☠: Your muse has died, this is how mine reacts. 

“Andromeda, we need to talk.” Her father said firmly, his features grim as if he’d witnessed the worst thing in the world. It was rare for her father to be anything but serious, but the look on his face meant that he nothing good to say. Bracing herself, Andromeda look him dead in the eye, waiting for whatever harsh lecture he was going to throw her way this time. “Regulus has been killed.”
   Almost instantly it felt like the air had been sucked from her lungs, her steely gaze melting away to a look of complete horror. 
“W-What? How, why, who?” She stuttered out, her eyes probably wide with fear. “Daddy, what happened to him?” 
“We don’t know all the details yet, but I wanted you to know.” His words were plain and unloving, proving that even in a time of disaster, he couldn’t look past the person his daughter was becoming. He stood and strolled out of the room, leaving Andromeda to sit and wallow in the news he’d just dropped onto her. The tears couldn’t be kept away for long, spilling onto her cheeks as she gave into the sadness taking over her heart. Regulus and her may not have been close in their last few months, but she still loved him with whole her heart. He was still her family, even if she wasn’t his and it felt like a piece of herself had been torn away. 


Nicole Westbrook - It’s Thanksgiving

Send me a ship and i’ll tell you who: Deamus

for the ship thing, since i did the stupid think in accidentally deleting your ask. Doll, orangeholic96

  • -who cries when someone dies in a movie
    • Dean feels his heart hurt but Seamus is the one who swears angrily out loud and tries to hold back his unmanly tears while halfheartedly punching dean’s arm like “WHYY”
  • -who wears the ugly holiday garb
    • Both of them, i can see it as a ‘who can wear the ugliest christmas sweater’ (seamus wins) or ‘who can wear the most pink in february and not throw up (surprisingly Dean)
  • -who pays for the meals
    • It’s a trade off! They insist they’re both manly men
  • -who slams the oven door and who plays the trombone
    • Dean on trombone, Seamus slamming the oven but he has such bad timing that Dean will just stop playing and stare at him in disbelief like ‘how the fuck can someone be so bad at keeping time omf-’
  • -who brings home stray animals
    • Dean, what a babe
  • -who leaves the bathroom door open
    • Seamus, at this point he doesn’t give a crap since they’ve been together for like EVER
  • -who tells the ‘dad jokes’
    • SEAMUS omg
  • -who wants kids more
    • They both do <3 Dean would be such a cute father and SEamus would be the joker
  • -who travels more
    • Mmm seamus probably, or both of them it depends
  • -who spends more cash
    • Seamus on whatever strikes his fancy and Dean on..whatever strikes dean’s fancy
  • -who buys the things in infomercials
    • Neither because Seamus likes to show them to Dean to laugh at and Dean finds them hilarious and usless ‘who theFUCK NEEDS a blanket wiTH SLEEVES’
  • -who draws in the dust on their cars
    • Seamus because he’s a dork
  • -who starts the snowball fights
    • Dean, it catches SEamus off guard, and it ensues cute snow kisses at the end
  • -who throws away the directions to things
    • Seamus. “Manly man” remember?
  • -who puts up holiday decor
    • They both do and fight over tinsel
  • -who is more likely to forget to bathe
    • Er, neither but if need be, Seamus
  • -who gets more obsessed about things
    • Dean, Dean can go on about the things he loves for hours andSeamus loves it bECAUSE H ELOVES HIM
  • -who sings in the shower more often
    • Hehe Seamus, and he has a nice voice for someone who can’t keep time

Send me a ship and i’ll tell you…

anonymous asked:

Team Fortress 2, Guns of Icarus, Bloodborne

Send me the name of a video game and I’ll reply with my character’s reaction while playing it.

Team Fortress 2

Playing it with the Acolytes was particularly fun - a good way for all of them to let loose and relax. Often a lot of screaming or yelling was involved in the process.

However, Viktor never got very hooked. While it was amusing to play, in the end, he felt more amused watching scuffs break out when two or three would be playing with others elsewhere, and yelling over silly things would happen. It was like watching children, really.

Guns of Icarus 

The game immediately peaked his interest, and almost immediately pulled him in. He ended up playing quite a bit with Zel, and the two kicked back often after a fair amount of work, and played.

The Herald thoroughly enjoyed the game, and the shenanigans Zel and him got up to. 

And the battles they got up to. 


Yet another game he immediately got into. The beautiful imagery and the game play and plot kept the Herald readily interested, and once again, was yet another quiet game he worked away at.

A satisfied feeling was left after he had finally finished it. A pleasant grin graced his face. “Very good. I can imagine many people in Zaun and Piltover quite enjoying this game, to be honest.”

| : . Different Frequencies . : |

[ hxyimgrumpp ]

        ❝ H e r e we are~ ❞

                The vocalist muttered to himself, shoving 
                his hands in his pockets. After a four hour 
                trip from Pennsylvania, Peter and Dan had 
                finally arrived in New York City for a gig. With 
                plans to make and a hotel room to get, Peter 
                had left Dan to wander the busy streets of NYC. 
                Eventually, he had found himself in Central 
                Park - thankfully, the less crowded section of it. 
                Dan had quickly retrieved his notebook from his 
                backpack and sat at the base of a tree, leaning on it 
                for support. With his bag at his side, a comfortable 
                place to sit and not too many people around - he 
                could finally get back to writing Skyhill`s next song.

      ❝ Nice, so it`s abouuut- 
         huh. Only four - ish. Maybe 
         I can finish the lyrics to this 
         damn song. Now where`d I 
         leave off - o h . ❞

                 Easily finding where the word  howling ’ 
                 was left alone on a new line, Dan began 
                 to softly sing the first few lines to the song. 
                 This way he could remember the medley, 
                 making it easier to continue making sense 
                 of all the notes scribbled down on his tattered notebook.

         「  ❝ Do you agree with me, 
              We’re finding h o p e in disaster, 
              Aim it casually, 
              And I cant go any faster, 

              Y o u are beyond sight~  ❞   

So I kinda wanna add a few peeps to Geri’s relationship page.

jac-pearce: I want to put pretty much all your muses on there so I probably well.

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Yuru Fuwa Jukai Gaaru by Reol (it's japanese :3) + followed! :)

so catchy ahah ;D

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your tags on that post about the me irl vs me online are perfect i stg i /need/ a fic like that so bad omf seriously i might end up writing a ficlet of that it is wonderful

OH MY GOD PLEASE DO :D idk it’s the first thing i thought of, like Levi would definitely have a blog full of cute kitten videos no one can argue me on this