I know it’s just a typical post-it answer but the way Jimin wrote 내새끼 and emphasized the 내 (MY) like Jungkook is HIS and HIS ONLY made me cry so hard. Ppl usually say 우리 (our) to show affection but he wrote MY. Let’s not talk bout the way kook wrote “manggaetteok” and “chocomi” for jimin cause i will be twice as emo as i am now and cry twice as hard.


I Can’t Say Yes

Rucas Fanfic Week Day 7


*I’m in the middle of wiring the fluffy prompt for Day 7 and I will post it on Monday morning once I get to school*

Prompt: Angst/Waited for your reply here in the pouring rain

Summary: Lucas proposes but Riley is finding it hard to say yes


Riley’s POV

It’s been three days. Three days since Lucas proposed to me. I didn’t know what to say. I loved Lucas I really did but there was something Lucas didn’t know. Something that could change everything.

“Riles are you okay?” Maya asks as she walks into my bedroom having just gotten back from taking a shower.

“Of course. Why wouldn’t I be okay?” I ask and Maya sits down on the bed worriedly.

“I found something in our bathroom this morning” she says and my heart drops. “Riley why wouldn’t you tell me?” she asks and my eyes fill with tears.

“Lucas asked me to marry him” I confess falling to the floor in tears.

“What?” she asks in shock as she comes to join me on the floor. “That’s amazing Riles.”

“I didn’t say yes.”

“Why?” she asks in shock and I cry even harder.

“Because I can’t say yes when he doesn’t know we’re having a baby” I cry as I stand up abruptly. “I can’t sit there and let him ask me to spend the rest of his life with me when he doesn’t know that I’m gonna be a mom. We’re only twenty years old Maya. This wasn’t supposed to happen.”

“Honey he’s gonna be shocked but do you honestly think he’s gonna take back the proposal? Lucas would never leave you and especially not his baby.”

“Oh great so he stays because I’m carrying his baby.”

“That’s not what I’m saying. Riley he wants to marry you. Tell him about the baby and then say yes” she says sweetly. “And no matter what happens I’m here.”

“Thanks Peaches.”


It’s pouring rain by the time I have to leave for class. The nausea is overwhelming but I know I need to go anyway. I walk out of Maya and I’s apartment and I run right into someone standing outside of our door.

“Oh my gosh sorry” I say quickly until I look up and realize who it was that I ran into.

“Sorry princess” Lucas says smiling at me and my heart sinks.

“I gotta get to class” I say trying to brush past him.

“Okay I’ll be here” he says stopping me in my tracks.

“Lucas it’s pouring. What do you mean you’ll be here?”

“Riley I will wait all day and night for your reply to my proposal in the pouring rain” he says and suddenly my nausea is even worse.

“Uh oh” I say holding my hand over my mouth as I run back into the apartment. I run into the bathroom and start throwing up not even realizing I was followed until I hear Lucas talk.

“Bean are you sick?” he asks worriedly as he sits down next to me rubbing my back soothingly. I close my eyes as I rest my read evening out my breathing.

“Something like that” I mutter and Lucas looks at me confused. “Lucas there’s a reason I didn’t say yes” I confess as I stand up and make my way into my room.

“Did I do something? Riley please just tell me” Lucas begs and I start to cry again.

“We’re having a baby” I whisper and at first I think he didn’t hear me but suddenly his arms are around me and he’s holding me close.

“How long have you known?” he asks and I take a deep breath.

“About a week” I reply and Lucas’ grip on me tightens.

“You should’ve told me Bean” he says seriously.

“I was going to but then you proposed and I couldn’t. I couldn’t tell you, I couldn’t say yes, I can’t make you stay” I cry and Lucas steps back from me looking at me confused.

“Make me stay?” he asks. “Riley you don’t have to make me. I’m in love with you and we’re having a baby. I’m not going anywhere. You’re not in this alone” he assures me stroking my hair.

“We’re only twenty” I say sadly and Lucas nods.

“I know Riles but we’re gonna get through this. I promise.”

“Don’t make a promise you can’t keep” I warn him but he only smiles.

“How’s this for a promise?” he asks getting down on one knee. “Riley Matthews, you are the love of my life, my princess, my bean, my city girl, and now you’re gonna be a mom, the mother of our child. I love you so much Riley and I want to spend the rest of our lives proving that to you. I’m gonna be the best dad and husband I can be. But first I need an answer. So Riley Matthews, will you marry me?” he asks and for the first time today my tears aren’t from fear, they’re from happiness.

“I do.”  

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(part 2 of last ask out of idk) don't get me wrong not all the fans are toxic assholes but when some of the anti-hetero posts that pick on gency/other hetero ships come from a pharmercy shipper they call it "toxic" and "homophobic." which is really weird, because theyre being bi/pan/acephobic by never allowing these to exist because they're either gay or they're worth nothing

this is the cold hard truth right here im a goddamn lesbian and i notice this what the fuck yall

Ne Ne Papa, my life is nothing but pain

hello wonderful people, you are probably wondering about that dramatic title and also why I haven’t posted in a long time. I feel really guilty about not being more active on this blog so here’s an explanation.

Okay so my excuse is really terrible but I’ve had a lot of school work to do. I’m taking a thing called a HPQ qualification and it means that I have lots of extra work to do, and I have to try really hard on it because it can help me get a scholarship to a good university.

I want to be a politician so when I’m older I wish to go to Cambridge or Oxford ( if you don’t know what they are they’re the British equivalent of the Ivy League collages in the USA ) but without extra things I will never get in without bankrupting my parents.

( like seriously all but 3 of our Prime Ministers went to Oxbridge, it’s my best shot at being what I want to be )

Basically I don’t have much time to do anything unless I stay up until like 12am. Also I’m learning Latin, German and Spanish and it’s really confusing ( the other day I was asked to say something in Spanish class and I said it in German. )

In England we have a week off now, and I’ve finished all of my work, so I was really excited to start doing more for Tumblr.

Yeah it’s the second day in and I am ridiculously ill. I have a fever, all my bones ache, every orifice on my face hurts. I can barely talk. It’s unpleasant and I don’t even know what I have. I’ll probably be ill for half a week.

( arseholes, I’ve already written too much )

TLDR; Homework sucks, now I’m ill and existing hurts.

I just wanted to thank everyone for the well wishes for my Fiona. It looks like it might be lymphoma, but we need to see her regular vet for more testing. I’m trying so hard not to breakdown because Fiona is so in tune with me she would just get upset. In my lifetime, I’ve lost many animal companions, but this one is really hitting hard because she is only 5, and she was there for my whole family while we dealt with my mother’s Alzheimer’s.
I may be posting spotty, but I do need to keep my mind off of it too. Already sat down and watched an episode of SPN (Dead Man’s Blood to be exact) with Fiona, something we used to do when she was younger. She’s a Johngirl too! 😂

Anyway, thank you all! 😘💞


haven’t posted art for two weeks! holy frick

school is kicking my butt really hard so less digital art but! cute class trial undead priest?

she puffs out her cheeks when she’s in water (did I mention indefinite breathing goodbye nuisance breath bar (’: ) I absolutely need to fraps this and I thought I did but apparently wow screenshots failed me :(

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Kinda off topic but your kinkshaming post made me think of it: I realized only recently why I have such a hard time with compliments. Because of how I was bullied, being told I was ugly and weird and dumb everyday, I grew up to not believe it or be suspicious of anyone who called me things that were "opposite" to that. I still struggle with it often, but it's not so bad anymore.

Makes sense to me.

Learning to accept compliments can be really hard.

Halloweeeen imagines 🔪🔪👻👻🎃

So I’ve got around 6 imagines to post for the Halloween prompts, I got quite a few people requesting the same one but one person requested it specifically with Gianluca so I’m just going to do it once with Gian, (unless anyone wants that prompt with Igna or Piero as well…?the prompt was ‘it’s really hard to kiss you with those fangs’ - feel free to ask if that’s something you’d want).
Question is, would you guys rather me start posting them as soon as I write them, so one could go up in the next few days, or would you rather I post them the 6 days leading up to Halloween, with the final one being posted on actual Halloween night?

Let me know your thoughts because I am undecided 😂

  • Kacey:Begin
  • Faith:Save Me
  • Scottie:Reflection
  • Bailey:Butterfly
  • Jojo:Awake
  • Sabrina:Stigma
  • Blake:Boy Meets Evil
  • Viktor:Ma City
  • Penny:Coffee
  • Maison:Let Me Know
  • Valerie:MAMA
  • Violet:Hold Me Tight
  • Lexie:Try Hard
  • Dean:Whalien 52
  • Conor:BTS Cypher PT.3: KILLER
  • Jack:Danger

Hey guys. I know I’m a recovery blog so i try to keep the majority of what I post on the positive side, but lately that just feels really dishonest. I think the dips in recovery need to be represented too just because, from my experience anyway, expecting all sunshine and daisies is sort of damaging. Relapses, for the most part, are inevitable so if you expect perfection then it gets really discouraging. So I’m just gonna be scary honest for a second here. 2 days ago I discharged from inpatient eating disorder treatment and I was not prepared to go home in the least. I am not doing well. I’m back to a place where it’s very hard to see my way out of all this and posting pictures that say “it gets better” makes me feel like a mega hypocrite. Most of the stuff I post does. So basically I guess my point here is that I’m human. I don’t want to portray myself so happy-go-lucky and the perfect role model for a happy life when I’m still struggling too. I’m human and sometimes it’s hard to show that.

Tweek was definitely the valedictorian in middle school. Nobody was expecting it because of how hard it seemed for him to focus, but Tweek was actually in all honors classes and always aced all his tests. Kyle was actually the one to get Salutatorian, but Kyle was actually really sweet and supportive of Tweek. Even though Kyle really wanted to take his place, he really did care about Tweek and was very proud of him.

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I 💜 your blog. It's helped me a lot as a growing witch. My question(although it may've been asked before) is any tips or tricks you have about learning and memorizing tarot cards. I tend to be really good but its hard to remember all of them?

gonna post this publicly so everyone can see: i have not, i repeat, have NOT memorized all of the tarot cards. i still use my guidebook and the internet as a reference as well as come up with personal associations. there are 78 cards and honestly, that’s a lot to learn. i have the basic idea of most of them, but that happened through doing things like drawing a card a day and researching what that card might mean. good luck! (also thank you!)

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Still shipping? I'm mixed race 5'4" w/light olive skin, brown hair and eyes. I'm shy and quiet until you know me and then I'm the one who you go to for problems and a good lugh. I'm really lazy but I will defend the people I love. Music is life. Fact

‘lugh’ lol

urg this is a hard one. I’m gonna have to go for yoongi, i think he’d rly understand ur personality and inner workings. while i almost said taehyung i think he wouldn’t understand ur laziness at times, while i think u and yoongi could be the lounging couple that binge watch shows together. i just picture this little scenario of u watching past the episode he did while he’s at work and then u tease him with spoilers until he tickles u into apologizing. i think yoongi would love dark hair on a girl, short like him with layers to her personality. pLUS SHARING MUSIC IS ULTIMATE COUPLE GOALS LOL

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Am I blowing up your account by trying to hard?😂 sowwwwy...but I really do hope someone cheers you up and you can start smiling again, if you haven't. BRING ON THAT PEARL SMILE THATS BRIGHTER THAN MY FUTURE

My smile shines brighter than your future ??!!loll nOOOOoooooOOOOooo what is this non-sense. Why you so SWEET??!! x) You made me smile Aricorn , you don’t need to worry about me ; ) I’m feeling way better than I used to an hour ago T_T THANKS TO EVERYONE U.U I’ll probably make some jungkook appreciation posts and it’ll make me feel better :) everything is good!

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some amazing harry potter pick up lines that totally work:
  • i don’t need to cast accio to make you come
  • are we in charms class cuz you have me under your spell
  • you don’t need alohomora to unlock my heart
  • all the prophecies in the department of mysteries say i belong with you
  • is that a wand in your pocket or are you just happy to see me
  • hey girl…are you a dementor because you take my breath away
  • damn i must have had some felix felicis, bc I think I’m about to get lucky
  • you don’t need lumos to turn me on
  • hagrid’s not the only giant at hogwarts if you know what i mean
  • did you survive avada kedavra cuz youre drop dead gorgeous