I think the reason Puzzleshipping appeals to me so much is like

its the ultimate situation of trust and safety.

They arent “best friends”.

Yugi straight up told Jounouchi that he was his best friend.  Indisputable.

So Yugi doesnt see his Other Self as a “Best Friend” but hes abslutely not less than his best friend. He was willing to die just to see him again. 

Its not “romantic” in a canon context but damn is it intimate.

He is aware at this point, or he is becoming more aware, that his Other Self is really another person who had a life and memories and isnt him, and they just get closer but in a way where Yugi also wants independence.  Their relationship really takes off for me when they gain their individuality, and commune with each other. After the fire.

There is no word for what they are to each other. At least not one that I’ve heard.Soul mates comes the closest.

I’m a bit surprised at the reception to my rant about Canadian media. I didn’t think it would resonate with so many people.

Its been annoying me for some time but its been lingering at the back of my mind and I haven’t found a way to put it into words until now.

I think I just saw the contrast between Canadian media and international media, as lately I’ve been keeping up with the US election and have been reading more international news. I find it baffling that I can understand the context of international news better than Canadian news. The difference is that international news cast a wider net in who they think will be their audience. For much of Canadian media even relatively important stories are only geared towards a very local readership. Its not geared nationally or internationally, when it really should. A lot of stuff that goes in Canada is important but because of the Canadian media, even Canadians don’t know what’s going on in our country.

Classical Musicians, PLEASE Stop Belittling Pop Music

There are few things that bother me as much as the endless belittling of pop music by classical musicians. I want to make a long paper about why this is a counterproductive and destructive attitude, but I’ll just make a few of my assertions here. (These are in the context of belittling pop music.)
1) Classical music is always represented by old dead dude composers. Classical music continues to be seen as old and dead when that’s its only representation.
2) Pop music is usually, but not always, represented by Justin Bieber. Pop music is so much more diverse than Bieber and this makes it seem like classical musicians know nothing about pop music.
3) The argument centers around sheet music and notation. Pop music is a lot more than sheet music, oh my gosh. Production is a tedious and detailed art and process that cannot be accurately portrayed with traditional notation. And pop music notation is only ever represented by the melody and nothing else. That ain’t fair, y'all. And besides, since when is music consumed through notation? It’s not. Music is the art of sound not the art of dots and lines on a page. Leave that to the composers.


the last panel looks better in full view

I’m awful with dialogue and context, yet here I am ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

Nyanos is just as reckless as Genos, except he’s younger and more inexperienced, so you can only imagine how much of a pain he can be in battle (once he gets enough upgrades to last more than 10 seconds in a fight lol)