Clexa Jurassic Park AU


Authorities and animal containment reinforcements have arrived on the island and begin to treat the wounded and collect the dead. Clarke searches through the crowd and is about to give up hope when she hears a familiar voice call her name. Relief doesn’t even begin to describe what Clarke feels when she spots Lexa alive and well after losing her during the raptor attack. The two embrace and promise to never be far apart again. (And to never go to another island filled with dinosaurs as long as they live)

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Basically this is some Skypiea!/Wings!AU which I suddenly felt like drawing more of it, so here have some random backstory that I made up just now lol:

Ever since Eren was a kid, he always wished that he could fly freely on his own. But since he was half-human, he was not born with a pair of wings like other normal skypieans in the sky. However, thanks to his dad and some magical serum, he finally got what he had been longing for– a perfect pair of beautiful, functional wings. Eren was ecstatic it felt like he could fly to the top of the world in less than a day!

Despite his excitement though, Eren was not used to flying just yet. It was hard enough to learn the basic when his fragile, newly born wings was not accustomed to his stiffer, older body, Eren also had the tendency to flap his hands instead of his wings; because that was what he had been spending his time doing for so many years as a flightless being who dreamed to fly.

And then there was Levi, who started to find Eren’s ass interesting the moment he first saw the cute teen flapping his hands hopelessly next to his usually tranquil backyard. He had been looking forward to see Eren ever since. :D

Attempted Cartinelli AU aesthetic, where Peggy is a well known actress and Angie falls for her on set when they play parts opposite each other in the same film.
(none of these pictures are mine, they’re just generally from google, and the bottom left is by these people I hope that’s okay).

Brittany was finally moving into the city she has always dreamt of living in. She’s always wanted to dance for a living and now she has the perfect opportunity Sure, it’s hard for someone to make it big in the big city, but the blonde has been dancing ever since she could walk, and it just came natural to her. She just needs to stay confident.

Brittany sat on one of the many boxes that sat in the hallway of the apartment building. She was tired, and sweating. She sighed looking around at all of the boxes laying around her. The blonde wiped the sweat of her brow with the back off her hand and called her boyfriend to help her, but no answer. She stood up and knocked on the door across the hall from her, hoping there would be a nice neighbor to help her. And plus, Brittany wanted to introduce herself. Friends is one of Brittany’s favorite shows after all.