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My Larry blog is: Larry_dagger. This is a fan fic idea and I would be so happy if you made it! : AU: Harry on holiday with Gemma decides to send a postcard to a random as a prank. So they look it up and find Louis Tomlinsons addres and they just send a nice postcard about what they love the most about Italy and it becomes a tradition and one time Harry includes his Twitter handle and 1 day he sees Louis is following him and they find out they live in neighboring cities and you can go from there.

(Oh my god, I hope you like this and I also hope this isn’t horrible! It’s late at night and I’m tired but this was really fun to write! Also, no hate to anyone named Rupert lol)

It’s unlawfully hot in France, Gemma and him are lying on their bed with the air conditioner blasting from the corner of the room. God knows, where their parents are, they had finally given up on lecturing them about art and culture and seeing the world, Harry.

Harry can testify that he’s having a much more lovely time in their mini French apartment browsing on the internet than he ever could staring at paintings all day and making a fool of himself every time he tries to order a meal.

“Oi, Harry come here.” Gemma beckons him over to her bed, patting the flowery comforter that Harry had originally wanted, but Gemma had snatched it from him right under his nose, with the phrase you snooze you lose and an expression daring him to say something about it. He ended up grumpily getting the boring navy blue covers.

He jumps onto her bed, Gemma make an unpleasant oomph sound and swats his shoulder once he’s settled down next to her. She points to the screen. 

“Have you ever heard of this? Matty just did it on her vacation in Germany, it’s where you send a postcard to a random person in England telling them how nice your trip was and stuff. Sounds like a bit of a laugh, doesn’t it?” She explains, her hands typing up something.

“I guess.” Harry shrugs his shoulders. He doesn’t get how it could be such a laugh, but it sounds slightly entertaining and just something to do. Gemma is all about starting new trends, she has to be on top of everything and if Matty had done it, then she bloody well has to too.

“Great. Do you have a left over postcard? You bought like fifty yesterday and I know you don’t have that many friends, so cough them up.” Harry pouts and gets up from the bed, heading to his suitcase, where he does in fact have about fifty postcards, he was hoping to keep them for mementos to hang in his room when he got back.

Harry picks out his least favorite. He flings the postcard across the room at her, it hits her square in the head and she lets out an indignant squawk. “Watch it or else I’ll beat you into next week, Styles.” She scowls, her face scrunching up trying to mimic something even slightly menacing but Harry just chuckles at her.

He plops down next to her. “Now let’s look at names and addresses, pick our victim.” She has a little smirk on her face and Harry can almost hear the inner monologue of a maniacal laugh.

It ends up being between two unwilling British citizens; Louis Tomlinson and Rupert Scrivener, only because it sounds like a made up insane British name. Harry likes Louis Tomlinson, but Gemma thinks Rupert is the best option.

“But Louis Tomlinson sounds like royalty, so you know it’s got to be someone good. I don’t want our amazing postcard to be sent to some old bloke named Rupert who won’t understand the humor in it and ends up calling the cops.” Harry explains, exasperated, throwing his hands up in the air.

“C’mon let’s be smart about this, Louis is the best option.” Harry argues, raising his eyebrows. Gemma thinks about it for a second, the only thing he can hear is the faint thrum from the air conditioner.

“Okay fine, you win.” She says, copy and pasting Louis’ address onto notes, so she doesn’t lose it. Harry fist pumps in victory, while Gemma rolls her eyes and shakes her head.

The letter doesn’t end up being that maniacal as Harry thought it would be. It’s pretty standard, they end up telling this mysterious Louis about their adventures in Paris and Harry makes sure to add some incredibly bad puns.

He’s not ashamed to say that he added now we’ve got to escargot with a winky face at the end. Gemma had smacked him amongst the head when she’d seen it, but Harry had made sure to do it in pen so she’d have no chance to erase it.

“We don’t want him to think we’re a bunch of losers, do we?” Gemma had said, outraged. Harry couldn’t stop laughing about it, escargot, like go, like they’ve got to leave. It was genius, he has no idea what she’s saying.

They send the postcard later that night, Gemma finally cooling down about it and even chuckling a bit at it.

At every country they go to they send Louis a postcard describing their time there, it almost becomes a bit of a tradition.

When they’re about to finish writing the last one of their little series, Harry can’t stop thinking about what this Louis is doing with all of these. Is he just throwing them out? Or is he laughing? And if he’s laughing is he laughing with or at them? Harry doesn’t care either way, but he does have a weird interest in finding out.

“Do you ever feel bad that he can’t ever respond to us?” Harry asks, holding their Icelandic postcard in one hand.

“No, that’s the whole point of it, you wuss. He’ll never know who we are, so it makes it even better, we can write whatever we want without any consequences.”  She tilts her head and thinks about it for a second. “Actually, that’s probably a bad thing. I wouldn’t trust myself with that much power and definitely not you.” She shrugs her shoulders and continues flipping through an Icelandic magazine that she probably can’t even read.

“Since this is our last one, do you think we should leave something for him? I feel bad for leaving him in the dark after our slew of letters to him.” Harry scrunches his nose up in contemplation.

“Do whatever your little heart desires.” She says, clearly fed up with all his bothersome questions. She flips through the magazine slowly, taking in every aspect of it. Harry huffs and rolls his eyes.

He looks down at the postcard in his hands, there’s a little empty spot at the bottom that would be great for writing a message. He decides to act on impulse, scrawling down his twitter handle with a smiley face next to it.

He immediately regrets the decision. What if Louis ends up being a total creep? He now has his full name and can look him up on twitter, which links to his Instagram, which links to basically his whole life. He puts the postcard down, his pulse skyrocketing and his palms sweaty, he decides not to think about it and just deal with it in the morning, crawling into bed and closing his eyes.

He wakes up with his eyes crusty and a yawn caught in the middle of his throat. He scratches his hair lazily and gazes over to the little hotel desk he had left the postcard on. Which is now gone, nowhere to be seen on the desk.

Harry’s breath gets caught in his throat. He scrambles out of bed and searches high and low for the stupid thing. He’s on his hands and knees under the desk when Gemma walks in, he lifts his head up and bumps it on the bottom of the desk.

“Ow,” the top of his head throbs with pain, he rubs his head and looks up at Gemma, “Do you know where the postcard is?” He asks scooting out from under the desk, watching out for his head this time.

“Oh yeah, I just put it in the mail,” Harry makes a squeaking noise of utter terror. Gemma chooses to ignore his outburst. “Very bold of you by the way, putting your twitter handle on the thing.” Her hand is on her hip and she looks like she’s holding in a laugh. Harry’s whole body fills with dread.

He doesn’t hear anything from Louis for two weeks; he’s back at home and he’s finally almost forgotten about the whole debacle. Until he’s scrolling through Instagram late at night and a twitter notification pops up on the top of his screen Louis Tomlinson followed you. His heart stops and his eyes widen in fear, Jesus fucking Christ he can’t believe Louis followed him.

His hands get clammy and he drops his phone onto his stomach not daring to look at it out of mortification.
Gemma walks in with a bag of crisps in her hands and a raised eyebrow. “What’s put that look on your face?” She plops down next to Harry and smacks her lips, wiping her fingers on her shorts.

Harry’s hands are covering his face and he groans, closing his eyes. “Louis from the postcards followed me on twitter.” He can feel humiliation brimming in his stomach.

“No way, are you joking?” She asks, purely shocked. “Have you checked out his profile yet?” Harry can hear the crunch of the crisp’s bag as she puts it down on the table.

“No.” Harry says, his voice almost a whisper.

“What the bloody hell are you waiting for, let’s do it right now.” Gemma grabs his phone from his stomach and starts typing around until she lets out a breathy laugh.

“Oh my god,” she whispers.

“Oh no, what is it?” Harry secretly hopes Louis’ not some weird person. Hoping he didn’t spend all summer sending a creepy guy postcards and then gave him his twitter username.

“Louis’ a total hunk!” She squeals and tugs Harry’s hands from over his eyes and thrusts his phone in his face. “Oh, look he sent you a DM too!” She pulls the phone back and Harry reaches up trying to get his phone from her grasp, but she pushes his head down and keeps him there while she reads the DM.

“Are you the bloke who’s been sending me all those postcards this summer?” She reads in a mocking low voice. “Just wanted to say thanks for keeping me entertained this summer and also you’re super cute. Oh my god, he sent you a winky face, he wants you so bad. Get it, Curly.” Gemma jokes. Harry thinks his face is probably as bright as a tomato, his cheeks burning. He still hasn’t seen what Louis looks like, not that it would matter all that much, but still. Gemma said he was a hunk.

She flings his phone onto the couch and cackles as Harry makes a dive for it. He catches it and looks over Louis’ profile quickly. He’s a total hunk, a total cute, small hunk and Harry’s heart is thumping so loud, he’s worried Gemma might hear it.

He scampers to his room with his phone clutched firmly in his hand, he can hear Gemma wolf-whistling from the living room. He precedes to talk to Louis all night and then gives him his number early the next morning, so they can talk even more. He finds out Louis only lives a couple towns over so they to meet up the next time they’re both free. It’s definitely nothing he ever expected to happen when he first sent that postcard.

god im so happy like IM GOING TO WORK IM GOING TO SCHOOL IM WORKING OUT GETTING A CAT HORSE RIDING LEARNING HOW TO HANDLE A GUN im learning to do a lot of things at once like i used to do before i got ill. i got ill and then fell into a subsequent depression and episode of social anxiety and i almost fell into alcoholism and im just. idk im happy to be getting out of it. SORRY FOR THE PERSONAL STUFF!!! im just in a good mood, im glad im getting out there and getting out of a bad place in my life


Jungwoo in SPEED MVs

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im kinda tired of people saying sonnys changed.. the only change ive seen is his clothing style so idk. they say it in such a bad way but I haven't noticed anything?? just needed to vent that I guess. btw nice tattoo
























Sonny went from punk rock emo front man of From First to Last, to a chill solo singer, then singing with his band Sonny and the Blood Monkeys; to a kick ass DJ that changed the EDM scene for the better. Leaving is such a somber sad song that a lot of people didn’t expect from Sonny and don’t often remember it at all, he said it was a reflection of how he felt at the time; he’s making happier music now even if it seems watered down and not up to his full potential.

I’m glad he’s at least having fun with diplo even if a lot of his older fans don’t seem to enjoy the music as much because of diplo. Jack ü just doesn’t give me great choon vibes like music purely made by Sonny does, Sonny needs to be center stage not held back by someone so sexist; he gives Joel shit for being an asshole and yet he hangs out with wes??? 

And thanks! Totally rolled on it this morning and work myself up cause it felt like a sun burn haha

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Help me i have a bad hair cut and im sitting at school. Picture day minus t PICTURE DAY ugh

i say embrace it. its probably not that bad and you probably look cute as heck

the only people who really care about picture day pictures is your family so what eves 

you could always skip it (idk hide in the bathroom or something) because they always have make up day pictures! wait im p sure even if you do take a horrible picture they still have make up day pictures

but dude im sorry i feel. like a month ago all my hair was cut off(when i didnt want to be)(nothing wrong with short hair i just personally can’t rock it) and i’m still not over it

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hi booky...i really don't want to bother you but, i'm ace and i'm having kind of a bad night? like idk i read something really acephobic and now i just feel really invalid and sad and gross, i was wondering if you had any ace!cas headcanons or something, to make me feel better? (if not just ignore this and im sorry)

*snuggles* I’m so sorry, bb!

Let me see… how about Dean and Cas going shopping (this after Cas has found out about asexuality, and pride colors, and what that means) and Cas finding an oversized sweater that just happens to be black, grey, white, and purple and he’s so pleased with it that Dean buys it for him (even though it’s ridiculously overpriced)

That becomes Cas’s absolute favorite sweater, and Dean has to admit, the material is very nice and soft; Cas wears it when they cuddle on the couch watching movies, especially during winter.

Ah, and what about Dean trying to learn more about asexuality, getting over his hangups with communication (and actually talking about his feelings) so he can be the best partner possible for Cas? (Because this is important and Dean doesn’t want to fuck this up and it’s so new because not only is it a relationship, something Dean hasn’t had much real experience with, it’s a sexless relationship, and some days Dean still doesn’t know what to do with that.)

What about all the little, nonsexual intimacies that Dean and Cas share? Shared baths that never go further than chaste kisses and washing each other, practically massaging soap into the other’s skin. Picnics, just the two of them, in open fields. Long drives to a lookout where they can see the stars. Nights spent wrapped in each other’s arms in bed, fully clothed (or just in their boxers in summer because it’s warm and skin on skin contact feels good)

Cas is just the happiest little asexual bumblebee, ok? I hope this helps, bb

You know, it’s really weird seeing these posts that are like “IF YOU’RE X YOU’RE A BAD PERSON” but like, people are a big old mix and match of good and bad. 

Like, someone could be transphobic but they could be the head of a charity foundation. Someone could hate gays but be a huge role in the Black lives Matter campaign. Someone could be racist but paying for their daughters hormones and transitional surgery. Pro-lifers might speak out against ableism. No one is entirely a good person and no one is entirely a bad person. 

I know that this doesn’t excuse all the bad things like homophobia, racism, ableism, and transphobia. But what I’m trying to say is that I’m very tired of this constant mentality that things are black and white. 

i dont even consideer my self an artist anymore im honestly jsut lauhging at this pile of shit.the duck is covring up the words “sear the flesh” which i dont remember writing

enjoy, motherfuckers

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adzie I have an internet crush but they have a crush on someone else, you may be thinking that they're just an internet crush a person I'll most likely never meet well they're coming to my country next summer so I'm stuck on what to do ? do I forget about my feelings towards them or just tell them ?

ahhaa mate i’ve had my share of internet crushes don’t ya worry i totally understand your current feels

from my experience with internet crushes, i’ve gone about telling them - even ones who live in my er country - but like… that’s totally been enough for me? like sure i’d love to meet them but… it’s more about that ability to be open with them that makes me so happy?

but idk this could be different for you like if they have a crush on someone else that doesn’t necessarily mean they wouldn’t be flattered by you admitting your crush but at the same time it could complicate things??? idk

there’s so many ways too apparoach this i think it’s best to just go with the flow (like how you feel in a certain moment, talking to them or something idk) and decided for yourself if telling them or moving on is best…..

Another rich noble that believed he could be the perfect husband
to the young princess. She was so done with all this. She didn’t
want her father to call in rich men from all over the kingdom —- even
other countries just so that she would finally be married. If she’d marry
she’d have to leave her home & would be seperated from her siblings.
Besides she didnt’t like any of those suitors anyways. She didn’t know
why but  when she looked at them she felt .. nothing.  Not even when
they actually tried to be romantic, to treat her with gentleness.    She
simply wasn’t interested.    But hopefully it would all soon end. He father
was old already — soon her brother would take the throne & Loras had
promised her he would let her take her time & would not bother her with
such things.

     ‘’You don’t have to follow me around everywhere I go, you know. ‘’
    This one was young  — even a year younger than she was. Normally
    her father would tend to have her meet men that were twice her age.
    But apparently he no longer had anyone for her to meet.    So she
    had promised him she would spend the day with the boy & try to get
    to know him. Try to like him.

Yes I do,my mother said to not leave your side today.’’  

The princess let out a deep annoyed sigh and rolled her eyes a bit. One day
he  would be one of the richest men in their country — but right now he was
just a foolish boy.  

        It was getting dark outside already & she had told the guards that she was
       only going to go for a quick walk through the gardens with her possible fiance. 
       Of course a lie.   ‘’ Since you do not plan on going away – you can come with
       me.’’ The boy seemed confused but the girl just walked through the garden with
       quick steps, making her way to the silver fence. ‘’ There’s a hole behind these plants.
       No one knows.’’ She said and without another word she was on the other side. 

As she turned back to face him a small chuckle escaped
her lips. ‘’ Don’t be a coward.’’That seemed to work because
he followed her & soon they were making their way towards
the dark woods. ‘’ Why are we out here? I don’t think we’re
allowed to be here.    We should go back. It’s so dark already,
I can’t even see you.’’   Juliet let out a sigh and stopped walking.
This was exactly why she had wanted to go alone. The girl had
snuck out of the castle many times but she had never been in
the woods  before. But tonight was the night that she would
prove that those stupid stories they used to tell her about monsters
weren’t true.   

     ‘’Just keep waking.’’ Juliet said in annoyance and grabbed his hand,
      pulling him with her.  Just after a few minutes they were already deep
     inside the woods  & as much as the princess hated to admit she was
     pretty sure that they were lost.
                                                                     & then     a G R O W L.

    ‘’Did you hear that?’’     Her eyes widened in fear and she took in a sharp
    breath, letting go of the boys hand. ‘’ What was that ??’’