I’ve resisted introducing myself in tag for this past week - mostly for time-related reasons, but also because it was just fun to sit back and watch so many of you show your creative talents and support for this beautiful little roleplay my best friend created.

I know in the deepest depths of my heart and mind that Nikki created Before Harry with the absolute best intentions because that’s just how the best roleplay experiences are formed.

 I also know that she wanted nothing more than a fun, incredibly active group because that’s something she has always prized herself on establishing from the get-go of any of her roleplays. 

And, because I know Nikki and am lucky enough to call her my best friend in the world, I know that, throughout this all, she has been nothing but lenient, understanding, completely helpful, fully accepting, and amazingly beautiful, brilliant beam of light in a community so typically filled with terror and darkness. Truly, what I witnessed this week in Nikki has been a girl who is nothing short of the most excited I’ve ever seen her.

I have no qualms in saying any of this, and when you read this, know that I mean each and every fucking word: 

If you truly believe that you can continuously get away with being the fucking scum of the earth, you do not have any clue what is coming to you. Don’t you fucking dare try to demean, threaten, or ruin the entirely selfless gift that was legitimately created for people to enjoy and take part in with nothing but the best intentions. And how very fucking dare you to take advantage of someone’s personal fears like that. If this was any other roleplay where I had no trace of such a strong attachment and deep admiration for its creator, I would be upset and disappointed. Now? 

I am fucking livid. I am damn furious. I am outraged beyond measure.

I am every color of ferocious anger, every shade of hungry outrage, every hue of an incessant wrath - I am a tempest storm ready to fuck you up.

To put it in the simplest of terms: 

                        If you hurt my girl, you will respond directly to me. 

x Daisy

P.S: Call me Medusa, for this monstrosity is not mine to bear - but yours to fear.

9580) I was talking with my long term girlfriend the other day about what we wanted in our future.

She knows I’m trans, so she factored that in. We both wanted to get married, and we both wanted kids (2 or 3 to be exact), preferably biological before I become infertile. It sounded so typical, like your stereotypical American life - a spouse, a couple of kids and a white picket fence. But it’ll never be acceptable because I’m trans. I wish I was cis.

fanfiction has corrupted me so much that when i see the typical heterosexual sex scene in a movie i am not impressed and start questioning “where are the kinks, where’s the spanking, where’s the dirty talk, where’s the battle for dominance”


POSITIVE HEALTH POST! So basically I have joint hypermobility syndrome (which is basically the same thing as minor EDS-III) and some interesting complications thereof, but I wasn’t diagnosed until this past February, when everything that had been a minor quirk suddenly turned into a full-blown symptom.

I was so confused about why I couldn’t move typically or do the things I always had without feeling my joints painfully pop out of place and back in, and a host of other related unpleasant feelings. I was so physically unstable and wiped out that I remember looking some pictures of me doing cartwheels only two months before and crying because I couldn’t even remember what if felt like to be that person anymore, and thinking that I would never get the chance to do those things again, and I completely missed my chance to appreciate it until it was too late.

So why did I say this was a positive post? Because for some reason, I have been feeling SO MUCH better these past few months. Things have returned to their previous rate of slight decline that they’d been in before February. I still hurt every day, but I can totally manage it. I have no idea why the flare-up came or why it went. I think maybe stress and lack of Vitamin D was involved? But I did a cartwheel again the other day, even though I know I probably shouldn’t. And now I am TOTALLY appreciating the heck out of the things I can do, because obviously faulty connective tissue doesn’t “get better” and I’ll probably keep slightly worsening as time goes on and I’ll probably have more horrible flare-ups like that one, BUT now I feel so much more positive and hopeful because I know that that flare-up didn’t last forever, and maybe the next one won’t, either. So I’m just sitting here looking at this picture and knowing what it feels like to be that woman again, and being a lot less scared of the future than I have been.

Anyway, here’s a picture of my butt




each of them typically sell for over $70 on eBay or amazon, so when i saw them on eBay for $15 each i instantly ran to get to my wallet so i could by them. tonight i bought The Continuum and The Carriers. years and years ago i bought The Brilliant before the prices shot up.

it’s honestly one of my dreams to complete and frame this collection. just two more to go c:

Avatar AU (ATLA/LOK)

In this AU, Tadashi is the Avatar and Hiro is a firebender. Which is fitting since Hi is also fire. and Hiro in the manga was a pyromaniac… anyway…

Aunt Cass is a waterbender, and so was the brothers’ mother. Papa Hamada was a firebender. In the fight against the renewed equalist, under new leadership, the Hamada Parents lost their lives in an attempt to protect the 17 year old Tadashi and 13 year old Hiro.

Cass knows how to heal via waterbending, she also knows how to bloodbend without the aid of the full moon. So does Tadashi, being the Avatar and all. The very first Element Tadashi learned was waterbending and the Avatar before him was the ill-fated Avatar Ventus.

Ventus was the airbender Avatar before Tadashi, he died when the WTU or the Water Tribe Union aimed to take over the world… typical… He was only 21 when he died. So young. But he did have an offspring and that was Baymax.

Baymax was 3 years old when his father Avatar Ventus died

Yes Baymax is a human in this AU…

Tadashi was also a genius, he picked up all the other elements at the age of fourteen. To which the Hamada parents kept a secret that their eldest son was the avatar, because the WTU was searching for the Avatar to either brainwash or kill.

Not many knew that Mama Hamada was a waterbender and Hiro was a firebender so they dismissed her sons for being the Avatar.

Gogo is an earthbender who uses the earth to make things faster. She knows to metal bend and lava bend

Honey is a firebender, because she loooves explosions. She’s a combustionbender (cue sparky sparky boom man) but instead of third eyes, she uses her glasses.

Wasabi is a waterbender, funny because he isn’t really the go with the flow type of person

Baymax is an airbender, the son of Avatar Ventus.

Hiro is a firebender
Tadashi is the waterbender Avatar

Submitted by: Makata

(Fred’s the son of a rich noble from the Earth Kingdom, but he can’t bend. Doesn’t stop him from being a hella good fighter though. He also thinks that Benders are awesome, he’s a major ‘bending enthusiast’ so his house is often used as a safehouse when the others are on the run from the WTU

He creates his own taser glove like Asami’s so he can help fight. It might also shoot fire because fire is cool)

A Little Too Confident?

(A.N): So this is a cute request! Sorry for taking so long to write it lmao but enjoy :)

It was a typical Saturday night for you and Justin. You guys had just gotten home recently from hanging out with your friends. Justin had taken a shower and he was now in bed, playing Call of Duty. You, on the other hand, were in the shower, music blasting while you were in there. 


At least 2 hours passed and Justin felt like you were taking entirely too long in the bathroom. 

‘Babe! What’s taking so long?? Bring your cute ass here so we can cuddle and play Call of Duty together! They’re kicking my ass and I need you!’

After not hearing a response, Justin would pause the game and tear the covers off of him. He’d walk into the bathroom to see you, naked and singing to his song 'Confident’ into a hairbrush.

Justin would be so entertained because 'wow! She’s never really this open around me!’ He would lean up against the door post and admire your body (and your singing skills!) 

'So this is what’s taking you so long, huh?’ He’d question, smirking at your scared response. You’d quickly cover yourself with a towel and cover your face because how embarrassing is it that your singer bf caught you singing and dancing (naked might I add) to one of his songs. 

Justin would just laugh and pull you into his arms, grabbing your ass in the process.

'Are you done with your concert? Very lovely by the way, loved the view! The vocals, too!' 

You would playfully shove him and let him lead you into the bedroom. You’d find a pair of lace panties and one of his shirts to put on. You’d crawl into bed and snuggle up against him, grabbing another controller and helping him in Call of Duty, with an occasional 'accidental’ hand rub against his dick.

Four AM Truth || Peter & Kieran

Cassiopia Tate went to bed at precisely two thirty six to two fifty four. Most students didn’t dwell around about on Saturday nights, especially not when partying and being crazy was a common thing now. So at four fifteen Kieran was typically surrounded by his books, research, random etchings and near the fire pit. Tonight it’d rained and gave the whole castle a cool chill. The boy looked up as Peter came down, and rose to his knees. “I’ve been researching.”

northsfire asked:

america's next top model au :))

(it’s been a long time since I’ve watched antm so if I sound dumb so be it)

okay so both of them are competing models. Ian is the “typical male model” type, tall, handsome, great smile, good hair (when styled right). he’s the packaged deal and the judges consider him dreamy.

and then there is Mickey, who is kind of the dark horse of the whole competition. He never smiles (unless he’s looking at Ian but that comes later) and he’s short and his body shape isn’t like the others BUT his pictures are always amazing. Something clicks when it comes to Mickey and the camera. (His runway walk could use some work, he sometimes looks like he waddles (Ian thinks its cute though))

there’s more to this, but I have a headache. (I didn’t even touch on the fact that whenever they have to pair up for shoots, Ian and Mickey are always somehow together. The judges always marvel at how natural the two of them are together and how there is a certain “energy” to their shared pictures.)

anonymous asked:

Hey! I'm in a bit of a rut as far as what should read next. I wanted to find someone else opinion, so maybe I can drift away from my typical reads. What are some of your favorite books, or series, or both? I just finished TMI series, but I'm trying to not follow in that same category, or the dystopian type novels either. Hope you can help me!

please read the wrath and the dawn by renee ahdieh please

challenge no. 131: sugar and spice and everything nice (team rakuzan)

title: sugar and spice and everything nice
characters/pairing/team: mayuaka, team rakuzan
challenge: no. 131; team battle
additional tags: mayuaka + mayuzumi chihiro + mibuchi reo, please and thank you!

It wasn’t every day that he felt like doing something nice for Akashi, which was probably why Mibuchi agreed when Mayuzumi asked him to teach him how to bake.

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Welllllllllll, this happened. And needless to say, I’m surprised. For two reasons. First off, this boss isn’t the typical “drop” boss you have. So, I wasn’t sure how I’d get the pet. second, my friend did 145 kilns before he got the pet. So, me getting it in 50, is shocker. 

dustygamma asked:

Sounds like you just need to establish more of an impression before moving onto the playfully jackass stuff. White knights will always look for anything to get riled up over, it's important others know you're friendly before moving onto that stuff. In humor: knowing your audience is important, but it's also important how much they know you.

See thats the problem. In a crowded stream, the only way to make an impression IS to stand out. 

And how do I stand out? Humor. I’m not gonna flash my work, my blog or anything else EVER. Frankly although I’d love for people to recognize me when I drop in on their stream they typically do not. So I try to make an impression from the ground up the way I’m best at.

It just works a hell of a lot better when so called  “good guys” don’t put it in a bad light.

callmeangelinnna asked:

I was wondering, that guy keep on telling bullshit about Sasuke's character and state it as a fact but still won't show any manga panels to prove it. Ah, that's right. It's because he cannot prove what he said and still says. *facepalm*

Typical NH/Hinata wanker, can claim so many things as canon but cannot back any of them up with panels