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do you know any way to get over deep rooted shame about your sexual feelings towards girls i honestly feel so bad about it all the time and feel so creepy and disgusting partially because my feelings are about girls but just that i'm a girl having these feelings idk just ugh its awful im sorry for bothering you

Hi! You’re not bothering at all.

It’s hard as hell to get past this. I think most of us struggle with the double shame of ‘girls that like girls don’t really exist so I guess that makes me a freak’ and 'straight men like girls and they are awful and I like girls so maybe I’m awful too’ it’s just a lot of really hard shit that most of us internalize.

I think one way to try to get past this might be to look at it objectively. And this is changing thought patterns, which isn’t a five minute exercise; it needs practice.

So: I like girls. Do you think I’m gross? Ellen Page likes girls. Do you think she’s gross? If a friend confessed to you that she found a mutual girl friend of yours sexy, would you think she’s being creepy? If your answer to these is no, then practice applying it to yourself. “Ellen Page [or lbpq role model of your choice] likes girls, and that doesn’t make her creepy or bad. I like girls, and that doesn’t make me creepy or bad.” “Women’s attraction to women is beautiful and there’s nothing wrong with it. My attraction to women is beautiful and there’s nothing wrong with it.” Try repeating these to yourself when the bad thoughts come up. Hopefully you’ll start to believe yourself.

Good luck, and remember you can always come to us if you need support or advice and you’re never bothering us. -Jace

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BTS makes me want to live. The songs keep me alive even when I don't want to. But when there is no song, I don't know what to do. I can't listen to music all day, there's work. And when I'm not listening, things get so bad. I have nothing else to look forward to. It scares me. But I have nothing else than their music.

ahh, idk what to tell you friend… there’s a lot of things to look forward to and you just gotta start somewhere and find out what those things are. music is an escape, i can understand that and that’s what’s keeping you going, right ? there’s many things to keep you distracted and since work is something important, just think throughout the day that you’ll be able to listen to music again ?


Jungwoo in SPEED MVs

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im kinda tired of people saying sonnys changed.. the only change ive seen is his clothing style so idk. they say it in such a bad way but I haven't noticed anything?? just needed to vent that I guess. btw nice tattoo
























Sonny went from punk rock emo front man of From First to Last, to a chill solo singer, then singing with his band Sonny and the Blood Monkeys; to a kick ass DJ that changed the EDM scene for the better. Leaving is such a somber sad song that a lot of people didn’t expect from Sonny and don’t often remember it at all, he said it was a reflection of how he felt at the time; he’s making happier music now even if it seems watered down and not up to his full potential.

I’m glad he’s at least having fun with diplo even if a lot of his older fans don’t seem to enjoy the music as much because of diplo. Jack ü just doesn’t give me great choon vibes like music purely made by Sonny does, Sonny needs to be center stage not held back by someone so sexist; he gives Joel shit for being an asshole and yet he hangs out with wes??? 

And thanks! Totally rolled on it this morning and work myself up cause it felt like a sun burn haha

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Help me i have a bad hair cut and im sitting at school. Picture day minus t PICTURE DAY ugh

i say embrace it. its probably not that bad and you probably look cute as heck

the only people who really care about picture day pictures is your family so what eves 

you could always skip it (idk hide in the bathroom or something) because they always have make up day pictures! wait im p sure even if you do take a horrible picture they still have make up day pictures

but dude im sorry i feel. like a month ago all my hair was cut off(when i didnt want to be)(nothing wrong with short hair i just personally can’t rock it) and i’m still not over it

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hi booky...i really don't want to bother you but, i'm ace and i'm having kind of a bad night? like idk i read something really acephobic and now i just feel really invalid and sad and gross, i was wondering if you had any ace!cas headcanons or something, to make me feel better? (if not just ignore this and im sorry)

*snuggles* I’m so sorry, bb!

Let me see… how about Dean and Cas going shopping (this after Cas has found out about asexuality, and pride colors, and what that means) and Cas finding an oversized sweater that just happens to be black, grey, white, and purple and he’s so pleased with it that Dean buys it for him (even though it’s ridiculously overpriced)

That becomes Cas’s absolute favorite sweater, and Dean has to admit, the material is very nice and soft; Cas wears it when they cuddle on the couch watching movies, especially during winter.

Ah, and what about Dean trying to learn more about asexuality, getting over his hangups with communication (and actually talking about his feelings) so he can be the best partner possible for Cas? (Because this is important and Dean doesn’t want to fuck this up and it’s so new because not only is it a relationship, something Dean hasn’t had much real experience with, it’s a sexless relationship, and some days Dean still doesn’t know what to do with that.)

What about all the little, nonsexual intimacies that Dean and Cas share? Shared baths that never go further than chaste kisses and washing each other, practically massaging soap into the other’s skin. Picnics, just the two of them, in open fields. Long drives to a lookout where they can see the stars. Nights spent wrapped in each other’s arms in bed, fully clothed (or just in their boxers in summer because it’s warm and skin on skin contact feels good)

Cas is just the happiest little asexual bumblebee, ok? I hope this helps, bb

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adzie I have an internet crush but they have a crush on someone else, you may be thinking that they're just an internet crush a person I'll most likely never meet well they're coming to my country next summer so I'm stuck on what to do ? do I forget about my feelings towards them or just tell them ?

ahhaa mate i’ve had my share of internet crushes don’t ya worry i totally understand your current feels

from my experience with internet crushes, i’ve gone about telling them - even ones who live in my er country - but like… that’s totally been enough for me? like sure i’d love to meet them but… it’s more about that ability to be open with them that makes me so happy?

but idk this could be different for you like if they have a crush on someone else that doesn’t necessarily mean they wouldn’t be flattered by you admitting your crush but at the same time it could complicate things??? idk

there’s so many ways too apparoach this i think it’s best to just go with the flow (like how you feel in a certain moment, talking to them or something idk) and decided for yourself if telling them or moving on is best…..

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okay so im really confused, someone just told me to use they/them pronouns with them but i'm scared about fucking things up, I don't know how to use them or when? likee... can i still use "you" with them? or should i use something else? I don't want to bother them with my stupidity and of course i don't want them to feel bad because i fucked up pls help

hi friend! yes, you can still use, “you”. if you’re referring to them in the third person than call them, “them.” if you’re talking to them directly (1st person) then you can say, “you” to them. so um idk ill provide sample convo if youd like:

talking directly to them

you: hi *name*

them: hi 

you: how are you doing?

talking about them with someone else

you: they are so cool!! they’re super nice to

other person: yeah totally 

okay im sorry the sample convo sucks but yeah i really tried to help good luck

idk how to do a read more on mobile im sorry

i started college this week and i was really hesitant about going because i feel like im not mentally well enough to do it and i feel like i was right. normally I’m a pretty outgoing person but I’m just not well enough to even hold a conversation right now and im just so lonely. i should be having so much fun and it seems like everyone else is but my depression and ed (which has gotten real bad real fast) and everything are just so bad right now I can’t do stuff. I want to go home but i would feel like such a failure if I left so soon (or in general). idk Im such an all or nothing person like things can’t be “just ok” for me I need to fall in love with the place and the people and classes and stuff and I just??dont?? my mental state is just so bad right now i can’t eat right and feel nauseous and suicidal all the time but this is supposed to be the Best Time of My Life!!1!