So, I talked about this a couple of time but I never posted it. For my senior graphic design project I redesigned the Newsies cast recording, including the actual package itself, the lyrics booklet, and the sticker for the CD. I never was totally happy with it but these were the final products.

*Also, just heads up, I know the colors are a little different between the front and back covers, something was weird when I exported them as .jpegs but they’re meant to look like the front cover.

I’m... I’m trying really hard to not get mad.

This is a dinosaur blog, as we all know. Obviously. 

Dinosaurs are studied by paleontologists, and aid in our understanding of evolutionary biology. 

So, a lot of different subjects have a place on the blog. Paleontology, the history of the Earth, evolution, and therefore, conservationism, including the current Mass Extinction event. After all, we wouldn’t understand today’s mass extinction if we didn’t heavily study the ones in the past - including the one that killed all non-avian dinosaurs. 

So, that means what I’m about to say has a place on this blog. 

I have a personal blog. I will not say what it is here, simply because I like to keep it relatively private for a variety of reasons. 

Holy crap, my hands are actually shaking a little, but I’m going to keep going. 

I am white. I know that this means I have extensive privilege and power in society. I hate that. I work hard to support a variety of causes to works to actively dismantle this power structure; in these causes, I do my very best to not speak out on issues, but rather support members of racial minorities - aka, I do not try to talk over them. I am a part of a few oppressed groups myself, and I never would want to speak for a community that I am not a part of, because I know the feeling. I simply lend my support to the community and take part in events where I live, such as lie-ins on my college campus, and protests in Chicago over what has been happening in Ferguson. Those who follow my personal are aware that I have blogged heavily about racism in America and the terrible affects of police brutality on black people, as well as other relevant issues. I know that saying #alllivesmatter is actually complete crap and misses the damn point. I am aware that I make mistakes myself and am constantly learning and growing as a person and a supporter of the POC community. I am not a perfect person, and I am affected by the power structures i am a part of, and constantly have to modify my worldview to dismantle these effects on my personality and knowledgebase. 

However, I do not blog about these things here, because this blog is not about that. This blog is about dinosaurs and evolution. 

Given this disclaimer, I realize I am not perfect, and I apologize for that in advance, but I have to say this. 

You know what also sucks, but I hardly ever see posts about on tumblr? That’s right: climate change and the global biodiversity crisis. We are in the middle of a sixth mass extinction, or at least, there is a good chunk of data that suggests we are. There is some debate, but if we aren’t in the middle of a mass extinction, we’re definitely going to be if we don’t try and solve the problems currently going on in society. 

Humans - on the whole, regardless of country, affluence, race, sexuality, gender, gender orientation, religion, mental health, physical health, education level… - are exceptionally tied into our planet’s ecology. We literally depend on it for our existence. We are a specialized species, more so than I think any of us realize. We greatly depend on our biosphere remaining stable (aka: no mass extinction) for our own survival. If an extinction occurs, we are in grave danger of going extinct, regardless of how much the population grows (I’d argue our exponential growth curve actually makes it worse). 

If the planet goes to shit, we are all going to to die

No one wants this. No one actually wants humanity to go extinct, extreme nihilism and self-loathing aside. We all like our existence. If we didn’t want the continuation of humanity, we wouldn’t be so passionate about making our society better

Lots of things have contributed to this crisis. Deforestation, excessive expansionism and population growth, the monoculturalization of habitats both for landscaping purposes and farmland, overhunting and fishing, pollution… and of course, poaching

Many cultures are involved in poaching for reasons that they shouldn’t be blamed for. For example, poaching in savannah-filled countries in Africa for things like rhino horn is often tied to the poverty created by the colonization of Africa by European countries and those countries’ complete destruction of the economy, society, and infrastructure of their “colonies.” And honestly, that sort of poaching - there are other ways to combat it other than blaming the poachers - because it’s not their fault that they are in that economic situation in the first place, and need to rely on the money they get from poaching in order to survive. 

But the guy who poached Cecil the Lion? He was a rich white man. There is no justification for him poaching. None at all. Poaching, just the concept, is wrong. Our planet is in crisis, and organisms are dying out right and left, and no one should be contributing to it. This man had no justification for doing it that should be examined and fixed - there is no reason to let him personally off the hook and look into the issues that caused this event. He did something wrong, and he should be called out on it, and this should be used as an occasion to examine the dire situation of our planet, and to rally as a species to treat our biosphere better and with greater respect. 

Yes, it’s absolutely horrible that many white people are up in arms about this and never got up in arms about the murders of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland, and countless others, or the fact that racism impacts the lives of POC greatly and terribly regardless of their other socioeconomic statuses. I am not denying that you have a major point

What I’m getting at, I suppose, is that to excessively call out people for calling out the poacher - to imply that this isn’t an issue at all, or that it’s an issue that should be completely ignored - is not good either. The organisms of our planet - the ecosystem that we depend on for our own survival - they have no voice. They have no agency in our society to fight for themselves. It’s up to scientists (like myself) and activists to give them that voice. It is important to fight for our planet and our biosphere, and to continually use this occasion as a way to call out racism and hypocrisy in white people without acknowledging that what they’re saying is still a valid issue to consider is not helping your cause, it’s not helping the white people in question learn from their mistakes, and its not helping our species on the whole. 

Life always bounces back. 250 million years ago 95% of all marine life and 60% of all terrestrial life died out, but we’re still here. I’m not saying this for the presence of living things on our planet. 

I’m saying this for us, all of us, a very specialized species. It’s always the specialized organisms that are the first to go - they can’t cope with the changing planet and die out faster than generalists. We are not generalists. We cannot survive this. Nor can countless other species on our planet. 

Caring about the lives of non-human organisms - another group that is extremely and excessively oppressed by society - does not automatically stop someone from caring about POC lives. Black lives matter. Our biosphere’s lives matter, too. 

Do not overtake this issue - the fact that humans, on the whole, take much more from this planet than we need, and thus have thrown it into chaos and disarray - do not overtake this issue and belittle its importance. 

Frankly, we are all doomed if you do. 


I had really hoped this would be a longer, more dramatic, impressive video. It didn’t work out that way. But I tried really hard! I think this format doesn’t work unless a costume has a ton of pieces (like my tudor one), but it was worth a try. 

Even though I don’t love this as a video, I’m really pleased with how this costume came together. It’s comfortable to wear and having the hat (and eyepatch - weirdly) makes me feel quite regal for once! 

I blogged about the whole process of making this, if you are interested in reading those posts they can all be found here!

Alright, I wasn’t going to make another post about this since enough people have touched on it, but also… I have a lot of feelings, and since this is a public tag where I can post these feelings, I’m going to do that. But I will put them under a cut (so hey, if you’re tired of this discussion, just ignore. Oh my god look how easy that was to ignore something that might not jive with your viewing experience… craziness…)

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You ignore my messages so much that at this point I'm scared of messaging you off anon, you don't even answer my anon messages at time

i’m sorry, i get 500-1000 messages a day and it’s really hard to work and do my home chores and find the time to reply to all of my messages and also reblog posts and also spend time on myself, it’s not my intention to ignore people but i can’t answer every question!! ah this stuff makes me feel so bad because i know everybody wants their reply but i can’t get everybody i’m truly sorry :(

like, uneven line distribution is always rough but in the case of bangtan you cannot ignore the fact that rap line writes their music alongside the company… so when you get angry at jeongguk for having so many lines in proportion to the others it makes no sense to me. he doesnt have a lot of control over what he gets, hes already in the role as main vocalist so hes going to have a ridiculous number of lines anyways, and it really gets you nowhere??? youre just hating on a kid for no reason

and while i want the other members to get more lines too for sure, your train of thought shouldnt be ‘fuck jeongguk for getting more lines than seokjin/taehyung’ it should be ‘i wish they balanced out the lines more so that jeongguk didnt work so hard during performances and seokjin/taehyung could show their talent more’

the funniest thing about this too is that when i made that post awhile back about the way this fandom treats jeongguk, people threw fits about me saying ‘dont say jeongguk doesnt deserve the lines he gets’. like, whats your damage??? he DOES deserve them, but by me saying that, i wasnt saying that the others dont deserve just as many lines??? the point was, dont belittle jeongguk for his talent/lines, not ‘lol my fave is better so stop saying hes not’ so i dont get what the hell the problem was bc i thought i was pretty damn clear

im just so tired of this shit lol


This is hard to post bc not many people have seen me without makeup. However, I’ve been much more body posi lately and felt that this was a good time to post this, also because so many people have been doing the “Power Of Makeup” and “Makeup Transformation” things. It doesn’t even look like I’m wearing that much in this picture, but I’m seriously wearing over twenty products.
Idk what really compelled me to post this, especially because I’m so insecure over the way I look without makeup. But makeup makes me feel good about myself and I consider it an art within itself. 😁💄

ace queerness discourse tw

firstly if you unfollow me over this i understand and respect that but please do me a favor, please tell me or just block me, because i dont want to continue following you (not because i hate you now or anything but because i prefer to follow mutuals only)

tl;dr aro and ace ppl arent queer for being aro and/or ace. more under cut

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hi!! so i am officially posting who got into the always a slut for cake network!! so many (amazing) people applied i had a really hard time choosing! also, this became a cake shipping/luke and calum loving group chat because an overwhelming amount of cake shippers applied (which i was very happy about 10/10) and every one i accepted into the network chose cake as an otp on their application!!

members: richboycalum, cakeaesthetic, upinthehoodings, 5soscakesourcecutehoodings, lukehoodlngs

if you got in, please send me a fanmail with what ur imessage is so i can add u into the group chat, and start tracking ‘aasfcnetwork’ so whenever one of the network members posts cake stuff or selfies or gifs we can see them and tag each other in it without typing individual urls!! if u didn’t get in i still love u so much (and im about to go through and follow a few ppl who didnt get in) and thank u for applying i will definitely make another network soon :~)

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You know, I read one of your posts, and I really think that I am a carboholic as well. I can never get enough, and when I do get enough I eat more. How did you get out of this eating habit? Did you have things you did to make you stop eating badly?


I’m sorry you’re going through this. I know how hard it is to get out of the cycle and break the grip it has on you. Believe me, it’s not easy, but it is doable.

What I did was to read books about a ketogenic / low carb diet such as:

Good Calories, Bad Calories: Fats, Carbs, and the Controversial Science of Diet and Health by Gary Taubes

Why We Get Fat and What to Do About It by Gary Taubes

Grain Brian, by Dr. David Perlmutter, MD

The Great Cholesterol Myth by Jonny Bowden and Stephen Sinatra

These explained the link between grains/sugar/starches/gluten and addiction, as well as what affect they have on people who are insulin resistant, which most obese and overweight people are.  They also explained the science behind giving them up and living a low-carb life, and how it will improve your health as well as free you from the insatiable cravings caused by simple carbohydrates and gluten.

I resisted it for a long time, honestly, but finally I admitted to myself that I couldn’t control myself – if I eat one cookie, I can’t stop until they are gone, and then I go to the store at midnight and buy more and eat them until they are gone, and while I’m there I might as well get some ice cream and pastries and some Capn Crunch cereal to go with it and eat all that until I can’t move. 

When I finally really realized the full extent of my problem, I committed to a ketogenic lifestyle and gave up grains, sugars, starches and gluten cold turkey, just like an alcoholic or a drug addict would need to do to get clean. There are withdrawals, there is ‘keto flu’ as your body switches over to burning fat from being a purely glucose burner, but within 7-10 days I was ‘clean’ and free. The cravings were gone.  The sneaking food in the middle of the night was gone. The hunger was gone. The depression began to lift. My self-loathing faded.

It wasn’t ME that had failed all those times before, I realized, it was the low-fat, high-carb diet which had failed ME. It was not the right plan for my body, and all it ever did was make me fatter and hungrier and angrier and more depressed.

I eat meats and cheeses and low-carb veggies, eggs and butter and nuts and pork rinds and bacon. When I want a treat, I eat stevia and use almond flour to make mug-cakes or whip up some full-fat REAL whipped cream.  

The fat and protein in my food keeps me satisfied and craving-free. The carbs had shackled me and kept me prisoner. Fat and protein freed me.

I hope you find the key to unlock your chains and the strength to turn it in the lock and free yourself. You’re worth the effort. You’re strong. You can do it.

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Hi aricania,

I don’t usually post msgs w/ users here (I usually choose to post privately) but please pardon me because I felt that I have to for this XP I’m really glad to be receiving such messages, 

First of all i feel really honoured to be able to get you to start watching them!! I’m really glad you started!! Wise choice XDDD 

Secondly, I’m also shipping them so hard!! I’ve never seen such a real wgm couple to be honest. I might not have watched a lot of wgm couples but this pair really gives off a huge difference as compared to the other pairs. Maybe because I started global first then the local so it feels like it’s a jump in level…. 

Heart flutters extremely much more when I look at them, their interactions and all….. Sometimes it can be such simple actions but they make it to be so natural and sweet. The efforts that they put in for each other is even beyond words….. :PPPP 

Shoutout to all the others who have not watched and are thinking of watching, go watch right away~~ HAHA ^^ 

Originally posted by cndrgt

i feel so ugly lately idk. i follow soo many beautiful girls and even tho i love them it kinda hits me hard in the self esteem. Idk. I used to post selfies to feel better but now they get like, four notes. I dont know. I feel really, really, really unwanted. It’s like, idk. I really cant express myself. I have thousands of followers but only 10 people even acknowledge me. I feel so alone here. I would remake but then i would have no followers at all, lol. I could do a giveaway to get followers and get web presence again but i have no money to pay for shipping it. I just want to have friends. this hurts my pride immensely to talk about this. because, i want people to think i have no insecurity and i dont feel lonliness. but its just not true. i feel nothing but emptiness. im ugly, in debt, friendless on here, and ignored. im nothing really. i feel like im back to being a faceless blogger with 10 followers again but im not. i just want to be important. why does everyone dislike me now? i used to get tons of random messages telling me they loved me and i was pretty but now no one messages me unless they are mad at me or telling me my nose is big or im fat. i haven’t cut myself in almost a whole year but its times like right now where i just want to sink back into that. i feel so helpless. theres nothing i can do to fix this because its other people who are hurting me. its an awful feeling. i feel awful.

Guys! I found the instagram thief.

If you have instagram I would really appreciate you reporting (and telling off!) user wrenischarles.a

They have literally reposted my entire account and I’m really offended and upset. You all know I work pretty hard to find these clues and to think other people are taking them is saddening. She has credited me, but the fact she hasn’t asked once and has reposted several is out of line. I don’t understand the need to repost them all when my account already has them posted and is still very active. She has now also blocked me so it’s out of my hands. 

Please spare a few minutes to help me! 

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It really hurts me that Baby 5 betrayed Doflamingo and it seems like nobody really cares about that. Doflamingo cared about her like his own child

Do you mean that no one in Doflamingo’s crew cared (none of them really had a chance to find out), or that other readers didn’t care? I’ve made quite a few posts about Baby 5′s treatment this arc, like this and this, and judging from the note numbers quite a few people were also very disappointed. 

It’s hard to say whether or not Doflamingo truly cared about his family or not (I believe he does), and that’s why it bugs me that we’ve yet to get closure about this. We might still, but it’s still not nearly as good imo as if we had gotten to see Doflamingo’s inner workings immediately following his defeat, when those emotions would be most poignant for both him and the readers. But yeah, I’m curious about what Doflamingo would think to hear about Baby 5 defecting. Would he comment that he’d kill her for betraying him if he could, or would he just sit there silently, or would he express that on some level he’s glad she didn’t get captured or killed? Probably one of the first two, but I’d still like to actually see it. 

What every girl wants to say to the guy she has loved and lost

It has been a very long time.            

           It has been a year of firsts and lasts, which I’m sure you’re aware of. For the past weeks, I was brave enough to spill inks and wholeheartedly share my thoughts to the world. It was my first time to feel something exceptional and that is why I have come to realize that you’re worth writing about. You were worth my time, efforts, and words. Believe me once I say that every blog post took incredible guts, really. Because on the night I started putting my hands on my thoughts about you, that’s when I proved that emotional writing totally kills. At the same time, it helped me breathe freely without hard feelings, regrets, and grievances.

          I know that I should embrace the thought of getting rid of you but I will never be okay deep down; not until I tell you every single detail that I’ve been wanting to say. In this way, I could release all the pent-up emotions I never expressed to you – all the things I assumed you knew. Don’t get me wrong. I’m writing this for me to be extra fine and to move on with living my life. For the love of everything that is legit, all I want is solace inside this labyrinth. And for the last time, I just wanted you to know that I’m writing this letter to you because I forgive you.   

          As I write the concluding section of my previous posts, I don’t know how to begin it with. I don’t know the exact words that I should use to match with my never-ending feelings. There are tears streaming down my face, yet I couldn’t feel the trickle. I’m upset, but more than anything, I’m mad that after 3 months, you still have that power over me. I’m angry that you still have this huge impact in me enough to make me cry. I’m disappointed with myself because up until now, you’re the one that I’m thinking about. And that’s when it hit me — I’m not crying because I’m upset that we aren’t together anymore, I’m upset because I feel sorry for who you and I have become.

          J, you came into my life at just the right moment, and for a while, made me the happiest and saddest I’ve ever been in a long time. You were my firsts of my many firsts; the first person to let me know what it feels like to fall in love, how gratifying it could be to have a constant companion, and what a disastrous breakdown of a relationship looks like. You were the person I was looking up to, the person who I thought will never have the courage to break me into pieces, and the person I was proud to be with. More than just that, I knew that pain comes naturally but I kept loving you because I thought I could change the inevitable. I loved anyway because it’s better to have loved and lost than to not have loved at all. In this long overdue message, all I could feel is a rush of nostalgia mixed with the anticipation of what could be.

            I’d like to say that I’m glad that you are well, but as we both know I have absolutely no idea how you are. You had your own reasons; I had mine. Because of that, thank you. *whispers* You were the best thing that has ever happened to me. Thank you so much for 11 months filled with happiness, laughter, and pain. Thank you for the movie dates, geek talks, food trips, coffee dates and many more. Thank you for making me who I am today — strong, tough, and carefree. Thank you for the genuine love, love. Apparently, I don’t know which was more excruciating – living with that horrible absence or being with you again. You were worth the risk that’s why I took the fall. Saying that I regret a single thing would mean that I regret what once made me happy. 

            Other than that, the only way out of the labyrinth of suffering is to forgive. And so, I forgive you for not telling me your reasons ahead of time. I forgive you because there were countless times you made me so sad. I forgive you for taking away the happiness inside me. I forgive you for making me feel that I’m not enough. I forgive you for breaking me into a thousand pieces. And, I’m sorry. 

             Maybe this isn’t the time we’re supposed to talk. Maybe the circumstances just don’t deserve words and its beauty lies in the silences. Maybe years from now we’d get to see each other somewhere, familiarity drawing us in. Who knows, maybe then you’re already a licensed doctor and I’m a lawyer. Maybe then, we will have the guts to talk to each other… again. 

             But then, I swear on the River Styx that you’ll be the last (hopefully) guy I’ll be writing about. ‘Cause the next time I fall in love, I’ll be extra careful. You don’t get to choose if you get hurt in this world but you do have some say in who hurts you. Based on my experiences, I could say that I like my choices.

            Promise me to slay college, okay? It’s just sad because I didn’t get to see you before you move in to Katip. But maybe it’s for the best. If only it was easier to remain friends after such attachments; friendship from the beginning would have suited us better. You know what? I still love what we used to have, what we used to be, and what you meant to me. I want to say that I am still in love with you. But words are the knives that can tear a fragile friendship into a million ribbons, never to be whole again. After all that we’ve been through, I choose self-respect over the comfort of having someone there. 

           I love you and I would have given everything up to be with you… but I have to let you go. I love(d) you from Tartarus and back, but I love myself more. Justine, you’ll always be my sweetest downfall and my hardest goodbye. Maybe one day, you’ll think of me. Maybe one day, we’d even happen, but for now this is enough. We’re both happy. You’re happy and that is enough. It ends when darkness turns to light. It ends tonight.  

~ Love, Angeli Alyssa

Photo Credits: Myles Espinosa || Edited by: Eña Dela Cruz

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why did you hurt my friends feelings with hr adopts when your icon is worse then all of this GOOD ART i hope you burn..You are acting childish imagine if you had a piece of art you worked hard on then some ignorant piece of crap person says its bad on a tumblr blog THink

First: Because the icon is deliberately bad. D’you really think that’s the best I can do?

Second: Yeah… that’s happened to Tk, and people have criticized my art pretty harshly. But hey, it’s what motivates you to improve, hmm?

Wait a minute… Did you seriously make a tumblr purely to send me this? That’s some dedication, I applaud you.

–Mod R

The icon is probably better than your art. I mean, since we’re bashing icons, yours looks like a fuzzy blob…

-Mod Tk


I was tagged by aloha-baltan~ Thanks for tagging me!! o/

10 favorite characters, in no particular order ovo 

This was really hard for me because I like a lot of characters ;w; so I just chose the first 10 I could think of ;; Also tried to keep it to a minimum of two from each interest haha

Just so this doesn’t get too lengthy, I put the names of the characters on their pictures ovo

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Of course, you don’t have to do this~ And anybody else who may want to do it, feel free to do so~