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Hi crystal!!! This maybe a strange question: how you study for the SAT??? I'm pretty stress right now because I have to take it in October 😁😁😁....if only my whole entire future didn't depend on it... Any tips would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks -A wondering Anon

ahh im not the right person to ask tbh!! i didn’t study at all i was actually at a party the night before omg in my opinion though the only thing you need to study for it is how to manage your time, the SAT tests how well the typical student learned their subjects so like cramming the week before isn’t gonna help at all tbh you either know the stuff or you don’t so i’d do a few practice ones, and work on budgeting your time, and make sure you get a good night’s sleep before you take it! also make sure you have a good breakfast. good luck!! :D

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have fun at the TRB in LA ^^ tell us how it goes ehehe <3

the show was so… “unreal” is the adjective i keep using when telling people. the boys were super hyped tbh. 

seokjin was really energetic and fun and towards the end he grabbed a light stick from a fan and waved it around a bunch and then the top flew off LOL. and he gave the handle back to the fan and apologized it was so funny and adorable and typical

yoongi was really feeling himself. like he was jumping and smiling and like a super excited grumpy cat meme it was wonderful. he said “la is my second home town” and everyone probably cried. 

hoseok’s favorite phrase to say was “ahhh it’s getting hot in here let me take off my shirt” he said that like 5 times throughout the concert LOL and he didnt do anything he just laughed. he also did a very good impression of the fans’ failed korean in “miss right” he knows tbh he’s on to us. 

namjoon was soooooooo energetic he was like flailing around and thrashing during every song and it was awesome. especially during cypher like he killed it. 

jimin was a MASSIVE flirt the whole time, smirking and stuff and flirting with the members. like he pretended to kiss hoseok at one point. and his dancing and stage presence are no joke holy shit A+++++

taehyung is a literal angel like he was jumping around the stage and playing around. so sweet and his smile could bring world peace HE IS UNREAL my sweet cinnamon roll oh my god. 

jeongguk…. jeon fuckin jeongguk………. towards the beginning he was really intense and maybe it was nerves. but four or so songs in he started warming up and that was when all hell broke loose tbh. i have never seen a bigger flirt in my life he could probably rival park jimin in this department. during his verses in the love songs he’d crouch down and stare at a fan while singing that part and keep eye contact and when he was done he’d just get up and mosey on down to another part of the stage to do it agAIN fuKCIN ASS. and he had to do aegyo which was hilarious and you could feel the dread tbh. i cackled. 

their performing is no joke tbh. everything was perfect, not a note out of place, and it was just… unreal LOL they are so unreal how do they exist 

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why do you like stydia? just curious not being rude. i've never liked them together romantically and i don't really get why they're so popular. could u maybe explain?

Stydia is a typical slow burn romance. They’ve been through a lot together and one by one, they evolved as a couple and as an independent from one another characters which is really important.
I think Stydia is the most carefully written pairing on Teen Wolf. Remember how it all started? “Hey Lydia. You look… like you’re going to ignore me”. And where are they now? At the beginning, Stiles’s had a crush on Lydia. What could a boy possibly see in a girl in the third grade? There was definitely something that Lydia still has, not her pretty face or body; her personality, her soul, and it makes Stiles look at her the way he’s never looked at anyone else. It makes him wanna listen, pay attention, it makes him wanna flipping her like a never ending book. His feelings were growing with him all the time and for me there’s no doubts that he still likes her romantically. His childish obsession gradually grew into something strong and powerful, which could be real love. But love needs to be mutual and now Lydia can give him that (if the writers won’t screw it as usual) because Stiles wasn’t the only one whose feelings were evolving. Unlike many, I don’t think Lydia needs another “cool” boy like Jackson and Aiden. Jackson treated her like trash, made her cry repeatedly and Aiden was just a distraction from this horrible relationship. She doesn’t wanna be with a bad guy anymore.  She needs someone who loves her unconditionally, cares about her and makes her feel like she’s the best one no matter what. I think season 3 showed us that Stiles has some influence on Lydia. Slowly, she started to care about him too, she let him in and just like Stilinski once she started to listen and pay attention. When she kissed him, they both looked so shy and there was silence around them, like no one expected this is gonna be so good. He made her believe in her abilities of a banshee, he became literally one of the closest people to her, that person in whose arms she felt safe. There was something in her eyes and her smile when she was lying in his bed and he was telling her not to stop believe in herself. Something warm that I haven’t seen in Lydia’s eyes for anyone but Stiles.
For me, they could’ve get together in the end of 3b when Lydia reassessed a lot in her life after she’s lost a best friend.
Looking at them these days, I still see that fire that can bring them to relationship. Stiles isn’t a little boy anymore, he tried to be with someone just like Lydia did.  All of their looks, touches like they don’t know what personal space is when it comes to one another, fear of each other… Damn, why am I talking so much? If you couldn’t see a bond these two have, my words probably won’t change anything for you. 
“And those two… They’re pretty good together”.

Explained: speech bubble meme
  • The speech bubble meme involves an image of a person or character with a speech bubble. This speech bubble is open on the top so whatever text is above the speech bubble appears to be what is stated by the person or character.
  • This meme appears to have started getting popular around April 2015. These early examples of the meme typically involve photo posts with the speech bubble image, so whatever post appears above it on one’s dashboard looks to be what the person or character in the image is saying. These early examples of the meme also typically revolve around certain fandoms (such as this one about Gravity Falls and this one about Steven Universe).
  • Later, these speech bubble images were added to reblogs of posts, thus suggesting that the text above it was said by the person or character in the image.
  • This meme started becoming more widespread thanks in part to the blog communismkills-says, which chiefly features reblogs of posts by Tumblr user communismkills with speech bubble images added to them. The communismkills-says​ Tumblr first started posting on 11 May 2015.
  • Click here to see examples of the speech bubble meme.

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~girly stuff~ Is there a way to differentiate between menstrual cramps or whether its something more serious? I got my period when i was 14 and it was an easy sail for a couple of years, I'm 20 now but in the last year I started to get severe cramps, typical PMS that girls hate. My cramps are so bad that I can't even move because I feel like my uterus is going to explode. Is there a sign i should look for, to tell me that its more serious than it is? Im just extremely paranoid.

Um, yeah, there is a sign. 

It’s the one on your doctor’s office door.

Because that’s who you need to go see about this.

The best way to differentiate between normal and abnormal is to see a doctor, tell them about your symptoms, and let them examine you and order necessary testing. 




How to Shop Online for Tall Clothes Without Spending a Fortune (Sort of - more on that in the "TIPS" section)

All of the following stores have special “tall” sections in their online shops (typically not in-store, unfortunately). So on with the reviews!

American Eagle Outfitters - HOLY CRAP do not go ANYWHERE else for jeans. I was literally at my wit’s end for pants until I discovered AEO. They have long and x-long lengths and a vast array of fits and styles. Lots of times their pants are on sale, too - always check the clearance section using the size filter! I can wear a pair of their jeans almost every day for a year or more before the knees get holes.

Old Navy - Cheap quality clothes, but really cheap price tags. I generally buy things like tanks and camis from them - stuff that has to be long enough for my obscenely long torso, but that isn’t the centerpiece of my outfit.

GAP - Higher quality than Old Navy, but also more expensive. Button-down shirts there typically run $45 or more, but I would say they are worth the price.

Banana Republic - Even higher quality than GAP, and hence more expensive, but they do have lovely stuff. Worth a look if you want clothing that will live long and prosper.

The Limited - Fantastic place for working women with tons of professional clothing, including suits! They’re running sales all the time, so if you see something you like, try waiting a bit and it might be marked down.

J. Crew - This place is on the swanky and expensive side, but if you’re into quality, J. Crew is the place to be. Their clothing is beautiful and built to last.

Land’s End - Their target audience is middle-aged women, so don’t be surprised if their clothing tends to run short and wide, even in the tall sizes. I have had some good luck with their sweaters in their past, particularly “tunic” sweaters.

Eddie Bauer - Lots of classic pieces and clothing intended for travelers. High quality stuff, so tees run in the $30 range and nice shirts are closer to $70.

-Take some time to take accurate measurements of your body. Get someone to help you. Because you’re going to be buying online so much, having accurate measurements is critical to making sure you get the right size.
-Accept that buying clothes costs more money because you can’t just buy random shirts from Target. But it’s okay - you’re actually ahead of the game, because buying high-quality clothes that last saves you money in the long run. Plan ahead, buy only what you need and enjoy what you wear! If you don’t like something, replace it!
-Buy dresses from regular stores. Unless you need something for work, it shouldn’t be a problem if your dresses are a bit shorter on you. Modcloth has dresses that are a little longer if you’re worried.
-Invest in a pair of Skimmies from Jockey. They’re slip shorts that will help keep you covered in case your skirt/dress flies up or something.
-Finding long-torso swimsuits is a royal pain in the ass. My advice is to wear a bikini. If you must cover your belly, however, L.L. Bean has decent suits for under $50.
-Always check online stores for a tall section! I’ve run across them in surprising places (and then forgot them when I was writing this list).
-Brand names have given up on you. Get designer handbags, if you must, but realize that hardly any label caters their clothing to women your height (in spite of the fact that their models are as tall as you). Crazy, I know.
-Tunic sweaters will save your life.
-AEO has yoga leggings in a “long” length. I haven’t found 36 inseam leggings anywhere but Long Tall Sally, and they are hella expensive so I’ve held off.
-Finding tall tights/hosiery is just annoying. For tights, you’re going to want a specialty tall size from somewhere. With hosiery you can sometimes squeak by figuring out what size you would be if you were shorter and then going up a size to account for the extra height.
-Styles that are meant to be shorter, like ankle pants and crop tops, will work for you.
-Elbow length sleeves are your friend.
-Always top off your outfits with confidence and a smile! It honestly makes such a difference. People will respect you only if you respect yourself.

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Alright so I know there's a sort of asexual stereotype about us being childish and I'm the only asexual my mom knows (I recently came out to her) and she didn't even know what asexuality was before then and idk if my schools GSA knows about asexuality and I'm planning on joining when school starts, but I personally am a childish individual (I like stuffed animals and candy and I'm typically a very bubbly person) and so I'm just wondering how to prevent people from seeing the stereotype as true?

well, i should hope that at least in the GSA, as people who have suffered from stereotyping, they should know better than to put stock in stereotypes or hold others to stereotypes or use stereotypes against others

because the thing about stereotypes is that they’re oppressive tools used against other people. you can’t.. perpetuate or “make true” a stereotype about your sexuality if you’re just. being yourself

i mean, personally, i happen to fit a lot stereotypes. being socially awkward, reclusive, introverted, “cold and aloof”, dispassioniate about dating, sex repulsed; not to mention being depressed/otherwise mentally ill. but we can’t just.. pretend to not be how we are in the name of “fighting stereotypes”

like, you are more than just being childish. you’re not a charicature. the thing that makes you “break” the stereotype is that you are literally a whole human being with many facets to your personality. childishness is just one part of that, just like your asexuality

and if anyone tries to give you shit, then you can just tell them exactly what i’ve said here. feel free to print it out word for word if you like. added cuss words or raised inflection is totally optional, depending on who is listening and how angry you are

~Mod Q

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A guard came to Anison, "Sir, the king is very drunk and he is curled up on the floor of the throneroom crying and screaming, we tried to pick him up but he threatened to behead us so I came to ask if you can assist."

Anison typically left Loki to deal with his kingly duties alone, he wanted him to be confident in them and smothering him would not help.  When the gaurd mentioned Loki and Drunk Anison was gone from the room.  

It seemed like an instant and he was at Loki’s side, scooping up his mate into his arms.  “Loki, beloved, what is going on?” He asked, holding Loki tight, refusing to let him go.


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So you've "pretty much been clean for two months"??!!! Typical dumb junkie thinking. "Pretty much" never lasts and it only takes one time being in the wrong place at the wrong time and your penn state degree won't matter. It's probably too late anyway since you have your picture and other info linked to saying you do heroin forever online.

What’s my name and what’s my other info haha? Please tell me where I live, my full name, etc.

So this one time a certain douchy uncle of mine came to our house for breakfast. My mom is an excellent cook, and she’d made sweet potato pancakes, bacon, sausage, eggs, etc. So I walk into the kitchen on my way to go feed my dogs outside, and he told me to put his plate in the microwave, and initially I didn’t have any problem even though he didn’t say please, but I guess he didn’t know when to stop, because he started going on about how I should get used to no thanks and taking care of men and all sorts of sexist bs, and after like 5 seconds I was seeing red (it should be noted that I am typically pretty hard to anger). So I let his food warm up, got it out, walked past him, went into the yard, and gave it to my dogs (who really enjoyed the nice pancake breakfast). Walked back in, said “enjoy your breakfast”, smiled, and walked out.
He tried calling me on it a few days later and I just told him “You can eat your heart out… Oh wait”.

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Hi, I hope I don't come across as rude or overstepping boundaries but I was wondering what your writing process is like? Do you have a certain time of day you sit down to write, what's your favourite thing to do to get your writing creativity flowing? How long it usually takes to write then edit a chapter? I'm very curious, your writing is excellent btw ❤️

Oh, you don’t come across as rude at all!

My writing process isn’t anything too special or intense. Typically, I like to have significant blocks of time to write, at least an hour or two at a time, so in terms of my schedule, it’s typically better to write in the morning. Plus, I’m old, so my brain works better in the morning. To get my creativity flowing, I typically listen to appropriate music and re-read some of the last section that I wrote. I like to have specific music for each fic, which is why I have so my  fic mixes on my 8tracks. I think it’s somewhat Pavlovian, you know? I hear the right music, and bam, I’m ready to write.  

As far as writing and editing a chapter….the writing is pretty time consuming. I would say I can write…anywhere from 1000-2500 words in a two-ish hour stretch, which is about as much as I can write in a day, so each chapter take 5-6 “writing days.” Of course, I only get 1-2 “writing days” per week, since I also have work days and research/studying days. It’s summer, so I can get a chapter out every 2-3 weeks. In the school year….I’m lucky to get one writing day every two weeks. Editing is really the easy part…I have two strategies for editing. One is to read my fic out loud to my partner (this is the best strategy, I find so many more mistakes, and he also helps me edit and refine things). The other is to re-read it silently to myself and fix this and that. If the second strategy is going to work, it’s best if it has been awhile since I wrote whatever it is I am editing. But I would say editing takes 30 mins/chapter at MOST….I write fanfic for fun, so I don’t get too crazy about editing, and I rarely do anything more intense than fixing typos and a few word choices here and there. 

I have one fic (not in this fandom) that was meticulously edited both by my partner and by a friend who is a literature PhD. But I don’t go that hard with fic right now, because I really don’t have the time. Problem Child is just a fun, relaxing thing for me to do to help clear my mind. 

Honestly, for me, the best writing process has been to eliminate “processes” as much as possible. If I focus too much on making everything perfect or whatever, then I don’t ever seem to get around to the writing part. Mainly I just sit down, open Pages, and start typing. It’s important to note that I’ve been writing since childhood, that my mother is a writer, and that writing has been a lifelong passion for me. I wrote my first fanfic when I was very young, probably 12 or 13, so that’s an embarrassingly long time ago. I was, at one point, working on a career in professional writing, and I make money for writing and editing and have been for the past several years. So if you want to really hone your writing skills, the best thing that you can do is just….write. A lot. And very gradually, you’ll improve. 

I hope that answers your questions!

Today it was almost 40 degrees with humidity and I was working outside for 9 hours BUT I got like $10 in tips (I don’t typically get tips at my work so this was amazing I got $3 then $3 then $4) !!!!!! And then someone gave me an ice coffee!!!!!!! I was literally melting all day but it was such a great day and its almost 9 and I’m going to go to sleep bc I’m so tired. Hope everyone enjoyed this little glimpse into my life. Goodnight