But you know its gonna be a lil awkward at first. And Yixing’s gonna try to apologize a hundred times for being gone but Baekhyun will just hug him so tight and Sehun’s gonna end up curled next to him on the couch and they’re gonna wanna hear about his adventures. and they’re gonna keep saying how much they missed him.  and chan and yixing are gonna show each other the new shit theyve come up with. and theyre gonna b whole and happy and wow. wowowowowow. 

harry, anne, gemma, all those who were dear to robin and those who he cherishes.. i have no words right now and my heart is so heavy and my chest is so tight. we don’t know a lot of things about robin but just knowing he was there for his loved ones and that he was supportive and so caring… it’s more than enough and i would like to remember him like that. condolences, and thank you so much, robin, for being there through thick and thin. we’ll miss you dearly ❤️


Hearts in zip lock bags
Next to ice cubes in the freezer
City lights like fire in my iris
Breathless I have my craving
For tiptoes and locked lips
Bruised necks and tight fits
I’m a house fire
With no remorse
My ashes scatter with one last spark
The fuel I’ll use.
To restart
I am quick
So unexpected
I am callous
So misdirected

I carve your words into myself
They live inside my bones
Like fine art seen through the soul of a blind man
You are a Van Gogh masterpiece used as a coaster
Coffee stains and shaking hands call me ever closer
He holds her tight yet his fingers never touch her.
He holds her tight so why can’t he ever love her?
“I’m unsure.. ” her sad voice whispers
“you owe me.” his. voice dripping poison,
eyes made of steel colder than death and rage like nightmares
There is a fluttering heart of cracked glass buried inside her burning chest

Your lungs, love!
Look at how they struggle!
Breath locked in the throats of desperate lovers.
Bite marks like star charts beneath the heavy covers

Broken mugs and cigarettes
Tears fall from the eyes of unloved Juliet
Romeo lies dead in the courtyard
Spilling nothing but his heart and royal blood

For his Juliet
He lies in dirt
For her Romeo
She tells everyone
It doesn’t hurt

Leaving notes with secret messages
In between the lines
She worries
She thinks she’s all alone
but I already saw “help me” between the spaces of her ribs.
My favorite place to read.


more stuff i got today!! im super unsure abt the stripy dress cause it’s so tight but from the front it looks okay lmao. also that’s the third shirt ive bought w the parental advisory thing on it im so edgy

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Hey ur like hella awesome and I love your writing! I was just wondering if you'd be down for some Michael x chubby reader hcs??

wtf thank u sm?!?!

michael is a complete sweetheart.

→ he’ll burst out with compliments at the most random times. it’s completely adorable how he wrinkles up his nose and lets something like “you look gorgeous today, [name]! not like you never look gorgeous, but-”

→ he’ll ramble if given the chance and time to do so. there’s just so much chaste body worship because he thinks you’re the most beautiful person on the planet and won’t hesitate to tell you if his anxiety doesn’t kick his ass first.

→ he adores your chub, alright?? don’t ever think he doesn’t because he’ll hush you up so quick with a tight hug and a variation of “i think you’re so cute, hush it.”

→ these are shit headcanons.

→ he’s so quick to comfort you if you need it. he’s extraordinarily good at reading emotions, so even if you don’t come out and say something explicitly, he knows.

→ when you’re alone, he likes to cuddle you or be able to touch you in some way because you’re soft and he literally can’t get enough of it.

→ in conclusion, michael mell is probably one of the sweetest boyfriends to ever exist. he will build up your confidence about your body because really, you shouldn’t care what others think about you. he’s #here for just being able to touch you in the most nonsexual way: there’s just something so calming about rubbing his fingers across your soft, plush skin and listening to your small laughs about it.

→ date michael mell. he’ll treat you… well.

This is what I hate about celebrity culture, fans think they have the right to invade celebrities privacy without reprimand. The excuse is always “well they chose to be famous” Okay so what if they did. Does that mean they shouldn’t be treated like a person? 

The answer is they deserve the same rights as you and I. If you wouldn’t want someone hacking into your accounts and stealing private information, then why do you think it’s okay to invade their privacy. 

Stop acting like they are exhibits in a museum that are only there for your viewing. They are human. They have lives and feelings. And it’s their right to not involve the public in.

You wanna know why some celebrities are so tight lipped? Because it’s people who have no respect for them, that cause them to clam up even more. I wouldn’t be surprised if some start deleting every social profile they have in hopes of being able to live in peace. 

If you are a decent human being, you would leave celebrities alone and allow them to life their lives without the fear of someone invading their privacy. Treat them like people. 

Mmmmmh when Even speaks about “the other 363 days”, am I the only one reading between the lines, this is where he sees himself. Because this is the only reality he can think of today, with Isak by his side. Not just for the rest of the year, but for the rest of their lives. It can only be with Isak. The man of my life.

And it’s not even the worst. Because Isak feels exactly the same. As he is coming back, in this last clip, Even holding his face. “Okay ? Okay ?”, and Isak nodding, before pulling him in a hug. I’m okay because you are here. Isak is hugging Even so tight, as if it was to dear life, not letting him a chance to escape. You know, because Isak cannot think of an existence without Even. The best thing that happened in my life. 

Our future….. only begins today. They’ve promised each other forever, without even exchanging vows (though they will totally get married one day), from the first moment their eyes met. 

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I'm so sad right now. I woke up to the news and I just can't believe it. It upsets me so much that Harry and his family are going through something so terrible, and I just feel so powerless. I want to go give Harry the biggest hug ever and just hold him so tight but I can't

I just want to hug them all. It hurts so bad knowing I can’t comfort them. xx

this dream is short but this dream is happy
—  Kiss of the Spider Woman by Manuel Puig
Draco is definitely not gay, part three
  • <p> <b>Ron:</b> Nope. No way. That's not true.<p/><b>Hermione, rolling eyes:</b> Hi, Malfoy.<p/><b>Draco, sneering:</b> Well, I see you’re all back from your holiday. I saw you at the beach.<p/><b>Hermione:</b> You could have said hi.<p/><b>Draco:</b> Didn’t want to distract Potter from the shameful flaunting of his obscenely small swimsuit—<p/><b>Hermione:</b> It wasn’t obs—<p/><b>Draco:</b> Or showing off how long he could do laps in the ocean.<p/><b>Hermione:</b> …It wasn't that long.<p/><b>Draco:</b> It was an *hour.*<p/><b>Hermione:</b> Ron?<p/><b>Ron, grumbling:</b> Okay, I hear it.<p/></p>