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I was listening to chasing pavements today on my way to school and made a little hc of noora being kinda sad about w*llhelm and she and the girl squad were hanging and Eva got really excited about the song and started singing really dorky to cheer noora up and then all of a sudden vilde & Chris got really into it and eventually sana was belting out too & noora eventually cracked and joined in (albeit quietly) & they were all just loving noora and each other and wow it made me emo

THIS IS A CANON GIRL SQUAD MOMENT TB COMPLETELY H. chasing pavements is my favorite adele song and is also incidentally my karaoke song so like, this is me.

also sana singing.. i’m picturing her as a terrible singer so like the fact that she really gives it a go for noora just makes all of them so happy and they’re trying to sing and laugh at the same time

also also i have to say i’m getting a bit of a soul madonnas vibe from this a la when they’re singing “i’ll be there” on the subway which is the most pure moment in tv history prove me wrong

how dare the les miserables finale make me feel sad and both so uplifted at the same time. no fair. musical finales are supposed to make feel either super sad or happy it’s not fair you can’t make me super sad and uplifted at the sometime what witchcraft is this

Ok so I love Eizen and Edna too much so time to gush abt them and malakhim/seraphim facts in general

  • Malakhim/Seraphim are born from untainted mana 
  • they could also have previously been human that became a malak/seraph 
  • if they were originally human they have no memories of their human lives 
  • Eizen was born from an earthpulse point on top of a sacred mountain and he just kinda chilled there for a while 
  • Edna was born from the same earthpulse point much later and Eizen was like “mine now" 
  • Edna would hold on to Eizen’s pinky and he’d poke her cheek to make her laugh fucking destroy me 
  • not all malakhim/seraphim born of the same earthpulse point will feel related to each other 
  • Eizen felt a connection to Edna that he initially didn’t know what it was, but when she was sad, he was sad, and when he was happy, she was happy 
  • Eizen likes cats better than dogs but he likes squirrels best bc he used to live somewhere with Edna that had squirrels that he’d pet 
  • the day Eizen left, he and Edna gave each other good luck pendants 
  • Eizen’s has a hand drawn portrait of Edna in it made by her 
  • Edna’s is her necklace that Eizen made from a stone on the mountain they were born from 
  • Eizen then knew they were siblings bc they gave each other similar presents in the same shape and neither of them told the other 
  • Eizen is a huge fucking nerd
  • oh wait in addition Eizen once stole 100 gald from Edna’s secret stash
  • it was to buy a painting. by Beryl Benito. and he was short 100 gald apparently
  • the painting turned out to be a forgery
  • it’s heavily implied Eizen never told her bc he said that he hopes she would forgive him
I Can’t Love Her, She’s Not Mine to Love Anymore - Calum  Imagine

request; Could you do an imagine where Calums falling in love another band members girlfrend (or the girl who he wants back)?

sorry for the wait, anon. enjoy! :) oh and i also wrote it in his p.o.v. hope that’s okay. x

Tonight was the band’s last show of the year. We were all excited. The energy was out the roof. Everyone backstage was buzzing. I was sad that we were going to end the year already, but I was happy at the same time.

It was a few more minutes until we had to go on stage. The boys and I were getting ready, warming up a little before going on stage. I was more than excited. Nothing could make this night go wrong. At least that’s what I thought. That was before she came backstage to surprise Ashton, her boyfriend. Y/N didn’t just surprise Ashton, though. She surprised me as well.

“Y/N! Babe, what a great surprise!” Ashton says with such happiness as she walks to him.

“Hey! I thought I’d come surprise you on your guy’s last show.” Y/N explains. Then Ashton gives her a big hug.

After the hug they share a kiss. I couldn’t see them show that much affection so I turned around immediately. My happiness was slowly fading away.

“SHOW TIME BOYS!” One of the crew members yell with a big thumbs up.

Thank goodness it was time to play the show. I don’t think I’ll be able to handle seeing Y/N and Ashton together. I need my space from them. More from Y/N than anyone. What I’m feeling for her has to go away. The feelings that I feel once again should not be allowed. They aren’t allowed, but I feel something for her. She has a boyfriend now and it’s Ashton who is my best friend. I had to stop thinking about her. About my feelings. About the past. About everything. I have to admit that it is hard. This was a situation I didn’t want to be in. It’s horrible knowing that I’m in love with Y/N even if she’s dating Ash. What would happen to my friendship with him if he were to find out I was in love with his girlfriend? That’s terrifying to think about. I really need to stop thinking about all of this.

Tonight’s show was supposed to be the best night this year. This was our last concert of the year. The end of our tour. But I couldn’t enjoy it. My mind was on her. How could I ignore the thoughts of her if she was dancing and singing along to the songs we were playing in the front row. No matter how many times I looked away my eyes would wander back. I needed to stop looking her way. I needed to focus on playing instead. My mind needs to stay focused on playing and not on Y/N.

Half an hour later we end the last concert. The guys ran backstage still excited about the night. I, on the other hand, decided to walk as slowly as I could backstage for obvious reasons. Once I finally joined the rest of everybody I saw Ashton and Y/N together. They seemed so happy being together. The sight made me feel worse. I needed to get away so I walked passed everyone in the room and went out to the alley. As soon as I opened the door I let out a big sigh as I ran my fingers through my hair. How in the hell am I supposed to get over her? Why did I have to fall in love with her out of all the girls in the world, it had to be Y/N again. And now that she’s dating my best friend. This is just a disaster.

My phone was buzzing in my pants. I took it out to see what it was. There were messages from Luke, Michael, and Ashton asking where I had disappeared to. All I replied back with was ‘I’ll be there in a few minutes.’ I needed a few more minutes to clear m head even though I know that when I see her all the thoughts are going to rush back in.

“I thought I’d find you here.”

You know that phrase speaking of the devil? Well in my case it’s thinking if the devil.

“Hey.” Is the only thing I can think of saying.

“What are you doing back here?” Y/N asks walking closer to me.

I leaned against the rail and looked down, fumbling with my thumbs. It took me a while to answer her.

“I needed to clear my head. There’s a lot going on.”

I know she’s going to ask what it was that I had on my mind. But it was the truth. I felt like I could talk to her like we used to before. Even though everything running through my head involves her. She doesn’t know that though. And I hope she doesn’t find out.

“What could you possibly be thinking about to have you thinking so much on such a great night like tonight?”

She’s now standing next to me, but I keep my eyes down because I know that if I look into her eyes I might just tell her how I feel. That can’t happen. I had the chance to before and I didn’t take it. So now I’m fucked.

“A whole lot of things. I don’t know myself.”

“You’re lying to me, Hood. I know you know what you’re thinking about.” She pauses for a little then lowers her voice, “I saw you looking at me almost the entire concert..”

That got me to look at her. My eyes were wide. I didn’t know what to say. She caught me staring at her. This is bad.

There was a long pause between us. I was still nervous as fuck. Who knew what she was going to say.

“The way you were looking at me, it’s not okay.. You can’t loot at me like that anymore.”

I know I can’t look at her that way. I know that. But I can’t help myself from doing so. These feelings for Y/N are real. They always have been real. I was just stupid to let her go. That’s the stupidest thing I could have ever done yet I did it and now I’m here looking at her and regretting the day I let her go and didn’t tell her what I felt for her. What I still feel for her.

To be continued..?

I wonder how do you feel now. I wonder if you’re thinking of me but i doubt it. I know that you are happy now. But i want to know, does it hurt you too? Knowing that you hurt someone like me who loved you so much. Do you even have any idea on how i feel right now? Do you know how much it hurts me? It hurts so much that i can feel my heart breaking into pieces and it affects my entire system. Your last words still playing on my mind like a song, a song i don’t want to sing anymore. And the memories keeps on knocking on my door reminding me that they’re there as a reminder of you, of us.

I wonder if you’re hurting too. I wonder if you feel the same like i do but i know you don’t. I know that you’re happy now, it makes me happy and sad at the same time. I am happy for you because you’ve finally found your true happiness while here i am starting to pick up the broken pieces of my heart and sad at the same time because i know that i’m no longer your happiness. Is that even possible that you love me now and then the next day you don’t? Am i that easy to give up? Why you didn’t choose me instead?

I wonder if did i mean something to you? Is it really your plan to hurt me? But i guess even if you mean it or not, you still hurt me and that’s the most painful feeling i’ve felt in my entire. It’s almost close to death, i feel like i am breathing without a soul and heart. You’re aware that you hurt me but you don’t even have the slightest idea how much if affect me. Knowing that you break my heart, did it break your heart too? Or you don’t really care about me at all? You know it hurts but you have no idea how painful it is to be broken by someone who promised you that they will never hurt you and leave you.

You promised right? You made a promise that you will never hurt me. That i am the only one, that you will never leave me. We even planned things together for our future. I wonder what happened? Where are those promise and plans that you’ve said? Did you take them with you? What about me? I’m still holding on to those promise. I don’t know how to forget them. You just broke every promise that you’ve made and you proved to me that promises are made to be broken.

I don’t want to hurt you. I don’t want you to feel the pain that i feel right now. I love you so much that i am willing to do anything for you, to save you from any pain and harm. I want to protect you and shield you. I wanted to be your home and a missing puzzle of you. But don’t feel bad about it because i am not mad at you, i will never be mad at you. It could’ve been me, we were meant to be together but you chose to leave and that’s why now you’re meant to someone else. You chose to find your happily ever after with someone. You gave up on me while here i am still loving you. I love you but it hurts so much. It really hurts, you know.. You hurt me so bad. You hurt me in a way no one ever did. You hurt the person who loved you wholeheartedly. Always remember that i love you. And i hope that hurting me can break you even just a little.

Are you happy now that you hurt me?

—  A letter to the person who hurt me

They wrote such dialogues for twelve that can easily fit in  romantic drama movie

“You look at me but you can’t see me”

“Do I care for you so little that betraying me will make a difference”

“Your face does that thing when it is happy and sad at the same time, it’s like you are malfunctioning”

“When do I not see you? There was a crowd too?”

“You let Clara Oswald get into your head, trust me she never leaves”

“Don’t go, stay with me”

And people still find Whouffaldi implausible? Their relationship is deeper and more meaningful than any romantic pairing you could hope to see on-screen. There is no doubt!

(P.S. I wrote these from  memory so apologies for any mistake)

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Hi Evan, you seem like you may be a little sad. I hope you're not sad. You're the reason I am absolutely in love with Andrew McMahon. You had that one video where you talked about moving and listening to EIT and I happened to be moving across the country (from the burning building where I lay, as I watch the stars become the day) around the same time. Everything about Andrew's music makes me happy. I hope you can be happy too. ❤


I am both happy and sad, I’m left wondering how could that be? How can one be both at the same time when they are polar opposites. Such an oxymoron but here I am living proof, that you can feel both happiness and sadness all at once, and I don’t know how that makes me feel.
—  Erin

I asked my friend @theniftytable​ to give me his first impressions of Sherlock characters and I was noT disappointed:

- Soft Gordon Ramsay

-  a little upset at all times

- Always manages to make everyone a bit sad

- scarecrow woman

- Happy grandma character

-  too happy

- passive aggressive suburban white mom

- Stockbroker

- In one of those local commercials at the movie theatre

- The one dentist that doesn’t recommend Colgate (From my other friend)

- Homeless Neil Breen

- Please help this man

- needs money for coffee

- Skinny Ted Cruz

- Has the voice of Snape

- Minecraft

- April from Parks and Rec, and Grazia, and Bayonetta

- hair is a handlebar moustache

- pure

- Condescending man

- Looks like a bit of an asshole

- asks you to carry around heavy objects and gets mad when you trip

- Australian

- bad at comforting people bc hes got the same shitty face for everything

- the gay oNe???

- corpse mcgee

- black market Tom Hiddleston ripoff

- literally came out of the ground

- tell Minecraft i’m sorry for his loss

-the girl from The Ring

- not okay

- I can tell they’re related cause she also looks ded

- a gremlin

- one of the goblins from Troll 2

- Nathan Lane’s inbred cousin

-Leslie Knope


-Has just killed a man

I deactivated my Facebook for a while. I’m tired of politics, arguing, hateful comments, waiting my time mindlessly scrolling through for no reason.

I haven’t been on Facebook since Friday.

Here’s what I’ve noticed:

1. I have a lot more time to do things.
It’s Amazing how much time I would waist on Facebook, doing nothing.

2. There is a void. There’s this empty spot in me, I feel it, where this social media platform had become a God to me, it’s empty, so I’m asking God to fill it with something better.

3. I feel more depressed, but at the same time more happy. I feel like I’m disconnected from everything, which makes me sad, but I realize, I wasn’t really connected to anything on there anyways and most “friendships” weren’t friendships but merely the illusion of a friendship via online interaction: barely I might add.

4. My mind wanders a lot more. Instead of focusing on the problems and issues people create on Facebook, or the app itself, my mind is constantly wandering around. Thinking, perhaps I’ll have an original thought again! That would be cool. This is how we create, by being able to have original thoughts. Now that my mind isn’t glued to Facebook maybe something will happen.

5. I feel a lot more free.

So yeah. So far, so good. I recommend giving it a try.

list of scenes where beauty and the beast shook me (tbh the whole film got me shook it was so wonderful):

  • i love the way they told the curse/prince’s background like a tale in itself, it was horrifying and magical at the same time
  • the musical numbers were lovely and so well-done, they just make you happy: - ‘belle’ and ‘gaston’ were pouring out life it was great, ‘how does a moment last forever’ was touching and heartwarming, ‘days in the sun’ was all kinds of mixed emotions and it all went too fast they got me sad, ‘something there’ was simple yet very heartfelt - it explained how things were going too fast, their ‘falling in love’ was driven by curiosity and impulse decisions i love it, ‘be our guest’ was enchanting it was so good
  • listen ‘evermore’ is the fucking shit; that scene was literally so fucking sad and heartbreaking fuck; the irony of its happy and hopeful melody contrasting to the beast’s reality - it was all too much i fucking cried the moment he let her go ugh why i’m so emo (i’m still sobbing damn it)
  • that scene where they went to belle’s old home; it felt very real and genuine; and the fact that they both lost their mothers really makes you see how they could easily understand each other after all the fuss
  • i love their book nerd scenes, beast straight up dissing belle for loving romeo and juliet and all kinds of romance, but he ends up reading one too and ahhhhh they’re so cute, i love how enthusiastic and happy he was and just gave her the library lol and she was like what??? (just like the audience) and just screamed - tbh me
  • i love how awkward they were at first bc they just dealt with a life and death situation and now they can’t remain strangers lmao the otp
  • the waltz scene got me crying it was perfect, the palace staff were adorable too ahhh
  • but then when he was alone in the roof i legit felt all the sadness i wanted to hug him
  • when all this time he referred to himself as ‘a creature’ but when he fought gaston he finally said ‘i am not a beast’ i’m so fucking proud forreal i threw a fist in the air
  • he fucking got shot 3 times, shit went dark real quick; he jumped far to get to her - i was crying again, and omg her tears and his eyes it was all just ahhhh the way she said ‘i love you’ my heart broke, the transformation scene was magical
  • dan stevens is so handsome i was imploding, i loved how charming and dashing yet simple and ordinary he looked like, the prince’s and belle’s beauty was the kind that wasn’t showy/flashy, they were just ordinary excluded people with beautiful hearts, his eyes and his smile!!!! damn!!! the kiss was so good!!! and then the dance in the end!! when she joked ‘maybe you should grow a beard’ and he growled, i legit melted, so fucking cute and hot at the same time, this otp i swear just get married and have babies already they’re too cute (there are more great stuff about this movie but these are my first thoughts and i’ll do a proper review once i get myself together i’m too emo)
  • watching this film is truly the happiest i’ve ever been

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I'm a little confused - didn't you date a guy for a long time?

this is honestly so exhausting. i just want to point out publicly that i’ve collectively lost about forty followers since i started talking about not being attracted to men. i don’t know if everyone spent so long hearing the “i knew since i was a wee lass” version of the coming out story but just in case there is someone reading this out there who is in the same boat i was in for the past 26 years, but it’s literally perfectly fucking normal to figure yourself out no matter how long you’ve been in a relationship that doesn’t make you happy or how long you’ve been telling yourself things that aren’t true. people figure new shit out about themselves all the time. 

i’m done talking about this. i’m embarrassed for the people who unfollowed me because of this. its fucking sad.

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did you see? mashima says this is the last arc :'(

Yes, I’ve seen it. :/

Even though I don’t want for it to end, I also want it at the same time. Does it make any sense?

I don’t want it to end because FT has been a big part of my life for so many years it pains me to see it end. At the same time I know that making it longer will probably drive me away from the fandom, which I would hate. Besides, with an end we’ll probably see Gray and Juvia become 100% canon, so there’s a bright side.

At this point Mashima needs to wrap it up and explain a lot to us; we need to make sense of what is happening and hopefully he’ll do it.

It’ll make me happy and sad at the same time to see the series ending. I have followed this manga all these years, this fandom made it possible for me to meet a lot of wonderful people and for that I’ll always love FT.  ❤

The injustice of Okumura Rin

Ao no Exorcist is one of my favorite animes out there, after many years it finally aired which makes me happy and sad at the same time. Sad because of the way Rin is treated by everyone around him ever since it was revealed that he’s Satan’s son. Even his so called friends who he went through so much are scared of him and treat him like utter crap. It’s becoming really painful to watch not to mention how angering. Yes, I know that everyone hates Satan in the AO universe, but hating on Rin because he’s Satan’s son? That’s really shallow. It proves that humans are actually very nasty in nature. They fear those who are different from them, those who are stronger. Now Rin’s brother, he’s Satan’s son too but he doesn’t get the same treatment as Rin just because he didn’t inherit the blue flames. In fact he is treated with respect, like on of the top exorcist out there. The AO universe draws a parallel between our world. Here people get mistreated or judged just because they are different. Which is very sad. Rin on the other hand still wants to be an exorcist who helps humans, and even accepts that people treat him the way they do because of his father which he wants to destroy btw. Rin is actually a pure hearted character and he’s to good for everyone. I wouldn’t stand to be treated like he is, in fact I would probably burn everyone to crisp with my blue flames. 

When Rin’s group arrived to the inn to help treat the wounded ones, all of them were assigned to do something useful, others were allowed to go visit their families. But Rin? He was told to go take care of the trash by this douchebag who thinks he’s so cool that he wears his shades indoors. (smh) 

Basically, he was implying that Rin himself it trash and that would be the best thing for him to do. 

Rin’s shocked expression broke my heart. 

Rin deserves what’s best in the world, because he’s a pure cinnamon roll. 


justin bieber


  1. jesus i have one question why you created justin bieber? only for make a mess in my life right? right.
  2. idk what i have to do cause sometimes i hate justin sometimes i love how someones can live like this?
  3. i’m so sorry mom but i love justin bieber
  4. don’t ask me if i love you bc you know that my one and first love is justin
  5. justin is better than pizza
  6. justin is the best then shut up
  7. justin makes me so happy at the same time makes me sad i’m confused
  8. justin makes me feel like I was in heaven i love this shit with all my heart
  9. when I look at the eyes of justin bieber I feel in paradise someone help me
  10. i was fine then i met justin bieber
  11. god please save my soul because i didn’t ask to be belieber
  12. roses are red, violets are blue, justin i cant live without you
  13. justin is perfect like… wait, anyone is perfect like justin
  14. i’m belieber hahaha this is not funny
  15. i’m belieber and… idk man, just give me a hug
  16. i try to stop listening to justin bieber, but i can’t, becAUSE JUSTIN IS PART OF MY LIFE NOW!!!1!!
  17. justin doesn’t know how much i love him and it breaks my heart
  18. all my life and all my story is about justin bieber
  19. you don’t like justin? you can hear my FFFFFFFUCK YOUUU??????
  20. the hell is waiting for me thx for that, justin, h8 u
  21. living for justin
  22. always in my heart justin bieber
  23. i love justin more than i love food
  24. justin is my angel
  25. justin is my drug
  26. the only thing i need is justin bieber
  27. i don’t love you, i love justin bieber
  28. justin is my heaven
  29. ✿ jesus loves you, justin doesnt ✿
  30. ☾my heart belongs to justin bieber xoxoxo☽
  31. i really believe that justin bieber was the gratest thing that ever happened to me
  32. it’s incredible the way that justin makes me smile
  33. jesus please make me understand how could someone be so fucking perfect like justin?
  34. vamos preservar o planeta, migas, em marte nao vai ter justin bieber nao
  35. to aqui pra sustentar meu filho justin
  36. a viadagem vai de 0 a justin bieber
  37. se nem o justin bieber agradou todo mundo quem sou eu pra agradar????
  38. justin foi doar sangue e não deixaram pq nao aceitam sangue de cobra la
  39. veneno de justin pra mim é drink
  40. justin bieber é o meu pastor e musicas boas não me faltará
  41. e tudo começou no shes confident
  42. minha vontade de te bater é do tamanho da bunda do justin
  43. protect jb all the costs
  44. justin bieber eh pai dos meus filhos
  45. o inferno ta vazio, por isso justin bieber ta na terra
  46. sobre justin bieber cuidado nao se deixa enganar por esse rostinho de anjo porque por tras disso existe obra satanica
  47. alguem me sustenta que eu nao to com dominio do corpo nao da olha isso aqui olha essa foto olha o justin puta que pariu assim não aguento
  48. o que ainda to fazendo aqui com a bunda sentada na cadeira de frente pro computador partiu justin deveria estar dando views
  49. justin é tao danadinho da vontade de desferir soquinhos na cara dele e depois beijar cada centimetro dos ferimentos como lidar
  50. no momento apenas erguendo as mãos aos céus e agradecendo pq justin bieber existe


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do you really want me to be happy?

or is it that knowing you’re the reason i’m not makes you guilty?

—  letters from drake’s ex; praying for your happiness, hope that you recover