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Hi. So my crushes name is Dawson and he is a junior and in a freshman and he is also my senior cousins friend. We have a computer class together and he is I guess a prep party boy, in like the nerd that is friends with preps, but he isn't like that with me. He is really sweet and protective of me and is just an overall idiot but like the cute idiot. We don't txt or anything and we only talk in class but I really like him. I don't think he likes me, I'm not his type, but I still like him, thanks.

Omg this is cute, I love hearing about your crushes.
I love it when boys get protective over me omg ahhhhh
I wish you the best of luck with this you cutie!!!! 

tell me about your day/week/life/self/crush/anything on anon



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-fidgets nervously- so you made an announcement that you were gonna change your blog a little and I thought maybe -blushes- maybe you don't but I just thought if -looks away- you feel nervous about -flushes furiously- other people being unhappy about it I want you to know -squeaks- that its -whispers- fine. -sprints away-

awww honey! you’re the sweetest (✿◠‿◠) thank you for telling me you’re ok with it! ♥♥

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Here’s a cute bomb to make u feel better