poe finn and rose’s resistance outfits: talented brilliant incredible amazing showstopping spectacular never the same totally unique completely not ever been done before unafraid to reference or not reference
rey and luke’s boring ass jedi outfits: clothes
Manchester attack: 22 dead and 59 hurt in suicide bombing - BBC News
The explosion happened in the foyer of the Manchester Arena after a concert by singer Ariana Grande; children are among those killed.

1) This is an atrocious attack in Britain

2) Political parties have stopped general election campaigning as a mark of respect so please don’t start making this political

3) This does not call for your opinion on Ariana Grande’s music - any comments of this nature are distasteful

4) Children are confirmed to be among the deceased and many more are still missing/separated from family - please keep them in your thoughts

5) Spare a thought for the kindness and dedication of the emergency services and others who did and are still doing all they can to help



Shock Pt.5

“Maggie, are you okay?” Amelia asked as she jogged to the source of the noise she heard just now. When she rounded the corner, she didn’t expect to see Maggie with a gun in her hand, pointing at Nick’s brother, who was pointing a gun at Owen’s head.

“Chris?” she questioned, beyond the point of confusion, “What are you doing?”

In a state of panic, Chris instructed, “You. Afro girl. Turn around and point your gun at her.”

“Maggie, don’t do it,” Owen instructed in a calm voice. He tried to look at her in a way that would convey the plan he had in mind, but Maggie was too terrified to read him.

“There is no negotiation,” Chris yelled at Owen, “Gun at her, now, or I’ll shoot him.” Maggie looked to Owen for guidance and Owen shook his head. Don’t turn around Maggie, he thought. Amelia stood there, frozen in shock at the situation she’d managed to find herself in. But, in almost no time at all, the man moved the gun from Owen’s head to his thigh and pulled the trigger, a loud bang echoing through the empty halls of the hospital. Yelling, Owen collapsed to the floor as he gripped the side of his leg. Blood was squirting out of the wound in all directions as he cried out in pain.

“Owen!” Amelia cried, tears streaming down her face as she looked at him squirming on the floor, all because of her.

“Turn around,” Chris breathed heavily, “Because his brain is next.”

Without much of a choice, Maggie turned to face Amelia now, tears streaming down her face too as they stood in a stare off, one on either side of the gun.

“Maggie,” Amelia said slowly, “Give me the gun.”

“Are you crazy?” Maggie exclaimed, “If I give you the gun, the next bullet will go in his brain!” Her hand shook against the metal as she said the words. “Not even you can fix that.”

Amelia eyed Owen on the floor and weighed her options. Escape wasn’t possible, she was almost certain Owen would get shot again if she moved, and there was no way for her to get the gun from Maggie. She closed her eyes in defeat. There was only one way this was going to end.

“Shoot me, then,” she announced in a watery voice, “Shoot me.” She looked at Chris, who still had the gun pointed at Owen’s head even though he was on the ground now. “That’s what you want, right?”

Chris nodded slowly. “I want you to pay for what you did.”

Amelia looked to Maggie now. “Just shoot me.” If she got shot, then Owen wouldn’t have to, she reasoned in her mind. She’d be saving his life, at the cost of her own, and she was okay with that. After everything that had happened with Nick last week, and the depression that followed her almost constantly now, the thought of being shot somehow made that load feel lighter. She was paying for her mistakes.

“Amelia, no,” Owen managed to groan through gritted teeth, “Don’t be stupid. You’re not some superhero.”

“It’s okay, Maggie,” she croaked, ignoring Owen’s pleas, tears falling as she smiled at her, “Just do it. I deserve it.”

Maggie looked at her, utterly horrified at the fact that Amelia was basically begging to be shot. She wanted to believe that she was saying that because it was Owen’s life on the line, but some part of her had a feeling that she wanted this to happen, that even if Owen’s life wasn’t at stake, if it was just her and the gunman, she’d still ask for it; she wouldn’t fight it. That thought made a chill run down her spine.

“Don’t miss,” Chris growled as Maggie raised the gun, “And no limbs. I’m not dumb.”

With shaky hands, Maggie raised the gun at Amelia. Head shot is a definite fatality, Maggie reasoned in her mind as she attempted to figure out what was the least fatal way to shoot Amelia, if that was possible. Anything in the chest is lower chance of death, but still high. I can’t shoot legs or arms. That just leaves the abdomen. But her guts…I’m no general surgeon.

“If you wait any longer…” Chris warned.

Knowing she’d run out of time, Maggie aimed for her chest. She’d hopefully be able to fix any cardiothoracic injuries, but injuries to her general organs wasn’t part of her specialty and the nearest general surgeon probably wasn’t near enough.

When Amelia heard the safety click less than a minute later, she closed her eyes, a sense of peace suddenly flooding her.

“Just shoot,” Maggie mumbled to herself, trying to work up the courage to pulling the trigger. Her finger tightened against the trigger, but she couldn’t bring herself to pull it. Standing there for what felt like hours, Amelia watched as Maggie readjusted herself , blinking the tears out of her eyes so she could see better. She looked at Owen on the ground, who was staring back at her with pleading eyes, and then she looked at Chris who, unbeknownst to everyone else, had now raised his gun at her. Before she could yell at Maggie to turn the gun on him, as it was no longer on Owen, his gun went off, the bullet hitting her right in her stomach.


Finished!  Lock, Shock and Barrel mistakenly kidnapping the Easter Bunny instead of Santa Claus.  Even though they screwed up, I’m sure they still had a lot of fun doing so.
This was really fun to do, and I find that I’m enjoying trying to draw them sorta-on-model more and more.    ^_^
Copic marker, Copic multiliner and Prismacolor pencil on 9 x 12″ smooth bristol board.

P.S. Fun fact: I originally envisioned them holding the branch over their heads, but when I actually started sketching it I realized that none of their arms are long enough to reach over their heads, bahaha!


I love the surprise on Yona’s face as if she wasn’t expecting him to agree with his father’s actions but it was like something clicked in her head because she stares Su-won straight on and tells him why Yu-hon couldn’t become King something I find really fascinating as she seems to get it yet people many years older like the Earth General don’t understand at all.

I just love the way her mind works. Instead of being submissive to his response and just giving in she backs him into a corner and forces him to listen to her. Like DAME GURL! Simply with that one comment, it forces a dialogue out of him rather than simply shutting her down like he did with his letter.

This was my favourite shocked face of Su-wons. I loved how she said exactly what we were all thinking that his expression changed because dame, that’s probably the most honest face we have seen of Su-won’s like ever. He was really taken offguard with her comment.

That said Butch Hartman verse would make some really interesting messed up antagonists in a bad-action movie edgy “discount Justice Lords” kind of conflict that the actually canon compliant protagonists have to take down and show ‘no everything about you is bizarre and wrong-headed dear god why’.

I mean, if we GOTTA deal with this, may as well get some good crack fic fuel from it, right?


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It’s so surreal like, I live so close to Manchester and I’ve been to that arena so many times to watch concerts and shows, my brother has performed there as part of a school shows.

It’s important that we acknowledge that this was done on the 4 year anniversary of Lee Rigby’s murder in order to understand the motivation behind it.

I honestly think it’s so important that, while keeping those involved close to our hearts we remember that being scared is what these people want. They do this shit to scare us and we can’t let them because then they win.