Camille Coduri and Noel Clarke getting a bit frisky with David Tennant at the Voyage of the Damned premiere event.

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Title: Diabolik Lovers More Blood Sakamaki Hen - Sequel
Sakamaki Kanato’s Part
Artist: Carawey

Scanned/Typeset: prevolt
Cleaning/Translation: Spicy Diamond

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All righty! Here’s Kanato’s More Blood Sequel Chapter. Contains major spoilers for the end of his route and a trigger warning for character death and self harm as well as, you know, abuse and all the usual DL trigger suspects.

If you missed the Prequel, that would be in this direction.

im just so fucking mad and upset, this fandom is so toxic. gold youtubers. gold walking dead.

 I just let out a horrified gasp when I realized all the stuffs the anime staff were probably going to censure from the Tartaros arc. It’s going to take away from the arc if they do it badly tbh.

What can they censure:

-Erza being tortured (we can all be affirmative on this one)

-The chairman being back-stabbed literally by Kyouka. 

-Kyouka being ”punished” by Marde Guille(or whatever is name is)

-Idk if they would let the ”Silver being pierced with a ball by his son” animated like it was shown in the manga x’)

-Igneel having a hole in the stomach (even if there aren’t blood I think it can traumatize children watching it lol )

-Feel free to add because I’m leaving out lot of things

Emily or Hanna is -A. I'm calling it now.

Think about it.
Emily and Hanna have the most reasoning, in my opinion, Emily more so. The first note Ali gets reads, “Its My Turn To Torture You.” Alison tortured Emily, she made Em fall in love with her only to reveal she truly didn’t love Emily back at all. Scorned lovers are the most dangerous people in the world, because they have nothing left. When Ali came back, Emily ended up being the angriest, because she let Alison play her again. I just feel like Emily could easily have the motive, and that it would be obvious since season 1. On top of that, Emily has had the least amount of bad things happen to her. People always say Maya was killed by -A…she wasn’t. She was killed by Nate. Theres no correlation between Nate and -A.
In fact, -A helps Em. For example, telling everyone Em was gay in S1. She ended up not having to tell her family herself. It helped her, in the end. I just truly believe Emily has the motive and there is certainly evidence against her.

As for Hanna, I’ve seen amazing theories (including a theory that her and Ali are twins which is AMAZING) and I honestly feel like after Emily she has the most motive. Alison taught Hanna HOW to hurt herself, and out of all the girls, I feel like we know the least about Hanna. Hanna could easily have other backstories, other things we have no clue about.