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Don´t you dare Bulma XD You were the first teasing him, that´s just a typical Vegeta-comeback, so don´t complain about it.   XD
Newest page so far, next follows asap. Maybe it will take some time, because I first have to sketch down the future plot.

Hope you like so far. :D

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Confessions, Amongst Other Things

Rating: K

Summary:ย Shiro and Allura learn to compromise, communicate, and confess.

Note:ย I seriously need another fandom like I need a hole in my head. Yet here I am. I am holding @ahumanintraining completely (and personally) responsible for this. She knows what she did.

I donโ€™t typically employ a beta reader so please forgive my offensive grammar and typos.

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Hey :) I was wondering what you don't like about Wonder Woman ?

At least from the trailer it’s not her story it’s a man “discovering” her story like we need a Everyman White Guy to relate to when we discover an independent warrior woman like???why cant it just be from her point of view like every other one???? Why do we need typical man asking dumb questions??? Why so many boob cups???? Why cant they be properly armored like thor looks sexy and is properly armored for an immortal allow the amazons that decency as well also she has her hair in a ponytail casually and youre telling me she takes it down to fight like nah bitch byeeeee


So during the mind-melding activity everyone’s thoughts were made somewhat accessible to each other, yeah? So Hunk typically imagined food, Lance thought of his family back home, Shiro remembered the Kerberos launch, and Pidge worried over the whereabouts of her brother (and father i suppose, though it only shows Matt). But Keith? He visualized that shack he lived in, the significance of which was downplayed til this sneaky, easily-overlooked moment. Preeeeetty sure there’s some major backstory about to be unveiled and something angsty at that if his expression is anything to go by.

I mean, I could be overthinking. But then again the possibilities–!!!!??

Is that my shirt?

Pairing: Dan Howell X reader (her, she)
Words: 1124
Warnings: Fluff, slight embarrassment
I just found some old screenshots (by some, I mean 53) of writing-prompts and figured I wanted to try one. If somebody knows who created the prompt list, let me know so I can give credit and tag them!

You stumbled over all the mess in Dan’s room. It was nothing like in his videos, but of course you knew that from before. You were looking for that one shirt that you liked so much. It was typical Dan. It looked like him. It smelled like him. And that is exactly why you needed to find it.  
As you lifted a few articles of clothing, stepping around a bit, you tripped in a cord and dragged his lamp on the floor.

“Y/n.. If you break something, I can’t pretend I didn’t see anything,” oh, that’s right. You’d asked Phil for a favour. You just needed to borrow one of Dan’s shirts without Dan knowing. So as kind as he was, he’d texted you when Dan would be out on errands and promised he would keep his mouth shut as long as you brought it back before he asked.  

“I swear I won’t! He’d be mental if he even noticed anything was gone in this mess..” You mumbled the last bit to yourself.  

As you looked around and finally spotted the shirt, you heard Phil’s voice starting in a nervous manner.

“Hey! Hello, dear friend. Dan. Daniel..” Phil stumbled upon his words and you knew you’d have to be quick.

“Hello Phil?” Dan’s voice came closer and closer as he laughed at Phil’s manner.  

“Wait! Come to the kitchen! Fast, okay?” Phil’s footsteps turned away and you thought you’d made it as you picked the shirt up, but when you turned around to see Dan leaning in the doorway, you blushed furiously. Dan smiled in victory at your embarrassment and pushed himself up to stand properly.

“Hey Y/n. What are you doing in my room?” Dan asked. His tone was more of a ‘I will win no matter what’ - tone rather than a curious one.

“What? Now? I am.. Uh, leaving!” You hid the shirt behind your back and scurried past Dan. When you thought you’d made it, he asked a question you didn’t know how to answer.

“Is that my shirt?”

“No?” You threw it back into his room as if nothing happened and put on an innocent smile.

“Okay, what is going on?” He asked. You sighed. You knew you had to come up with a solid lie, or just tell him the truth. Seeing as you were a terrible liar under pressure you opted for the latter.

“Don’t be mad at me,” you started. “I kind of said we were together, but I didn’t mean it like together-together! And now they’re bothering me with proving it and I am too far in it to say it how it really is, so I figured if I wore one of your shirts, they’d stop and of course you took your shirts back home last weekend and now I had to come up with a new plan, this was all me, not Phil! So -” before you could ramble even more, Dan shut you up.

“Do you want us to be?” He asked and reached for the door-knob.  

“If I want us to be together?” You looked at him like he was crazy. He pulled the door shut and stood closer to you.

“Yes. Together-together,” he looked slightly nervous now. Dan hadn’t really planned this, that was for sure.

“I-I don’t know. Do you?” You frowned and searched his eyes for an answer. It took time. He was super-nervous. He’d liked you for quite a while, and of course you had noticed a few things that he did that wasn’t normal to do with a friend.  

And who were you if you didn’t reciprocate his feelings? Dan was amazing, wonderful, intelligent, funny, and you could never find the right words to describe him and your relationship. You’d never discussed what you were. You weren’t just best friends, but you weren’t in a girlfriend/boyfriend relationship either. The two of you had kissed before, but as a dare.  

“I want to be your boyfriend, Y/n, if you’d let me,” Dan was shaking and almost at a breaking point. He hadn’t seen much of Y/n’s feelings, but this time he trusted Phil. Phil knew of your feelings and he couldn’t help himself to let it slip by Dan. He hoped something would happened between the two of you.  

“I didn’t know you felt that way,” You had to utter. You didn’t seem to think this was your Dan. You just had to know if he was messing around with you, or if he genuinely liked you.

“I have.. For a while now, but if you don’t want to I could just lend you a shirt and we could forget this?” Dan saved himself, just in case you didn’t like him back. He tried to make this situation a bit less awkward if that was the case.

“I’d appreciate the shirt,” You said. As you got the reaction you wanted from Dan, a quivering lip, you smiled at him. “And I also know I’ll appreciate my new boyfriend,” you beamed at him. His eyes immediately filled with new energy. He looked into your glistening eyes, at you beautiful smile, your flushed cheeks, those absolutely taunting lips and he couldn’t just fathom that he was able to call all of that his, just like that.

“Can I kiss my girlfriend?” Dan asked, cupping your cheeks carefully with his shaking hands. He could feel how heated your cheeks were.  

“Boyfriends don’t need to ask that question,” you put your hands around his waist and brought his body closer to yours. “they just do it.”

And that was what he did. He kissed you with all the love he had. He’d dreamt of your lips ever since that stupid game of truth and dare. Since the time he realized he loved you. He wouldn’t reveal that just yet, but he would. Just in time.  

You kissed him back, of course. Thanks to Phil and his somewhat bad timing, you now had your childhood crush as your boyfriend. Your mum had always said that you two fit together like a glove, and it would be no problem introducing your boyfriend to your family. They already loved him, but not more than you did.

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I hate to be 'that person' but don't just assume only males would want the female figures.

im not! i myself (a girl) have tons of female figures (probably more girls than i own guys, and believe have mentioned that i’m going to be collecting many femuis in the posts below) but like male fanbase (the general one that companies appeal to, as in mostly het guys) are always into certain ‘waifu’ charas (great charas, but the ones that they end up preferring) 

awakening was tharja, lucina, cordelia even tho robin beat them (but u mainly see tharja, lucina, cordelia)

fates is camilla afaik

thats y i tried to be specific w my phrasing like…they could have made femui scale, but they go w camilla..while im really grateful that they made her its so sad that the full scale treatment is the typical waifu chara (as much as other girls like her) and we dont even get female avatar amiibos so it’s like :/ fig companies/nintendo/whoever is in charge needs to notice the female fanbase too (disclaimer and boys that would enjoy buying male figures etc etc)

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I don't think you sound hypocritical Caddy. You give good reason not to accept an apology and you're typically the sweetest monster in the underground, so I think you're very justified in your feelings

“That’s… actually a big relief, anons. It’s thanks to some of the things Getter said and did that I get really worried about being judged… so thanks for understanding my point of view.”

“But I guess I’d better take my own advice again, huh? G got mad, and that was a step forward… so I gotta remember it’s okay for me too, long as I don’t dwell on it like I did as a teenager.”

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Sorry joining in like this but I'm so glad they didn't make L another typical and boring 'attractive, cool, badass detective'. I mean he's cool, badass and eccentric in his own way but he is also unattractive, weird and creepy at some point and that's why I like him. He was nothing like I expected him to be when I first saw him confronting Kira on Tv..

Haha, I can see where you’re coming from there. I’m no big L fan myself, but I have to leave it to him that I will take him over BBC’s ‘cool edgy mysterious asshole’ Sherlock any day. 

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What is marriage not dating about?

So it’s your typical contract dating/marriage set-up.


The acting is brilliant and so fucking hilarious, and the drama itself has an incredibly entertaining format. Each episode starts with a “cold open” so you land in the middle of some dramatic situation and then you go back in time to see how they ended up there.

It’s FANTASTIC. Do watch it. I highly recommend ;)) the actress’s name slips my mind, but she was the one in Girl K and she was so young but fucking brilliant ok her comedic acting is A class.

//wishes to watch again

♥︎Admin K

EDIT: HAN GROO is her name.

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so I've been pretty successful at this sugaring thing.. And I was wondering about how many sugar babies a daddy usually like to keep around . Like for example; yourself ?

… my humorous, but realistic, response is that the number of sugar babies a sugar daddy has (or wants) is generally limited by just two factors:  how much time he has and how much money he has.  

However, putting that “big picture” aside, some experienced sugar daddies like to have a “bench”; a couple of girls that they see on a regular basis.  If the “first string” is not available on a particular day, he’ll contact his “second string” and so on.  A sugar daddy who has such a bench is typically paying a pay per meet allowance, not a monthly allowance.  

There were stretches of time when I had two sugar babies in my local area who I would see regularly; sometimes both in the same week.  I have to tell you, with the busy work schedule I have, that was sometimes a challenge to manage!  See above, “time” as one of the limiting factors, lol.  

Then there are the sugar daddies who are interested in having only one sugar baby at a time. Again, that could be because of either the time or financial constraints.  Some sugar daddies like to be serially monogamous when it comes to having a sugar baby because he treats the arrangement more like a vanilla relationship.  

If you permit me to generalize a bit in answering your question, I tend to think that the sugar daddy who is more interested in the sexual part of an arrangement may tend to have multiple arrangements active at any given time and the sugar daddy who is more interested in having something closer to a “girlfriend on the side” will typically have one arrangement.  In my view, both approaches are perfectly legitimate ways for a daddy to play in the bowl.

I have meandered back and forth along that spectrum.  I have been with my “out of town” (whom I see once a month) sugar baby for about four years at this point.  In sugar terms, that’s an eternity, I know!  She jokes that she has been with me longer than any boyfriend she has ever had. During that time, she has had other sugar daddies, in addition to me, and a couple of vanilla boyfriends and I have been with other sugar babies in my local area.  We are aware of each other’s arrangements and that has never caused any strain in our situation.

One of the fascinating things about the sugar bowl, at least to me, is the fact that traditional notions about relationships simply need not apply.  So, it is perfectly fine if a sugar baby wants two or more daddies in her life at the same time, and, as long as she can successfully manage (or juggle, lol) all of her commitments to them, it’s all good.  And, of course, the same applies on the daddy’s side of the equation,

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Hey Kara! Hope you're doing okay this morning. You're really great and loved by so many people here! Take care of yourself :)

Oh my gosh this has been here for so long I’m so sorry, truth be told I met someone who has pretty much taken me out of my typical routine. so my online presence is severely lacking right now :) I promise that I am doing really good though!

don’t even feel like entering my wing design even though i like the concept i just feel like people will look down on me because it’s so basic
took a different approach from your typical “wings”
what to do what to do;;;

I really want to bury this Taylor Swift topic once and for all. But… man. Her fans think that the fact that her ‘exes’ don’t diss her publicly means they all love her.

L M A O.

No, sweetie, they’re media trained and care about their images. They know it’s in their best interest not to say anything. Some of them, like Harry, are just fucking gentlemen and way too nice.

Harry was once followed for miles through the motorway in LA by a fan. He slowed down, rolled down his window and raised his voice a little, asking her to stop following him. Her friend had recorded it and uploaded it on twitter. He searched for her, followed her and sent her DMs APOLOGISING. He’s fucking out of this world. Him being polite about Taylor means absolute shit.