 18+ at this point and I nerfed the lich just a bit). A few critical fails on their parts and critical hits on the liches part later and they are at an almost total party wipe leaving only the bard and the fighter left standing out of five people. And this proceeds to happen…

Female bard: can i seduce him

DM(me deciding to humor her): You can certainly try

Female bard: hey (picking up one of the various bones littering the floor) if you stop trying to kill us I have something you can “bone”

DM (face palming): sure make your role

Female bard: *Nat 20*

DM: The lich is so moved by your pick up line he decided to marry you instead of killing you

Fighter: can I be the maid of honor?