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freudianslip13 asked:

Sometimes when Elsa is working, she holds out her pen like a perch so Anna can hang upside down from it. Anna then likes to swing back and forth and give Elsa kisses on the upswing.

Elsa blinks and turns her head slightly at the swinging bat who had suddenly pecked her on the cheek.  She is hanging upside down on Elsa’s pen that is being held by the blonde herself.

Anna grins at her, swinging again and kissing her nose on the upswing.

“What are you doing?” Elsa finds herself giggling.

“Kissin’ you,” Anna replies joyfully.

“As a bat?”

“Don’t complain!”

“I’m not!”

Anna swings again and managed to press her little muzzle against Elsa’s lips.

“Can I continue working?” Elsa chuckles, smiling adoringly at the little bat.

“Wait— one more!”

Jonnor Drabble: Callie Catches Jonnor Kissing

Anon requested: can u write one where callie catches jonnor making out or something?? i know you did it where the boys caught them but callie would probably freak out so more dramatic you know?? ily omg

Callie Catches Jonnor Kissing:

Jude and Connor were in Jude’s room hanging out. Jude was lying on his bed, Connor was sitting on the floor. There was a lull in their conversation. Connor had an idea.

“I bet you can’t beat me in arm wrestling,” Connor challenged.

Jude smirked. “Bet I can.”

“We’ll see. If I win, you have to make out with me for at least 2 minutes.”

Jude blushed slightly, but didn’t let the butterflies in his stomach show on his face. “Fine. If I win, you have to do my history homework.”

“Deal.” Connor put his elbow in the bed. “Let’s go.”

Jude situated himself and grasped Connor’s hand. Connor counted down from three and the wrestle was on. Jude held on for awhile, but Connor’s superior strength was becoming more and more obvious. Finally, Jude decided to give up and let Connor win. Connor cried out in victory as Jude’s arm his the bedspread.

“Told you I would win,” Connor gloated.

“That doesn’t mean anything. My arm was just tired.”

“Excuses, excuses. You owe me my prize.”

“What was it again?”

Connor jumped into the bed and laid down next to Jude. “You’re funny.” Connor moved closer. He placed one hand on Jude’s hip and kissed him. Jude ran his hand through Connor’s hair as he kissed him back. They were used to kissing each other by now. The nervousness that had once come with it was gone. But every time Connor brought it up, it still gave Jude butterflies.

A few seconds into their makeout session, Callie came into the room. “Jude, I…woah, ok.”

Jude and Connor pulled apart. Jude instantly sat up straight looking at his sister, a shocked expression on his face. “Callie!”

Callie nodded slowly, pulling her lips into her mouth. Her eyebrows knitted together. “Ok, ok, yeah. Well, um….when did this happen?”


“Just fill me in Jude cause this was the last thing I was expecting when I walked in here.”

“I guess a few weeks. Maybe a month. Stef and Lena know.”

“And why didn’t I know?”

“Cause I didn’t know how you would take it. I mean, you yelled at me when Mariana painted my nails. And then you got all excited when I talked about this girl at school.”

“You didn’t think I would accept you?”

“You tend to overreact about things.”

“I don’t overreact.”

“Yes you do.”

“Ok, maybe I do sometimes. But, Jude, you’re my brother. I love you no matter who you decide to date. I yelled at you about the nail polish because you were new at the school then and I didn’t want people talking about you.”

“Are you sure you’re ok?”

Callie sat down at the foot of the bed. “Of course, I’m ok. I’m more than ok. I’m happy. Cause you’re happy.” She smiled at her little brother. “Just don’t make out in your room with the door open anymore, ok?”

Jude chuckled. “Well, Moms said we couldn’t have the doors closed so…”

“Then go outside into the garage.”

“I thought you were supposed to be the good influence.”

Callie hugged Jude tightly. “I love you, Judicorn.”
“I love you too. Just stop calling me that.”

“Judicorn?” Connor commented.

Jude blushed. “It’s an old nickname.”

“I’m definitely using it.”

Jude hit him with a pillow. “No you’re not.”

“Oh yeah I am.”

“Thanks a lot, Callie.”

She shrugged and got up from the bed. She ruffled Jude’s hair and walked out of the room.

“You have a pretty cool family,Judicorn,” Connor said.

“Yeah, I do, huh?” He hit him with the pillow again. “Stop it!”

That time I freaked out because I thought 14 was playing a practical joke and going to scare me with something.

So I prematurely got scared and pushed his hand away.

The skittles flinging all over the bed is startling, but less startling and fear inducing than a spider (which I briefly thought it was going to be).

My instant response was to think “shit” as skittles flew all over me.

14 was looking at me like “wtf Mom?”

So while I was peeing myself laughing, I explained it to him.

He is slightly offended I would think he was giving me a spider which he knows I hate.

I am still giggling and laying amongst a colourful rainbow.

Dean was in the middle of a dream when his foot brushed past something ice cold. His eyes shot open and he dragged his feet away while exclaiming, “Gah!”

Cas rolled over, his eyes still heavy from sleep. Dean must have woken him up by accident.

"What’s wrong, Dean?"

"I just touched something cold, it freaked me out a bit," Dean said.

"Oh, sorry," Cas yawned, "it was probably my feet."

"Your feet?" Dean repeated.

"Yes. They get cold in the middle of the night."

Dean’s expression softened a little.

"C’mere," he said, wrapping his arms around Cas and enveloping him in his warmth.

They intertwined their feet, which was slightly uncomfortable for the hunter, at first. But then Cas’s feet began to regain their normal temperature. Dean kissed his hair and nuzzled his face against his fallen angel’s neck. Cas moved himself closer to Dean and sighed lightly.

"I love you," he whispered.

"I love you too," Dean said.


So i probably haven’t mentioned that for the past few months my little guy has been having swimming lessons. Not the sing song splash and dance kind of lessons but actual swimming lessons ( ok so we do sing the odd song and there is some splashing involved). We joined a course 5 weeks in which meant that we were pretty much thrown in the deep end (pun intended :p) as soon as we started. Reid doesn’t exactly hate swimming but before starting these lessons, for the entire time we are in water he will cling tight to me and will freak out if I even try to move him off me a bit or get him positioned on his front. I didn’t realise just how nervous he was until we started the lessons. However I also realised that I underestimated him every time we would go swimming and wouldn’t really do a lot other than cuddle him and bounce around in the water. It made me realise that I had slightly caused his lack of confidence in the water because I unknowingly was too protective of him. I didn’t give him the opportunity to learn not to be afraid. The group we joined was for babies generally up to 1 year old which meant Reid was the older with him being 16 months. He had to start in this class though with him being so new to the lessons. It was nice being with all the little babies though and it did make me super broody. :P Anyway on our first lesson I was told I had to submerge Reid under water for a couple of seconds. I remember feeling my stomach turn at the thought of willingly putting my baby boy under water. I just didn’t think I had it in me, but being the only mum in the pool not willing to do it made me feel like I was unreasonable. I watched a few mums do it first and saw that their kids were ok. I thought, this trained instructor wouldn’t be telling me to do something like this unless it was safe, So I sucked it up and gave it a go. To get them to hold their breath before going under water you blow in their face which causes them to pull a funny face and take a breath in and as you do that you smoothly take them under and back up again. Of course he cried the couple of times I did it and tbh cried even when I tried to pull him off me slightly. I knew the worst thing to do in this situation would have been to say ‘oh poor baby mummy will never do that again’ and cling tight to him as this is the moment where I either helped him battle his slight fear or I encouraged it. I remember leaving the class that day feeling quite deflated because I signed up to swimming lessons for my baby boy, thinking it was something we could do together but it felt like instead he’d had an awful time. I thought about giving up but I just knew that it would do him no good to quit and plus I had paid for the rest of the course upfront! So the following week we returned, and he cried again and again and it felt like we were just going nowhere. Then on week 4 i couldn’t believe the transformation. The baby that was screaming for the entire class for the first 3 weeks actually started getting more confident. He would even come up from being under water without so much of a whimper. I couldn’t believe it. We even started doing another technique where he would be on his front and I would blow in his face then put him under the water whilst pushing him forward (basically swimming under water for a few seconds). He barely even seemed phased. Week 5 was great and the instructor even had his underwater camera. When it came to Reid’s turn to swim under water and get a photo however, he hated when the instructor counted to 3 because Reid knew 1,2,3 meant something was about to happen and it made him uneasy. So because he loves batman we decided that he would go under water after we sang the batman theme tune and the word batman was said. He loved it and even was happy to repeat it a good few times. My child just has to be different to all the others! Ha. His confidence has grown so so so much and at 16 months old he can hold on to the side of the pool un aided and go under water. I am so proud of him and it really has given me a new appreciation for him. I definitely underestimated his capabilities before. I am so glad that I chose to step out of my comfort zone to get my son to where he is. It is so easy to want to wrap your baby up in cotton wool and not try scary things. But for them to grow you have to persevere and trust yourself and your child a little more. He still isn’t confident at all when it comes to lying on his back but apparently that is the most difficult for babies because of the sensation of the water in their ears. I suppose it is a very strange sensation and most babies don’t want to be stuck on their back either. But I am confident we can combat this too and he will be a strong little swimmer. He is now advancing on to the next age group class because he is apparently ready! Amazing achievement! So so glad I started the classes and if anyone in the UK is interested in starting swimming classes with your little one then I can’t recommend swimtime enough. They have various courses running in different locations throughout the UK the classes work out at only £6.50 each which is an absolute bargain as everywhere else was charging atleast £15 per class!! The photos above are from last week in the changing rooms and little guy kept hiding in the lockers and saying shhhh! Ha. Such a little tinker xx

anonymous asked:

Hey, if you don't mind me asking how much traditional art experience did you have before you applied to Ringling? I only ask because I'm putting together my portfolio to apply for Fall, and I'm just now realizing how little pen and paper stuff I have and I may be freaking out ever so slightly ₍₍ ᕕ(´◓⌓◔)ᕗ⁾⁾.

iTS OK i had the same thing happen 2 me !! although i took art classes in high school, they werent rly “art classes” so much as they were like….thirty unsupervised kids drawing dicks on the whiteboard for an hour, for two years. later, in my second high school, i wasn’t even ALLOWED to take art classes at all. i came to ringling with VERY, VERY little experience in traditional art. ive been doing digital p much exclusively since i was 13 and got my first tablet.

but my portfolio was like…50-70% digital. and even if u dont have a whole lot of experience w traditional stuff, if u can just like…prove that u have the basics (which for me just meant doing some pencil studies and still life stuff) then u should be fine

like i had to learn how to use paint and charcoal when i got here, that’s like. how far behind i was as far as experience goes. art supplies were just too expensive for me to use when i was at home !!! so don’t worry about it. do enough just to prove that u can, but if it’s not ur bag, then it’s not ur bag. a big part of ur portfolio should also be about showing peeps what it is u love and what u do best, not just that u meet the minimum requirements

ringling is rly a lot less traditional and finearts-y than some other schools, so don’t worry abt having to cover ur bases as far as that’s concerned if ur applying to IL, GA, or CA, which i assume u r

base sketch for a last minute print idea! Tomorrow i head out to meet my sis in Pennsylvania for Central Pa Comic Con and I’m freaking out slightly cause she’s sharing her artist alley table with me! I dont have much to sell besides pokemon and captain america art and some mass effect buttons, and this if it gets finished in time for me to have it printed by saturday when the doors open. I’d like to do some destiny or dragon age but not sure what the demographics of the con will be like ahaha. 

So anyway, that’s why I’ve been away from tumblr a lot! Hopefully I’ll be much more prepared for my next con lol

tswizzin asked:

slightly more normal one malira malia watching kira play lacrosse

Malia had gotten into the habit of staying after school to watch Kira’s lacrosse practice and doing her homework from the stands. They usually studied together anyway, so why should it be any different when Kira’s out on the field, Malia reasoned.

This Thursday afternoon, just like the last few Thusday afternoons, Malia came found herself a seat in the stands and put her backpack down next to her.

Kira ran onto the field in her custom Beacon Hills Lacrosse jersey and a pair of sweatpants. Technically she was supposed to wear her uniform for practices, but she usually smelled better then the boys on the team, and Malia just assumed that meant she did laundry more often. Her stuff was probably in the to-wash pile.

Coach had them do warm-ups, and even though this was probably the most boring part of practice, Malia couldn’t keep her eyes off. She adored the way Kira focused so hard on keeping her form perfect while doing push-ups, and the little sliver of her midriff that showed when she stretched her arms upward.

She looked away just long enough to open up her math textbook and notebook, and balance them both on her lap side-by-side, so she could at least try to work on her homework, even though today felt like one of those days she’d get nothing done.

When she looked up again, Coach was diving up they players into two teams – shirts and skins - so they go over some plays. Unfortunately, Kira was always on shirts.

The game started and Kira was killing it. Malia wished this could have been an actual game so more people could appreciate how good Kira was at the sport.

Just after she scored a goal, she turned to the stands, smiling an obviously proud of her performance, and waved at Malia. Malia loved that- being acknowledged during the game when she should be the least important thing but isn’t. She happily waved back.

She looked forward to the end of practice, after showers, and after they went back to Kira’s place to do homework or just hang out. Sometimes, Kira’d be so tired from practice that she’d just fall asleep on top of Malia. That was nice too.