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[prompt: 2009/10 D&P skyping & P tells D that he’s going to go take a shower & D can’t stop thinking about P hot, naked, & wet in the shower so he decides to finger himself & hump into a pillow in front of the camera. P took a quick shower & walks in on D moaning his name & say things like “faster please” “don’t stop” “harder phil”. P doesn’t announce himself bc he really wants to hear this through & he starts masturbating too. they finish at the same time. the author can decide what to do from there~~]

this one is nsfw af (and short) but whatevs tbh (also the title is a ariana grande lyric lol i love her)

holy shit i havent posted a fic in so fuckin long im so sorry you guys aaaaa
ive been trying to write a fic but i keep losin inspiration :// but hopefully ill be writing fics regularly again !!

[Contains: masturbation lmao, pillow (talk) grinding, possible exhibition??]

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so yes i know, i screwed it up and its smudged and my phone camera is complete crap, but have some rey i attempted. decided to add a little red and black because she is not all on the lightside am doing a kylo today because what is life this is my attempt at contributing shit to the fadom lol k bye.

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must have missed this one but exactly where did he talk about his girl preferences or whatever that a lot of people are crying over lol?

on twitter this morning, he was talking about his preferences. he said he likes brunettes and redheads. he also said he liked “that gay little Tumblr grunge shit”. and ppl are freaking the fuck out bc ??? like chill. if it really upsets you that much buy a nirvana shirt and dye your hair.

Hey, hmu on the insta. I’m terrible at bios so just contact me thru Instagram and give a bio of yourself, with image of you so I know that your real. I’m really only interested talking to people 14-17

Basic info:
Age: 16
Name: Isaac
Like TV movies and music (I mean who doesn’t) manga and other nerdy shit. Lol whatever hmu

Insta: izik_lapr

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so recently I got a hate thingy from an anon saying "oh my god, stop using korean words when you aren't even korean" like okay one, i am korean so they can kindly shut up and stop acting like they know me. telling me "don't compliment others using someone else's language" wtf is that even supposed to mean?

What the shit that’s dumb as hell, dog.

lol I’m fucking black and I enjoy speaking Korean and complimenting and being friendly while using this nice language. That anon can fuck off really. But seriously you can do whatever the fuck you want with a language you enjoy speaking like tf ??

These 12 year olds NEED TO STOP



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I have a strange problem. I don't laugh a lot. When I watch your stuff I don't lol like I think I should I just kind of smile and that's it. It's the same case with everything else as well, but I'd much rather lose my shit and have a good laugh cry.

I was like this for my whole life until a few years ago. Nothing was really very funny and I also wouldn’t allow myself to enjoy things, I guess. I went on anxiety meds and soon after that I could laugh very hard at things I enjoyed. I was able to surrender to complete enjoyment of whatever ridiculous thing. Maybe you’ve got anxiety or depression or some kind of blockage that will be helped by seeing a doctor. Maybe you just have a particular sense of humour and you’re not finding the things that please it.

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I want to get into the sb but I come from a really poor family and I dont have the resources to get started nor do I feel like I can afford the "look" it takes. Any advice?

I know exactly where you are coming from babe, I was in the same position as u a little over a year ago

When I first thought about sugaring, I wasn’t old enough and I worked a really shitty job at a grocery store. By the time I was old enough, I had quit by then, but I used the last bit of cash from there for some accessories (bracelets, packs of earrings, big necklaces) You REALLY really dont need to spend a lot of money here, just look for pieces that are versatile and dont LOOK cheap lmfao. I suggest Winners for sure, you can get really lucky there and find designer shit (even places like forever 21 has nice necklaces but they are kinda pricey for jewellery that will turn u green but whatever lol) After, using clothes you already have or purchasing a new plain white button down and some jeans, make that outfit. you’re accessories will fkn jazz it all up and NONE OF THESE have to be expensive!!

But realistically it takes waaaaay longer to find a man who will give you $350 pay-per-meet as opposed to $1.5k**** In the beginning, I went pay-per-meet dates for like $300 and it doesnt seem like much now, but those dates really help you get on your feet when you need the extra money, plus while you’re looking for an sd. The extra cash can even help you up your looks for future, better, more expensive dates lol 🙆🙆

i hope this helped, I kinda did my own thing before I found tumblr so i’m sorry if this is not helpful lol 💗

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Lmao I can't believe fault-in-our-anime blocked you?? What did you ever do to them? I'm beginning to think they really do see as you as the mean bad bitch of the IH fandom

OMG 😂😂 Yeah lmao like we’ve never even spoken before afaik, I’ve never cross-tagged lol. I guess they might have seen me talking shit when searching ichiruki and couldn’t take it

TBH I’m not that bothered, I mean it’s annoying that I can’t reblog their wank, honestly their blog is full of really good bleach discourse lmao. But I can understand wanting to block someone who ruins your experience in some way, and if seeing my posts when they search ichiruki upsets them or whatever, that’s cool. 

What DOES bother me tho is when someone reblogs you, talks shit about you etc but has you blocked so you can’t respond. After my reply to debbiechan / schmaltzmama the other day, an IR reblogged me like “why are you here leaving your unsolicited opinion on an untagged post on her blog” (schmaltzmama’s blog is full of her reblogging other people’s untagged posts and leaving her unsolicited opinions) “just admit you’re gloating be ichihime was made canon” (WHEN WAS I DENYING IT?) “you talk shit about problematic things IR fans do but not when your own shipmates do it” (THEY ACTUALLY SAID THAT. AN IR FAN. UNIRONICALLY. LMFAO) and so forth - but they have me blocked. Like imo reblogging someone to talk shit about them and then blocking them (or maybe they already had me blocked who knows) is so weak and pathetic. I hope to never reach that level of insecure that I talk shit about someone only when I know they won’t have a chance to respond

And the shithime blog had me blocked as well. Oh boy there’s something so weird about that. I’ve had a few messages that they’re capping me/stalking me, and when I went on their blog to see for myself, I was so shocked cos there’s SO MANY posts capping me/directly quoting me/indirecting me. And not even from the search or any of the tags - they were talking about untagged posts, posts where no character/ship names are even mentioned, so they’re obviously //coming to my blog//, they even talked shit about another person’s post but capped my reblog of it (you can see my tags and stuff) and it’s just?? You are literally stalking me, you are literally visiting my blog, you are literally going out of your way to keep up with what I say. But you’ve blocked me. I mean….what’s the point of blocking someone if you’re sniffing around their blog constantly. And not giving me a chance to respond. Honestly these guys are so sad and pathetic

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Maybe you and your husband could have a rigorous teeth brushing & mouthwash gargling session first? Would that make you feel more clean and less grossed out about the saliva?


I became grossed out with saliva seeing ppl spit and hearing/seeing ppl hack or hawk…whatever it’s called when ppl dig that shit up from their throat…

tongues became an issue just being on social media and seeing everyone lick their tongues out in their in all their pics…It never bothered me until then…especially if they’re really long….i cringe



LeafyIsHere Black and White Portrait 

It started out as a drawing study for eyes. As I worked on it the eye longer, I was like “Hey I can try doing a painting of Leafy.” Hence, this painting came along.

Going to be real, I didn’t know that I was capable of drawing people realistically…. This is literally my first time. I am proud of this shit.

Also, Leafy with glasses = The cutest shit ever

Original picture reference



If I have time during my holidays in 2 weeks, I’ll draw more Leafy portraits because he’s so cute lol. I may add colour to this if I feel like it.

EDIT AUGUST 23, 2016: I finally coloured it!!

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it's really disturbing ive seen so many young teens throwing really violent rhetoric wrt the ace discourse, and then as soon as someone points out that they've said something violent or misgendered someone or that they're doing the wrong thing they go 'im a teenager! lol ur attacking a child!' and it's really disturbing? where are kids getting these violent lines of rhetoric from and where are they getting the idea that they can say whatever hateful shit with zero consequences or even an answer?

Yep. It’s all pretty horrifying.

This particular kid might be a troll (as theangrybi later suggested, always possible online), which of course would not make anything better – it would be vile to pretend to be a minor as a shield from criticism for this kind of behavior – but I’ve seen some definitely-kids people on that side, and.

Again, a nonbinary fifteen-year-old with a discourse blog, asking what he personally needs to be doing about T(W)ERFs. That.. should not be happening.

I know there are some very young people who are passionate about social justice. I admire them. This particular “cause” is obviously misguided as hell, but I’m not concerned because I think young teens should not be making their voices heard, you know?

I’m concerned because these are very vulnerable kids placing themselves directly in harm’s way, and even if I pretend no one is encouraging that, it is sure as hell true that no one is DISCOURAGING that.

I’ve seen cis adults on that side sneering at the idea of dealing with TWERFs, and ignoring that literal non-cis children are trying to step up to the plate in their places.

It is incredibly irresponsible. And these aren’t unrelated, random kids – the hatekeeping side of this conversation is tiny, many of them are mutuals. That hatekeeping adults are unaware of the behavior of these kids seems tremendously unlikely to me.

#queer discourse

I really do want to be with someone who realizes their own shit while I call them out sometimes but only when I absolutely have to

If you say “you need me more than I need you tbh lol” out of anger or whatever

I shouldn’t have to tell you that something like that is hurtful EVERY time

Cause what’s gonna be alarming to me is….

Why are do you forget so easily when you say or do blatant hurtful things?

And then, why do I have to bring it to your attention for you to see it for yourself every time?

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Do you have a faceclaim?

I’ve never thought of using one really
Because I’m a narcissistic little shit that likes to share my face anyway lol 

but I mean for whatever reason you’re asking I shitpost myself as this

so I think that can count as a faceclaim???

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Hey there, I know we don't talk, but I just wanted you to know that I absolutely care about your headcanons! (I was the one who asked about Lux and Matt going on dates, aww yeeaah) Anyone who thinks posting YOUR stuff on YOUR blog is selfish/annoying/whatever is a numpty. Screw 'em, you don't owe these people shit. You are cool beans, ma'am, and so is your blog. Super cool beans.

Thank you bundles hun, for this ask and for the question the other day, it was super cute and I really appreciated the opportunity to try and headcanon <333

I am afraid, however, that it is I who is the numpty lol <3 Somewhere in the back of my muddled noodle I know logically it’s not selfish, but mucked up self worth will tell you all kinds of other things and it’s hard to ignore.

<3 You are a total sweetheart mdear and I hope you have a really great day, you deserve it <3

otp meme

post 5 OTPs from different fandoms and then tag ten people

tagged by @pornosophical (thanks dude!)

1. Hannibal/Will - I fell into the hannigram pit when I saw the first season of Hannibal. I feel like they could’ve been handled way better in season 2, and I haven’t watched season 3 bc I have a grudge against Bryan Fuller for all the shit he did in s2 lol. I would’ve liked them to be TOGETHER on screen for all the world to see rather than ~sly nods~ that feel more like baiting, but whatevs.

2.  Mika/Yuu - I mean,,,,honestly,,,

3. Poe/Finn - my heart aches for them, i love them so much. It Feels Right. 

4. Draco/Harry - i know, the obvious ship, but it holds a place in my shriveled heart

5. Lance/Keith – I’m such a nerd for rivals falling for each other. I’m really hoping it can be canon, but idk we’ll see pal

okay based off of activity, i’ll tag: @scifiromancemachine @deerwinks @totallyttk @heisenbee @lank-sextburg @huhwhatnow @diaphanous-darlin @elvendork @dino-sores @prisonparty

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though I think Yoshiki’s a great musician and composer or whatever, I agree wholeheartedly with this post. I really only like his music and visual. His personality and the shit he does is so fucking shady lol

The funniest joke ever is X JAPAN Wikipedia page, where it says X formed up in 1972, because Y started the band in middle school :) Just in case you didn’t know that Y is a genius and he probably updated the page himself.

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The incident with bryana wasnt like 3 years ago? :/

lol no just last week or so she was slut shaming girls who posted “booty” pics or whatever i dont remember the exact wording of the tweet but it was rly dumb because… she does the exact same thing… and she’s really hypocritical?? i mean i dont hate her but she confuses the heck out of me… one minute shes all girl love and positivity and the next shes like shaming women it literally makes no sense

also side note everyone hates on crystal but she literally preaches way better shit than bry does like…. ??????? idk this fandom confuses me sometimes anyways thats my take on everything lol