#i feel like we don’t talk about this enough #that and thor’s face after the ‘REALLY knows him’ #he’s like ‘yeah lmao you could say that…’ #imagine mylene finding out this is how set me free took off #all because dizzee’s kinda crush fucked carlo pakoussa and gave him the record


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I have an adorable prompt. Malec on an ice staking date and Magnus seems weird for some reason and it turns out he's pretty crappy at skating and Alec is amazing because it's all stealth and balance and Magnus is embarrassed but Alec helps him and blegh

“I hate the cold.” Magnus snapped. 

Alec chuckled under his breath, looking over at Magnus. He tightened Magnus’ scarf around his neck and kissed his forehead, but Magnus tugged on  Alec’s scarf and brought him down for a real kiss. 


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