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“Andromeda, we need to talk.” Her father said firmly, his features grim as if he’d witnessed the worst thing in the world. It was rare for her father to be anything but serious, but the look on his face meant that he nothing good to say. Bracing herself, Andromeda look him dead in the eye, waiting for whatever harsh lecture he was going to throw her way this time. “Regulus has been killed.”
   Almost instantly it felt like the air had been sucked from her lungs, her steely gaze melting away to a look of complete horror. 
“W-What? How, why, who?” She stuttered out, her eyes probably wide with fear. “Daddy, what happened to him?” 
“We don’t know all the details yet, but I wanted you to know.” His words were plain and unloving, proving that even in a time of disaster, he couldn’t look past the person his daughter was becoming. He stood and strolled out of the room, leaving Andromeda to sit and wallow in the news he’d just dropped onto her. The tears couldn’t be kept away for long, spilling onto her cheeks as she gave into the sadness taking over her heart. Regulus and her may not have been close in their last few months, but she still loved him with whole her heart. He was still her family, even if she wasn’t his and it felt like a piece of herself had been torn away. 


Nicole Westbrook - It’s Thanksgiving


I wasn’t sure if I should put them together (in the same pic, not like together; also since I colored them differently) or not since I seem to always draw my OC’s with ;Mal’s, aha. But here’s (on the right is Mal’s but she doesn’t have a name, yet) and Meichal; is my new OC. I’m so bad at drawing fems, omf. ; o;

omg did i tell u guys!!?? i was at dunkin the other day with babe and the guy at the counter was like cleaning and whatever and came over to our table and handed me a folded piece of paper and was like “i think you left this up at the counter” and i was like oh, thank you! and ruth was like geekin out half whispering I TOLD YOU I CALLED IT I CALLED IT and i was like ?? qhat is happening ? and i opened the paper and it was like “i think you r beautiful. call me :)” and had his name and number omfg i’m like buDDY 1. YOU ARE AT LEAST MID 20′S AND I AM IN NOT EVEN LEGAL AGE YOU COULD GET IN TROUBLE FOR THIS 2. AHHHHHHH

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2, kuramoto x aurora

Ro. I am NEVER doing this ever again omf g its so bad im sorry but honestly I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THIS KURAMOTO GUY. anyways im real sorry this is not true trash quality

2. Kiss on the forehead (auroramoto)

*married life AU*

Birbs were chirping etc etc and Ro woke up feelin groggy. After getting dressed, she shuffled to the kitchen where *cough* the love of her life was cooking breakfast and her SON Leonardo Watch was eating at the table.

“Morning Ro xoxoxo <3″ said kuramoto, ro’s apparent new love that tina was NOT aware of

“(*^3^)/~♡” Ro replied. (Petra scowls jealously in the bushes)

Sitting down next to her son with idk the psycho pass eyes she turned to him and asked

“hows ur anime my child”

“things are going to shit mum. bruh what if i die D:” said Leonardo

Putting a sympathetic hand on his shoulder Ro looked thoughtfully into those freaky blue eyes of his and gave him words of wisdom:

“git gud son”

Leonardo:( TДT)

Realising she was running late (to her rad cool engineering job), Ro bolted out of her seat exclaiming

“Uwaaahh!!! I’m going to be late!!” 

With a piece of toast in her mouth, she grabbed her things and Kuramoto pressed a smOOCH to her forehead jus like this: ( ˘ ³˘)❤

Ro: *blushu* u///u


PS: petra cried in the bushes 。・゚゚・(>д<)・゚゚・。 The shock of no longer being ro’s icon and also no longer the target of ro’s affections was a terrible blow.