Hey all, another announcement I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I’m likely going to take a break from posting my art online due to the insane amount of art theft that has been occurring on social media. (For those who haven’t heard, I found more today) This isn’t something that am happy about at all, but I do not enjoy having people steal and repost my hard work either, especially those who crop out signatures and insert their own. The semester is almost over and I was really looking forward to finishing my final snowball drawing with color as well as other Stranger Things related art, however I really don’t know if I will be sharing them. So sorry it has to come down to this, but it is so mentally and physically exhausting trying to deal with these thieves.


It’s really hard to capture certain colors on the iPhone. A lot of these have subtle two tone colors that just aren’t coming out on camera. I’m excited to implement some new Titanium makers marks, the goal was to match colors with the inside / outside of the logo. They’re really small, but in person the green and blue lettering really pop. #anodized #knife #knives #knifemaking #knifemaker

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everything ok? was that post about someone specific?

yeah, tbh, i just want to tell people its okay to avoid someone when they seem potentially toxic. you have the right to be discerning about who you want to be in a relationship/friendship with. even if you dont have concrete evidence against someone, it does not make you a bad person to say no when you’re seeing potential red flags

no matter how innocent and kind and cute someone is trying their darnedest to seem, no matter how much they aim to love and compliment you, if someone just gives you a bad vibe or displays those iconic tiny sparks of behavior that doesnt really sit right before covering it back up with sweetness, its way too often their true colors peeking through (or worse off, them testing your limits early on)

there rly doesnt have to be a ‘final straw’ for you to back away from a situation or ask yourself questions about how you feel about someone and associating with them. its a draining lesson to learn the hard way when someone is acting that way systematically to tangle you in their web for their own gain, and theres no shame in stopping it before it gets difficult to get away

Barbie Endless Hair Kingdom 17in” Doll:  Part 1 of 2

I bought myself a Barbie Dreamtopia Endless Hair Kingdom 17" Doll for Christmas, and she arrived yesterday.

I paid “full” price, but she really should have been in the Amazon Warehouse with a damaged package discount. The backing is crushed and a lot of the plastic tabs were pulled out. It’s a good thing I don’t care about the packaging and didn’t buy this as a gift for someone else!

She’s not too hard to open. Her packaging is similar to the newer Monster High packages, with plastic tabs that stick into the cardboard backing. For the most part, a quick snip to each plastic and rubber band sets her loose.

Her dress is pretty and colorful, but the overskirt is stiff and crispy. The whole outfit isn’t very princessy. More princess-light. I imagine that’s to keep costs down. It’s easy to dress and undress her, which is a bonus for smaller children.

Her shoes barely fit her feet, were warped from the ties in the packaging, and kept falling off. I’ve boil-reset them (literally just put them in a little boiling water), and it helped a lot.

FOUR plastic tabs in the back of her head. I hate these things. They’re easy enough to remove completely from softer heads, but this doll’s head is hard vinyl. I had to break them off and then shove them down into her scalp. There are two more plastic tabs holding her tiara on.

Her hair isn’t as soft as I expected, though it’s not stiff or scruffy. I think the difference is the thickness of the strands. And it’s prone to looking messy. I can see her hair getting severely matted up like the Rapunzel dolls tend to do. (I do offer detangling in my Etsy if you don’t want to do it yourself. If you do want to give it a try, there are many tutorials online or you can ask me, I’ll gladly talk you through it.)

That pink streak is BOLD. It’s a lovely color in person.

My doll has very good, crisp paint. Due to her size, Mattel added some details to her eyes, and I think it worked out well. Not overwhelming, and not weirdly dead. You can see her eyes are a little uneven. That seems to be more and more common these days, and I’m starting to wonder if it’s intentional.

Though I honestly think her head is TOO big for her body.

The brush is meant to hold all of her accessories (two tiaras, two headbands, two combs, and one barrette), but I can’t get them all in at the same time.

All in all, I think Barbie Dreamtopia Endless Hair Kingdom is a lovely doll. The prices have been dropped for the holidays with the blonde at about $14, and brunette/AA just under $10.

The body is sturdy and moves well enough (there will be a more in-depth review of technical aspects later). She’s pretty and has pretty accessories. I also think she’d be good for smaller children that aren’t ready for the very tiny accessories that come with 12in dolls, yet.

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How do you get out of eating? It's really hard for me to resist it...

I don’t hahaha. For example today I ate all of my food before planed time, because I was so frustrated. But then, I know I cannot eat more. For keeping myself away from food Im doing a lot of things. At the morning im going to the gym, then Im talking with my family and friends. Sometimes Im coloring or drawing, writing or reading. You can try playing a game too, it’s super addicted! Maybe some ideas are silly, but that’s the point, you have to be busy! 


1.03 vs 1.08  

     ↳ “That doesn’t surprise me.”


Suzuya Juuzou’s lines in chapter 107 + scenes from the last chapters