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Okay but the MC being named Rika

Poor Yoosung omg


  • Oh boy
  • Probably takes him a long time to come to terms 
  • with the fact that you aren’t reincarnated Rika 
  • He’s actually kind of devastated when he realizes
  • And you don’t really hear from him for a few days after he admits to it
  • but then one day he pops back up in the chatroom
  • and he says he’s sorry for disappearing
  • “I’ve realized…I’ve been lucky enough to be given another Rika, and while I know you’re different people…I’d like to spend as much time as I can with you.”  
  • He just feels so lucky to have another person in his life who motivates him to work more on his studies
  • like just having you around makes him want to work harder
  • the same effect Rika had on him
  • so he finally decides to focus on the happiness and determination you’re bringing him
  • which is something he’d given up on after his cousin’s death
  • He agrees that it’s much better than him comparing you

  • He’s a bit upset
  • and worried about how V will handle it
  • But once everyone in RFA get properly used to the thought
  • he figures out how to discern the two of you rather quickly 
  • Really just very logical about the whole thing
  • “Rika isn’t a name exclusive to one person. It isn’t strange to know several people with the same name”
  • The others are a bit surprised that he seems to find it so easy
  • and he makes sure to correct them if they ever confuse you with the other Rika
  • One day he does admit to you that he felt a bit strange about it at first
  • but he assures you that when he looks at you he sees you as who you are 
  • “The love of my life” next to Elizabeth 3rd


  • Honestly, when he found out he had to cross-check your background a couple times 
  • Just to make sure that you were definitely a different person
  • But once he’d reassured himself, there was no question of it
  • He came to terms with it a bit sooner than the other members did since he’d seen the proof
  • Besides, you always played along to his jokes. The first Rika was much more straight forward than you
  • “Can’t you consider changing your username to Rika #2… to stop confusing the others?- no?” 
  • Will remind Yoosung that you aren’t the same as “Rika #1″
  • Will then remind you that “you’re number #1 in his heart”
  • “Actually, scrap that. #3, because of Dr. Pepper and Honey Buddha Chips– sweetie, don’t go, I’m kidding!! You’re still higher than goldfish-shaped bread!”


  • He starts comparing the two of you
  • but not in terms of personality, or any way that makes him feel like you’re the same person
  • He just realizes that all the important Rikas in his life have been very supportive of him, and he’s so grateful for that
  • Though your relationship with him goes beyond that
  • because it doesn’t stem from gratefulness or you being a fan
  • It comes from chemistry and love, and he’s so happy for that
  • Because it makes him realize that his feelings aren’t in any way fabricated
  • they’re real, and he isn’t just replacing anyone
  • And being in love with you is the best feeling in the world  to him, a bit like being up on stage
  • He loves you so much for letting him be himself
  • Occasionally he’ll worry if you’re comparing yourself to Rika, because you’re already perfect as yourself
  • so he makes it his job to remind you that he loves you for who you are

  • Jaehee:
  • She didn’t really have a chance to get to know Rika that well
  • but she admits it is strange that  person by the same name ends up joining their organisation, filling in the spot of the one who’s gone
  • Kinda suspicious at first because she doesn’t understand how such a coincidence can happen
  • but starts to care a lot once she gets to know you properly
  • She is actually glad she can at least get to know the new member since she never got to know Rika like that
  • “I’ve heard many things about how wonderful she was, and while I didn’t personally know her well I can already tell you’re a good replacement. You’re incredible, Rika.”
  • Isn’t that affected by comparisons
  • because seriously she couldn’t dream of actually comparing you to anyone
  • still, she believes that if you’re anything like Rika then she must have been as good as they say
  • though of course nothing and no one could ever overshadow you in her eyes

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16 , 22, 33 , 49 for the ask!! <3

16. What is your favorite hair color for each member?

namjoon - blue/silver

(picture material bc why not)

seokjin - dark brown/black

yoongi - pink? turquoise? silver?? BLACK?? IDK






/sighs/ so cute

hoseok - just part his hair and i’m happy light brown or black/dark brown

jimin - the jimin colour aka orange ooor black

taehyung - blond. i’m weak for blond tae, don’t ask

jeongguk - light brown/dirty blonde/whatever you wanna call it

22. Your favorite photo of each member?

lmao i’m gonna spend an hour answering this ask bc i keep getting distracted by pics of the boys (i have so many favourites jfc)

(let’s settle on recent favourites. i won’t finish this otherwise)

33. Who’d win in a dance battle? Jin or Namjoon?

they’ve both improved so much buuuuuuut i think namjoon would win

49. What kind of concept would you like to see in the future?

anything the boys want to do (tbh it’s nice that they feel comfortable/confident enough to share their personal stories/struggles, and it’d be wonderful if they continued expressing their feelings through songs)

bts asks

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17 scars

Alrighty so, I’m going to take this to mean a literal flesh wound

I think Oliver doesn’t have many scars on him, one above his left rib from falling off his bike one summer, and another one that’s more faded on his lower back from a surgery he had one time. He’s not ashamed of them in any way, and they don’t hold any big significance because they are from inconsequential events. 

Connor does not have many either, but he has two on his back, one on his upper back just under his neck, and on the side. He got them when he got in a literal fight with a then boyfriend of his. It started out as a shouting match and then the ex had enough and pushed him into the wall where a very sharp decoration hung. It ripped through his skin and gave him those. Thankfully, they weren’t deep, but those spots will be permanently pink and fleshy. The other guys he’s been with avoid touching those spots like the plague, giving him looks of disgust after seeing them. He was worried of what Oliver would think of them. He noticed them first time they made love, like really made love. When they were through, lying there together, he saw them when Connor turned around. 

“What happened here?” he whispered

“N-nothing,” replied Connor.

“Can I…can I touch them?”

Connor’s breath hitched, but he moved so he was lying on his stomach. The way Oliver’s fingers made the lightest and gentlest of touches over them, the way that he didn’t flinch or sneer at them, made Connor burst into tears then and there. No one ever made an effort to understand them, until Oliver.

I’m not really okay today. After a 5 week battle in the ICU, I lost my grandma last night. After coming home from the hospital around 2am, sleep wasn’t going to happen. My body hurt from crying and my mind was racing while I tried to lay quietly. And I missed missed missed my grandma. But it was too dark and I wanted light. I wanted to see the sun. Two minutes to log on, and there it was. Beorn carried me along all the beaches and up the hills and we followed the sun.  

Star Stable Online has helped me through so many things in the last two years. When my herniated disc was crushing my sciatic nerve so terribly last October-February and I couldn’t even walk more than a few minutes, leaving me couch and bed bound my life on pause, SSO gave me the ability to explore and adventure. During my dad’s mother’s battle with lung cancer at the same time, SSO gave me an outlet for my depression. Even if I couldn’t get up and do the most basic thing or help at her house, at least I could help in this fantasy battle against a squid demon and max my horses. That was enough fulfillment to get me through physical therapy and back to life. This community gave me the human interaction I desperately desired as well as give me some amazing, loving friends to cherish. 

I told Lea last night, this game makes me feel free. I have Gwendolyn to take me away to somewhere else, and my pixel pons to carry me upward and forward and downward. It probably seems strange, but this game means so much more to me than just a game. It’s given me so much joy and comfort. Even when I take breaks and the game goes through dry spells, I think I’ll always come back to Jorvik. There is a whole lot of good there and it’s special to me. I’ll need it again this week. 

Me, writing a jot of a fan fiction because I couldn't write a decent fan fiction to save my life

I adjusted my backpack, which of course, contained the skull. I was ready to head out when Lockwood jogged up to me “Sorry, I wanted to lose George” I replied with one of those things that are supposed to be chuckles, but are more like heavy breaths. He tucked my hair behind my ears, planted a kiss on my forehead and said “Be careful, I love you.”
“I will, I promise” I replied, and awkwardly I added “Love you, too.”
Then I stepped off into the misty night.

“i summon an image of a cockroach, but like–it’s wearing a dress and has a little bow, it’s a pretty lady cockroach for him and…well, no, that’s heteronormative, i don’t know what he prefers–i summon whatever kinda cockroach he wants and is into.”

guys please please PLEASE listen to The Adventure Zone the boys are so goddamn wholesome and important

Announcing semi hiatus/hiatus

So the last couple weeks I’ve been extremely busy, and NaNoWriMo is coming up. I’ll try my best to get my replies it this week (not sure when that’ll happen exactly, but I’ll get it done).

So this week is touch and go, and next week to until I get NaNoWriMo done I’ll be off (or if I’m on, I’ll mostly be working or doing short rps/memes).