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i love the way you laugh by makesmewannatsss (vansandburberry)

“Think we can blow the classroom up?” Louis whispers.

Harry snorts, covering his mouth quickly and earning a glance from their teacher.

“Well? Do you wanna?” Louis teases with a grin.

…All of a sudden Harry is reaching across him as quickly as he can and grabbing the vial out of his hands…Just as their bottle bubbles over. And by bubbles, Louis realizes that there are literal bubbles, colored a tinge yellow and getting all…over…their desk.

It smells kind of weird, too.

“Fuck,” Harry curses under his breath and, wow, okay – maybe not the moment for this but Louis realizes just how much he appreciates that word out of Harry’s mouth.

Behind them, Louis can hear Niall laugh his arse off and whip out his phone to take pictures. “Gemma’s gonna love these!” he shouts.

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