“This creative work didn’t sit me down and explicitly explain all the plot points and character development in excruciating detail so I feel this creative work has Bad Writing ™ and I must tell EVERYONE and then also shame them when they don’t agree”


02.25.17 | 12/100 Days of Productivity

I worked really hard this week (I wrote 7 pages of my play today!) and thought I’d treat myself to a moodboard made from my posts and pictures (meet my kitty, Rory!). I think the moodboard captures the stress and chaos and the moments of focus pretty well. So, yeah, this is me telling me I’m proud of myself. *pats self on back*

Am I the only one that hates hates hates when straight girls post pictures with each other like “chillin with bae/my gf ❤️” or whatever and like I don’t even really know why. But it always irks me I guess because it is already hard enough for me to find other gay girls without straight girls pulling these antics.

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You're a cruel goddess, but I still worship you. I started reading the chapter about 30seconds after it was posted and a week later have I finally gathered the mental stability to reread it...However, as much as the fan in me wants everything asap, I'm really worried that you'll burn out and/or get bored, so please take your time with the next chapter and the companion fic (honestly, I'm too excited for this one!!!). Thank you again for your hard work and the emotion wrecking you do to us.

I will never get bored definitely! However because of the volume that I’m writing in such a short space of time (the fic is longer than the lord of the rings books and I wrote it in 3 months and I still don’t know quite how???) burning out is a very real concern for me which means there might be a delay on chapters or between this fic and the companion fic so I can find some time to, y’know, sleep or something

because I still love you u3u<3

sorry I actually don’t even talk about hetalia anymore…except that idk not trump tho Alfred and this muse because yes those fandom distraction(especially persona 4 cuz this is the last fandom I enjoyed before hetalia) and I dont really reblog aph post and lazier to check this account

also the recent confirmed meme are hard to make or too cancerous(I fucking hate trash dove meme)…so I can’t even draw any danked aph related shitpost. I also barely draw any complete art these day, maybe this ask blog is too old or this crappy 5 years old laptop makes me unmotivated or the thirst of pc gaming is getting bigger.

Im not sure people still stalk around this blog but damn, I feel happy and proud to see this ask blog alive for almost 3.5 years.

I wanted to say thanks for people who still supporting this ask blog, the Meme Grandpa™ will live on forever!

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Wtf, you are so pretty! 0_o and you can art, and you game, and you cool af! You are goals (really though, I aspire to be on your level, hardcore). Pls be my friend, like holy mother of all that is good I find nothing wrong with you. You glowing angel human you.


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I mean, you’re a sweet bean for saying so, but just like everyone else on this crazy little planet, there’s PLENTY wrong with me.

More than enough to go around, really. Haha I guess I just don’t make a point of posting a lot about the hard times here. But I’m glad that I can inspire you! That’s honestly the dream! Being inspirational as an artist, to other artists and humes is what it’s all about! :D 


Also yes be my friend. 

Guys I really don't know what or if this is a mental illness but since I like to overshare, I'll share

I really don’t know if this is a mental illness.

I can’t go to a specialist so I’ll just be drowning here in illness until I live on my own. Anyway. If you know what the fuck any of these mean, let me know, if not, it’s ok.

-I literally can’t focus in class without doing a million small repetitive tasks at the same time

-I have violent thoughts when sitting still for too long, I literally imagine bashing someone’s head in or knocking over tables or something falling in from the ceiling, like I just can’t stand stillness. It’s not that I hate the people around me. I just can’t stand the stillness.

-every time I get more than a few tasks I get overwhelmed and wanna scream and kick through something

-I feel that overwhelming desire to hit things an awful lot.

-it’s constant. I’m never actually happy for longer than an hour, tops. I am legit just irritated and upset all the damn time. The only time it’s bearable is when I’m distracted.

-speaking of those, that’s why I’m on Tumblr all the damn time. It’s the only distraction I have while at school.

-can’t sit still. I have to be typing, checking my phone, writing, doing something or else I get those violent urges again

-I drive to college. I think about swerving off of bridges or into trees. Intrusive thoughts happen sometimes, at stoplights, can’t sit still, can’t be still.

-my head is a constant litany of “DAMNIT DAMNIT DAMNIT” it’s just nonstop swearing and upset cursing in there, sometimes with no cause.

-I guess you think my self deprecating jokes are pretty funny, well, I’m the most vicious to myself and it’s starting to make me physically upset.

-also you might’ve noticed but I’m paranoid. And defensive. And aggressive. And obsessive, I go into rage spirals that seem eternal and then suddenly I’ll be just fine in the next second and joking the same as normal.

-Tumblr is where these things show up because I…don’t have anywhere else to store these feelings. They’re overwhelming, they feel like ants under my skin or some unbearable heat tingling through my skull and lower belly like lightning.

-it’s not normal. I don’t think it is, it feels wrong. I’m too impulsive. It’s starting to erode my ability to think clearly in some situations. It’s making me hit things with my car and obsessively check Tumblr even when it’s dangerous to do so, like I literally couldn’t stop myself from checking Tumblr when while I was driving. Like I’m not an IDIOT, why did that happen? That’s how I felt.

-my head is telling me not to post this but my gut is saying fuck it fuck it fuck it fuck it and fuck them, even though I know a lot of you are my friends.

I’ve never been this…upset all the time.

As a kid i was snarky, but mostly happy.

Like is this adulthood, no, I don’t think so, other people don’t have these problems, or at least it doesn’t seem like it, they don’t get overstimulated and think so far off course I’m swimming with Argo.

And these things are just…I don’t think they’re normal or ok. I think I have problems and I’m sorry. I’m sorry if you come here for humor and I’m just ruining that by self destructing. But I really think I need help.

Hey y'all, this is really sudden but I’m going to take a very brief hiatus. I need to catch up on a lot of things and deal with some stuff and it’s hard right now trying to keep up with this blog as well. This hiatus could last anywhere from a couple days to the rest of the week. It won’t go any longer than that. 

I’ll bump up the queue to 6 posts a day, just to make sure you all won’t miss out on anything. Feel free to send me stuff you’d think I’d like!!! I’ll be sure to answer all of the asks in my inbox when I get back. 

Thank you for understanding, 💙💙💙

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But i love yout blog and house please dont push me away. we had so many memories together, remember when: You posted a selfie and i was all fuck shes cute. I read you were ace so i looked it up and soon disscovered there was a word for what i was and i wasnt a freak. I skiped all your posts about season 4 for... well i still do i really need to watch it. Or what about when you answered my first ask to anyone on tumblr. We have so much together please dont make me leave because i think hes ace:'(

I’m not making you do anything and I’m gonna be honest and say it’s hard for me to know if I have any memories with you if you’re on anon. Fact is I’m ace and I don’t think Sherlock is, so I’m not going to pretend like I do on my blog.

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How is it even after completely giving up on the show I still come to your tumblr every single day to check for updates? I know this is kind of useless message, not even a real question but... your last post about writing and momentum and all that made me realise - or rather remember - how it really is hard work. And I'm basically rambling to say I really appreciate all of your stories. They truly help me go on when I feel down. So thank you for not stopping even after the show became a mess.

Thank you so much! This isn’t a useless message at all, it’s making me a bit emotional tbh and I really appreciate it and YOU! <333

I didn’t know it was possible for a one year old to be an asshole, but I guess when you’re a Martínez, it’s really not that hard. I’m sitting here with my little brother and trying to teach him some new words, and apparently flower was too fucking hard to say. I don’t know why, since the little shithead can say crap like ‘train’, ‘apple’ and ‘car’ – but anyway, this motherfucker decided to throw his book at me, and then proceed to legitimately slap me in the face while giving me the dirtiest look he could muster up. I don’t know whether to be pissed off or impressed, but I think I’m going to go with the latter.

Can we talk about the Nicki And Remy beef tho…I listen to nicki here and there and I rocks with here but why is everyone pretending like she’s the best female rapper out and the “queen”. She really not, she’s just the most popular and makes more money. Truth be told, ain’t no queen or king of rap in today’s music. And y'all (her die hard fans) act like because Nicki makes more money and sells more records that makes her better. No, money don’t make her better. And Nicki posting Remy Ma & Fat Joe album sales as a response was wack, to me, only because Remy is actually a good artist & since she was locked up for so long niggas forgot about her or just didnt know about her before LHH. Aaand of course Nicki is worth more and makes more, she been out for years and Remy been in jail.

Also, y'all know Nicki ain’t bout that street life, but Remy is. This a good beef tho. And stop complaining about Remy diss record, it’s a diss it’s suppose to be brutal, a diss ain’t suppose to be club music *cough* Drake *cough*

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What happened with Miss Officer and Mr Truffles? Back when it happened I tried really hard to ignore it and now I'm finally curious

know this: i had to fact check myself to write this post and that was a hard thing to do because it requires me actually looking at pictures of this wretched shit for more than 2 seconds so be thankful

its a prime example (along with dashcon) of why nobody says “why isnt this a thing!!!!!! i would pay money for this!!!!!!!” on this website anymore

basically the miss officer artist decided to make a kickstarter with an $80,000 goal to make this fucking meme a real series

Our ultimate goal is to have Miss Officer and Mr. Truffles developed as a 22-minute (half hour) series. We will pursue working with traditional networks like Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network, as well as new means of media like Amazon or Netflix Originals.

^ this shit taken right from the fucking kickstarter page

the person doing all this was 18 at the time and had absolutely no financial management skills no experience and no resources so the kickstarter flopped completely and was overall remembered as an incredibly embarrassing hype train meme mess

honestly that fucking duck movie post (you know the one) gives me flashbacks to this every time i see it i hope it dies soon

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As a Mexican-Irish witch, I found myself looking a lot towards Celtic/Greek gods in my paganism out of familiarity and convenience. And you just posted a lot of Aztec deity posts and I didn't know how much I would love seeing that and feel at home seeing them and just thank you a lot. I never really identified as Irish so Celtic gods were hard for me to mesh with and I felt weird about it. I like can't express how right it felt to see those posts and just thank you a lot.

Oh my gosh this message is such a blessing. You’re welcome for the posts, I never thought it would effect someone like it’s effected you, but I’m so happy it made you feel so warm. And thank you so much for letting me know. Things like this are so encouraging. People like you are so encouraging.

I hope you find what you’re looking for as far as deities go. I’m sure your patron/matron will be so happy to have you on their path. Much love 😁😁😁❤❤❤❤

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tell me about something embarrassing you've done?

Oh gosh this was real hard to answer because I have so many embarrassing stories. Let’s see…Okay! So a few years back I was playing with my phone near the post office while waiting for my mom to pick me up. It was early afternoon on a weekday so there weren’t really any people around and the post office is located in a pretty deserted suburban neighborhood with a few one story office buildings with big lawns surrounding them. It’s real quiet and peaceful, the sun’s shining and it’s a really nice summer day overall! I was in the middle of sorting through old pictures when I hear this very, very soft whirring sound coming from somewhere to the left of me. I turn to check and I see this adorable little automated lawnmower robot getting to work on the lawn next to me, it’s basically an outdoor roomba except it cuts grass!

I’d never seen one of these before so I’m absolutely awestruck, mouth hanging open as I inch closer with my phone clutched and raised infront of me. There’s a really big chainlink fence surrounding the office so I can’t get all up in there, I settle for getting as close as I can and putting my hand on the fence and just stare at it in silence for a while. Now, this lawn had a slight slope and a few patches of decorative flowers, a tree or two. Since I’d never seen a robot like this before I have no if it knows? Like is this the first time it’s done this? Is this her first day on the job? Does she know the flowers are there and can she steer clear of them? Are her little wheels strong enough to carry her up and down the slope? At the point I’m getting REALLY antsy and worried about the work performance and safety of this thing.

It’s slowly working its way from the edges of the lawn in towards the center where all the obstacles are and I’m so nervous. It’s going towards the flowers in a straight line and I’m kinda…hopping very gently in place and going “Oh no oh no the flowers watch out those are friends oh god oh god no baby please” until it’s safely maneuvered past them and I establish that this robot knows exactly what it’s doing and wow! What a talented child!

At this point I squat down and start talking to it, telling it what a good job it’s doing and lamenting the fact that there’s a fence separating us because it deserves a good pat. My chin’s resting on my hands and I’m gazing at this little robot with such incredible adoration. What impressive and fine maneuvering, what fine wheelwork! God bless you little gardener.

This goes on for a good 15 minutes or so until I hear a polite cough. I look up and scan the area and to my horror, remember that yes this is an office building and yes these are work hours. There’s a small herd of smiling men and women stood inside the building associated with the lawn, they’re probably on break because I notice a good few are holding white mugs and the woman leaning halfway out the window has a biscuit in her hand. I think one of them said Hi or something along those lines but at this point I’ve already left my corporeal body and ascended the mortal coil. My cheeks are heating up. I want to say something but my tongue has gone backstage and refuses to comment.

It ended with me waddling away in a very awkward, stiff manner without uttering a single word.

Sometimes I’ll pass this office on my way into town and every time I think about that cute little robot…

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I swear you radiate so much beauty in every picture your post. Your skin naturally glows and gives off such an angelic vibe. You're incredible.

omg who is sending these? you guys are really wonderful, this got me smiling so hard.

lesbicrow replied to your post “it’s really hard not to make every single character i make a lesbian,…”

this is SUCH A PROBLEM i have when i write stuff!! it takes like, all of my strength to write a woman that’s attracted to men

s ame??? i guess because i just Can’t Relate. like i have nothing against women who are attracted to men, but it’s really difficult for me to write them as characters?? i can’t even comprehend what it feels like to be a lady who’s sexually/romantically attracted to dudes, haha

that being said, i do want to include some characters who aren’t lesbians in my stories. it’s just not as easy for me to personally Relate™ to them