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I had this idea last night. It's the 1800's and Arthur is a serial killer, one night he sees Francis walking home alone. He goes to attack but when he sees him up close, Arthur falls in love and he can't bring himself to hurt him so he runs off. The two continue to see each other at that street each night and soon Francis falls in love too. They then become a killer couple. I just thought it was a cool idea and wondered if you'd draw it. I really like your art.

You can’t complain about distrust when you consistently show that you cannot be trusted. If you were really interested in changing you would have. You wouldn’t just keep abusing people and refusing to take responsibility, play the victim, get away with it and then say “now we just need to heal and move on…”. Rinse and repeat. That might have worked the first time but now it’s become a never ending cycle of abuse and you are fine with it. You just don’t want your victims to hold you accountable for what you did and continue to do. Either show some transparency and police your own or move aside and let the system do it for you. Don’t just throw a tantrum and blame others for your racist, violent behavior and act like a badge or a gavel gives you a pass.

No one will trust a system that always shows that it will never protect you. Its not Black Lives Matter’s fault that people expect you to do your damn job like you’re actually a professional. I’m not paying taxes so that you can flail around like a rookie, abusing black people and throwing tantrums when people tell you to stop.

Please #SaveWOY!

I love the show Wander Over Yonder because it never fails to make me smile and laugh. It’s such a sweet and heartwarming show, it provides me with a safe place where I can feel happy and inspired! I watched it on Sunday to cheer myself up before a tough shift at work and I felt so much better afterwards. The day was spent working while humming ‘If you Wander Over Yonder’! 

WOY helped me to recover from my depression when I was very ill and it’s the reason I’m still here today! It taught me so many life lessons that I now apply in everyday life and has helped me with my anxiety. WOY has been such a huge help to me and continues to be. 

I actually took a Commander Peepers plushie with me to hospital for both my surgery and when I was admitted due to being extremely ill to keep me company and keep my spirits up. Just having a part of WOY there with me really helped me to feel better.

I love all of the characters (even if I do favour Peepers and Hater) as they are all so unique and relatable. I’ve enjoyed watching them grow and being pushed to their limits. The art style is gorgeous and the animation is so fluent and smooth. All of the little details such as the characters eyes closely following a character when they make tiny movements or tails/horns bouncing with every small movement. The attention to detail is great!

This show is a blessing to its fans and the crew really loved working on it and would jump at the chance to continue it. It’s not fair that such an amazing show got canceled before season 2 even had a chance to prove itself. The crew are the sweetest bunch you’ll ever meet and even gave me a signed poster for creating #SaveWOY.

Please help us save this great show by getting it a third season so it can continue to help people, just like me! As Wander always says, “It never hurts to help!” 

and Disney, please reconsider your decision. WOY isn’t the same show now as it was when you canceled it. It’s still in it’s prime and needs to flourish! Please give it that chance with a third season!


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Going to the movies with Harry and finding that you're the only two people in the room which leads to sexy times. He's reeeeal into it but you're scared you'll get caught.

It really shouldn’t be that big of a deal. It’s not like you’d never participated in exhibitionist behaviour before, hell, you’d let Harry feel you up on a ferry once, but this was different. 

The night had started just like any other, you’d gone to dinner with Harry and some friends, and had had a great time. You always loved watching him interact with other people; he was so magnetic, everyone just naturally gravitated towards him. Halfway through dessert, though, Harry had slipped his hand onto your knee under the tablecloth. He’d continued talking as if nothing was happening as he slid his hand higher and higher, eventually reaching the hem of your dress. You’d slapped his hand away and he smirked, but continued talking with his mate across the table. 

Now that dinner was over, Harry suggested you go to a movie, just the two of you. It’s so rare you get to do normal couple things with him, between his crazy schedule and the paps and the fans, you can’t help but say yes. It’s late, past eleven, but the theatre is still open, and Harry buys two tickets for  Les Émotifs Anonymes, a French film you’d been talking about for ages. The theatre is small and could definitely classify as a hole-in-the-wall, but it’s one of your favourites. It has a secluded, old time feel to it, and as you sink down into the plush, red velvet seat, you sigh with contentment. 

You expect the room to fill up, but it never does, and you’re again struck with what a magical night this is. It’s something out of a movie, or novel, perhaps. You often feel that way with Harry. He works hard, but isn’t always around, and because of the distance he tries to make up for it when you are together. You’ve had some of the most romantic times of your life with him. 

You nestle close to Harry when the lights dim, folding the dividing arm back up into the seat to allow your body room. The movie isn’t five minutes in when your feel his hands begin to dance along your hip. You look up at him curiously, but he doesn’t return your gaze, keeping his eyes fixed on the screen in front of him. A few minutes later, Harry kisses your hair and whispers a “c’mere,” and one glance at his face tells you exactly what he’s thinking. 

“Harry, no. We can’t!” You quietly exclaim, although you’re the only two people in the room.

“Can’t what?” He whispers back with a grin. 

“You know what,” you huff, turning back to the screen in front of you. You squeal as Harry pulls you onto his lap, both of you still facing the movie. 

“Who’ll see?” He asks in your ear. You feel your resolve melting away as his hands paw at your body and mouth presses kisses to your neck. He drags the hem of your dress up around your hips and you lean forward to give him room to undo his fly. 

“I can’t fucking believe I’m letting you do this,” you mutter. You can feel his quiet laughter behind you as he moves the crotch of your knickers to the side and lines himself up.

“I can,” he groans, pushing into you. You gasp at the feeling and the risqué situation. Anyone could come in and see you grinding on his lap, see him holding your body close to his with his hand over your mouth. You’d be lying if you said it didn’t do anything for you. 

You clench around him while fucking down onto him and he groans into your shoulder. 

“You like to fuck me in public, don’t you, pet?” He whispers in your ear. “Yeh like that anyone could walk in an’ see?” You whimper your affirmative, and can feel the beginnings of an orgasm tingle in your spine. “So fuckin’ wet,” Harry moans. The hand that isn’t over your mouth plays between your legs, above where he’s entering you. He rolls the hot button under his thumb and again where he knows you’re most sensitive. You’re shaking with need by now, and with another flick of his thumb and push of his hips, you’re there. You bite down on the skin of his palm to keep from crying out and he hisses, letting himself fill you with his own orgasm. 

Your hips slow in his lap, riding out the last of your orgasm before climbing off of him on unsteady legs and sitting back in your own seat. 

“We should go to the movies more often, babe.” Harry wags his eyebrows at you and you flush furiously. 

The fans are very fervent, very passionate, and very committed and loyal to the show and to us.  I think ultimately the show really is about hope.  That’s like the theme throughout I find.  That’s important especially now.  You meet these fans and they have really compelling stories about how our show has impacted their lives through all different stages, through illnesses, through deaths, breakups, through depression, suicidal thoughts, and this show has given them so much hope.  They tell us all the time ‘I don’t know how we would have been able to get through things if it weren’t for Once Upon a Time.’  It’s like an anchor for them.  They all connect with one another via social media also like here at Comic Con.  It’s really inspired and inspiring and also continues to inspire art which I find fascinating with fan fiction and all the art like paintings … it’s just amazing.  […]  It’s really cool to be a part of something that is so inspiring in a positive way, ti’s so positive.
—  Lana Parrilla (x)
Bucky Barnes x Reader (Welcome Home) Part 8

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Summary: The reader is trying to find a place to live in Brooklyn. She then meets Bucky, a cute guy who offers her to move live with him as his roommate. But as their friendship develops, will it turn into something more?

Word Count: 1,104

Warning: Shit happens.

A/N: Hey guys! I’ve been getting so much love for this series and I just want to say thank you! I hope you like this part, because I did.  I really hope I tagged everyone and if not, Continue to ask me if you want to be tagged. Thanks! Love ya

Part Seven Here:


Bucky waited impatiently outside the door of your hospital room. He didn’t know what was happening with you or the baby, and it was killing him inside. The last he saw of you before they lead you into the room, was your terrified expression. The tears falling down your face. You were scared. He was scared. He wanted to help yet, there was no way he could.

“Mr. Barnes?” The doctor looked down at Bucky sprawled across the floor. “You can come in now.” Bucky shot straight up at the doctors words and rushed in to see you. You were positioned in bed, dark circles under your eyes. It was clear that you were tired, Bucky could tell. 

“Hey Bucky.” You mumbled. Bucky grabbed your hand and held it close to his cheek.

“Hey Doll.” He kissed you quick on the lips, making sure not to hurt you in any way. “What happened Doctor?” He asked, not taking his droopy eyes off you.

The doctor glanced down at his clipboard, “it appears (y/f/n) here had a Placental Abruption. That’s when the placenta pulls away from the inner wall of the uteris before the baby is born.”

“And?” You rasped out.

“Usually this things happen around the 20th week of pregnancy. Yours happened at the 5th. I’ve never seen anything like it. Your baby was also growing at a fast rate. Faster than any other baby. It’s truly remarkable.”

“How could this have happened?” You coughed, grabbing onto Bucky’s other hand. You squeezed it tightly, as Bucky squeezed back. 

The doctor sighed, “I don’t know. I’ve never come across something like this before. But we think the baby will be fine” 

“You think?”

Bucky’s eyes widened in horror, “It’s because of me.”

“What’s because of you?”

“The super serum, Hydra gave to me. It’s all my fault.” Bucky pushed you away, running his hands through his hair as he paced the room. “I’m the reason our baby- our baby’s” Bucky couldn’t finish his sentence. Memories were flooding through his mind. Of Hydra poisoning him with the serum that made him the Winter Soldier. The serum that transferred to your unborn child. 

“Bucky, listen to me. The baby is going to be fine, alright? This isn’t your fault. You need to calm down.”

“CALM DOWN?!” He looked to you with pure anger in his eyes. It was as if all the love and compassion for you in them just vanished in thin air. Leaving you with nothing but cold and fear. “It’s because of me that our child might die, and you’re telling me to calm down?! I can’t fucking believe this!” Suddenly, Bucky slung the table next to him with his metal arm across the floor, knocking over tubes and trays. His jaw clenched as he banged his fist on the wall, creating a large hole for everyone to see. 

“Bucky stop!” You cried. He didn’t say a word. He stared down at the damage he had caused inside the hospital room. 

“I should go.” He said sharply, grabbing his coat off the chair.

“Bucky wait. We need to talk about this I-” You tried to get it through to him that it wasn’t his fault. That he’s not the reason all this happened. But before you could have a chance to, he was already gone.


Bucky sloshed down another drink. He listened to the band play as he continued drinking. A cold sweat was dripping down his forehead. He wiped it away clumsily, trying to avoid any unwanted attention. Anger fueled his body. His was frustrated with how he acted. He hated to see you in such distress and worry, and him being the cause of it. 

“I thought I’d find you here.” Bucky turned to see Steve coming towards him, taking a seat at the bar. 

“What are you doing here?” Bucky sipped on his drink, showing no care of his best friend’s presence. 

“(y/f/n) called and told me what happened.” He placed a hand on Bucky’s shoulder, shaking him lightly. “Why’d you run off?”

“I was scared.”

“Well, (y/f/n) is scared too.” 

Bucky gulped, “Is she scared of me?”

“No. She’s scared about you Bucky. She’s worried about you.”

“She should be worried about the baby.” Bucky spat, shuffling over to the front door. “I should stay away. It’s for the best.”

Steve passed the bartender some money for the drinks and walked over to Bucky. “It’s not for the best, Bucky. She loves you.”

“And I love her. That’s why I should stay away. It’s the only way to protect the baby.”

“You’re saying vanishing from the kids life is the only option?” Steve scoffed, astonished at what Bucky was saying to him. “You are making a rash decision, Buck.” 

“And what if I am?!” Bucky shived Steve against the wall. “What if Hydra gets a hold of me again. What if they plan to use my family against me. Everyone I love! Then what?!”

“We won’t let that happen.”

“How do you know? Shit like that has happened before.” Bucky muttered, releasing his grasp on Steve’s shoulders. “Steve, I don’t want to be the cause of another person’s death. Especially someone I love. I can’t let that happen, Steve.” 

“Okay, then I won’t stop you.” Steve sighed, handing Bucky back his drink. Bucky lifted the bottle, as the alcohol seeped down his throat. Bucky sat back down at the bar, motioning to the bartender for another drink. “At least, talk to (y/f/n) before you do anything. Please? For me?”

“One more beer please.” Bucky asked, slamming his empty bottle on the counter. The man handed Bucky the beer, the one you would always give him. He remembered the first day he’d met you. How he saw you through the window as he walked passed the bar, posting fliers. He had to meet you somehow, so he made up the excuse of wanting to put up his flier in the bar. Your voice was like music to his ears when he heard it. You were the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. He loved you, yet barely even knew your name. your (y/e/c) eyes memorized him, that he couldn’t look away. His memory began to fade away as he looked down at the half drank beer. He smiled, thinking of when you called him wanting the apartment. He tried his absolute best to contain his excitement but he knew it had shown through. Even if he knew before hand that all of this was going to happen, he still wouldn’t change a thing. 

“Okay Steve. I’ll talk to her.”

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Listen To The Voices

Summary: The voices yell at Randy to take you and make you his. He attempts to draw you out, using gifts to get you alone. One night on the town and you finally let your guard down and that’s when the Viper strikes


Pairing: Randy Orton x OC

Warning: Smut, Language, Rough Sex

The past few weeks have been really weird for me while on the road for WWE. I’ve been getting the sense that someone has been following me or someone has been watching me. I’ve shrugged it off as maybe a fan just watching me or trying to sneak pictures of me. I continued to act like everything was normal until one day I went to my locker room and some flowers were on top of my bag. I smiled, picking them and hugging them, their sweet aroma filling my nostrils. I grabbed the little card and checked for a signature. All it said was “To the most beautiful girl in this company. -Secret Admirer.” I squealed with excitement as Becky, Paige, and Natalya walked in. “What do you have there,” Paige asked, skipping my way. I held up the flowers and their eyes widen. “Wow. I didn’t know you had a man. You’ve been holding out on us,” Becky teased. “I don’t. It’s from some secret admirer,” I said, handing the card to Natalya. “Wow. So a fan or maybe someone on the roster gave you these,” Natalya said, picking out a flower. “No way,” Paige said, shaking her head. “What guy on the roster would be that romantic?” Becky and I chuckled as Nattie shrugged. “Well, um you know um,” she tried to think of anyone, but couldn’t think of anyone. “Exactly so it had to be from a fan. Just be careful. Fans tend to be a little crazy,” Paige warned, putting her hand on my shoulder. I took her words to heart as I kept a guard up.

More time passed and more little gifts appeared in my locker room and on my car, from flowers to chocolates to a teddy bear. The bear was strange, however, because it was wearing a Randy Orton t-shirt. Could Randy be my secret admirer? Hmm. No. He couldn’t do something sweet like this. He probably doesn’t even know I exist. I shook my head as I walked idly in thought. Just then, I walked into something hard and almost fell backwards, but was caught before I hit the floor. “I’m so sorry. I wasn’t paying attention,” I hurriedly apologized and looked up at who caught me and froze. It was Randy Orton, the guy who I was just thinking about. “It’s okay,” his voice thick and husky as he helped me stand upright. He smirked at me as his eyes seemed to pierce right through me, sending shivers down my spine. People say that he is one of the most cold hearted guys on the roster and to have him in front of me gives me chills. “Are you okay,” he asked, slowly removing his arm from around me. “Y-yeah. I wasn’t paying attention. I’m sorry,” I said, trying to put on a brave face. “It’s fine. As long as you’re not hurt or anything.” He slowly licked his lips and I averted my eyes. He put a finger under my chin and made me look at him. “What’s the matter? You’re not scared of me, are you?” I shook my head vigorously, smiling. “Why would I be scared,” I chuckled. “Well, I’m different from the other guys here and some people, especially the ladies, find me a little scary. I just don’t want to give off that impression. I’m really a nice guy once you get to know me.” His finger slowly ran down my throat and stopped just above my chest. I sucked in my breath as I continued to look at him. “I’m sure that you are, Randy. I don’t think you’re scary. I think you’re amazing,"I said, the sound of my racing heart filling my ears. He chuckled and rubbed his finger back up my throat and back under my chin. "Good. Maybe one day, hopefully soon, I can show you how nice I’m really am. Or maybe I already have and you just haven’t figured it out yet.” I thought back to the gifts that I received over the weeks and finally realized that they were all coming from him. “Are you the one who’s been sending me gifts,” I mustered up the courage to ask. He chuckled again and removed his finger, turning on his heels and walked away. I sighed, trying to calm my racing heart. I turned around, but he had already disappeared. Randy Orton is my secret admirer. I can’t believe it. The way he was looking at me just now, something was lurking inside, something dark. I shuddered and continued to walk.

A month after that encounter with Randy, the gifts stopped and he started appearing more and more wherever I was at. It was as if he was stalking me, hunting me, waiting to get me alone, waiting to pounce and devour me. One night, I was out with the girls and some of the guys from the roster and everything was great. We were doing shot after shot and I was finally loose and carefree. I wasn’t completely drunk, but I was finally relaxed and let my guard down. That was when he struck. Randy was in the shadows, watching and laying in wait. I pushed away the shot that Paige tried to give me and called it a night. I walked outside and pulled out my phone to call a taxi. An arm wrapped around my waist and a familiar voice whispered in my ear. “Need a ride,” Randy said asked, smiling at me. I looked up at him and nodded, not bothering to argue or reject him. He directed me to his car and helped me into the passenger seat. He started the car and drove off. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the peaceful ride home.

Take her. Fuck her in the back seat. The voices yelled in Randy’s head and he shook his head and focused on driving as he drove home. The car stopped and I opened my eyes. “Huh? This isn’t my house,” I said as Randy opened my door and helped me out. “Come on, beautiful. Let’s just hang out. Besides, I have more chocolate that you love so much,” he whispered in my ear, putting his hands on my hips, pulling me closer. “I do love chocolate,” I giggled, rubbing my nose into his neck, inhaling his cologne. He walked me inside of his home and sat me down on his sofa. I pulled off my heels and set them to the side as he returned with some chocolate turtles. He sat down next to me and held out a chocolate to me. I opened my mouth and he popped the chocolate in my mouth. “Mmm. I love this so much,” I moaned, chewing the chocolate. “I knew it. That’s why I bought them for you,” he chuckled, grabbing another chocolate and bit it in half, holding out the other half to me. I smiled and ate it, licking off the chocolate from his fingers. He moaned as he watched me lick his fingers. “You have a very skillful tongue,” he mumbled, leaning forward and kissed my neck. I giggled as he pecked on my neck softly, placing kissing from side to side before resting his lips on my throat. I moaned, tilting my head back as he opened his mouth and bit my throat, making me hiss. He removed his lips and stood up in front of me. His eyes were clouded with pure, dark lust as he took off his belt. He grabbed my arm and yanked me to my feet, pulling me towards the bedroom.

He pushed me forward and I landed on the bed. He stood behind me as he wrapped the belt around my throat, pulling it tight, but not too tight to choke me. I moaned at the feel of the smooth leather against my throat as he yanked my skirt down my legs and rubbed my ass slowly before completely yanking off my thong from my body. He pulled on the belt tighter, wrapping it around his fist. I heard his pants and boxers hit the floor, followed by something hard pressed against my ass cheeks. I moaned softly as his hand came down on my ass with a hard smack. “I’ve been waiting to get you like this for a month,” he growled, smacking my ass again, making me yelp. “You have no idea how much I’ve planned for this,” he growled, grinding his hips into me.  I moaned and pushed back against him, earning another smack. “Don’t move unless I tell you,” he growled in my ear as he violently shoved his huge cock into my puckered hole. I buried my face into the mattress and screamed as pain danced through me. He pulled the belt, forcing me up as my scream filled the room. He slammed into me constantly, pain soon sifting to pleasure. He held me upright with the belt and spanked me in time with each thrust. Pain and pleasure mixed together as he practically assaulted me. My moans and screams melted together as he tightened his grip on the belt. “Randy!,” I choked out, wanting to push back against him, wanting to get more pleasure. “Shut up, slut,” he growled, smacking my now raw, sensitive ass again. I hissed at the stinging pain from that smack. He rubbed my sensitive skin as he let go of the belt and grabbed my hips. He put one knee on the bed, thrusting deeper into me. “Move, slut,” he groaned. I moaned and pushed back, meeting each of his thrusts, skin slapping skin slowly filling the air as the bed creaked under us. He leaned down and bit my neck hard, blood starting to come out. I whimpered then moaned as he licked the wound that he made. “So good,” he groaned and shoved me on the bed. “Get all of the way on the bed and lay on your back,” he demanded. I slowly crawled onto the bed and laid down, my head resting on a pillow. He smirked at me as he took off his shirt and slithered onto the bed. He grabbed my shirt and ripped it off, along with my bra, throwing the rags on the floor. He tilted my head to the side and bit into my neck again. I moaned then felt the head of his cock on my entrance. “Time to show you exactly what I’ve been trying to give you,” he whispered. In one fluid motion, he shoved inside of me and began to roughly thrust. I arched off the bed and screamed at the sudden intrusion. He put his hand around my throat as he pound into me. I grabbed his arm and moaned his name, my orgasm rolling in. “You like this dick, don’t you? You like how this dick make you feel, don’t you,” he groaned, looking down at me. “Yes, Randy, yes,” I screamed. He squeezed my throat gently as he growled. “You want my come? You want me to fill that little pussy of yours?” I dug my nails into his arm and screamed. “Yes! Yes! Randy, I want your come inside me!” He slammed into me and stilled as his hot come filled me. I moaned his name as I came and finally relaxed my body, my back finally touching the bed again. He pulled out of me and let go of my throat, rolling over to the side of me. My body ached and my pussy throbbed painfully. Randy sat up slightly, staring down at me. I looked into his eyes and whatever darkness that was in his eyes were no longer there. He was the same old Randy Orton that walked around backstage, making jokes and keeping to himself half of the time. “Sorry,” he mumbled, shaking his head, “the voices came over me and I just lost control.” I carefully rolled onto my side, smiling at him. “It’s fine. I had fun,” I giggled. He leaned down and kissed me. “Enough fun to be mine?” I hummed to myself, pretending to think it through, making him nervous. “Yes,” I finally answered after making him extra nervous. He pulled me into his arms and peppered me in kisses. “I promise that this,” he motioned to my body which was covered in bruises, “won’t be a regular thing.” I kissed his cheek, smiling. “I don’t mind seeing this side of you every once in a while.” He pulled me on top of him and draped his arm around me. “Well, we will see as the days go by,” he chuckled and pulled me in for a good night kiss.

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What are your own thoughts about this chapter?

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What do you think about AlaKou?

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Ele, hi! I just saw the Magi 315 raws. What do you think about the AlaKou? Don’t worry about the developments but just the thought of their teasings? And Aladdin’s ‘cute-spacing-out’ act when Kougyoku did the hair-goes-swoosh-in-front-of-him?

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Hello! Regarding the latest ch spoilers…Idk about everyone else, but I find this new ship really forced. Were there any interactions between them in the past that hint towards this?

I have seen the actual chapter now, and read the updated spoilers (which include some corrections and expansions in the dialogues), so let’s address the elephant in the room in this post (I got asks about other points of the chapter so I’ll continue my thoughts there).

Looking at the images, and letting the first impressions of the text spoilers fade away, I have to say that I’m a bit less convinced about whether the scene was meant as shipping tease. In the actual images of Aladdin “fumbling with his staff”, he looks more confused than anything, as if saying “was I out of line?”. So, while I’d not be surprised if he were to have a crush on her, or if this was a “beginning” of sorts, I don’t think there is any strong “shippy” development in this chapter. It was a subtle tease at most, which seemed to be much more conspicuos in the text spoilers.

Now, on the pairing itself, for now I’d very much like for Aladdin to have a crush on her, and I’m really curious as to how he would act towards her in this situation. If the pairing has proper development, and occurs after Aladdin ages a bit more, I think they might be an interesting couple - just not now. After all, the original Aladdin does marry “a princess from the Far East”, so it’d be nice to go back a bit to the source material, if there is proper development.

TL;DR: The text spoilers made this scene look as much more than it was. Still, I wouldn’t say there is zero substance to speculations, and if they have proper development, I think they might work in the future (though I suppose one can say that of most pairings ahaha).

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Also: imagine the first time Cassian touches Nestas wings, but she has no idea about the whole wing thing and is super embarrassed. Cassian thinks it's just hilarious and continuously touches her wings to rile her up lololol

Cassian, my darling pervert bat.(I went i bit off the road, anon)

The first time he touches her wings is slow and deliberate, from her talon to the point when it joints her back. Nesta openly moans and arches, like she wants to follow his hand with all her body, and he smirks. “Caught you off guard, didn’t i?” he says and she’s so surprised she can’t even speak.

Nesta’s mind is a little foggy and she can only feel the phantom of his touch “what was that?” she asks, her voice controlled as much as she can, trying to reign herself in. “Illyrian wings are very sensitive, sweetheart. Want to know how much?” Cassian’s voice is husky and low and he’s already imagining all the things he can do to her, how much he can make her feel good if she’ll let him, and it’s the fist stages of their relationship when she is discovering how exactly he can make her feel good.

She nods, her chin high and eyes staring at him, always unflinching and sure of herself, his Nesta.

So he steps closer until they’re chest to chest, which brings all kinds of thoughts to his head but he has a work to do tonight and they can play later. He chooses this position so he can look at her, drink in every moan and expression she makes.

He gently massages the part where her back joins her wings and she makes a little sound, a whimper deep in her throat and he knows she will not give him the satisfaction of hearing her moan now, but he’ll make her, he’ll make her moan loud enough they’ll hear her in the human realm.

He starts slowly so she won’t be overwhelmed and then moves his hands up always grazing the menbrane with the tip of his fingers and she trembles and whimpers so he presses a little harder and she arches her back, digging her fingers in his shirt, pulling him closer and it’s a good thing she’s sitting down.

“Something tells me you like this.” he teases while his fingers go under her talons, the touch rough and she moans again, loudly and open this time and buries her face in his chest. He represses the urge of taking her face in his hands, to look at her, to move her hair from her face.

He bites his lower lip, trying to keep focus while she makes all those sound that go straight to his cock and his hands move faster and rougher, touching exactly where she needs it until she is closing her thighs firmly and moving on the chair to ease a new ache that he will be more then glad to think about later.

For now, she touches and touches until she’s whimpering and shaking, a chorus of “Ah” leaving her lips until she shatters, his name on her lips muffled on his chest.


By the next morning, Alma had cried herself out, her face raw and skin dry from the long night behind her. She was in the soothing limbo between consciousness and sleep when Ryan finally let himself in just past dawn the next day, the bed creaking under his weight as he took a seat. 

Alma?” Ryan asked softly, hardly daring to look at her over his shoulder as she shifted. 

“I’m up.” She responded weakly, “I don’t think I slept…”

“I came to see if you were okay.” Ryan continued, “I probably should’ve done that last night, but…” He shrugged, “I don’t have an excuse.”

“You act like this is all your fault,” Alma whispered, “Why?”

Ryan just sat there, pondering the question as he looked around. He couldn’t tell her the truth, he couldn’t tell her that it had really been his fault. That his plans had gone south and cost two people their lives. 

“You know, I’m not even from this city.” He started, “I’d only lived here a few months before it all went to shit. Came to visit my brother, and his daughter, and he convinced me to stick around. I was good with my hands, so work wasn’t hard to come by, and Ben’s wife passed a couple years ago… Always said Lily needed the family around.

“When the bombs hit, the first thing I did was find my brother and Lily. Got them as far out of the city as I could, but it was chaos. It was only a few days before Benjamin started to act strange. Something was changing in him, he was angry. And his face-” Ryan waved a hand in the air as though it might help him find the words. “His was face red and bleary

“He was sick, Alma. Sick like the ones running through the cities, going mad. I couldn’t accept that, though, I wouldn’t… So I ignored it.”

Alma sat in stunned silence as she watched him, hardly daring to breathe as Ryan shared his story.

“But it was stupid to ignore it. Benjamin was sick, and I failed to act. Because I failed to act, Lily got hurt.

“Wesley was sick, Alma. I wasn’t going to make the same mistake again.”

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I can't believe people are still demonizing you for the clexacon drama (actually, I'm sad to say I can believe it). it's always hella telling when people see a cishet dude getting prioritized over actual LGBT voices and try to jump through hoops to prove that you/LGBT people somehow deserved it. anyway I hope you're doing well and I have so much respect for you for continuing to stick up for yourself and the rest of us!

I’m just really glad there are an even larger chunk of people like you who see what’s actually happening. Thank you. 

It’s going to be interesting to watch Steven continue to have to deal with that even in a war that seems to have been fairly just, people get hurt. Lapis, Centipeetle… Homeworld-allied individuals or civilians ended up as victims in Rose’s war too. (Even with so much of her memory messed up, Centipeetle remembered the diamond salute really fast. Their indoctrination is pretty strong. And the CGs must’ve mowed down relatively brainwashed soldiers, because often what choice do you have on a battlefield?) As Greg said, no such thing as a good war.

people are saying since megatron called tarn “glitch” that he’s supposed to be this guy?

which i don’t think is the case.

we’ve seen “glitch” used as an insult several times. i think it’s just that; megatron was insulting him. in the end, tarn wasn’t someone we knew, or someone important.

in the end, tarn was just some guy, and that’s

somehow more satisfying to me

(or, alternatively:


of course i might be wrong and maybe he really was glitch as in The Person Glitch but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

It’s been a while since the DS fandom has had an event or challenge so I’ve decided we should have a one week challenge and have some fun with it.

August 1 - 7: Don’t Starve creative challenge
Each day will present a new theme and you can either draw, write, animate, edit, anything really that fits the theme of the day

1: Sanity vs Insanity
2: Hunger
3: Health
4: Surviving
5: Giants and Shipwrecks
6: Favorite character
7: Them

anyone is invited to join and just because you miss a day doesn’t mean you can’t participate or continuing. Go at your own pace, it’s meant to be fun.

Tag it under ‘7daysofdontstarve’ if you want to keep up with the fun!


I… I seriously don’t know what to say! I hope to continue making good art! i’m actually considering to start doing commissions soon (but still, my self esteem is blocking tha way =3=). Also, just want to let you know  that i’m always open for art trades! So lemme know B^)

You guys can find me on: Paigeeworld and Instagram too!

Your appreciation really means a lot. Love you!


So I really loved this prompt, honestly this was so much fun and I definitely want to continue this lol.

Anyways yah, I love the idea of Clarke wearing Lexa’s red scarf, so that she’s always with her, but also something of Bellamy’s as well, because I’m bellarke af.

I’m hoping Season 4 is really emotional, and that Clarke will love again and finally finally be happy (with or without a relationship idec I just want my baby smol daughter to find happiness again).

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Hi I just wanted to let you know that you're writing has really affected me in one of the best ways. There are times when I feel alone and numb, and reading some of what you have to say just gives me strength. Although we may not be going through the same things in life, your words give me the power to continue living no matter the consequences. I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for the things that you write. You help me heal in the moments when I feel that I'll break. -A

This. Messages like yours are why I write at all. I have made so many mistakes and ached so often, if there are lessons and help in that for others in similar situations, that makes the whole journey worth it! Please know you are not alone and if I can help in some small way, I am so happy to be there for you! <3 So much love to you, dearest. <3


Gif is mine

an imagine where the reader is telling the team about something and instead of Gibbs, Leon comes up behind them and says something sassy in to which she replies “okay sassy pants vanceypants” 

Requested by Anon~

“Okay, so I was chasing down the perp, right? He was really fast, but I was faster.” You continued the story, adjusting your pitch and waving your hands to make the story even more dramatic. Tim, Tony, and Bishop were watching, small smiles on all their faces. “And just as I’m about to tackle him to the ground-”

“Your Director ordered you to get back to work?”

Instantly, your three co-workers fumbled around, trying to look busy. You smirked and turned your head around towards Vance, who was eyeing you with a hidden smile of his own. “I was just telling a story…”

“The only story I want to hear is the time where this team finished a case without fooling around.” The Director stated, slipping his hands into his pockets and raising his chin.

You snorted softly, but nodded and made your way back to your desk. “Okay, Sassy Pants Vanceypants.”

Looking back to the Director, his eyes were wide for just a moment before he regained composure and turned around, walking out of the squadroom. Your teammates stared at you in horror, but you shrugged, settling into your chair to continue working.