posted it to vine this time! i got the music from this

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Okay, so I see you posting things about "Stranger Things" but my transphobic brother told me the show would be something I might like? I'm confused because I don't wanna watch something that's gonna be super shitty to LGBTQIA+ folks, but at the same time he said I'd like it? So is it good or bad? lol. Reverse psychology is wrecking me >.<

I didn’t feel like the show was shitty to LGBT folks. Nothing stuck out to me. Posting this because maybe other people had other experiences. I don’t know. I really liked it. 


So this is happening, there is carat group chat in Whatsapp, if you wanna be added tell me. Anyways I feel bad that this baby feels like this so to make him feel better let’s shower him with love by going to twitter and #the8 posting cute messages and pictures to not necessarily make it trend butbfor people to see how much we love this boy, the other hashtag #getbetter or something like that is not good because we get negative attention and people will be like why the suddent love and wjat not so let’s just do it with his stage name. Thank you all and I am soory if thisbis not related to what I usually post, I will do more projects like these though for other underrated members or groups so suggest me things, again thank you and love you guys

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i wish people would understand the fact that a person can enjoy something problematic as long as they won't try to defend it with everthing they have or they acknowledge that it is in fact problematic... everything is problematic in some way, you literally couldn't watch any kind of shows or movies if you wanted to stick with something 100% unproblematic lmao

This is the only message I’m gonna post and I really don’t wanna talk about it anymore and get messages about it, people here are so agressive, especially when they hide under “anon” button. Yes, I’m problematic and all bad and not as pure as y’all, go live in heaven while I burn in hell.

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hey bb ;)


1. First impression:
i dont rly remember when exactly did i follow u but u were my friends friend and i thought u were super cute so

2. Truth is:
u are even cuter than originally thought. fuck im gay

3. How old do you look: 
like 3

4. Have you ever made me laugh:
i laugh basically all the time during our skype calls

5. Have you ever made me mad: 
nope, sad but never mad

6. Best feature:
id say ur hair bc it looks so soft and i wanna run my fingers through it so bad but as gay as it is i mcfucking love ur eyes

7. Have I ever had a crush on you:
we’re…… daTING

8. You’re my:
gf (gay furry)

9. Name in my phone:
dont have one but itd probably be something furry related

10. Should you post this too?
yes :^)

suhoshi  asked:

If you could have any super power, what would it be? :^)

  • i saw one post about this and i think it sounds so cool. so okay uhm i want to have the power to manipulate the rate of possibility of things. example if i want to have cake for breakfast, i would just have to make the possibility of someone sending me cake for breakfast 100%. or i wanna see byun baek when i go to korea 100% or i wish to be accepted to sm entertainment 628% LOOOL the possibility of having a wonderful life is in my hands lmaooo

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I freaking am obsessed with your tumblr and your recs. I literally gone through every single tag and read all of the ficus listed. (I have way too much time on my hands) but anyways I really wanna start writing some but I have really bad prompts. So do you know of any doc exchanges that are going on right now?

I haven’t seen any announcement posts going around, sorry! :/ It’s already too late for the summer exchange, maybe there will be an autumn one? I have no information about that yet, I usually reblog all the announcement posts I see. If someone else knows, please let me know! :)

Good luck writing, dear!! :D Let us know when you’ve got something finished!

Hii!! Sorry for the unexpected hiatus! I’ll be back tomorrow, but I still feel really bad about not really being on this weekend!! To make it up, I wanna make GIFs and / or GIFsets for anyone who asks! ^-^ I’m still busy today, so if you want something, please either send an ask, IM or reply to this post! ^-^
Sorry for being absent this weekend friends!