Lolololol I messed up my sleep schedule again

I don’t even have any sort of schedule, I just haven’t slept three nights in the last week. And then two nights ago I slept 14 hours.
I blame the guardian minecraft server entirely. I spent twelve hours on pixel art the last two days. I made two versions of Meg’s Heart, the AH logo to scale with Achievement City, and both the X-Ray and Vav logos.
I’m pretty happy with it. Next up are the 4 RWBY symbols when I get back on tonight.
And I’m free handing all of them (except the AH logo, I found a pattern for that one)
And I’m bad at paintball in minecraft. I died a lot.

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poast rabbit pls


I actually have two rabbits. They’re loose in the house, for better or worse. But they hate each other, so one lives in the hallway while the other lives in my bedroom. Bedroom Rabbit is usually the one I post about. Because she lives in my bedroom.

Here are some cell phone photos I took right now:

Bedroom Rabbit chilling out on my old bathrobe, which she stole. She’s got a little bit of shedding going on in this photo.  Her previous owner named her Pixie, but everyone thought that was an awful name so it got changed to Pixel. She’s very friendly, grunts a lot, and likes to jump on my face while I’m sleeping. 

Hallway Rabbit, eating lunch. Possibly pooping. She’s a lionhead breed, so she has a mane. Also, no name. She was briefly named Blixa Bargeld because of her hair, but we dropped that at some point. She’s very timid, very soft, and loves kale.

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7, 9, 12, 19! =)

  • 7:A song to drive to

Don’t Fear the Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult. Best highway song. Fever by Bullet For My Valentine is also good but can result in very fast driving so maybe not.

  • 9:A song that makes you happy

Well that’s a good question. Whipped Cream by Ludo makes me laugh because @pixel-sylveon really fuckin hates it, but I’m not sure it makes me happy. Masterpiece Theatre III by Marianas Trench is my favourite song, so maybe that? Or the first English Pokemon theme because of the nostalgia. 

  • 12:A song from your preteen years


  • 19:A song that makes you think about life

Mad World by Gary Jules, prolly.

OH I JUST REALIZED THAT ALSO ONE WEEK BY THE BARENAKED LADIES MAKES ME HAPPY. cause it was in the digimon movie and I am apparently the worst. It’s catchy ok

Got tagged by @x-mkay-x to do this thingamajig… Ty dude, my mornign just poofed before my eyes.

List 10 characters from 10 different fandoms, then tag 10 people. (In no particular order) 

I do not have that many people to tag & I cannot simply mention 10 characters, that’s cruel and I am a hardcore fangirl so I’m gonna cheat the shit out of this.

Styles////Teen Wolf & Derek///Teen Wolf (these two count as one, cuz it’s Sterek, aye? AYE? And I hate you Jeff Davis.)



Charles Vane///Black Sails

Jean-Claude///Anita Blake

Kenzi///Lost Girl


Roman Godfrey///Hemlock Grove

Simon Monroe///In The Flesh

Chloe///Don’t Trust The Bitch In Apartment 23

Susan Sto Helit///Discworld

Tyrion Lannister///ASOIAF

Magnus///Shadowhunters Universe

Rumpelstiltskin///Once Upon A Time

Jax///Sons of Anarchy

Ragnar Lothbrok///Vikings


Erich Northman///The Southern Vampire Mysteries

Qhuinn///Black Dagger Brotherhood

Moriarty///Sherlock BBC


10th Doctor///Doctor Who

Lip Gallagher///Shameless (US)

Ned///Pushing Daisies

George///Dead Like Me

Dorian Gray///Penny Dreadful

Cosima///Orphan Black

Elliot///Mr. Robot

Severus Snape///Harry Potter

And now I’m crying like a maniac. You were my second villainous love, Sev. I’ll miss you doubly.

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“Urgh Eisuke won again! grrrrrr”

Well maybe if you wanted him to not win, you put more effort into making your favs have more arrows.

The one thing I fucking hate about this fandom is the sheer bitternes whenever Eisuke wins something. PEOPLE LIKE HIM GET FUCKING OVER IT

y’all putting so much effort into hating a bunch of pixels holy moly

Shovel Knight (Late to the Party)

One of the best platformers I’ve ever played, and one of the most fun and challenging on my beat list. After just finishing this game, I can’t help but take to the internet to sing its praises.

I don’t even really know where to begin. I adore retro games like this, so the games visuals and mechanics are what I came to appreciate the most out of this title. This definitely speaks well as something that might have been made in the heyday of the NES/SNES.

The visuals are one of this game’s finest qualities. It has visually appealing settings and fantastic pixel-art animations interspersed throughout the game’s diverse levels. I am met with a really memorable set of stages that do well to recall the days when level design was first perfected.

The soundtrack. I hate to leave it at that, but it speaks volumes for itself to hear it, without it having to be described in text. The fact that the game (the Wii U edition, at least) comes with a downloadable copy of the soundtrack should be enough to say that it was very memorable. Regardless, each level and event handpicked a track that meshes wonderfully with its setting. Plague Knight’s level music specifically stuck with me after having died many times through his level, but it never became too repetitive or mocking as some themes do when you get in a frequent death cycle.

Meanwhile, the difficulty itself provided quite the challenge. It definitely fit in well and cemented the ‘retro’ aspect of the game, being sometimes frustratingly hard. And while a difficulty spike periodically occurred, it wasn’t impossible to overcome each challenge. And because of this, each victory felt satisfying; not at all did I reach the end of a level and feel intimidated by the next challenge. I was ready at every turn to show the game that I had mastered every skill it wanted me to know to move on.

And it taught me well with relatively easy mechanics. Timing and acrobatics are key elements to the majority of the adventure. It calls for these tactics while you’re engaged in platforming AND combat, and sometimes while both at once. The way you take on each boss and level might be repetitive, having (at first) only a downward bounce attack and a frontal jab attack to rely on, it supplements that with the aforementioned platforming mechanics and the various uses of relics. Relics are magic-consuming abilities that drastically change how you approach both combat AND platforming, with some giving you the ability to overcome certain obstacles, as well as usually giving you a new way to fight enemies. In the later stages of the game, you obtain a sword-type relic that lets you dash in one quick uninterrupted stroke, perfect for bridging gaps or alternatively giving you a frontal dash attack. Some relics may be more useful to your play style than others, however some may be essential in reaching other parts of levels. Meanwhile, the currency (used for purchasing upgrades and Relics) presents interesting level relationships. Collecting gold from defeating enemies and finding it hidden throughout levels is a driving force in the game’s adventure. There is also a sort of risk-reward system in place, created by how the game treats your ability to avoid death and face challenges. If you die, you lose a certain amount of your gold. It’s left in floating drops where you died last, giving you the opportunity in most cases to retrieve it. If you die again before collecting what’s left, the last drops are gone for good. You can also destroy the game’s checkpoints and receive a large sum of gold, at the cost of having to spawn earlier in the levels.

Finally, the characters and plot. It’s a pretty simple, map-style progression of levels and characters, all leading up to a ‘break-the-curse’-style climax. Each enemy you encounter has his own motives and reasons to serve the primary antagonist, the Enchantress. And each fits his respective style in both combat and dialogue. The game thankfully doesn’t wrap you up in endless text feeds, and will skip intros if you die during a boss fight and have to return. The dialogue itself is a good supplement to the character interactions, and does enough to tell you what’s going on.

And that’s the wrap-up. The game is all neatly tied, and finishes out by giving you new game plus elements and challenges, as well as a new adventure starring a former enemy.

Honestly, I hope for more from the group that developed this. It’s also nice to see Nintendo investing heavily in it, going as far as creating an Amiibo based on the title character. I’m excited to see what’s next!

is dead pool good?

my mom an dad really want to go see dead pool and they’re gonna take me with 

but the last time they both really wanted to see a movie and took me with was for pixels

and that was shit

and i hate super heros and comics

so dead pool probs gonna be shit

so im fucked

with shit

like sticking my dick in a pile of shit NO

i get people's self-hate about art now.
External image

you know how most people, when they draw, you think it’s decent but they always shame themselves? i was looking at some drawings and zooming in on them really close to see how the guy drew it (novice digital painter i am) and i saw all the little details. then i zoomed out and my mind couldnt stop looking at the details. everyone who looks at their art knows all the details because they worked so hard and slaved over every pixel, every mm of the canvas… but someone who’s never seen it sees the beauty of it all blended together

just a thought

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I can’t tell you how much I hate Football, and anything to do with it

I just wanted to go home this weekend but noooo of course the fucking Super Bowl is happening less than 10 minutes away from where I live so of course it would’ve been hell going there

’s post 🌟

Hey, not much to say. My old theme wasn’t really a theme, so I deleted it all. But I think I got more of a grungy one going for nows, and much neater. Anyways I really like Undertale, so here is an edit with all the main characters. I haven’t actually played the game yet (my storage is full), but I know the game quite well. Anyways~ Since it is hard to edit with Pixels, I had to use fanart (I hate using fanart, bc I have to get the artist credit). I generally get the artist mixed up with one-another. 😰

Anyways the lovely artists that worked on these resources are: (Toriel) (Sans) (Sans) (Sans)
[None of them signed the art, so I’m not sure who’s it is] (Papyrus) (Asgore) (Undyne) (Alphys) (Frisk) (Frisk)
💕 Artist credit to them, they are very talented!

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Selfie 61518 (“Honestly I’m really excited to get my hair dyed tomorrow. I probably won’t ever go back to the blond and blue era because I hate bleaching my hair but I looked really cute then honestly. The red was so beautiful but it fades too fast and it’s probably one of the reasons I can’t get a job. So tomorrow my hair will probably be black. I’m gonna miss it all.” 5)

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Wed Feb 03 03:05:54 UTC 2016

Selfie 61515 (“Honestly I’m really excited to get my hair dyed tomorrow. I probably won’t ever go back to the blond and blue era because I hate bleaching my hair but I looked really cute then honestly. The red was so beautiful but it fades too fast and it’s probably one of the reasons I can’t get a job. So tomorrow my hair will probably be black. I’m gonna miss it all.” 2)

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Wed Feb 03 02:20:54 UTC 2016

Lots of Ford porn in the Stanford Pines tag right now. I’m… Impressed. I ship literally everything, and have been desensitized to the worst shit because of 4chan, so on the rare occasion that i see something well written for a ship that antis would hate for one reason or another, i just. Wow. Go you, content creator. You have seriously gigantic testicles that put me, a lowly nugget, to shame. Never mind the fact that you are probably younger than me. I’m seriously proud that in these dark shipping times, you say fuck it. That you persevere and create for you. I am proud to see people creating.

Related to this, remember that if you want to tell somebody to kill themselves over a collection of pixels, you’re a bigger problem. Remember that if you go out of your way to bully somebody, you’re a gigantic flaccid phallus, cowardly hiding in your foreskin.

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Selfie 61514 (“Honestly I’m really excited to get my hair dyed tomorrow. I probably won’t ever go back to the blond and blue era because I hate bleaching my hair but I looked really cute then honestly. The red was so beautiful but it fades too fast and it’s probably one of the reasons I can’t get a job. So tomorrow my hair will probably be black. I’m gonna miss it all.” 1)

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