[LYRICS] BASTARZ - Selfish & Beautiful Girl

Stop it baby I feel like I’m gonna die from suffocation everyday
Oh sh-t Don’t touch me baby
From today on you’re X-girl friend
Your angry face is Real alligator
Your personality is like an up and down elevator
Tonight I’m going out with the FREIKNOCK Bros
To the fantasy that is LA

Money issues, family problems, it’s complicated even without you
So please just leave me alone
You’re so pretty but you act like you’re that expensive
You’re such a turn-off Baby

Stop it baby oh girl you like crazy
I’m a pretty attractive guy
in the eyes of other girls too
Stop it baby oh girl you like crazy
Bad and Selfish Beautiful girl

Please just leave me alone
I’ll do whatever I want like the reins been let go
I can’t really hear whatever you’re saying
Right here is already Hell yeah another level
Ultimate weapon, my King Cobra
Drank up then realized Oh god
I blanked out and fell asleep, this is Bull sh-t
Let’s go home Bro call the daeri Blah blah *

A relationship we’ve become used to, whatever we do it’s the same
Maybe I don’t fit your needs
You’re so pretty but you act like you’re that expensive
You’re such a turn-off Baby

Stop it baby oh girl you like crazy
I’m a pretty attractive guy
in the eyes of other girls too
Stop it baby oh girl you like crazy
Bad and Selfish Beautiful girl

Because I longed for your gaze when you first looked at me
I wanted to have your attention
I’m sorry, I can’t go on if it’s not you
Please one more chance baby

Stop it baby oh girl you like crazy
I’m a pretty attractive guy
in the eyes of other girls too
Stop it baby oh girl you like crazy
Bad and Selfish Beautiful girl

*Daeri is a cab service that sends people to drive the client and their car home

Please take out with credit

Translated by Youngha @ blockbintl


Something I wanted to draw up since I saw Asexual Awareness week was happening. So I put this together about a week or so back. :,D

I remember doing a tiny doodle last year when I was more conflicted over my own identity, but with how much of an up n’ down year this has been for me, and with a lot of self-realization I’ve experienced, I figured participating for a change would be kinda fitting :,>

Whatever sort of orientation you have, ace or otherwise, I wish ya all the happiness in being comfortable with the type of person you are, and know that there isn’t any sort of time limit or gate of entry in figuring that out. <3

If any of the text is hard to read btw click here for the hi-res version


I saw a man so beautiful I started crying? I immediately felt compelled to give them nine dollars I had in my purse and say “you are the best looking person I have ever seen and I think you deserve it and i was going to buy my lunch with this but whatever” but decided against it. and i started crying. i seriously cried for an hour. i ran to the bathroom and came out later and i was even more tired before. i was overtired and btw i am a girl. i dont know why i cried because of that and he was better looking than all the models id seen ever!

What is Love? (OITNB)
  • Natsu:Love is light. Acceptance. *slight pause* Fire.
  • Lucy:It's like when someone makes your stomach feel all tight, all floaty at the same time, you know? And your cheeks hurt from smiling. You smile so much that people think something's wrong with you.
  • Juvia:Just chilling, you know? Kicking it with someone, just talking, making mad stupid jokes, and like, not even wanting to go to sleep, because then you might be without them for a minute. And you don't want that.
  • Erza:It's like you become more you, which normally is like ASDFGHJKLAHHA, but now it's okay cause the person, like, whoever, they chose to take all that on. All that weird stuff. Whatever is wrong, or bad, or hiding in you. Suddenly it's alright. I don't feel like such a freak anymore.
  • Gray:It's like coming home after a long trip. *long pause* That's what love is like. It's like coming home.
  • Zeref:W-Why? Why are you asking me that? Y-You shouldn't be talking to me

This is the girl behind the screen.
You already know how I look. This is what I sound like. It’s nothing special, but it’s important to me. This shows who I am - a girl from a small country, singing along, or whatever you call this, way out of tune but with all of her heart. And you also get to hear a bit of my beautiful language haha.
I’ve been feeling quite confident lately, and I guess sharing this with you is my way of accepting this new side of me. So yeah, that’s all :)

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I dunno about you but Jensen just gives off 'pretending to be overly masculine'vibes and his mannerisms are feminine(ish) when he's not on the spot or somethin. It's weird but it's just me

Hi Anon.

If Jensen/J2 ever came out, I don’t think we’d see the level of femininity that we would for Jared as opposed to Jensen. I think your word “feminie-ish” is a good description on how Jensen would probably act if he came out of the closet. I don’t think his personality/mannerisms would change all that much. But there would definitely be a “difference”, whatever that difference may be. 

On a side note I do agree in the sense that Jensen overcompensates acting like Dean all the time with all that fake masculinity whenever he’s uncomfortable in a situation or on stage. I think that “act” is his security blanket. Acting like Dean makes him feel comfortable in his own skin in public situations so people wont find him feminine.


- K

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This is probably an unpopular opinion because everyone in this fandom is salty as fuck, but I actually really liked tonight’s episode. Trevor is such a cutie and he has more of a personality in just this one episode than Caleb’s had during his entire storyline. I don’t want Ian/Trevor to be endgame or whatever, but I hope he’ll be a good influence on Ian. He already seems to be. I’m also finally getting interested in Lip’s storyline again, so there’s also that.

shipped pharmercy until now that i jst saw one post abt it, you’re definitely right pharmercy shippers are noxious, i had no idea? like i hadn’t seen that many fan art of them and i read like 1 fic, plus i rly dont accompany the fandom’s discussions, but it’s p obvious that in general it’s a bad ship and i should’ve known

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Personally, I can't stand reading anything other than bottomlock HOWEVER that does not mean I can mock others for their preferences. If I see toplock or switchlock on my dash? I keep scrolling. Simple. I'm an adult. Anyone who insults another's preference is a brat. I'm glad you're providing a safe space on your blog for all of us to love our own kinks without judgement <3

Precisely so. Don’t like something, don’t read/look/comment. Just scroll past it, block it, whatever. Don’t start hating on other people’s creativity and imagination.



hey!  i have a paypal now so i can finally do commissions!

so, if u drop £5 into my paypal & send/email me a photo u want drawn, or tell me which person/character/animal/whatever u want a drawing of then i’ll do u a sketch of it like the first three above!!
plus, if u chuck in an extra £2 ill throw some colour on there for u too, like on the last two above

(check out my art tag here for more examples!)

so if you have a spare fiver then pls consider commissioning a sketch from me, i’d really appreciate it, i’m saving up for a few things that are v important to me

message me if ur interested and i’ll give you my email and stuff!!
thank you!!!!

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i know you support a bi national state but do you support the state keeping its name israel? like do you think the ultimate solution to solve the I/P conflict would be for gaza + the west bank to be annexed by israel and for 'israel' to become a bi national state? is that how you think it should become a bi national state? through annexation? and if so (I'm repeating this bc I'm probably not explaining it well) should the newly annexed GAZA/WB be called 'israel'? hopefully that makes sense

Call it Israel (although the name ‘Israel’ is haunting for me and many other Palestinians), Palestine, Canaan, Israel/Palestine, South-West Levant, Holy Land, that strip of land that lays between Egypt and Syria, or whatever.

Personally, I wouldn’t care (although I would keep calling it Palestine since it’s the word that means home to me). 

All I care about is having my people living on their ancestral homeland with dignity and human rights, rather than living on it without dignity and without rights or living in the bitterness of exile and having our existence and identity constantly erased.

But anyways, to answer your question, do I support calling it ‘Israel’? no. 

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Top 3 favorite episodes? ~K

Boi how do I choose only 3 episodes? Like really, I love every single episode.
However, I wish it was more dark.
Like, I just finished watching the Walking Dead and damn that shit was awesome.
I wish they could do that with the 100. I mean, it’s a post apocalyptic show, we need some hardcore darkness! Whatever, there are some pretty damn dark episodes already, especially…

3. The Calm :: Ok this episode is fucking just AAAAAAAAA+++++++++
Like Marcus was pretty damn awesome saving those people, then being like “…damn it I can’t find Abby… god damn it she’s saved my ass so many times… GOD FUCKING DAMN IT WHERES ABBY” and so he climbs through Satans asshole to find her and then they cuddle and it’s the first real close, personal, and loving Interaction they have. I really hope neither of them have forgotten that moment.

2. Resurrection :: So that one time where Marcus was trapped under literally like 8 tons of rubble, and his thigh was being crushed under a giant steel beam and Abby was like “boi I gotchu” and saved him?
I mean, let’s focus on Abby real quick. Even if she did have feelings for Marcus then (I’m sure she did) she had no idea it was him. Nor did she know if it was Clarke. Abby is such a doctor that she was like AW SHIT SOMEONE’S HURT LEMME GO SAVE THEN I GTG then she climb through literally tons of unstable rubble to save someone’s ass who she may not even know. Like hell yea you go Abby!
But we also can’t forget the Kabby scene like Jesus Christ that was a lovely feels fest. And just the way Abby lays on top of him and protects him and uses her super strength to get to him like I could do a long ass book about why this is so great but, unfortunately, I’m not rn…
But there is a flaw, like Marcus got his femoral artery lacerated and like is walking 12 hours later like no that’s just… wat….

1. Join or Die :: ok before I start, we gotta give some mentionable episode, like Fog of War when Marcus tries to kill himself to protect his people, or Blood Must Have Blood pt. II when Marcus was like screaming at Cage like BITCH WTF U DOIN.
but hey. Join or Die ok. This could be even longer than Resurrection.
“Abby ily just nail me to the cross it’s ok I’m fine I can totally breathe lol no I can’t”
Like he wanted to die. He literally was just like “Jaha you lil shit shoot me” but then OOPS TABLES ARE TURNED ABBY GON GET REKT and Marcus is like NOT IN MAH HOUSE and he takes the chip. He gives his life away. He gives his free will away. Just for her. Because Abby is his lobster.

It was early to be out and about without kids. Hercules didn’t even know any kids, but he was all for supporting a good cause, and he never could resist a crowd. It turned out to be difficult to cover oneself in body paint alone, so he’d had some help in painting himself green from head to toe. It was a huge pain in the ass, 10/10 did not recommend and would probably never do it again, but for now he was enjoying the effect. A pair of tattered purple shorts, and he was set. Clumsy as ever though, he automatically turned to catch whatever he’d just bumped into, be it person or, y'know, booth. “Woops, sorry there.”

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i personally think that theyre just playing on the fact that hes 15, so theyre keeping anything that sexualises him or gives off vibes that he has sexual thoughts to a minimum (because of his age). they seem to be doing the whole grumpy teenager is actually a very cute and sweet boy (shown by the cat pictures, intense love for animal pattern, etc). he clearly does have sexual thoughts or at least is comfortable with sexual things as he initially wanted to do eros, no questions asked!

Honestly, I feel the same but I’m open to whatever. I don’t plan on shipping him with anyone because he’s much younger than the other main characters! ~Mod Star

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I don't think Ballsy understands Rotten Tomatoes (sorry, her ask is closed, so feel free to ignore if I'm intruding!). It bases the percentage on positive versus negative in stark terms. A review that's scored at least 60% is positive, less than that is negative and hits the percentage. So lukewarm reviews and super positive reviews are treated the same. 100% is correct so far from what I've seen, but that will change as more reviews come in. Most Marvel movies are below 90.

Don’t worry, you’re not bothering me. Feel free pirouette all over my ask, or whatever you find fun! Thanks for the info, personally I didn’t know that. I don’t pay much attention to RT, if I like the plot i’ll watch it. I’m a hard person to change the mind of in regards to entertainment things and sometimes some other stuff. I shall tag her but she doesn’t follow me so I don’t know if she’ll see it. @benedicts-third-testicle

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Are there any requirements for the bbs rarepair submissions (besides the ship itself)?

Not really, we’re fairly lenient on the rules.

The only conditions are:

- The ships are what you personally consider as a rare pair within the BBS fandom
- H2o/vanoss, mini/cat, and br/ohm shouldn’t be included in any way as they’re definitely not rare pairs
- Related rare pair posts should be tagged with ‘BBS Rare Pair Weekend’ so that everyone can see it, and posted on the 19th/20th of November (though you can be late by a few days if circumstances mean you don’t finish in time)

Beyond that, you are free to do as you please! It doesn’t even have to be fics or art if you don’t want to. Whatever you want to create is fine :)