Well, I’m on my limit, lol.

I won’t be able to draw the remaining requests for the meme this weekend, so I’ll continue ‘till the next one. (I’m usually busy during week days, sorry) m(_ _;;m

Also, just a friendly reminder that the meme is already closed. But I really appreciate all the asks that are still coming to my inbox /with the pretty messages that come along with your requests. Everyone has been so amazingly kind and sweet! Thank you very much! ♥

See you around.  川o・-・)ノ

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they’re cool they’re just REALLY REALLY BIG LIKE. WAY BIGGER THAN I THOUGHT. and yeah i survived only 4 damage taken on my whole team :‘V but hori is edging too close to the level limit and i’m like oh fuck

YEEAHHHHHHH 4 dmg is goood!
at lvls 10~29 they’re pretty easy since they dont have troops, but 30+ they have troops and are stronger ‘A’ 

and i forgot to mention, level limit = average level for your team, i think! 
(just give hori slower troops so he doesn’t get mvp as much maybe?? LOL;; but i feel you ugh hori is always ???? levelling up ahead what the heck)