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in high school there was this group of older boys that always hounded me bc I'm half Japanese and wanted me to call them senpai and my soul left my body like tbh they're the reason I begged my mom to stop making me bento for lunch

HOLY SHIT THAT’S SO BAD IM SO SO SORRY ANOn;;;;;; im going to one punch those weeaboos to spaCe

i opened my ask box to anons for like 15 min and got multiple horrifying messages so im turning it off again. i’m taking a break from tumblr but i’ll probably refill my queue in a few days

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Can you do 23 with kunioda? Honestly you're the best ╰(*´︶`*)╯

this was supposed to be a sweet heart to heart (i wanted emotional shelter) but now i’m crying im so sorry

It’s raining, droplets pattering softly against the window as I type. Working at the Agency is busy, but in a good way. We help people, and I like being busy now.

When Dazai and I were trapped in the Mafia, ‘busy’ meant that we would be out all night cleaning up after a massacre. But here it means rescuing orphans or protecting an entire city from destruction.

It’s a good busy.

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I forgave you for breaking my heart from the Caelthir/Ghorbash breakup after the Caelthir/Ghorbash NSFW, but now Caelthir is crying and I take it all back, my heart is in pieces on the floor. DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH THIS WILL COST TO FIX??? IM SUING YOU FOR EMOTIONAL DAMAGE SEE YOU IN COURT TEE (in other news I'm completely totally and utterly in love with your characters and stories and art holy shit your work is my sexuality I'm teeartsexual now)

I might trample on those pieces a bit more later, just a heads up. I mean, what-  My solution: double the emotional damage, maybe they even themselves out.

(thank you tho holy shit)

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im so sorry if this is a weird question but do u ever just like feel famous??? like with ur follower count and everything? like idk, recently i hit 3k and i can't help but feel like. i'm something special. like when i walk into school i'm like MOVE BITCHES. GET OUT OF MY WAY. I HAVE 3K FOLLOWERS AND I'M NOT AFRAID TO FUCK SHIT UP

this is so cute and funny omg

Awaaahh !! Sorry this is so short and simple !! My assignments are starting to build up, forcing me to cut down my time to edit properly :,c But holy shit I haven’t worked with pastel in so long !! Aaaa I forgot how fun it was to use pastel colours !!

Gift for an amazing artist by the name of @nenchuus ~  I saw they answered my ask so I decided to give them a little something because as I mentioned, their art is perfection ♥︎

{ Oops Im so sorry I forgot to add Karamatsu !! Ahhh !! D:< }

↓ Questions ↓

What song? 「 No title 」MV { Thats how it was on Youtube ^^ }

What’s you use to edit? Final Cut Pro

How did you remove the background? Clipping magic and Photoshop

important !

im dying !!! im also very sorry but i wont be able to like log in next week either because of school and family shit and stas is also on a hiatus and i have no one to queue stuff for me so im looking for someone to take care of my blog but idk who to give access to my acc pls help send me a message

Un-dressing Room

read it on the AO3 at

by serenehowell

Pre-opening night nerves almost get too much for actor!Dan, so his loving boyfriend Phil tries to help him out…

Words: 1199, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at

oh come on, is it really my fault that i wasn’t able to give the love that you were asking for? im trying so fucking hard for me not to be a jerk, for me not to break your heart, but a friendship is all i got for u dude, if you think that was not enough, i am sorry, hindi lahat pwede natin makuha, hindi lahat kaya kong mabigay

ang lungkot ko kasi naramdaman ko din yan, pero here i am, pinaparamdam sayo yan


// It amazes me that an anon is giving someone shit about interactions that person had with me that I DROPPED due to just not having muse for those threads and then telling said person i replaced there muse with other ones

// like Jack still loves their muse, its just difficult for me to respond to those threads so most of them get fogotten, Their muse isnt replaced and honestly if that anon thinks so maybe they should come at me instead of them since its my blog in question

// fucking vaguing about my blog and making someone else feel like shit over something they cant control.

//Like seriously, come at me and tell me about how i replaced them with Tim’s and Rhys’s, 

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sorry about some people in the stydia fandom some people don't know when to shut their mouths. im sorry about all the hate you've been getting I truly am ❤️- annoying motherfucking stydia shipper

Hey, thanks but don’t worry :D After all it’s a personal blog on a public portal, so people are free to discuss shit and disagree with me. The fact I get hate is unfortunately quite normal here and I knew what was coming when I made this blog :D It prefer more civilized discussion than “go and deactivate yourself” but oh well, it’s quite funny if you look at it.

And it’s always nice to be reminded that Stdia shippers like you exist ^^

Kisses and unicorns for you :D

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im leader of my schools gsa and i didnt wanna start shit so i had to give advice for an aroace kid on coming out when i had four other lgbt kids w questions about how to fuckin survive their homophobic abusive households

jesus. i mean if the kid wants advice or w/e that’s cool, but coming out as aro/ace/aroace has a much dif context to coming out as gay/bi/pan/ply and like. priorities of a gsa should first and foremost be to help the kids dealing w homophobia. i’m sorry u were in that situation pal.
- p

Constantly hold her hand, it lets her know you like being around her
Play with her hair at night, it’s the only way she’ll be able to fall asleep
Grab her face and kiss her when she’s mad, that will drive her insane and it’ll make her forget why she was ever mad
Let her win arguments sometimes, even if you’re right
Remember how she likes her coffee, she’ll notice
If she asks for affection give it to her, she loves feeling loved
If she asks you to come when she needs you do it, it lets her know that you’ll actually be there for her
Call or text her constantly, so she knows that you’re not getting bored with her
Don’t push her, if she doesn’t want to tell you then she’ll eventually tell you later
Love her with every single fiber in your fucking body and please don’t ever hurt her
If you can’t do any of these things leave because she deserves the god damn world.
—  To the one who loves her next.