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I saw somewhere that what happened was some fans harassed Tom til he spat out random ages to satisfy their ship-hate needs

Anonymous said: same anon: not mentioning to support it, just mentioning that that’s what a bunch of people r trying to believe

….well since we got that sweet tweet on tim’s official twitter 

i mean truthfully ppl are gonna believe whatever they wanna believe even if the truth is staring them in face lol but what was confirmed is completely in line w/ the statement in the comic con vid. there’s not rly a reason to be shocked or make up shit. “late teens” really is 16-17, and while i realize the “teen” is included in ages like 18 and 19, that is recognized adulthood in the u.s. like i really don’t think he ever intended ppl to think of them as older than 17. when most ppl say “teen” they mean not 18 yet. 

Ima vent quickly and I need y'all advice

So I was born in California, and I’ve always lived here but when I was in grade 7 my mom got a loquera moment and she decided we were moving to Canada (that’s a whole other story)
But anyways living there I met some chick and she was like the only other Hispanic in the school so we immediately clicked and we became bffs or whatever lol
I lived in Canada for like 4ish years so me and her became really close, and we were always together. . People even started thinking we were related and she started telling people we were twins too
Okay so after the 4 years we came back to Cali and me and her kept in contact we’d text often
And in August I went back to Canada for 2 weeks and at first it was cool but she started talking shit about my sister, like trying to turn me against her (keep in mind my brother, sister and I have always been close, we tell each other everything) but anyways she kinda made me get annoyed of my sister you know?
So I was acting like lame to my sister so my sister confronted me and before that my sister kept randomly telling me I don’t think your best friend is such a good friend and I kept ignoring it but finally she’s like ohh she was talking shit about you to me and that’s when my sister and I both confronted each other basiclly she was talking shit to me about my sister and she’d go talk shit about me to my sister which is sad cuz that’s probably why she doesn’t have many friends, I don’t think she knows you shouldn’t talk shit about your best friend

Since then I haven’t really been talking to my “friend” and she messaged me saying she bought tickets to come to Cali in January but I don’t want her to come
Idk what to do? Should I tell her I don’t want her to come or should I just let her come???? Ugh

The thing that sucks is that I always thought we were friends we’ve only fought once cuz she was talking about me behind my back
People always warned me of her, including my mom, saying how she tries to be like me and she acts like we’re together or something and I never saw it cuz I saw it as were friends cuz we have similarities, not like we have similarities cuz she tries to be like me

People even compared her to the Roommate movie 😳 lol

What a cute little ringlet! *focused poking*


Tron (1982)


Makes you wonder who wrote it, doesn’t it?


robert sugden + seven deadly sins

Abusive Balloon Pack

Sometimes you go to a party and you really just don’t care. You really have two options, you either pretend like you actually want to be there, or you can get straight to the point and grab a pack of these abusive balloons. The pack comes with 12 balloons with 3 brutally honest slogans on them, “This Party Is Shit” “Happy F*cking Whatever” and “F*ck Me, You’re Old”. The perfect balloons to bring to any party or family event you’re dragged to.

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Conan O'Brien Reviews ‘Assassin’s Creed: Unity’

Conan O'Brien is taking on Assassin’s Creed, and - like most of us - really couldn’t give a shit less about the Abstergo, Animus, and anything that isn’t “you’re an assassin in the French Revolution.” Really, Conan O'Brien might be the most straightforward, raw, and honest game reviewer around today, since he has pretty much zero preconceptions of any of this and is just giving unabashed reactions to whatever he’s presented with.

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Kageyama is an abusive piece of shit. I'm sick of seeing abusive violent behavior being made into a fucking joke. I'm guessing most people don't know what it feels like getting kicked hard in the stomach.

1. it is animated/slapstick comedy and was never intended to imply or encourage abuse…who in the right mind would even think that it’d be funny to imitate this act in real life

2. why are you following me, a Tobio Stan

3. are you seriously going to every blogger who reblogged that gif to spread your negativity?


Time to solve a series of WhoDunIts in the Caribbean

i dont have anything against straight white cis guys in movies and getting awards and stuff but like i’m tired of political correctness like really we have to see another character who’s a white guy? this is the real world, stop catering just to sell tickets and forcing diversity, white guys just aren’t that common. so like it’s cool for them to have their movies or whatever but it’s unrealistic to have them in EVERY movie, you know? like i guess i’m just not politically correct,lol, but like only put a white guy in there if it makes sense otherwise just give the roles to ppl who are best for it you know, its just my opinion. but like i’m not racist or sexist or anything im all for white mens rights and stuff but i’m tired of them like being all in my face about it in movies you know js js

Frisk's Gender:

Lol, does this shit really matter?
Lemme lay down my canon.
Frisk is female.


Frisk is female because I am female, and cisgender at that.

I like to believe that Frisk is whatever gender you perceive yourself to be.(if you have one. I’ll get to that too)

Frisk is a female to me as Frisk is to many others, but I don’t hate on the male Frisk or the in-between Frisk.

Frisk is whoever you see (him, her, them, popato chisp, etc.) as.


brojohn (i know. im sorry) but instead of kawaii shota john with inexplicable ingrained homohobia

bro with ingrained homophobia because he grew up in a time where it was less acceptable, less common, and he couldnt think of himself as gay because he never thought homosexuality could co-exist with the hypermasculine image he has of himself 

and so like. post sburb okay. john is sort of joke flirting with bro or whatever and bro gets REALLY uncomfortable and is like. yo back the fuck off im not gay and johns like wait yes you are???? (??) because he knew dirk was gay so ???

and i guess

idk shit happens

i just want more fic where ingrained homophobia isnt just brushed off with “BUT WAIT. I WANNA BANG U. SO I GUESS IM GAY NOW LOL’ and is instead looked at as the serious issue it is

so yes i know, i screwed it up and its smudged and my phone camera is complete crap, but have some rey i attempted. decided to add a little red and black because she is not all on the lightside am doing a kylo today because what is life this is my attempt at contributing shit to the fadom lol k bye.