paul remembers good old times and listens to ‘’beautiful boy’’ sang by John Lennon, while try so hard not to cry.

a good and heartbreaking video

(I am in tears now. you’ll probably be in too) 

(If you just want the ‘’happy’’ part, watch till 1:06)

Final Sunset

I felt the warmth escaping
from the empty side of sheets
morning toasts without butter
and the coffee mug already
cooling on the countertop
so I asked you one more time
to watch the sunset with me
before I lose completely
the softness in your eyes
I wanted to remember it
as a beautiful finale
a painting I could look back on
should we ever meet again
But endings are never pretty
there’s just so much pain
I realized happy-ever-afters
are lies we make up in our head
As many times our hearts break
as many times we are dead

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when you say 'himym made a horrible ship canon' you're refering to what, ted & the mom? barney & robin? i'm too... confused (also, i can't remember the mom's name, gOD)

himym  spent NINE SEASONS  teaching me lessons that made it easier to breathe – that love isn’t easy, and you have to be patient because you’re going to have all these heartbreaks after heartbreak, but you’re going to get something so beautiful from it in the end. Taught be that the right one was either right there all along or wasn’t the one you thought it was. It spent nine seasons just filling me up with this hope for Ted to finally meet the mother,  only to kill her off and have his children go ‘so this long hopeful story is just stalling your denial for loving aunt robin’ aND IM SO FUCKING PISSED ABOUT IT.    Y EA H !!!  Tracy McConnell , the mother, deserved better !!!   WH AT THE FUCK ?? Her only purpose  was pumping out two kids just so Aunt Robin can have them when she’s dead ? ? ? ?  

You knwo waht shIP WAS BEAUTIFUL ?? BARNEY AND ROBIN?  yoU KNOW WHY THEY BROKE UP?  no good reason.   lITERALLY THEY BELONGED TOGETHER and the reason for divorce was so so so stupid and out of character ??  tHEN THEY HAVE BARNEY GO RIGHT BACK TO SQUARE ONE UNTIL HE KNOCKS A G ir l UP  ? ? ? ?  WHA ta the FUCK ?



Ted & Tracey are living with their kids and ted is a romantic just telling this long fuckign story while tracey makes cookies or plays her fuck ing ukalaLIE WHATEVER AND BARNEY AND ROBIN ARE ADOPTING A KID AND HAVING LOTS OF HOT SEX WEARING STORM TROOPER OUTFITS BYEEE

 yoU WANT A SAD AU ?? HERE’S ONE : Ted has memory loss and goes after Robin and Robin just knows the drill and she helps Ted back home where there’s his loving wife ready to help him. Robin sticks around to help too and the whole gang is There for him. That’s the only good explanation for Ted going after Robin when they clearly didn’t work. I hate  that ship so much . stop it. burn it. let robin live 2k16

ghost somehow gets… worse (by which I mean better) and more painful-in-a-good-way (also gayer) with each episode?

the plot is beautiful and everything is beautiful and the sky is blue and it’s all heartbreaking and I want to hug every person that made this possible

I always get too emotional when watching tokusatsu but it’s just so invariably, eternally, purely perfect, every world and every story, everything


Films in 2012: Five Centimeters Per Second

“It must really be a lonelier journey than anyone could imagine. Cutting through absolute darkness, encountering nothing but the occasional hydrogen atom. Flying blindly into the abyss, believing therein lie the answers to the mysteries of the universe.”

Mama, don’t cry.
I was once your little baby boy,
so full of love and light. 
By the time I turned 25, 
I was lost among the pavement,
lower than the basement,
and I couldn’t stand to smile,
I thought of taking my own life.
But Mama, don’t cry.
I found songs among the tragic,
hung my hat on sadness.
Mom, I think they’re trying to keep the grand romantic in me,
now that we got bottom lines.
But mom, I think I’m ready to free the grand romantic in me.

I’ve visited Spiral Jetty in Utah several times, and this was the first time I ran into any living wildlife so close to the beautiful soapy pink/lavender waters of the Great Salt Lake. The view was both breathtaking and heartbreaking. I believe this lone pelican, who was unable to fly and seemingly weak, would likely be claimed by the harsh environment. 

My understanding was that the high salinity of the lake and it’s salt flats offered little to no chance of survival to birds such as this one, but after doing some research it turns out that some areas of the islands serve as breeding grounds for colonies of Utah pelicans! @sixpenceee

All I ever wanted was to be beautiful in your eyes. Forgive me that it took so long to understand the need of self care; to develop a sense of being desirable, I never realized my existence could be of importance to someone. I’m sorry it took too long before I had thrown my life around. Never had I felt the need to be malleable, until your love reminded me life could indeed be meaningful. You gave me reason after a lifetime spent losing hope.
—  I never had a reason to grow old - M.A. Tempels © 2016

One really amazing thing about the scene between Kanan and Mari was how realistic and pathetic Mari looked after Kanan rejected her. Especially this frame:

There is nothing elegant or beautiful about Mari’s expression here; even more surprising, it isn’t terribly exaggerated. In most anime cry scenes, characters either look too “pretty” for it be truly traumatizing or the amount of tears is greatly exaggerated to add to the drama, but neither of those commonalities is present here. There are only a few tears on Mari’s face, but her miserable expression in perfect combination with the shadows is heartbreaking. Her slumped posture adds an extra kick to the already crippling nature of this scene. She just looks so tired and rundown, as if everything she’s ever cared about (AKA KANAN also DIA) just turned to sand and was washed away by the tide. The animators did a fantastic job capturing that emotion; I’ll really can’t praise them enough. However, if they pull out crying Mari again, I may have to boycott life.

Can I take this opportunity to point out how stunningly beautiful Colin is in this shot? Such a heartbreaking scene but I just adore his face here. Completely relaxed and so serene, almost angelic. He is a perfect storm of exquisite features. 

I cry for Killian’s death and weep for his glorious visage.

How could anyone fault Emma for saving him, and not just because he is so incredibly handsome but because he supports Emma, he is her biggest cheerleader. Has selflessly defended her with his life on the line. Has waited patiently for Emma to see him for who he truly is, a man transformed by love… I would walk through hell for a love like this. 

I will always love you, you will always have a piece of my heart. But i realize it’s no use, we just weren’t meant to be, and as much as it sucks, that’s okay. All i want for you is happiness and i hope you get that. I hope you find what’s missing some day. I’ll find someone that loves everything about me, that thinks I’m the most beautiful person in the world. And so will you, you deserve so much in the world, don’t settle for anyone who makes you feel less than you are, don’t settle for anyone. I’m not letting you go so you can be with someone that isn’t right for you. Don’t let our relationship and this heartbreak be in vain. You will always be my first love, and I will always take the lessons I learned from you and our relationship into all my future endeavors, and i will always cherish our memories. I will look back on our dumb conversations, our romantic nights, every laugh and tear and smile. We will always be in each others lives, maybe not like I hoped but i’d rather have you as a friend than nothing at all, I lived like that before and it’s not very fun. I really hope you read this. I love you with all my heart and will always love you with a little piece of me. This is goodbye to the man i am so deeply in love with, and hello to a new friendship.

Rest in peace to this beautiful soul! He inspired, gave hope, sang his heart and sang the songs that our hearts understood so perfectly,heartfelt, heartbreak, hopeful, love. #rip #JuanGabriel
#1960s #mexico (at Cd Juarez Chihuahua)

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top five lightwood siblings scenes/moments? :)

1. This beautiful moment. i love how much they love each other. izzy honestly looks at him as if he’s her hero and we all know izzy is alec’s world. this was such a pure, happy moment between them. 

2. this scene was heartbreaking. alec is so disappointed in himself that there’s nothing he could do to help izzy. izzy’s “i know you tried, big brother” line made this scene for me. she knows that alec would do anything to protect her just like she would for him.

3. they had such good sibling banter in this scene. izzy moaning about alec not appreciating her ‘hard work’, alec teasing her about the fairy dust on her dress. it was just an all round great scene.

4. i love how badass they are together. alec is just so done with camille’s shit and izzy is literally ready to kill her. the “say that again and you won’t last” line slayed me. seeing how fiercely protective izzy is over alec is so pure. this whole scene was just like a warning that you never wanna get on the bad side of the lightwood siblings. 

5. no matter what happens, izzy will always be by alec’s side. that’s what i got from this scene. she could of gone with clary, simon, jace so she could help luke but she didn’t. because her brother is more important and checking to see how he was doing and not leaving him alone to report back to maryse was her priority. they stick together and that’s one of my favourite parts of their relationship.

Goodbye was so hard that summer. We thought it would never end. We never thought the ocean would get cold or the sun would go into hiding. Somehow, we convinced ourselves we were invincible. As long as we were together, we thought we could stop time, rewind. We thought we could bask in the warm bay water and kiss boys on the cool sand forever, but that’s just not how it works. Goodbye was so hard that summer
—  thank you best friends for the summer of a lifetime

im sorry but where’s my phantom production with a woman as the phantom????? Like everyone in the opera house assumes that the phantom is a guy, and madam giry goes along with it because it keeps the truth hidden. then!!!! the phantom hears christine singing one day and immediately falls in love and develops an obsession with this soprano who is beautiful and delicate and kind, all of the things the world has taught the phantom that she could never be because of her appearance.

Then, when the phantom reveals herself to christine it’s even more dramatic. raoul can’t understand how christine could attach herself to another woman and the phantom hates him even more for it but understands what’s best for christine in the end and it’s heartbreaking on sO MANY MORE LEVELS

also she would literally be the dark mysterious lady that the world has needed

•make it gayer

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Hello. I was jus wondering, why everybody loves Lydia so, so, SO much. She was messing with Alec's head with her failed mission stories(ep.9) and everything. She knew that there can be something between Alec and Magnus, and he can be happy, but still was ready to marry him for power. She arrested Izzy and was ready to see her stripped from her runes without blink of an eye. So i don't get all the enormous love. Because she is beautiful? Camille is beautiful too. Why no one loves her?

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Why Fandom Likes Lydia Branwell

  • That badass introductory scene, where she immediately recognised and respected Alec’s reflexive Shadowhunters instincts
  • She’s a strong woman of honour, offset by her past heartbreak
  • She started off as a brutally honest character, but was genuinely apologetic when that negatively affected people
  • Worked alongside an alpha pack leader without being prejudice or disrespectful
  • She was out to fulfil her own dream of running an Institute but was also willing to align herself with the Lightwoods for life in order to help restore their family honour
  • She was an accepting, supportive and trusting partner to Alec
  • She followed her orders to arrest Isabelle but didn’t hesitate to bend the rules behind them to try help Alec exonerate her
  • She observed Alec’s sexuality and brewing feelings for Magnus but respectfully stayed out of it because it wasn’t her business and he was clearly trying to bury it
  • When she realised the Clave was trying to pull a fast one in prosecuting Isabelle, she stood up for her and withdrew the charges - then immediately had her cleared of punishment when the cup was in Clave possession
  • Being around Alec and Isabelle taught her a lot more about honour than she previously knew, and is now more likely to live her life with a balance of head and heart decision making
  • She immediately let Alec go when he stopped the wedding, told him exactly what he needed to hear in that moment and graciously removed herself from the situation

Why Fandom Dislikes Camille Belcourt

  • She kills and feeds on mundanes, which is against the law of the Accords
  • She drugged Simon
  • She sexually manipulated drugged Simon
  • She murdered Simon
  • She cheated on Magnus without remorse
  • She sexually manipulated a situation to cause trouble for Magnus
  • She blackmailed her murder victim into signing a statement that absolved her of any participation in his death

Being “beautiful” has nothing to do with it.