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If the ending of 304 is clarke taking care of lexas wounds how do you really think the scene will play out? Like where does the line go that we all are officially all going to die but not that it's too fanfiction or "impossible"

If that is the case, and I have no idea if it is, it will probably be like well shit, you’re hurt and I’m tending to your wounds and you’re kinda half naked and I kinda half hate you half love you rn and shit I knew you were hot but this is a whole other level of #hotdamn and hey isn’t it a bit hot in here so remember that time you left me to die at mount weather? haha okay just making sure the temperature stayed reasonably low, can’t have you getting a fever haha imma just go back to angrily but secretly lovingly healing your wounds, I mean what?

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Can you explain to me what really happened to Alycia when she was threatened by some dumwits? Like I heard some worthless shits were throwing a little shade at her but for what reason? I'm SO confused and angered. On a side note: Alycia is awesome I hope people won't think she's unpopular because of what happened. Because it's not true She's VERY talented, she's VERY popular, and SHE VERY LOVED

She has been receiving some hate based only on her playing our Heda Lexa. It was mostly Bellarke shippers who were angry saying that Lexa is a terrible character and manipulative in her relationship with Clarke. I’m not saying all Bellarke shippers are bad. I respect a persons right to ship whoever they please. But as soon as people start throwing shade and hate, that’s when it becomes not okay. So basically they were hating her because there hasn’t been any Bellarke moments yet and they didn’t have anything better to do but hate on Alycia.
That’s all I’m aware of as far as that goes. Does anyone else have some insider info on the hate that Alycia has been receiving?

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ugh i'm sorry i just had to rant to someone, but that last episode tooootally made me hate cl/exa and i'm so, so upset they're putting bellarke through all this shit! idk i've never felt this strong about it before but i think bellamy's face when leaving clarke just killed me.

I’m really trying to ignore episode 3 but I just CANT because I’m a weak bitch lol. Whatever. I love the Bellarke angst that’s to come though. That’s why I always go for the slow burn ships. I just hope in the meantime they don’t make me dislike Clarke’s behavior more in a level where I would prefer her not ending up with Bellamy. Anyway! If you can’t handle the angst just think about the Bellarke hug in the trailer that we’ll get in a few episodes from now. That’s gotta be indication that Bell and Clarke are gonna be in good terms sooner or later. Fear not, dear anon! More Bellarke goodies to come!

me n my boyfriend are like a married couple but not boring (dont think middle aged white couple that hates eachother) like today i took a shit at his house for the first time n i was like I BEEN TRYING NOT TO TAKE SHITS AT UR HOUSE BUT I CANT HOLD IT IN basically not really but whatever i took the shit n he walked in at some point to tell me he defeated someone at smash bros its tru love lmfao

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do stormpilot for the ship thing ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Send me a ship and I’ll tell you:

  • who the fuck put the peeps in the microwave

Finn had to have the experience and Poe couldnt help himself

  • who forgot to put the cat outside before sex

Poe got excited ok he didnt have time

  • who posts vines of the other doing embarrassing shit

Poe is a treasure for embarassing shit ok. Finn takes them bc theyre cute and cant help but share them.

  • who breaks the most phones

Finn isnt used to handling them, all the gear he used to handle was tough and made for the rough stormtroopers. He gets super embarrassed and flustered everytime and always apologizes way too much and wont look anyone in the eye and Poe hates it. 

  • who dies first


  • which one I could see as being lactose intollerant

Finn tbh

  • who thinks they can do something really well even though they can’t

Poe thinks hes the smoothest motherfucker and to finn he is but his pick up lines never fails to get a laugh out of his squad.

  • who is more likely to get kicked out of the bed


  • who uses the computer most

Poe uses it a lot for the technical specs. Finn doesnt tend to use it, but does sometimes. 

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PolandBananaBooks (the person who absolutely hate the show) and ubooktopia (the person who is excited about the show) just released a video where did live stream and talk about the episode. Ubooktopia used to be such a good sport about the show but now she says she's not excited about it anymore. Honestly that polanfbooksbanass is pissing me off and it sucks cause she's one of my favorite book tubers

I saw a lot of people talking about her on Twitter, I actually can’t believe she’s shit talking it so much but still calls herself a fan like okay sweaty wyd??? does she think it’s funny or something to hate on it??? because it’s not, especially when she’s just being really rude about it and not even listing positives. it seems like she has a problem with almost everything and it’s so weird because didn’t she literally go and interview the cast and kiss their asses???

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Do you ever just think about how lame it is to do what you do? To have so much negativity & argue with strangers about how one persons opinion matters more than others? some women are legit scared of men for good reasons and some have no reason to be scared of them. And neither person should be hated on for that. It's one thing be personally attacked for your views, but when you seek out random posts made by people you don't follow and start to argue with them, what are you really accomplishing?

Ok, so whenever people send me these off anon I look on their blog. I hate it when people tell me that I’m negative & then I go on their blog and they have some negative ass shit on it, like… if you’re going to even mention that to me, you better be the most positive, loving person on the planet because I’m sick of seeing hypocrites like you in my inbox already. 

Anyway, I don’t see what’s lame about “doing what I do,” other than I’m saying things you don’t agree with and arguing with people who say things you do agree with. 

Nobody’s saying some women don’t have a reason to be scared of some men. But, western women being afraid of all men is ridiculous, the only people I can see being afraid of all men is in countries where a patriarchy is actually in place. Other than that, women who say that other women should be afraid of men for whatever women are just fear mongering. A lot of times, there’s nothing to be afraid of. 

Every post I reblog and respond either comes from my dashboard, or from the tags that I look in. It’s not like I pick random blogs and start reblogging all of their posts if I disagree with them. Besides, there are some opinions (i.e. the ones that I disagree & respond to) that are so ridiculous that they need responding to. No one’s opinions are protected, not even mine, which is why I’ll argue if someone tells me I’m wrong. 

Besides that, I like to write and when I see something I disagree with and my rebuttal is something I believe in greatly, I will respond. I mostly argue for me, but also because you can’t really even have a conversation with my family without disagreeing and arguing because most of my family and friends will say what’s on their mind, and I think that’s a good thing because I don’t end up being surrounded by only people who agree with me. I follow people with different opinions on other issues than feminism for the same reason, I want to avoid an echo chamber. I know as a tumblr feminist (though you say you don’t identify with them, you have almost all of the same ideas as them) you think it’s great to say your opinion and not be disputed, but it’s really hard to grow when you’re not getting other opinions and ideas. 

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Fuck you! Pinkie is a good comic relief! Just because you are a bitter asshole who probably never smiled or laughed once in their life doesn't mean everyone else feels the same way so fuck off! You don't know shit about comedy so don't pretend like you do! Because you wouldn't know what funny is if it slapped you in the face! I hate bitter assholes like you for this reason!

calm down man, i never said pinkie was never funny. (in fact, for all she annoys me in the last roundup, the best joke in that episode is pinkie’s “rarity catch me.”) but not every joke is a hit. if you think random watery noises when talking about food and babbling just to fill up space is funny, that’s your totally valid jam. don’t force that on me. you do you, and i’ll do me

I was taking a shower...

Because it’s where I like to do all of my thinking. 

And I thought back to some random anon I got that was like, ‘Why do you even care? It’s just a baby. Get over it.’ And I was like, ‘Wait, why do I care so much?’ It was then that I realised why I fundamentally care and am genuinely upset about all of this.

It’s because I hate being treated like I’m a fucking moron. 

I really held back prior to the supposed birth of this baby because never in my craziest dreams could I have ever thought up something so totally fucked as what they’re trying to make people believe, and I actually thought that they would have ended it by now. But once this bullshit started on the 22nd of January I went into go big or go home mode, which thankfully first resulted in a viral Buzzfeed article about the character assassination of Louis Tomlinson. 

“Win”, indeed.

This shit was easy enough to expose to the general public on Saturday, but what has transpired in the however many days it’s been since they tried to convince people that Louis Tomlinson is indeed straight™, has only made this thing infinitely more ridiculous than I think anyone could have ever anticipated. 

If you’re trying to tell me that “extremely private” Briana Jungwirth has all of a sudden, after nine months of radio silence, decided to take to Twitter, the most hostile of all internet places, to try and convince us that she has gone from this:

To this:

To this:

in less than a year, then you are out of your fucking mind. These are all photos from her Twitter account, which her family has confirmed is hers. So unless there’s some mighty troll out there running fake accounts for this entire family, this is the “official” word coming from this woman. 

Amongst the 65 tweets she’s managed to post since the creation of this account last week, the first of which was a reblog from Louis Tomlinson’s sister, are gems like:


Not to mention that she appears to have followed Louis’ entire family before she even followed her own mother:

But enough about her.

If you think for one fucking second that I’m going to believe that Louis Tomlinson has managed to fuck off the entirety of his immediate family and social circle to the point that the only hint of some kind of congratulations he’s gotten is a RT of @Louis_Tomlinson’s tweet about the baby from his mother and sister, then think again. Not to mention that said tweet is literally the only word he’s said on the matter. Via Twitter. HE ANNOUNCED A BABY VIA TWITTER. 

Does whoever in charge of this inconceivably ignorant stunt actually believe that this fandom is full of fucking idiots? I give the girl on twitter claiming women can be pregnant ‘FOR YEARS’ more credit than 1DHQ at this point. Where’s she at? Let’s throw her fuckin say in the mix because at this point YOLO! WHYtf the fuck not? 

The fact that this entire charade is so farcical that the calm and rational discussions I have had with people about it resulted in the common belief that it would be more likely that this is a surrogacy or adoption situation gone rogue, or the notion that there is not and never was a baby, is how far this has spun out of hand. 

And THAT is why I care.

Frerard Theory?

I know what you’re thinking. “It’s 2016 Frerard is done!!1!” But I am a strong believer in this shit. Me and @alien-petekey spent five hours from 1 AM to 6 AM finding a bunch of Frerard shit I never knew. This is just some facts and theories I put together that kinda make a lot of sense to me. This is mostly on Frank’s side of this because Gerard is such a shady guy, also it was a lot easier to find research on Frank’s feelings on this than Gerard’s feelings. If you hate me for this just don’t read it, but if you’re trash like me I suggest you hear my side on this. WARNING. REALLY FUCKING LONG.

Now if this is your first theory, I suggest reading this before continuing:

And this which I just found now:

Now that you read that, time to share my thoughts on all this. I figured out during Revenge till early on Black Parade Gerard and Frank were dating. it is said on multiple sources that I can’t find at the moment, but I found this picture: 

Now this isn’t the most reliable source, but I read around and multiple people said this. If any of you can find it that’d be highly appreciative. 

Now if this is real, it says they dated for three years, and as I predicted, Revenge lasted from 2004-2006 then in 2006 is when Black Parade started. I’m predicating they broke up late 2006 to early 2007, which is three years. Even if they deny everything, they had to have been dating at some point. No one makes out with their best friend in front of thousands of people. Just Saying. The only thing I can’t find is what could have caused them to break up, but I guess only they know.

Now we get to 2007. Early 2007 Frank marries Jamia and late 2007 Gerard marries Lindsey. Now I find it a bit suspicious that they get married the same year. I don’t know, it could be coincidence but I think it’s not. 

Frank and Jamia first. People for the most part think they knew each other in high school but I found out from hard-core internet stalking and @alien-petekey telling me that Jamia was MCR’s merch girl? She apparently would sell their merch, well either way how they met, they’re married now. If my theory when Frank and Gerard broke up is right and they broke up late 2006/early 2007, Frank would have gotten married just a few months after their break up. Now I don’t know but it seems as Frank and Gerard had something very special and I don’t think Frank could move on just like that. Also no hate on Jamia, I actually like her. Now again, I could be wrong, but I came to learn I’m never wrong so just- trust me. 

Now Gerard and Lindsey. Gerard got married backstage at an MCR show only weeks after dating Lindsey. Weeks. Like- okay. That seems weird. And if you don’t believe me just look it up because I swear it’s real. It’s mentioned on several theories on this same topic.It’s rumored that Ray found Frank crying after the wedding, again look it up, I’m not making this up. Also said on several other theories. Now this isn’t saying he did find him crying, but I can believe it. This seems different then Jamia’s and Frank’s marriage. They had an actual wedding and everything while Gerard only knew this girl for a few weeks and the rest of MCR only knew about the marriage an hour before they got married. So I mean of course Frank felt heartbroken, even if he got married first, Gerard’s marriage seemed like a thing to make Frank feel hurt or jealous. He obviously was because they stopped flirting with each other on stage until Projekt Rev.

We’re gonna skip Projekt Rev. for now, but there are plenty of theories with the frerard fight and whatnot if your interested, which you should be as it’s really important in my opinion. We’re gonna go to LeATHERMØUTH, which is 2007-2010. 2007 is such an important year because it’s the Frerard breaking point in my opinion. LeATHERMØUTH is Frank’s band and I’m guessing it was more of a side project, but if we look it started in 2007. I don’t know the month they started, it doesn’t say. But I’m guessing it was after Frank got married and it’s when the Frerard thing ended for a while. During LeATHERMØUTH Frank was having stomach problems (which again I found all this information one night for five hours so I don’t have all the proof, but if I ever come across it again I’ll edit this post and put it in.) and also Frank just seemed very depressed. I mean he just lost his soulmate basically, he can never have Gerard back (or can he?) at the time at least, all seemed hopeless. I can only think of Frank being depressed twice which is during LeATHERMØUTH and after the band broke up, but we’ll get to that later. Frank seems to start different bands when he gets depressed. He has been in like four bands (not counting Pencey Prep), MCR, LeATHERMØUTH, Death Spells, and Frnkiero Andthe Cellabration (being his current band). He starts LeATHERMØUTH when he depressed and that whole XO album was basically a whole fuck you to Gerard for breaking his heart.

Here’s just one of the many song analysis on Frank’s LeATHERMØUTH songs that I stumbled across:

Now we move on to FT Willz. If you have no idea who FT Willz is please read this theory before continuing:

If you saw, Frank has a tattoo that says FTW on his arm, his guitar says FTW, and his guitar pick does as well. If you totally skipped the theory ill just put the pictures in anyway (Though still, go read it).

I find this super suspicious. It was rumored that this stands for ‘fuck the world’ which it could, but with all this other evidence it is very likely Frank is FT Willz.

Here is a poem FT Willz posted on MySpace in 2008:

Now here’s the same poem on Frank’s website in 2013.

The only thing that confuses me is that by the date on the top of Frank’s website version (01/14/13), this was written before the band broke up, so for that I actually have no explanation for. Also if you look Frank changed a few lines such as adding the (4.3.2.) and on the MySpace poem it says “Fuck me you’re such a riot.” and on Frank’s website he says “Fuck, you’re such a riot.” I’m not sure about why he changed some lines, but again, only he knows.

I would analyze the poems a bit more but some people already did! I would click these links so you can read the analysis on these poems and a few others as well:

One thing that I’m not sure was mentioned on these theories is the ‘caffeinated eyes’ part. That part stuck out to me the most because Gerard has this obsession with coffee, so who else could this be about? Just saying, it’s pretty odd (P!ATD reference if anyone knows).

One more thing about FT Willz (which is mentioned on the posts I tagged above) is this:

Frank’s zodiac sign is a scorpio as well, being born on October 31st. But that could just be coincidence, but what about ‘Swinger’? In case you didn’t read the theories above, swinger means “a person who dates/sleeps with multiple people at the same time.” ( So with this, Frank was making out with Gerard and being really gay with him while being married to Jamia, he is considered a swinger, as well as Gerard. I’m like 99.9% sure that FT Willz is Frank.

Now what I’m thinking is Frank had a good two years of depression, but was suddenly happy when Danger Days got released. I had to break this down for myself, he didn’t seem so depressed anymore, he even ended LeATHERMØUTH (or just went on a hiatus) in 2010, when DD got released. Also DD was super gay, like Destroya? What was that? And the “Oh I’m there, baby” during Vampire Money? Frank claimed to be drunk while recording that but everyone knows people say the truth when they’re drunk.

In case any of you don’t believe me, here’s the video where Frank said that:

So in conclusion, Danger Days was really fucking gay. Frank and Gerard were flirting a lot more, and I’m sure Frank felt really happy knowing he could be this intimate with Gerard again. His depression seemed like it washed away for the most part until the band broke up. When the band broke up, apparently Frank had no idea they were, he mentioned it in an interview:

And also here’s what he wrote a few days after the break up:

I find it weird the band didn’t tell him. Maybe they knew how sad he would be? I mean it was said Mikey didn’t leave his apartment for two months because of his anxiety and Ray kind of disappeared (he’s working on music now btw, he said it on Twitter), and I guess it was said Gerard was depressed. Now Gerard, why end the band if you’re just going to become depressed again? They could have went on hiatus at least, but not break up all together. And Frank? He disappeared for a while, at least until Stomachaches came out (which is a great album 10/10 would recommend I really like it, I even saw him in concert November 2015, it was gr8). 

@alien-petekey decided it would be such a great idea to look up “Frank Iero suicide attempt” on Google and found out it was rumored that Frank tried to kill himself in 2014 but Gerard stopped him somehow (again, no source for this because I wasn’t the one who found it). Now it does seem a bit weird since Gerard lives in LA and Frank in NJ, but it could have been over phone. I don’t know, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s real. Frank seemed (and to this day tbh) really depressed. It makes me so upset to think about Frank being depressed, but if you think about it he seems super insecure. He wears like thousands of layers of clothing and I barely see any recent pictures of him unless it’s like a friend’s picture or a photoshoot or something.

If you remember me saying he tends to start bands when he’s depressed, well after the band broke up he for sure was depressed, and he made The Cellabration. If you don’t know very much on The Cellabration just search up interviews on YouTube and you’ll find out a lot. He even said in an interview that Stomachaches wasn’t suppose to be heard, but someone I think heard it and pushed him to get it out there (?). I don’t know the complete story, but I know for a fact he said it was made for him to keep his creative spirits alive.

If you have ever heard the album, you would know there’s a song called Blood Infections. If you don’t just skip this or listen to the song. But that song is so Frerard is hurts. The whole album is his feelings like spilling out to Gerard, which is similar to XO (LeATHERMØUTH’s album). Now in no way am I saying they sound the same, I’m just saying the purpose for their albums are similar in my opinion.

If you wanna read this theory on Stomachaches (which you should it’s really good) here’s one:

Also when I saw Frank in concert in Chicago, he had kind of a speech before he started playing She’s The Prettiest Girl.It was interesting. I don’t know how to post the video through my computer since it’s on my phone but Ill figure it out. But he says: “This song is based off a true story,” then goes on to talk about love. This song can’t be about Jamia, under the circumstances it had to be about Gerard. Also if this album wasn’t even suppose to be heard..? It’s gotta be about Gerard. I swear i’ll try to fix it so I can post the video. 

Now we come to an end, for now. I think Gerard, ever so slowly, is trying to reach out to Frank again. He wrote him on Twitter a few times and even saw him in concert (along with Mikey and Ray). Frank also tweeted this:

Which like what the fuck. Is this a sign? Also just look at Mikey’s Instagram he’s posting so much MCR stuff. Even Gerard is posting a bit about MCR on his Twitter. Ray- not so much. But he’s making his own music so look forward to that.

I’m just saying all of this is super suspicious, with Gerard trying to get closer to Frank, with the MCR stuff they keep posting, I dunno. 2016 will be extremely interesting.

Thank you for reading this, more theories on the way. I’m for sure doing one on Blood Infections because no one did that song yet and it just screams Frerard. Also check out those theories I tagged above. Thanks for reading!

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Eh I wish I could be optimistic but don't you think Louis would end it already if he could? Or is the end date set by Simon (march) and NT and Louis want to make it look like a total shit show in the meantime?

I really hate that whenever there’s a positive post, there’s an influx of anons basically saying how dare i be positive.

This is how i think things went down:

- bg was started with the full cooperation of NT, OT and most importantly Louis (and Harry ofc)
- it became clear that in the summer something changed and bg became a weapon against Louis instead of *the quickest and most efficient way to put his name out there*
- HL and NT wanted to end it and Simon was relentless. The bears became more extra and the London shows had a lot of anti-simon actions, then the first ever cancelled concert, the bears’ twitter, the bears’ countdown and their coming back were all part of a bts war but BG was alive and well. So NT sat down with HL and looked through the possibilities.
- they probably decided to not end bg on their own prematurely because Simon was in full power but let it drag out until OT is (almost) out and that way NT and Louis have full control over the narrative.
- they blaklisted it during mitam promo to protect Louis.
- NT have Louis cooperating and making sure it is the bare minimum and simultaneously they put so many holes in the story that an avid reader would raise their eyebrows and question what they are seeing because it is not normal.
- and last but not least Louis and NT seem to be ready to burn OT to the ground.

Okay i know Ronan hates his phone but if he didn’t, he would probably be that nerd boyfriend that would take selfies of himself grinning like a loser next to a sleeping adam, or selfies of himself kissing adam’s head when he’s sleeping on his shoulder thinking no one would ever see them. But then Noah steals his phone and posts them on social media under ronan’s name with captions like “caught bae sleeping” or “bae looks so cute when he’s sleeping on me” or “my mcm every day of the week” and Ronan has no idea

I keep thinking about it because it’s definitely something I want to explore perhaps in Two and a Half Steps, but like… asexual James Vega is the type of asexual representation I would KILL to see.

He expresses how he doesn’t “fraternize” and despite his hookup with Ashley, which in a universe where Kaidan survives, doesn’t happen, James doesn’t canonically end up with anyone. And of course, people could read into the flirtiness as “well clearly he’s not asexual because he flirts a lot! so he’s interested in being with people!”

But you see… that’s why it would be so great. The closest ace representation (not even explicit really) out there is shit like Sherlock Holmes, or until he banged his girlfriend, Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory. Of course there are examples out there, but they’re very tiny. The ace community gets recluses and people who have very bad social skills. We’re lead to believe that we only exist if we live in our mom’s basement and aren’t really just asexual, just don’t know how to flirt or speak to people. We’re not asexual. We just can’t get laid.

So to think about a universe where James, a flirty, outgoing, multifaceted character who is so far from other implied asexuals in the media… it’s a really, really awesome. It’s the sort of thing I would kill to see. Someone who identifies as asexual, is comfortable in themselves and has good social skills, and can flirt and be outgoing. Asexual James Vega would just mean so much to me.

the signs as things I hate that people do.

Competition, Competition, Competition

Tells you they love you one day, and after that you just didn’t talk.

When you both like the same person and it’s not alright for you because they’re “theirs” but they don’t even know them like that…

Pretending. To be. Your friend.

Literally doing nothing but talking shit and cursing 24/7. Like a little is alright, but every minute of everyday?


Thinking they have it worse than anyone else in the world. I’m here for you, but really there are people really suffering..

Giving people the kind of attention they don’t deserve. She/He didn’t screw you over they’re just trying to be there for you, so why are you treating them like shit?

THINKING THEY’RE SO MUCH BETTER THAN YOU. “I can do this and you can’t,” and “I look like this… you don’t.”

Arguing all the time and HAVING to be right even if they know you’re the one who’s right. They practically live off of it.

Having to be in the cooler social status. it’s not alright to be a little geeky. News flash. In our high school, every ones just another human being!

Oh you two aren’t friends anymore? so that’s why you’re friends with that person you BOTH hated and talked so much crap about for so long? oh, now you guys aren’t friends? now you went back to the other person that you WERE friends with BEFORE and talked crap about with the person you just ended a friendship with???

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can you please make a post about current LGBTQA situation in Indonesia? I just... need validation... and to pressure some asshole into learning that it's impossible to promote homosexuality to heterosexuals as if it's a choice

Unfortunately the majority of Indonesians are still against LGBTQA.

They gave Sherina and Anggun a lot of shit because they are supporting the movement that happened in the states, I even read that some articles go to an extent to assume both of them are lesbians.

Long story short, most Indonesians are against it and they mock people that supports it.

You can read it here and here. I really hate Aceh because of so many reasons and obviously they want to join the bandwagon, so here’s an add on of what they think about it (whatever this province does pisses me off, seriously).

I guess we are still under that mindset where we are back and forth about the situation whereby some are supportive and some are not, therefore there’s a conflicting statement which you can read here (beware FPI is involved in it, so obviously it’s not pretty).

As a bisexual, this is obviously a disappointment and I hope that it will change one day, but knowing how stubborn and shallow most Indonesians can be - especially with the strong absurd cultural binding in certain provinces which they obviously do not want to unlearn - I am skeptical.

I will eventually write a long post about Indonesia, so stay tuned. If any of you want to request another topic to add on to it, please let me know.

- Diva


Hey guys! Pines-Ghosts here…..emmm…OK i usually hate to post shit like this but im really annoyed about this person-especificaly-  this f*cking anon…..i think is the same of the other day,…..i really hope this anon read this….ejem..


im really sorry for this F*cking post….thats all .. thanks <3  

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Do u think bellarke well get together in season 3 or at least have any really good moments for us

I’m sorry this took so long, but after that episode I have a completely different answer than what I was going to give you because HOLY FUCKING SHIT THAT EPISODE WAS SO BEAUTIFUL!

So originally I was going to say that I thought we’d get some moments, but not very many. I thought we were going to definitely get some relationship development towards that path of being in love, but last nights episode completely changed my mind!

Bellamy went to such extents to find the Clarke that there isn’t a doubt in my mind anymore that he loves her a lot (not that there was really any doubt before). Throughout the entire episode we saw him become more and more desperate to find Clarke until he finally had enough of waiting and went out on his own. Before that though he reminded the others that they needed to find her (“I hate to break this up, but we need to find Clarke.”, “We’re losing her.”) and he’s definitely the most determined out of all of them to find her.

We saw so much raw emotion from Bellamy in this episode towards his feelings for Clarke that I was genuinely surprised that the writers gave us as much as they did. Though Bellamy is very in tune with his emotions and usually leads with them (that’s why she’s the head and he’s the heart) we’ve only ever seen him really bare his emotions when it came to Octavia or saving their people. So to see him so openly show just how desperate he was to find her was really refreshing. We’ve seen Clarke express how she feels towards Bellamy before (”I need you.”, “I can’t lose you too.”), so it to see it flipped around was really cool and very surprising!

Bellamy was willing and almost did die in this episode to save her and if that isn’t love I don’t know what is.

He was willing to run through a field of Azgeda warriors to get to her

Waited by the entrance of the cave because he was so eager to find her

Disguised himself, snuck out when no one was looking and actually went into a field filled with Azgeda soldiers

Finally found her and FREAKING STROKED HER FACE!

Then he got attacked and stabbed for trying to save her

Then still tried to go after he when he couldn’t even walk

And just when we thought we couldn’t possibly get hit in the feels any harder, he says this…

Just this episode alone gave me so much hope for the future!

Although I don’t think they’ll be together by the end of this season I do think there is a very large possibility that Bellamy realizes he’s in love with her by the end of the season if this episode was any indication :)

anonymous asked:

what I've noticed about this fandom is that you guys love sarah and it's like w h y. why aren't you guys jealous of her. she gets to wake up next breb, she gets to do THINGS to him

Well yeah i mean we are jealous of her to some extent, id love to be her (for multiple reasons (one being wow shes pretty as shit dicks holy fuck)), but damn, she is just living life to the fullest and she is so happy and to think of being in her shoes and to get hate for just being in LOVE and for having someone LOVE HER.. Can you even imagine how awful that is? 

besides, she’s a generally good person, granted i dont know her personally, but i trust the judgement of brendon + she’s very sweet and kind to the bandom, she doesnt flaunt brendon (even though she totally should bc oh my GOD sarah look what u have), and she talks to us!! a lot!! which is really cool! she’s really helpful with health tips + beauty tips which is nice, also. And she’s also really pretty and i’d totally make out with her if the chance ever presented itself i mean

come on

(holy SHIT her in plaid rattles my gay skeleton bones)

point is; Hate is blinding, and you dont have to hate someone just because you’re jealous of their life. She’s a good person, who cares about Brendon, inspires him, and 100% gives him cute little smooches, (and makes him wash his greasy hair?), and i, along with an amount of other people, choose not to hate her just because she gets to make out with Brendon Urie. Ja feel?

I think one of the biggest differences I’ve noticed between Blarkers and Clexa fans is that we can really have fun with our ship. We have Lexa Swift, Clexacoon, Confused Lexa, Fish The Dog, Clarke The Husband, and dozens of other really funny, lighthearted memes. We can literally turn anything that happens into thirty funny posts while they’re over there doing terrible math about ship names and hating everything. Lighten up fam and stop reaching. It’s not that serious.