hey guys! so I’ve had this blog for over a year now and it’s been such a wild ride, I seriously love you all. Over the past couple of months, I’ve been coming out to my friends and family as bisexual, and so I’ve decided to do that here as well.

I truly hope this don’t change your opinion of me or my blog. I want you guys to know who I really am and I’m here to support all of you if you ever need it.

This hasn’t been an easy thing for me, but I’ve come to love who I am and I hope you can do the same 💗💙

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  • Sam Riegel at some point: Okay, gotta make sure my new character fits in the group and easily wins their acceptance. Lessee...supposed to inherit some big responsibility and freaked out about it, that'll get Keyleth and Percy's sympathy - and daddy issues for the twins. And Grog should like him if he has enough cool stuff. Hey, Matt, want me to add anything for plot reasons?
  • Matt: *planning next campaign with slightly malevolent glee* Sketchy Wildmount connections?
  • Sam: Done and done!

one time during a sleepover all the boys are all on the floor in a pile of blankets and will wakes up in the middle of the night and finds mike’s arm wrapped around his stomach and his head inches away from his body and will cant bring bring himself to possibly wake mike up by moving away so he just lets mike stay like that for the rest of the night


95z being magnets feat. me in the bg

A list of Petty Chinese bf Guang Hong headcannons because I love the idea of GH getting pouty over small things and Leo freaking tf out:

• Leo not holding GH’s hand despite GH purposely brushing up against Leo /twice/
• GH dropping his pencil and Leo??? not immediately picking it up for him????
• leoji taking the subway and Leo not catching GH when the carriage shakes slightly
• Leo not noticing GH’s new shirt
• Leo not being the first person to like GH’s new IG post???????
• Leo not giving GH a kiss DESPITE GH DROPPING ALL THE ‘kiss me’ SIGNS
• leoji watching a movie and Leo (how dare he) not putting his arm around GH
• Leo getting advice from phitchit when he literally does not know what he did wrong
• Phichit knowing exactly what he did wrong (also phichit sharing leo’s relationship woes with seung gil bc babe loves gossip)
• Leo not crying over a scene in a drama when GH is crying over a scene in a drama
• Leo bringing GH to Burger King after GH said he didn’t know what he wanted to eat when it was obvious GH wanted McDonald’s
• Leo calling GH baby instead of babe
• Leo calling GH babe instead of baby

• and finally(credits to @julysecnd ):
*leoji walking past an ice cream store while on a date*
gh: *lets go of leo’s hand*
leo: babe why are you angry?????
gh: i eyed that ice cream store super hard and this is what i get??

of course after being angry for 10 minutes GH comes back and leoji hugs and cuddles and eat a lot of ice cream tgt because they are in love and happy

Enoch being mean because he actually likes you

(Author’s Note: this is really flirty and it’s not the best but enjoy reading anyway//requests are always open//)

Your POV

Enoch drove the needle through the pieces of sack, stuffing it with sand afterwards to form a head. He brought the newly sewn head to its body, settling it next to a rat’s heart.

“When did you start sewing?”, I teased, sitting across his desk, my eyes lingering over the scattered metal pieces, needles and clay and even little stains and splotches of blood. “I’m not some old, mad freak who plays with clay and stuffs little hearts in them, Y/N. I work in perfection.”, he stated, making me snort. “Hand me that jar of sand.”, he held out his hand, his other hand checking the rat’s heart. “Please.”, I added sternly, slightly slamming the jar on his hand. He received it with a firm grip.

“When did ‘please’ ever help you in life?”, he shook his head, positioning the heart in his doll. “Perhaps you would know it if you try it out, Enoch.”, I squinted at him. He smirked looking at me, as if I were stupid. In seconds, the doll stood up and balanced on its feet, as if it was dizzy. I looked at it boringly. He raised his eyebrows at me.

“Unimpressed?”, he smirked, making the doll walk up to me. I looked at it. “I’ve basically been your judge since bird knows when, Enoch. Impress me.”, I joked, shaking my head. “Sounds tempting. It’ll scare you. Who would want to scare innocent, little Y/N?”, he pouted, making my forehead throb. I never stopped to wonder why he always messed with me. “Oh, kiss ass.”, I rolled my eyes. “Impress me.”, I repeated. He shrugged.

“As you say.”

He let the doll crawl in a shelf and it came back up, holding a flower. It settled it in front of me. At that moment, I hoped I hadn’t blushed.

“Why should I take a flower from you?”, I challenged. But he shrugged again. This time, it opened the sand jar. It began sprinkling the sand on the desk. I figured he was making a tiny deathbed for the flower. Typical Enoch. But as I leaned in, the last thing the doll did before stopping was form a letter E.

The sand spelled, 'PLEASE’.

My eyes widened in shock. I sort of felt a fluttering inside me. Good move, Enoch. I instantly hid my impressed face.

“Too soon, Y/N, I saw that look in your eyes.”, he said as if ordering me to stand down. He won my pride. “Fine.”, I smiled, heat rising up to my cheeks. I took the flower and held it awkwardly.

He seemed to look at me with a glint in his eyes. His eyes transfixed from the flower to my face, a small smile curling his lips. I looked back at him, wearing a smug but soft smile. “What?”, I smiled at him. He shook his head and chuckled sweetly. “Nothing. I’ve just been extra rude to a beautiful lass.”, he chuckled at himself. The temperature in my cheeks and my temples rose and I could have been melting. Beautiful?

“That’s because you are extra rude to everyone.”, I laughed at him and for a while, he looked stubborn. “Ah, stop being pretentious, Y/N. I’m not that rude. Or perhaps you like me being rude?”, he smirked. There was an odd tension between us. That was true. “Perhaps I do.”, I smirked back. “Nailed it.”, he laughed at me this time and I giggled along.

“It’s late, love. Come around tomorrow.”, he smiled as we straightened up. I gave him a hug and sneaked a kiss on his cheek.

“Perhaps you like me being nice to you, too.”, I giggled, walking out his cellar where all his dolls and clay toys were stowed. His cheeks were flustered and he looked me up and down as I exited.

So I was teaching…and then there was a break in questions, students were working quietly, so I decided to check Twitter. I saw that Phil had tweeted 12 seconds before so I quickly typed out a thoughtless reply that I thought was slightly humourous.

I get called by a student so I go over and help them out. No one else has a hand up so I return to my laptop. I see that @incaseyouart has sent me a FB message so I click to that tab and see her freaking out and saying something that doesn’t register in my brain. Why all the allcaps? Who replied? To what? Phil? Wait….WHAT? WHAT? WHAT? 

So I click over to Twitter and see that my notifications have blown up. Shakily, I refresh my Twitter feed and there it is. Phil Lester, AmazingPhil, the man who has stolen my heart, has replied to my silly little tweet. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I’M IN CLASS. I CAN’T FREAK OUT. I can’t scream and jump and fall on the floor in a ball of tears. I exhibited the most restraint known to humankind by emitting a tiny inaudible whimper and then turned back to my students and started answering more questions as the hands went up, none of them knowing that I am completely shaken up, adrenaline rushing through my body, a feeling of elation flooding my senses.

The level of joy I feel right now is ridiculous. But I don’t care. It makes me happy and I refuse to not enjoy this because some people might find it trivial.  

Let’s Talk About OCD

“I’m so OCD!” is one of those phrases that gets thrown around a lot. “I’m so OCD, it bothers me when a picture is crooked!” “I’m so OCD, all my pens have to be organized!” “Look at these pictures of things slightly out of place, and find out how OCD you are!”

I have obsessive-compulsive disorder. And believe me, if having OCD just meant straightening my desk a lot and cringing at design mistakes, my life would be a whole lot easier.

When people think of obsessive-compulsive orders, they tend to think of younger, female neat freaks, scrubbing their kitchen counters and washing their hands a lot until someone teaches them how to chill out. Even progressive TV show Glee fell into this trap, portraying OCD as a cute personality quirk that ultimately makes the affected character more charming. That’s not the reality for the majority of people with OCD. So let’s look at some facts:

- There are two parts to obsessive-compulsive disorder: obsessions, and compulsions. Obsessions are unwanted, intrusive thoughts that pop into your head constantly, and compulsions are rituals that make those thoughts go away. OCD is not about good housekeeping or hygiene: it’s primarily about making unpleasant, obsessive thoughts go away

- Not everyone with OCD has compulsions. Up to 50-60% of cases of OCD consist of obsessions alone. Sufferers use mental rituals to relieve the obsessive thoughts, making their OCD completely invisible to others.

- Obsessions can be fucking horrifying. While it’s true that some people with OCD fixate on germs, most people with OCD are plagued by constant, intrusive thoughts of bad things happening to their loved ones, or the idea that they themselves might do horrible things to other people. As a child, I was convinced that if I didn’t do things a certain way, my family would be killed in a house fire. It wasn’t quirky, or silly, or cute. All day long, every day, I lived in constant fear that my entire family would fucking burn to death, and it would be all my fault. That’s the reality.

- People with OCD usually understand that their compulsions don’t make sense. People who have OCD have a disorder, but they’re not stupid. Even as a child, I understood that keeping all the doors in the house closed and counting everything off in multiples of five probably had no rational connection to house fires. But that didn’t mean I could stop doing it. Ignoring compulsions generally makes them worse; it’s like an itch deep in your brain that you have to scratch, or those horrible thoughts keep on coming.

- OCD is not a “women’s” disorder. Men and women are equally likely to be affected.

- OCD usually doesn’t show up alone. People with OCD usually have at least one other mental disorder, like major depression, general anxiety, anorexia, bulimia, Autism, or social anxiety disorder. I have OCD, Tourette’s and ADHD; those three disorders have an extremely strong genetic link, and all three tend to run in families together.

- Around 2.3% of the population will be afflicted with OCD at some point in their life. Once OCD develops, the majority of people will have symptoms for the rest of their lives, even with treatment. Going into remission, even briefly, is extremely rare.

- The symptoms of OCD can be so distressing that people with OCD have a higher lifetime risk of suicide than the general population.

- There are treatments available for OCD that can greatly relieve symptoms and allow people with OCD to lead healthy, happy, and productive lives. Despite this, it’s estimated that less than 10% of people with OCD actually receive treatment. The longer you go without treatment after the onset of the disorder, the more difficult it will be to make improvements. 

- OCD can manifest itself in seemingly unusual ways, such as skin-picking or hoarding behavior. 

OCD has been around for at least hundreds, if not thousands of years, and yet we’re only just beginning to really understand how it works. And the good news is, we’re making great strides in treatments! Researchers are working on new drugs, new therapies and new theories about OCD every year, and people with OCD are leading healthier, more functional lives than ever before. And that’s awesome. But there is still enormous stigma attached to this disorder, and it doesn’t help when it’s played off as a joke or a silly personality trait that most people have. 

Take it from those who have lived it - OCD is terrifying, it’s frustrating, and it’s painful. It’s no joke. And we need to stop treating it as one. 

I had a really vivid dream last night:

I was this raggedy seaside girl who had some sort of arrangement with the local pod of mermaids to deliver them “food” (essentially unsuspecting groups of seamen and sailors). I was really afraid of them, but then I got attacked by the drunk town brute down by the shore and they protected me and pulled him under and ate him and they refused to hurt me

And… now that I think about it that would make a really good comic? And I kinda wanna draw it really bad???

“So I used to work in a cafe/store, and myself and everyone I worked with will all agree its haunted. Honestly there are so many stories I’m not even sure where to start, so I guess I’ll just try and start at the beginning. I worked here with my mom and years back when it was a restaurant she worked there too. One night after close, she’s sitting with a coworker and the owner at the bar and all of a sudden all the glasses hanging above start to shake slightly. All three of them notice but just aren’t even sure what to say, so they brush it off. A lot of the customers would complain about strange things in the bathrooms and the staff would feel very uncomfortable in the basement and the washrooms as well. My mom would tell me these things but at the time I was a kid so I assumed she was just trying to freak me out. Fast forward ten years and the restaurant is sold to new owners who convert it into a Christmas store/cafe (my mom continued to work for the new owners as well) and it became my first real job as a teenager.

The first thing I’d say I noticed was the basement. Its pretty old and we store all the overclock down there so its a bit of a crowded mess. But whenever I went down, especially if I was closing alone at night, I would feel really uneasy, like I was being watched. It was the same in the washrooms if not worse.

A few months into my working there, my mom comes home one night and tells me I wont believe what happened. 

She was in the kitchen doing nighttime inventory after close, while two other employees were helping her out. She stepped around the corner to grab something and heard a loud crash in the kitchen where she just was. Thinking its one of our coworkers, she calls “what are you idiots doing” and walks back around the corner only to find everything she had on the counter has been pushed onto the floor and no one is in there. My mom isn’t one to get freaked out so she still thinks it could have been them playing a joke, until she finds them working in a far corner of the basement. WAY too far away to have been messing with her.

Now tons of other little things have happened, stuff falling off walls, taps and lights turned on at night only to be discovered in the morning, decorations moved around, a little Santa sleigh that went in circles that was turned to “fly” backwards every night for a month. But thankfully only one really big thing ever happened to me.

I was working the late shift in the cafe and it was just me and one other girl in the store. We had just locked the doors for the night and she was in another section counting the register (the main floor of the store is essentially split into three rooms, the cafe in the middle with the kitchen behind it). I was just starting to clean up and I glanced up just in time to see what i can only describe as a blonde haired little boy racing across the cafe from one section of the store to another. But the only two people in the store that I knew of were my coworker and I. I looked around, but no one else was there. Needless to say I was a little spooked…

The most terrifying thing to happen however was to my mom. Most of these occurrences were harmless, so all us employees learned to not get too upset when something happened. But this was different. My mom showed up early one morning to start baking for the cafe. As far as she knew she wanted alone in the store. 

There are three phones on the main floor (one in each section ) and one in the basement, and all of a sudden the cafe phone starts to ring. But its an internal ring, which means one of the other phones in the store is calling that phone, it can only come from inside. The display shows the basement is calling the cafe, so my mom assumes it’s the owner working in the basement, she must have heard my mom come in to start baking. My mom picks up and says hello, so sure its the owner she even says her name. But that’s not who answers. A mans voice says hello. My mom is immediately freaked the fuck out since all of our staff is female. She asks who it is and gives this slow, creep laugh and says “sorry. Wrong number” and hangs up. My mom was too scared to check the basement so she sat by the phone till everyone else got there an hour later.”

By: @cherryxpeach

and i know you feel it too

requested by @thesaverofworlds

basically just what happened between philip and lukas after the water/lake scene from 1x07

Philip is shocked when Lukas sits down next to him. It’s an act of kindness he’s never seen from Lukas. He doesn’t push, or try harder to get Philip to come into the water. He just sits down beside him, probably freezing his ass off, and wraps his arms around his knees.

“My mom used to take me swimming. I used to stay under for so long it freaked her out.” Lukas says, eyes on the water.

“What was she like?” Philip asks.

Lukas’ pauses, his lips curling up slightly, eyes glazing over.

“She smelled like flowers. She had a really soft voice. She was kind. She used to sing. She was good at it, too. She was always singing, or humming.” He says.

“Dad was, too. But when she died, it was like….like she took music with her.”

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ANON: So I saw someone in desperate need of a Fred weasley fic and I was wondering if you could do a quick dating fred weasley v dating George weasley list??? I feel like you’d be good at this sort of thing

Dating Fred Weasly would include:

  • Him always reminding you that he was the older twin therefore better than George
  • He would show you the Marauders Map and use it to sneak out and see you in the middle of the night
  • He would always pull little harmless pranks on you but would forever be apologizing for it if you even looked slightly upset by it
  • “I’m sorry, I got you some flowers?”
  • “Fred I swear if they squirt water on me, Merlin save your soul”
  • Him and George trying to see if you can tell them apart
  • and of course you can, because you have stared into Freds eyes and studied his face countless times
  • One time you get it wrong on purpose
  • and Fred freaks out until he catches your drift
  • Freaking out and looking after Fred after he was so bravely saving Harry from the cursed bludger in 4th year.
  • “you were so brave to take on that stupid bludger for Harry”
  • “What can I say? I’m just a hero like that”
  • When Him and George open their joke shop, you are usually one of the first to hear about their new products. Too which you always help throw in suggestions for the next upcoming joke item.
  • When the war breaks out, you hold him a little tighter than usual
  • You get separated from him during the war, you were taking on a death eater and turned your back for a second
  • You find George later and ask him where Fred is
  • George doesn’t have the heart to tell you, and he can’t come to terms that his brother is gone so he just runs the other way
  • When you find out he is dead, you silence the place with your wailing
  • it’s even worse when you see his lifeless body on the stretcher in the great hall
  • not only did you lose a friend, but you lost a lover

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Dating George would Include:

  • He would hit on you as soon as he laid eyes on you
  • Like instantly, 
  • “Heeyyy-”
  • “Not today George, try again another time”
  • You would blank him all of first year
  • That is until you would get stuck next to him in potions
  • “Well, looks like you are stuck with me for a year”
  • “Hopefully it won’t be a bad thing then”
  • You would start flirting back, even hitting on him first
  • George wouldn’t know what to do because he was usually the smooth one
  • Once you guys started dating you would be show PDA all the time
  • You would always help the twins set up pranks
  • But always be the one to get them out of trouble
  • Molly would love you
  • When he lost his ear you couldn’t escape the horrible puns
  • “I could be Van Gough”
  • “sure you could you dork”
  • During the war you two were inseprable
  • “after the war, will you marry me”
  • “What a way to propose Georgey but sure thing, just get out alive first”
  • You supported him when Fred died, you were his rock
  • He couldn’t look in the mirror after Fred die, and when he did he would break down crying
  • You would do everything to make sure that every reflective surface was covered
  • after a while he could finally look in the mirror again

lanvinlouis  asked:

Bi percy hc? (Like how he finally realizes it, who you think knew, etc) PLEASE IM SO DESPERATE

I FEEL YOUR PAIN. Here let me make it worse help

Um this might get really long so some of them might be under a read more??

  • Percy had no idea he was bisexual
  • But then he met Luke
  • and suddenly it’s like ‘oh hey he’s cute- wait, what’
  • he slightly freaks out ‘oh my god am i gay’ 
  • Percy dismisses the idea because nah I think that Annabeth is cute
  • and so he ignores his first reaction to Luke thinking it was just a fluke (heh) and continues on his merry way
  • for about 2 days
  • until Percy meets Charles Beckendorf
  • and he admits to himself okay i might be slightly gay
  • and Percy mulls this over for the rest of the week until capture the flag
  • and then he shoves it into the back of his mind because there are far more important things than cute boys right now like nearly dying and being the son of poseidon and going on a quest, getting his mom back and oh, yeah, ALMOST DYING
  • and percy doesn’t think about being “slightly gay” for the rest of the summer
  • but then he sees Luke being all hot and sweaty in the arena and suddenly it pops back into his mind
  • (we’re going to fast forward a bit now because y’all know what happens after that and what not)
  • fast forward to 8th grade Percy Jackson
  • who has now had a while to think about his attraction to boys
  • and has decided yes, I like boys, but I also like girls
  • and who doesn’t know that bisexuality is a legit thing and thinks he’s alone
  • Percy decides he’s okay with it
  • and contrary to popular belief, Percy’s first kiss was not, in fact, Annabeth, but was a boy named Jake Parker
  • (It was just before summer break)
  • (they never spoke again)
  • Percy later decides the kiss with Annabeth was way better
  • and fast forward a bit more to September of ninth grade
  • And Percy suddenly gets the urge to just say it out loud instead of mulling it over and over again in his head
  • and so Percy says out loud for the first time, “I like boys.”

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Voltron S2 trailer

Okay so honestly so many people are freaking out because “Ohmygod Klance is so canon.”

Whilst I as well am I Klance shipper, I too screamed slightly at the sight of this because like omg what if they were cuddling in the tub or whatever.

But no. Then I thought. Wait a minute. It’s Keith and Lance we’re talking about. They probably found like a freaking pool or something and raced each other like are you for real? They weren’t being romantic they were probs in a swimming race to the death.


Dean x Reader

You were laying on your bed reading, you were so engulfed in the magical world of Harry Potter that you didn’t notice Dean walk in. You felt your bed dip and jumped slightly at the sudden movement but you relaxed as you saw that it was Dean.

“Sammy found a hunt, there’s a witch that’s been killing people a couple towns over” he said.

“Dammit, I really hate witches, they freak me out” you exclaimed. Dean looked at you with an amused smile playing on his lips.

“So you can take down an entire nest of vampires by yourself without batting an eye, but when I tell you about one little witch you get freaked out?” he teased.

“Shut up” you whined. “When do we leave” you asked reluctantly.

“About an hour so be ready, don’t take forever like usual” he said as he left the room laughing. You threw a pillow at him but missed because he was already out the door.

You were about to get up and pack while smiling to yourself, when you heard a voice behind you say “I don’t know why you two won’t just date already, it’s pretty obvious that you like each other.” Sam whispered so Dean wouldn’t hear.

“He doesn’t like me that way, he only sees me as a little sister” you whispered back. He shook his head at you and walked away, knowing that there was no point in having this argument yet again.

You’d had a crush on the oldest Winchester since you met, what’s not to love he’s an amazing hunter, he cares more than anyone you’d ever met, and those eyes are to die for.

The warehouse where the witch was hiding out was a couple of hours away so you made Dean blast the music louder than he normally would have.You and Dean sung at the top of your lungs and by the time you got to the ware house Sam looked like he was ready to kill both of you.

Dean parked behind the trees so he couldn’t be seen from the road and you all got out of the car. Sam opened the boot and started distributing weapons while you went over the plan. You were going to go through the front and distract her while Sam and Dean went around back.

You were running around the room dodging spells left and right, you looked up long enough to see Sam and Dean throwing stuff together in a bowl. which was long enough for her to hit you with some herbs and mutter something that you didn’t understand. At that moment Sam threw the mixture on her and she screamed in pain and fell to the floor dead. 

Once Dean parked the Impala in the garage, you grabbed your bag, jumped out of the car, and ran towards the door of the bunker.

“Dibs on first shower” you called. 

When you reached your room, you grabbed some clothes and headed to the bathroom. You turned the water on and made sure it was hot before jumping in. You let the hot water run down your body, washing off the sweat and the remnants of whatever the witch threw at you. As soon as you felt clean you hopped out of the shower, threw on your clothes and walked to the library to do some research.

*Dean’s POV*

I watched as she ran from the Impala into the bunker, wanting to follow her and tell her how I felt. I couldn’t do that though, hunters’ relationships never worked out and even if they did she doesn’t feel the same way. She sees me as a brother.

“Why don’t you follow her and tell her how you feel man” Sam asked, shaking me from my thoughts.

“You know why, she doesn’t like me like that” I told him, ending the conversation. Sam gave me a bitch face and got out of the car.

*Regular POV*

You got bored easily while doing research and quickly fell asleep with your head on the table. Dean walked in and looked at your sleeping figure with love and adoration, after a few seconds of staring he picked you up, carried you to the couch, and threw a blanket over you.

When you woke up, you were engulfed in a blanket that normally was just the right size, you thought it was strange but let it go. You stretched your arms out in front of you and instead of hands you saw that you had paws.

You jumped off the couch and went to find Sam, just as you expected he was in the library with his hands running through his hair and his nose in a book. He didn’t see you walk into the library so you tried calling his name but all that came out was a small “Meow”.

Sam’s head instantly looked down and his eyes found you, he reached down and picked you up.

“Where did you come from?” he wondered aloud.


“I’ve got to go show Y/N, she’s gonna freak out” he said to himself. At the mention of your name you meowed but Sam didn’t pay you any mind. He went and looked for you on the couch but obviously didn’t find you so he went and looked in your room calling your name. 





Then he looked down at you and realization dawned on him. “Y/N?” he asked kind of scared of the answer. You meowed in response and a horrified look crossed his face but then a sly smile replaced it.

Just then Dean walked in the room a big smile on his face until he saw you in Sam’s arms.

“What the hell is that?!” he yelled.

“A kitten” Sam replied like nothing was wrong.

“Okay, what is it doing here?”

“I heard a scratching at the door and when I opened it she was there. Can we please keep her?”

“I guess but she’s yours and Y/N’s responsibility. Speaking of Y/N, have you seen her I have something I need to tell her.”

“She had to go help a friend with a vampire hunt in Montana, she said she’d be back in a few days.” When Sam said that you hissed at him and he looked down at you smiling.

A couple of days had passed and you were tired of being a cat. You couldn’t talk, and you kept knocking stuff over. You were sitting next to Sam’s leg, eating while he was looking for a reversal spell, when Dean walked into the kitchen.

“When did you say Y/N was getting back” he questioned

“A couple of days why, what’s so urgent that you can’t wait a few more days?” Sam asked

“I was finally going to tell her that I love her and that I can’t live without her, but the longer she’s away the less confident I get” he muttered, pacing around the kitchen.

Sam was the only one that noticed you had stopped eating and that your ears had perked up at Dean’s confession. At that moment you felt a weird tingling sensation all through your body and everything went black. When you woke up you stretched and instead of paws you saw hands. You quickly jumped up and ran to find Sam.

When you saw him you didn’t know whether to kill him or hug him and he sensed your mood when he looked up and saw you standing there. But you didn’t have time to worry about him because Dean walked in right behind you.

“Y/N, you’re back!” he exclaimed.

When you heard his voice you forgot about everything else and turned around to face him. You ran and jumped into his arms and crashed your lips into his, his eyes widened in shock but he quickly melted into the kiss. You pulled away to say “I love you too” he put you down, looking confused.

“I was the cat, the witch hit me with a spell and once Sam realized what had happened he made up some story about me leaving.

“I love you so damn much” he said as he pulled you into another kiss.\

(I hope you liked it)

Too Soon?

Request: Hello! Could you do a oneshot where Rick likes you but won’t say because he feels like it’s not the time with the death of Beth and Tyreese, but he sees you playing with Judith in Alexandria and he sees how much of a mother you are and tells you?

Pairing: Rick Grimes x Reader

Word Count: 2710

Theme Song: Hello My Old Heart by The Oh Hellos

WARNINGS: Swearing, Small angst

Originally posted by rickgrymess

A/N: MY FIRST RICK GRIMES ONESHOT. omg I’m slightly nervous… Let me know what y’all think. A ginormous thank you to @thewritterdead for being my beta reader! It means so much, love you! 

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