I’m here with you.I see you.You are my friend, M’gann M’orzz.You are forgiven


Tron (1982)


TLC Shipweeks- Week One Day Two- Satellite

u know when an artist is like “lol my style is so inconsistent here”? well my style is really inconsistent here lmso. i don’t rlly like this

Text for Accessibility:

Paparazzi: Excuse me, Crescent?!

P: What was it like being imprisoned on the satellite for over 7 years?

(background reads “Sybil”)

Carswell: Sorry, are we getting paid for this interview?

Cress: oh thank stars

Consider- Cress and Thorne going on their route/passing out the cure/whatever and Cress gets cornered by paparazzi :)  I wish i had more time bc i wanted to do smthn brotp-ish with Jacin or Wolf for this theme too but meh. maybe tomorrow as a sort of bonus

wait okay actual bonus-

this was my original idea but consider it the sequel to up above, once they get away from the crowd and back on the Rampion. if ur rlly nice and buy my strawberry milk i’ll go back and finish it :3c

Your best bet for creating an exploitable rift between you and Johnny Dickhole is to start finding ways to get busy. And by that, I mean lie like a cheap rug. Or, shit, tell the truth. I personally find that exhausting. I can’t really be going out that much or having appointments and such. But whatever works for you. They want to hang out this weekend? No dice, your brother just got out of jail and needs some talking to about how to properly de-crime his life. They need you to come over and watch the kids on Thursday? Shit, you just signed up for a cheese-making workshop on Thursday nights. You’d love to help, but it’s ricotta week.

The longer you go without having real, personal contact, the less of a person you become and more of an idea. The idea of you is way easier to forget than the reality. Soon you’ll be a hazy memory. “Didn’t I know a guy once who I used to exploit and take advantage of because I’m a dirtbag? Hmm.” But by then they’ll probably have moved on to using someone else and you’ll have more freedom to take more cheese-making courses. Mozzarella is life, folks.

4 Steps For Dealing With Terrible Friends

Searching for/constructing a Toronto Maple Leafs "Let's Scream and Die Together" Group Chat

So, for me, I have a lot to say during games but I’m not super into the liveblogging thing cause I feel the compulsion to always tag every lb post and it just takes too long and then I’m missing shit during the game and it’s a bad time and also I don’t get immediate validation (lol amirite) and I can always use new Leafy pals, so I thought

“Hey, where’s the group chat? Every team has at least a few group chats, right? There’s gotta be a Leafs one.”

So this post is an SOS call to whatever Leafs Group Chats are out there (if any, and if they’re up for new members) but ALSO, if it turns out there aren’t really any specifically for the Leafs, or they’re smaller groups that don’t really want a bunch of new kids hanging around, then I’d love to find a few pals to start one up with!

In conclusion, if you have an LGC (Leafs Group Chat) lemme know, and/or you’re interested in making one, lemme know!

lol, rewatching kumirei scenes and thinking back to my problems in high school band. i denied to myself that i was bisexual for almost all 4 years in high school and honestly hibike’s kind of queerbaiting is the kind of shit that encourages other kids like me to lie to themselves too. 

i mean in high school with my best friend in band, i was pretty much always like “haha yeah i really like her and she’s smart and passionate and i’d do anything for her and yeahh i guess she’s really pretty and i love her eyes and wanna touch her cheeks and hug her forever and kiss her scalp and…. but i mean LOL HAHA THAT’S JUST GALS BEING PALS RIGHT??? i mean she’s jsut a REALLY GOOD FRIEND TO ME RIGHT??? RIGHTTT??/”””

so i’ve been thinking about that Jaune post i reblogged earlier and. i really wanna go in depth with how much better and MORE Pyrrha living but Jaune dying would have been. (under the cut bc holy shit this got long)

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I’ve always wanted to do one of these things so I decided to do this meme with Madnug!

I think one of the main reasons I love TMNT so much is that there’s no canon that doesn’t openly embrace how ridiculous the premise is.  Even the grimmest and darkest turtles regularly bump into characters whose first reaction upon seeing them is “LOL wtf is this shit.”

It really frees the universe up to do whatever bizarre adventure plot sounds awesome and fun at the time, and so long as you stay true to the relationships between the extended turtle family everything still feels coherent and even the most mindless of plots can easily maintain a heartfelt core.  And compared to many other fandoms I’ve been in, that’s a welcome, relaxing change.

anonymous asked:

Heyo older bi sister, since you are so knowledgeable and cool, I have a question for youuu. So there's this girl that I really like, she's my friend and I want to ask her out but don't know if she's Gay straight bi or whatever and I don't want to just right ask her and she knows I like her and then ruins the friendship... WTF do I doo?

I’m the literal worst at advice on this topic - I’ve been in this literal exact situation before and I never did anything about it bc I’m a pissbaby when it comes to not wanting to fuck up

Eventually I just got over her, but that’s obv not the ideal outcome

Sorry I can’t help you more, turns out I’m a shitty older bi sister

The Art of Seduction (and the Art of Being Completely Oblivious) [Elliot Alderson x Reader]

Author’s Note: Holy shit, guys, I am so hungry. Also I’m not really sure what happened with this LOL. I like, had an idea for how to approach the prompt and then it like… didn’t go that way. xD But whatever–food is calling! Hope you like!

Word Count: 1,322

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I’m Just Thinking Bout You

[prompt: 2009/10 D&P skyping & P tells D that he’s going to go take a shower & D can’t stop thinking about P hot, naked, & wet in the shower so he decides to finger himself & hump into a pillow in front of the camera. P took a quick shower & walks in on D moaning his name & say things like “faster please” “don’t stop” “harder phil”. P doesn’t announce himself bc he really wants to hear this through & he starts masturbating too. they finish at the same time. the author can decide what to do from there~~]

this one is nsfw af (and short) but whatevs tbh (also the title is a ariana grande lyric lol i love her)

holy shit i havent posted a fic in so fuckin long im so sorry you guys aaaaa
ive been trying to write a fic but i keep losin inspiration :// but hopefully ill be writing fics regularly again !!

[Contains: masturbation lmao, pillow (talk) grinding, possible exhibition??]

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Shit Salt Daddies Say

Looking for: “A sexy girl to have fun with and spoil - dinner, events, whatever fun ideas you have. Advice and guidance if you want it. Travel if we really hit it off. (To be clear - no allowance, not going to pay your bills, no cash on your nightstand.) Basically, me treating you well, and you reciprocating. No timetables, formal requirements, just fun. I hope you like lingerie.”

Because what the young ladies of SA want is advice and guidance from a middle aged fuckboy that ain’t even pulling 50K annually.

everafter93  asked:

Have you seen that a color version of that badly photoshopped/edited pic of g with the bare bump has been posted giving the photographer credit? Look how they cropped it so only her heads in the pic. Obv can't post a full color version bc of how sloppily it was done lol. Also never ceases to amuse me that while d is evil incarnate, the sun shines out of g's ass according to her hypocrite stans. God they're both unremarkable and overrated. By the way you and your blog are fabulous!!

yeah i saw but well to be fair, this instagram is a make-up/ hairdresser beauty something whatever so i can’t really give them shit for only showing her head and the “hairflip” they did but obviously they weren’t gonna show everything, her holding a fake belly just wouldn’t have sold it 

Have you seen this very informative post by @j2littleshits which shows that gen’s waist and shoulders are turned towards the camera and “her” belly isn’t proving that they used the picture of the profile of an actual pregnant woman and added it on gen’s pic?

and their instagram says they’re vegan so i really can’t wait for jared to make a post saying his “amazing” wife turned him vegan lmaoooo (not saying there’s anything wrong with being vegan, just that it would be another way to be the perfect woman/mom/wife who cares so much about animals! follow heeer! also i’m still waiting for gen to post a pic of her with a horse lol)

wait what? danneel is evil? who says that? if i had to choose who’s the rotten egg between gen and danneel, i’d pick gen hands down she’s the one using her kids like tools the most these days… nah danneel’s just dumb coughTed C show, her last comment saying jensen doesn’t take off his make up until he’s in austincough, but she learnt to shut her mouth most of the time so it’s not that bad (oh but there’s the theory that she went to ted c to trap jensen into the wedding that i kind of believe in so she’s actually playing like she’s dumb ugh whatever it’s complicated but i don’t like her anyway, i mean i just don’t like people who make a living thanks to homophobia in general)

and i can understand admiring women like beyonce you know? but people like Gen or danneel? really? that’s just weird 

Also i was looking at gen’s instagram and so in the photoshopped pic she’s wearing jeans with black pockets but with her most recent pic that she says is a throwback to when she could still see her toes she’s also wearing jeans with black pockets… so like she’s wearing the same jeans, so her belly gets bigger but that’s it, just her belly changes size and she only has one pair of pregnancy pants… ummm ok, 

and then in this recent post she’s wearing jeans with a big hole on her left knee but on this older pic    and the farm shoot she’s also wearing that pair of jeans

so like actually gen has just two pairs of pants, i don’t know about you guys but i feel we need to make a gofundme because clearly gen doesn’t have enough money to buy new clothes, this is really sad we need to do something! poor girl

or maybe the photoshopped pic and the throwback pic just were taken on the same day and they just posted the pics pretending it was at different times of the pregnancy :))) 

you tell me

sheddingpounds  asked:

It's 12:26AM and I just realized that it's been over 24 hours since I got rejected from my favorite college. I was kind of in shock like I came right home and fell asleep and didn't really eat earlier but I went out for a walk for over and hour and came back and binged like crazy lol. I hit my lowest weight ever today but I know the scale's going right back up tomorrow lmao.

Dude you just went through some really traumatic mental stress with the school thing, whatever makes you comfortable, do it. Eat fried chicken in the bathtub, nurture yourself. You had a shit day and you can always lose weight tmrw, ok?

Out of everyone you could ever possibly hope to known, I am the restless wanderer. Dont ever really count on me to be the one that hits you up for whatever reason cuz in all honesty i dont really give much of a shit about anything but going on journeys by myself and enjoying getting lost in my thoughts while trying actually to get myself lost on urban exploration adventures all while meeting new people along the way….. Cuz I’m sure you can imagine that the vast amount of intense positive and personable energy my that aura exudes attracts a lot of cool muthafuckahs lol. This is a big part of why I have so many connections and varied Associates in my circle it’s mainly in due to the fact that I just like to roll places solo by my-damn-self. I am I Fuckin Squad you know what I’m saying LOL. I can’t tell you how many times that on my solo quests on all over the u.s., the 35 countries I’ve been to around the world,and since I moved to Phoenix that I just randomly left the house and Happen to meet some cool motherfukers that got me fuckin spun or times that random women start conversations with me then smoke me the fuck out then fuck my brains out all just on account of the fact that even when I’m by myself I got the confidence as if I’m walking around with a massive army behind my back. So if me and you are cool don’t get offended or feel neglected or think that I just don’t like you or some shit because I don’t respond to your texts or calls or hit you up to see how you’re doing because it’s not that I am Relentless in my quest for Zen I am consumed by it loneliness and World Travel are my two most crippling vices next to philosophy books, for them, i am a straight up fuckin junkie. Always have been. Don’t take this post as me giving an excuse for acting like an asshole and not paying you or anyone else really any fucking mind. because it is simply just the reason for it haha.

anonymous asked:

Um uh... This may sound petty but uh.. I've got this.... crush? On a fictional character and I really REALLY want to get rid of it and just... ughh.... I feel so girly because it was never this bad... do you have any tips?? Perhaps???

Perry isn’t the word friend lol. Also honestly? Own that shit. It’s fun. You make whatever you want happen. Write yourself in,draw it, whatever. Just have fun