Sometimes I wish tumblr was more saturated with social justice warriors figuring out innovative ways to feed hungry children when 40% of the food in America never gets eaten, and inventing new ethical system alternatives to capitalism and remedying its effects than freeing nipples. I’m all for nipple liberty, but I feel like there is so much passionate energy on this site that could be better used devoted to more dire situations than ‘everything problematic with the next Pixar film’ 



ok not gonna lie i was SURE that Dragons was going to be like number 3 and shrek would be number 1 but HOLY SHIT FUCK YES THEY RANKED IT AT THE TOP I’M SO PROUD MY SISTER AND I ARE HAPPY DANCING!

(sidenote with regards to other rankings: I would have ranked both Wallace and Gromit and the Prince of Egypt much higher on the list (like 4 and 5), swap Madagascar 3 for the original, and put shrek 2 and Megamind on the list in the bottom 5 somewhere) (also I would have totally put dragons 2 in my top 5 too and i like it better than one) (i don’t get their one film per franchise rule)

So we went to see Ant-Man.

And we liked it.

It was another white dude movie that did nothing for anyone but it was a better movie than both Guardians of the Galaxy and Age of Ultron and much more likeable and fun. Except for the use of the g-slur (wtf, why doesn’t anyone in Marvel know it’s a slur?) I found it blissfully void of “oh no god why” offensive moments.


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I think the main reason I hate Frozen as much as I do is that people keep on acting like it's all that and a bag of chips. It's been TWO YEARS. Big Hero 6? A better film. Book of Life? A million times better. I would rather watch Minions than have to watch Frozen again.

You. I like you. (Although, Book of Life is still on my to-watch list.)

In the beginning, I would have been happy to call Frozen a mediocre movie and just leave it at that, but suddenly I was getting “BUT IT’S SO FEMINIST” and “SHUT UP IT’S PERFECT” and “BEST DISNEY MOVIE SINCE LION KING” and “MOAR MERCH” shoved in my face. I didn’t even hate Frozen then. I was dissatisfied with all the plot holes and deus (dei?) ex machina and just all-around bad plot, and I wondered for a minute if the fans and I even saw the same movie.  And then people called me an “sjw cunt, it’s a kids’ movie CHILL” when I questioned the Frozen-hyping hive mind. That, on top of the ridiculous merchandising (”HERE KIDS, FOR ONLY $20 YOU CAN HAVE THIS REALLY CHEAPLY MADE KNIT HAT THAT HAS YARN ANNA BRAIDS SEWN ON!”), was kind of the last straw for me.

I just saw Ant Man today and I really, really enjoyed it.  There was a reviewer that said that it was so refreshing in it’s simplicity, almost how the initial Marvel movies were before all the world building (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing) started to play a bigger role in the movies.  I remember watching the film in the beginning and thinking, wow, this is the first marvel film where none of the primary characters are involved even though it very much inhabits the same world (unlike Guardians of the Galaxy, which is in space).  It’s a very simple and cliche story, but it’s still awesome.  The budget for this movie was substantially less than that of Age of Ultron and yet this movie was so much better than Age of Ultron.  It might be because, like I said before, it’s a simple story, but one that it told very well.  My favorite part was when Scott’s friend was recounting the story of how he got his insider information (he does this twice in the movie).  It was just so awesome and cool and funny!  I would overall give it 8/10.  

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The Marie Alice Brandon File... It gave me chills. Several were good (Sunrise, the actress resembled the original one so much! And the general feel as great) and Masque was amazing as well. The actress did such an amazing job. *sigh* but TMABF... Holy moly. Exactly how I pictured Alice. Her hair too! What a great actress, great director, everything was amazing. It gave me that amazing vibe that the first Twilight film gave me (prefer the books, though). The 'wow' and 'I can't believe I can 1

Finally see it instead of just read it’ feeling. It’s better than the Breaking Dawn movies (don’t like the whole Renesmee storyline) and better than Eclipse (Bella felt like a selfish twat). But it just goes along so well with the rest!

Alice was the one who got the meatiest backstory in the guide (everyone else was pretty much just what we already knew from the books, with a few little tidbits here and there. Esme’s would have seemed like a lot of new information if you hadn’t read the information on the Twilight Lexicon). Her human life was 100% new, and that’s what tMABF ran with and I think part of why it was so successful and so well-received by the fandom: it stuck to what was written in the Guide pretty much 100%. The other films all took some creative license here and there, adding characters (Garrett’s sister), or abilities (apparently the Groundskeeper had some superpower with making people forget things and his eyes changed color???), or creating a new scenario that wasn’t specifically mentioned (the masquerade ball in Masque). But TMABF pretty much just took what as written and made a screenplay out of it, with very little embellishment. (Consumed, for the most part, did this too. And Sunrise was remarkably faithful). 

And someone finally got Alice’s hair right. lol Short and choppy because it was cut off in the asylum. 

Balto by ThreshTheSky

Digital painting in Photoshop. 

I started this one a while ago and abandoned it after a while but recently returned to it when I learned that composer James Horner died. He did the soundtrack to this movie and it’s one of my all-time favorites. This film meant a lot ot me when I first saw it and it deserved to do so much better in theaters than it did. If you’re into film scores, this one is worth checking out.

alayne-stone-heart Can’t respond to your response on my own thing, doing it here. 

ARGHHHH! I am SO ANNOYED at this whole, “will she, won’t she” thing. I mean, I DESPERATELY want Maimie to come back, but I need time if she isn’t to detox from the show. Honestly, the think the best thing would be to hold on filming long enough to bring her back around. If they probably won’t get beyond S3, then better go out with a bang with much beloved characters, than lose a bunch of the fan base, and go out with a whimper.

And URGH at a “milady-like” character. Fuck that noise. Character aren’t interchangeable. I don’t want some “bad girl” character, I want Milady. 

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Do you think Jen became closer now with Liam? I just cant help but compare their relationship from 2012-2013 to 2014-2015 I think she becomes more affectionate on him since last year w/c is cute 😍 even though Josh is too loud (sometimes louder than Jen w/c is a bit annoying lately) Jen still givess her attention on Liam too.

100% YES! Jen and Liam are definitely closer than at the start. He wasn’t there much in the first film and thus didn’t have as many moments to share with Jen and Josh. But the three of them being the same age, it’s them who have shared in this franchise the most and through the series their friendships have only grown stronger and better.

Jen is so different when it comes to Josh and Liam. With Josh, she’s loud, obnoxious, trying to one-up him. From the start they’ve had a unique friendship that transcends Hollywood and the real world. It’s beautiful, but not romantic. I, too, find Josh to be a little much lately, like he has to be the one being the funniest, most sincere, or closest to Jen. But Jen doesn’t need anyone to speak for her and Liam is funny in his own right without someone hijacking every question. 

With Liam, Jen is so raw and gentle and happy but also more guarded. She’s given multiple accounts on hanging with his family, spending time with him, and over all just adoring him. So it’s clear that they are close, obviously not in the wacky way Josh and Jen are, but not any less. If she wanted to hide a relationship from the public, it’s the one she and Liam have ya know? 

Ah…I’m losing my trail of thought here, but Jen pays attention to Liam in meaningful ways and goofy asides. She speaks of him in such high regard. He’s not an afterthought, like many people think. Jen is often asked about Josh because that’s the story line and that’s whom she is most outwardly connected to, but she always adds Liam to the mix because it’s true. It’s the 3 of them experiencing this franchise together. 

I guess what I’m trying to say is, if I had feelings for someone and I were a celebrity, I would protect those feelings, interactions, and moments from the media as best I could. I wouldn’t touch all over the guy, use pet names for him, and let the whole world see how relationship. I would probably share looks, praise them, and ask that our special moments during filming were kept private. I don’t believe Jen and Josh have this secret relationship then do what they do in interviews. If there are as private as we know them to be, that doesn’t make any sense.

I cannot believe out of all the moments of dialogue for us to miss in this whole damn film, “I know” was the one we got distracted in.

(I threw pillows and yelled until my brother rewinded the tape I stg we’re a mess)

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re: why they couldn't pause a lot: maybe it would've taken too much time to make sure the continuity worked e.g. making sure props/actors wouldn't move around "on their own" during the break?

Someone else can answer this better than I can (unwillingadventurer)? but I believe that when Verity Lambert first produced the show, there was some sort of BBC rule that they could only pause twice in shooting each serial, for budgetary reasons? A big deal is made of this rule in Adventure in Space and Time.

I can’t remember exactly how that worked and what the rule was, but film was much more expensive in the early days, and editing much more laborious and difficult. When you cut a scene, you cut it, and then had to tape the film bits together. So every scene cut, every new camera angle was as considered then as “we need you to design a realistic 3D alien with animated facial features and lip synching” would be today. 

Leaving Tumblr

(Sort of)

So… I will now explain. 

1. Tumblr is really, really negative. The reason why I left Facebook was for this reason and unfortunately, I think tumblr has actually turned out to be worse for this. Literally the reason I come to tumblr is because I enjoy certain stuff, the problem is that all people do on here is criticise everything and everyone to an unreasonable standard all the time. I actually feel better right now just writing this because the amount of negativity on here has been making me feel depressed for a while now. 
2. Every film gets spoiled for me. I use the black lister sure, but that doesn’t help. One of my closest friends who doesn’t use tumblr always knows so much less than I do about the new marvel films, and I’m really jealous of her innocence. Tumblr is really bad for this because they spread around set photos. Remember how everyone ruined a huge plot point in Captain America 3 by reblogging leaked pictures to every corner of tumblr? The film isn’t even due to be released for another year!! Yeh thanks for that guys.
3. The Tumblr community is a place where the Xkit guy gets chased away and John Green gets accused as being a pedophile. Enough said. 
4. I want to focus on my life and be more social :P I want to make movies and you never know, perhaps I’ll one day direct a Marvel movie.
5. I don’t feel valued on here.

. So what does this mean? For those few people who have actually made my experience on tumblr worth it, I’m not deleting my blog. Mainly because my blog is the one nice thing that I’m going to get to take from this whole experience. I’m still going to post my own gifs to my blog because I enjoy making them. But here’s what’s going to change. 

. I’m not going to go onto my dash anymore for all the reasons above

 But I will continue to go onto trusted blogs and search for films that I’m interested in. So I will still reblog content, just not very often.
. I will also probably still maintain my blog, changing the theme ect.
. Messages are still always 100% welcome.

So, thank you to everyone on tumblr who have actually been nice. 

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honestly i'm not all that excited for the movie. i feel like colin gets so much more love than jen and it doesn't even look that great. i got really excited though because jim o'heir is in there!!!

Well, ok. You’re free to not be excited, I really hope that you will also allow me to BE excited ‘cause I am.

I don’t know about Colin getting more love than Jen. But one thing I do know is that the answer is more love for Jen, NOT less for Colin ‘cause that man deserves all the love in the world.

I think the film looks pretty good, it won’t be winning any Oscars and the idea is not stunningly original but I think Colin will totally rock it  and brilliant acting can make everything so much better. And it looks like he will get to play a range of emotional states and I’m so here for that. And I think the music will be damn good! 

I like Jim as well but I’m still excited the most for all the Colin.

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its a shame u are not tumblr famous ur blog is just as good as all the other famous art blogs if not better (no shade i just find ur content more original/interesting/unique)

aw lol this is sweet! i have a lot of followers though, at least a lot in my opinion, and i think i get more than enough attention on here!! i probably get way too much attention tbh, considering i am just a humble college student with literally no background in art/film/music or anything like that!! i’m very pleased with where i am and i appreciate your support so so so much!!! i hope you have a really great day!!

Just got back from Ant-Man. It wws soooo good and I am soooo hype bc of the first credits sequence.

So much better than Avengers 2. Probably my favourite MCU film yet. Go see it.

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I love campy batman way more than Dark knight. So I love the Joel Shomocker films more than all the others besides the Adam west film and The Dark Knight which is just one of the best movies regardless. Also Brave and the Bold is better than TAS. (TAS is better than filmation and super friends though. Even if I remember more episodes from Super Friends and Adam West from playing them so much)

I first and foremost extremely disagree with BatB > TAS. TAS was what I grew up on so of course im bias but it wasnt ever  dark and gritty to a stupid degree like the dark knight films, it was a kids show still but it had a bite to it that made it really awesome without being 2 edgy m8. That said I think BatB is really good and fun, my favorite episode was the musical one and I really like that they brought Blue Beetle out of obscurity at least for a little while.

As for the Shmuckmocker films, not my cup of tea. They weren’t campy in my opinion, they were just kinda bad. Forever tried too hard to be *not Burton* and appeal to kids that it lost the charm and look of the 1989 movie. The recast was not a smart move, nobody felt good in their roles, and the stylizing in the film was too much of a sensory overload. Batman & Robin was just a dumb cash in for the franchise at that point, and it really was just weirdly sexual in a cringy way looking back. Not as in the social issue way, just that it was fucking awkward as hell and didn’t need to be there. 

That said I thought Batman Returns was a fucking mess too so it’s not like I think both Burton films were perfect, Just that the 1989 was excellent.

Also on the Dark Knight movies. The first one was too long and took far too much time to get on with it. The second one I still think is pretty damn good, even if I don’t regard it as highly as when I first saw it. The third one really wasn’t too great, but it was enjoyable enough to watch.

Tomorrow, as long as the weather’s not too shitty, dad and I will be going to the beach with my niece and nephew so we can go shoot some footage with our new camera stabilizers.  We just want to test them out, and where better than at the beach right?

I’ll also try remember to drag along my waterproof camera bag so I can get some close shots of the waves and such.

Then, on Monday, dad and I will be popping out to Fosbender Park again so we can get the veeery much long needed b-roll footage so we can finally get this damn short film finalized and online lol  It’s only taken a million years :P

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Why are the candles so expensive?? The real ones are like $1 at walmart

Depends which ones you’re talking about. 

Am I selling blank candles or am I selling candles with images I had to edit, print, cut, add glitter, hot glue gems, and seal with a clear film?

If you’re referring to the Lisa Frank candles, I lowered the price. If you want to complain about shipping I suggest going to the United States post office about it.

See also: alllll the other similar candles on etsy and storenvy that are more expensive and usually not much better than mine.


p.s. make your own then (not being sarcastic)