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O.M.G... I am blog Sauron at 2am :'( - how about an Aule blog meme as a follow-up?

we’ve all been there buddy

  • their blog url:  Aȝūlē3tz
  • the kind of posts they reblog: Anything about conlang construction. Helpful tutorials. All Eru’s posts about their OCs with gushing tags #omg how are you so good #this is incredible #I wish I could create like this. (He also posts slightly wobbly tracings and recolours as his own ‘original characters do not steal’ and Eru is always really nice about it)
  • the first person they followed: Eru!
  • what kind of theme they’d have: The problem with doing this for Silm characters is they’re fucking all expert craftspeople who’d make gorgeous, functional custom themes with no infinite scrolling or invisible ‘Next Page’ buttons. 
  • what kind of text posts they make at 2am: ‘Once is an accident, twice is coincidence but it just keeps happening and now I’m starting to wonder what if it was never them, what if the problem is me?’

calum’s the kind of guy who would invite you over for netflix and chill and he’d be wearing the classic fuckboy gray joggers and would probably start rubbing your thigh and kissing your neck and teasing you so fucking bad o m g and you’d be like “calum stop” bc you are NOT HAVING HIS TEASING and he’d just tilt his head and give you an innocent confused face and be like “stop what, babygirl?” 

How I gif with Photoshop Elements 6.

So basically I don’t have a “method” I just have “the only way I can do it on my computer with what I have”. And what I have is Photoshop Elements 6. So basically I couldn’t ever find any tutorials on how to make gifs with such a basic Photoshop. Everyone’s got CS whatever or ImageReady as well. Well here we go, I’m making a tutorial on how I make my gifs in Photoshop Elements 6. It’s probably not the best method, but it’s how I do. You can tweak with it as you please.

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Makeup is just powder. Niqabs are just cloth. High heels are just shoes.

Men wanting women to simultaneously wear makeup and be beautiful; while chastising them for being “trashy” when women apply it in a way that’s fun for themselves is misogyny. 

A woman wearing a niqab because of societal pressure, and then moving to a western country where everyone demands she removes clothing in order to accept her citizenship is facing brutal misogyny in both instances. 

High heeled shoes being required in office, restaurant, and sexual work spaces, to the point of hurting womens feet on a mass scale is misogyny. So is a man yelling and screaming at his girlfriend not to wear certain shoes because he thinks she’ll attract other men and leave him.

The objects are not misogynist themselves. The objects cannot feel or think, even if they’ve been created for nefarious purposes. It’s the attitude and the environment that breeds misogyny. So, the next time you go on a rant on some girl for wearing something you don’t like, ask yourself this:

Are you doing it to save her from misogyny, or are you doing it because you were raised in a culture that sees hyper critiquing women for anything they do and say about aesthetics as an okay thing? Are you doing it for her, or are you doing it for you?