hhhahahey there @tailsandkabuki

i messaged you a bit back from my snake not eating and he still hasn’t eaten aaa
his eyes are foggy and hes wheezing on and off but doesnt have bubbles
im on mobile and cant remember how to ask for help but were on a budget and i dont have a way to measure humidity or his weight but the cage temp is 78°F he doesnt appear to have lost a significant amount of weight
his tank is 40gal he has a heat pad and lamp, aspen bedding, a makeshift hide, and as far as i know the humidity is good
we have eye drops for my gecko if i should try thoes on him? ive soaked him many times and the eyes dont get better

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could u write one where y/n and one of the boys r sharing a bed (for some reason idk) and ur wearing like barely anything and u wake up to him like jacking off beside u moaning ur name so u decide to tease him by like rubbing up against him and exposing more and moaning his name while still pretending to be asleep. then u can't hold it in anymore and start laughing which ends in them doin the frick frack?

Guys i’m so bad at smut… but here we go… AND I PICKED ASHTON CAUSE WHY THE FUCK NOT!?!?

Rated: R?

Drunk Y/N wasn’t the best Y/N. Especially when it comes to boys. She was fucking clingy and horny. 

“Who wants to do body shots?” Luke shouted. All the boys cheered in unison as you just giggled. Being best friends with Luke had it’s perks, you got to meet the rest of the band, hang out with models but you had the biggest crush on Ashton. It was just you and the boys drinking away the night, forgetting about the rest of the world. 

“Y/N are you in?” Calum asked, sipping his beer. 

“Why not.” You giggled. The previous alcohol you had downed was taking over your whole body. Luke called you over and told you to lay on top of the counter. 

“Who’s going to take the shot?” Calum asked. 

Ashton’s hand went straight up and you just stared at him. 

“But first, this needs to come off.” Ashton chuckled, pointing to your shirt. The heat began to rise as you started to strip your shirt off leaving your top half exposed. 

“Lay down princess.” He smirked, while pouring the cold tequila in the glass. You did as instructed and you watched as he peppered you with the salt running from under your bra line to the top of your jeans. Luke placed the lime in your open mouth as your body began to heat up as Ashton took the shot. Your body froze once you felt his tongue trail up your body, goosebumps already covering the exposed skin. His mouth hovered above yours before he sucked on the lime. The taste of tequila was on his lips as they grazed yours. You wanted to feel them more. You wanted to feel the softness on your skin, his tongue in your mouth and fuck you were getting horny just laying there watching him sucking the life out of that poor lime. 

You don’t remember what happened after the body shot, but you were pretty sure there was more drinking involved. You were half naked, just in one of the guy’s shirts and your underwear. The sound of someones muffled moans woke you up from your sleep and you looked next to you to find Ashton jacking off. 

“Y-Y/N…” He trailed off as your eyes scanned his body before they landed on his lower half. You could see his hand moving up and down on  his dick as he continued to moan out your name. To say that this didn’t turn you on was an understatement, because damnit it was fucking hot. 

“P-please don’t stop baby.” He groaned as his hand moved faster. You decided to have a little fun with this so you pressed your body up next to his, moving your hips against his side. You started to move your hips faster as his grunts got a little more rigid. 

“Baby, don’t stop.” He continued. You tried not to laugh, but ended up doing so. He jerked his hand away and looked at you. 

“U-um.. how long were you awake?” He stuttered. 

“Long enough.” You smirked before you straddled his hips.

You began to repeat the motion you were doing before. Ashton’s hands immediately going to your hips making you grind on him faster. 

“Tell me what you want Ashton.” You whispered in his ear before nipping at the skin. 

“B-baby.” He groaned, “I only want you.” 

He tugged at the shirt and you stripped of it, not realizing you didn’t have a bra on. Ash smirked before running his hands over your exposed body, kissing every inch of you. In one quick movement Ashton flipped you guys over so his body was hovering over yours. One hand resting by your head while the other trailed down to your panties tugging on them. 

“Take these of Y/N.” He practically whined. You did as you were told and shimmied them off, leaving you completely naked in front of the Aussie boy. 

“So beautiful princess. So so so beautiful.” He smiled before attaching his lips to your neck sucking harshly on the skin. His fingers teasing you while the other hand rests on your hips. 

“As-Ashton, stop teasing.” You groaned. 

Before you could process any other words, you felt him position himself before slamming into you. You bit your lip to stop the scream that was going to escape your lips, but luckily Ashton got on top of that and closed the gap with a kiss. His tongue slipping through the opening of your mouth as his movements picked up. Panting and moaning came from the both of you. Back scratching causing his groans to be louder and his thrusts faster. 

“Fuck.” You moaned as you felt the familiar build up in your stomach. “D-don’t stop.” 

The smell of sweat filled the room as his thrusts became sloppier, the moans became louder. He knew you were close, and you knew he was going to follow behind you shortly after. With one last deep thrust, his name tumbled out of your mouth. Forehead to forehead you could feel the sweat dripping, your breathing was unsteady, but you were coming down from your high. 

“We should do that again sometime Y/N.” He said before slowly pulling out of you. 

“We should.” You sighed before curling your body next to his. 


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'Rough Touch'

number generated: six. my muse roughly grabs your muse’s arm. 

           (   @sommerprins  !!   )

                      he doesn’t know why he moves when he does … but there he goes anyway , steps defiant and careless , stepping against the stretch of green fresh grass and allowing it to scrunch underneath his shoes. he is at the football game , thirty minutes late at arriving , but just in time to watch galahad players running and slapping one another at the back for scoring one more goal for the team. they’re ahead against percival , but not by much —— still winning though , and , casting a look at hansen as they take their place by the sidelines with the people who have come here to witness the event , to cheer ; he knows the score for now will be enough.

                           it takes him less than ten minutes to notice andrew … or at least , he’s still pretty certain that that’s the younger man’s name. truth be told , he’s almost forgotten all about the other ginger and how he was apart of galahad’s representative in the soccer game. maybe it’s the hair , or the freckles — hans doesn’t know — but he finds himself staring at andrew’s figure and maybe grinning a bit when andrew , in return , notices him and waves back cheerfully , even excitedly. no , perhaps he hasn’t been grinning. but there’s a twitch of a smile on hans’ face when he returns the wave with a small nod of acknowledgement , before his emerald green eyes follow his brothers to watch the referee , to watch the determination on percival’s players and to determine the outcome of the game.

                               another thirty minutes pass and hans , along with his brother , continue to watch the fall and rise of galahad against the stunning percival , whom , while perhaps not as coordinated , certainly got the stamina. hansen is already trying to tug hans away , just a careful tap against the arm to remind hans that soccer isn’t the only game that will be going on today and they should probably get going —— netball is starting soon , galahad vs the fearless gareth , and that was one game hans isn’t intend on missing. gareth has been catching up way more quicker than hans ever thought it would … and it’s starting to become more of a nuisance than a pleasant surprise. but then , just as he’s turned away , following silently to his brother’s lead , he hears a warning noise , a sharp yelp , and hans turns just in time to watch the ball fly — straight to andrew’s face. the force harsh , the sound loud.

                                and it’s not funny. not in the least. not when hans immediately spots the familiar sight of blood running quickly from andrew’s face to his palms as he tries tragically to cover his certainly bruised face from the audience’s view. hans and hansen moves in sync —— with just one look thrown over the shoulder , both the westergaards brothers act as though they’ve readied their entire life especially for this moment ; hans moving in immediately to check on the hurt galahad , while hansen leaves to meet with the referee , assuring whatever conflict that should arise next is settled without any deductions on the scores —— specifically speaking for their house , of course , and if any deduction should even occur … it should be on percival , for it was their player who has hurt a galahad. nevertheless , whatever happens , hans has full trust on hansen and so here he is , following closely to the red cross who has stood nearby should any cases such as these happen , while she opens the emergency kit and sits andrew down in the locker room.

                               hans allows the red cross to check the injuries on andrew quietly , not even attempting to make his presence known , though he knows it’s feeble when the red cross seems to be highly aware of hans anyway and she had turned around half-way into treating the hurt ginger to look at hans … as though he could provide the guidance she lacks. hans merely nods , tells her that he could “handle it from here” and took the bloodied cotton away —— watches the red cross hesitantly leaves before he kneels down in front of andrew , and fixes himself with a pair of medical gloves. he doesn’t speak , doesn’t ask if andrew’s okay ; just picks on a clean cotton and dabs it with the necessary liquid. when he looks up , it seems as though andrew’s avoiding his gaze …

                     which was … annoying. but understandable , hans supposes. maybe andrew’s embarrassed , maybe he’s angry — hans isn’t sure , but whatever it is , it wouldn’t help hans in any way to stop the bleeding the other ginger is currently going through. and so hans finally , finally speak , and when he does , his voice is lace with a tinge of agitation but mostly because he’s awkward and feels out of place.  he thinks he wants to care , but he doesn’t know quite how when he’s not pretending and so the words when uttered comes out snobbish , selfish.  he wishes as well that he could be sorry for being himself , but hans westergaard is too proud , so of course he doesn’t.     well , come on then. however else would you heal if you’re so intend to look on the floor ?    ❜    and if he were any normal perhaps , he would have cringed at himself , but hans merely sighs instead , waits for a few moment until he realises he’s not a very patient man and strongly grabs on the other arm.

                         his voice is low , dangerous. but he means it. or at least , he wants to sound like he does.        hey , look at me ,         his grip on the other’s arm tightens , and given if he puts any more of the pressure , hans is sure it will bruise. he doesn’t like the idea immediately , so he loosens his touch , but keeps it firm.        it wasn’t your fault. it was an accident. you did good , andrew … you’re alright now. i’ve got you ,         and hans wishes andrew would believe him.


I just realized that I never posted this.

NO??? WELL NOW YOU KNOW. And since my tablet isn’t working, I can’t do shit. OH WELL.

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religious!dan and bamf!phil?? maybe praise kink? thanks! (:

sure thinG!! idk if u meant like both in one hc but that s what i did!!!!!!!

- dan in his room at the boarding school when he gets a knock at the door, expecting a teacher, or one of his friends, phil is there. he doesnt really like phil because phil doesnt actually believe in god, his parents just sent him there for a punishment and better education.

- dan opens the door and says “what do you want?” in a cold voice. “i need help with some of my homework, you seem like the right guy to go to.” phil says hoping that the lie will get him into dans pants. dan doesnt see through the lie and immediately complies, “sure! come right in, what subject is it in, see im not really good in bio-” dan started to talk to phil, but he got cut off, phil pushed his papers and pens aside and started to kiss dan. dan melted under phils fingers and he didnt have a care in the world at that moment. phil started to push dan on his back onto his bed. dan let a little moan slip through his pink lips and he was holding back more but when phil ran his hand over his nipples he lost control. squirming and begging phil, “please phil just” phil was rock hard and they were both ready. “is this your first time?” phil softly asked dan, “yes but im ready and you don’t need to wor-” phil cut him off with a soft kiss and said “i know, i’ll be extra careful. youre so pretty, you always straighten your hair but your curly hair is beautiful.” phil said whispering into dans ear.

- phil had dan get on his back and take his clothes off, phil reassuring him that he was so beautiful and looked so hot like that. phil told dan to suck on his pointer finger, using the saliva as lube. phil positioned his finger at dans entrance and went slow, dan winced at the pain, but it quickly turned to pleasure. phil worked up the pace and eventually added 2 more fingers, dan was moaning and squirming, the new feeling making him feel so so good.

- “are you ready?” phil asked “yes yes please just f-f-uck me” dan said managing to spit the swear word out. phil took his belt off and pulled his pants and boxers down, his cock was straight against his stomach, leaking precum. he pulled dans legs up and positioned himself, and slowly entered dan. dan mewled in pleasure. phil was so big and filled dan up so quickly. phil thrusted once and dan came. phil asked dan “really? thats it? are you done baby boy?” “n-no keep going” dan said. phil thrusted again and again getting faster and faster, dan had to keep himself from screaming, until he did scream. phil thrust against his prostate and dan screamed in pleasure, phil released inside of dan and dan came again. there was a knock at the door, it was a teacher, she heard a scream. “one second! i fell i’m fine give me a second” dan said.  “phil get under my bed and don’t make a sound, its after hours if they see you in here we’ll both be altar boys until were 80″ dan harshly whispered. “ok ok” phil replied. dan put a pair of sweatpants on and opened the door. “hi! yeah i was working out and i slipped and i hurt my ankle, but every things fine now, yes thank you! good night.” dan said nervously hoping she would believe the story. “do you need me to look at your ank-” the teacher said, “no! its fine good night!” and with that dan closed the door.


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An indirect kiss is having your mouth touch something when it's been touched by another person's mouth recently. Basically swapping saliva without kissing. Example 1: Person A drinks from a water bottle and then Person B drinks from the same bottle. If Person A drinks from the bottle again, they have kissed indirectly. Example 2: Sharing a popsicle. // You know, things that couples do. Things that if you do when you aren't a couple, your friends will look at you suspiciously/grossed out for :)

(roughly 750 words)

Send me Minty headcanons/prompts! 

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Hi, sorry if this is triggering or you don't want to answer it (im just really desperate and idk who to to to.)Do you have any advice for dealing w trich? I have depression and anxiety and have also been pulling for around six months- last night it got rly bad and I pulled out half my eyelashes and a massive chunk of hair so now I look bad and feel even worse, and my eye hurts so much. How do I stop? And how can I talk to someone w/o them thinking im a freak? It sucks so much ;-; sorry

Hey lovebug,

First of all I’m so sorry you’re going through it. There isn’t really any magic solution but here are some tricks that I’ve used and that helped for me.

1. Get something to occupy your hands. (A tangle, a spinny ring, a bracelet you can fiddle with) & if you’re writing or reading you can gently tie your free hand to your desk and chair with a soft scarf so you don’t reach up to tug. Only if it doesn’t make you feel trapped because that’ll make it worse.
2. Watch meditation / relaxing videos that engage you to breathe along and hold your hands together. This can settle the anxiety and reduce the urge to tug. I think I have an “anxiety” tag you can find some resources in! Also is great and they have an app as well :)
3. Hair oil makes your hair slippery and less easy to tug at.
4. Vaseline on your eyelashes has the same effect.
5. Listen to music that engages your brain! I like pogo & variations because it somehow stops my brain from racing not to much.

You’re amazing, and you’re so strong little trich warrior I love you xxx

also (lmao i am talkative this morning) i fucked up and embarrassed myself yesterday bc i was talking about queerplatonic relationships with my fp last night and i guess i implied that i wanted to be in one w/ her?? even though i wasn’t like asking her directly and it wasn’t my intention to be like “hey can we date lmao platonically though” cause i was just explaining that i didn’t want to date in society’s term of the word but in another way and i guess she took that as “hey i wanna date u platonically”

but anyway shes like “i know im sorry. i just don’t feel comfortable with that i guess. idk. you say things won’t change if we start dating but im afraid they will”

and i felt so fucking bad bc i didnt want to make her uncomfortable and i was at work at the time and i started shaking and i had to go to the bathroom to calm down and lmao it was just fantastic ngl. i loved it. (i hated it).

hey hi sorry for not posting much/drawing asks. lifes just been kicking my ass and im going through some personal bullshit. 

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Is it me orBilly's model in Zero HD is less polish than Rebecca..? Sorry for my bad english im french :)

I understand you perfectly, no need to apologize! I think both character models look great, but I can see what you mean. I actually noticed with his wolf force costume that his tattoo is a little different and becomes blurred.

But I’m just happy Billy gets extra costumes though.

ayyyyeee lets not make people explain their traumatic experiences to you just so you can judge whether theyre ‘worthy’ of accommodating or not

me: idk ive just been feeling bad lately ..
taehyun: im so sorry . heres a card i hope u feel better
taehyun: its my credit card


Pls no “my spn edits have been so bad lately im sorry but idk why im just in a twd mood”

“All I wanna do is see you turn into a giant gaylord.” -me while drawing this
Anyways sorry if it looks like shit
I drew this with my finger
So uh this is sodalite
They go by they/them/their pronouns and they’re probably 15 ft tall??? Idk im bad at heights
Two pearls make one giant pearl I guess lmao