Kai: Shinkiba, thanks for a great 2nd day!
it was the most fun STANDING TOUR!
Ruki: thanks for a great last day at the semifinal in Shinkiba ! !
it was perfect! you were all so extremely cool that I would have rather gone wild with you in the audience (lol)
including the world tour, this was the 68th show of the DOGMATIC tour! thank you all so much! let’s close the last one at Makuhari with a strong ending and go crazy 🤘
Reita: Shinkiba, you all did such a great job! thanks ! ! I felt like now I’ve really forced myself to the limit. and the sweat was amaziiing.
of course you were all so cool today as well, but I do believe that someday the day will come when each and everyone of you will be able to go home feeling refreshed and discharged. there’s nothing but to keep doing LIVES, I guess. see ya ! !

Well Alright!...

I’m finally able to upload the poses that I’ve been working on and thought that I was going to have them released as a Christmas gift. But of course, things DID NOT go as I planned. I’m not sure what I was thinking knowing it was really close to the Holiday and company would be stopping by. Anywho…I wanted to make a total of ten poses to upload and share but I only have four of them as of now. My timing has been very limited so I’ll jump in blender, then jump right back out…Lol! So without holding off any longer, I’m going to go ahead and release these four poses and release more a bit later. For starters…

My picture editing ain’t the best which is why I’d rather post unedited pics. They look the best any how ;)…So yea…you will need the Pose Player to use these poses. Shout out to @sims4studioofficial for an Awesome Program! If you use these poses, I would love to see how they look in your game. Feel free to tag me if you use them…you don’t have to tag me but I’d like to see.

Please Do Not re-upload to other sites and please Do Not claim as your own. Most of all Do Not Modify my Poses.

Here’s the Ish :) 

And Here’s an Alternative DL just in case you have an issue with the other ;)

If you shall encounter ANY problems, feel free to let me know :D

Enjoy!…Till next time :D

『関∞之友』 夏号、渋谷すばる→EIGHT NO TOMO: Summer Edition, Subaru Shibutani pg.8

第一特集 「真夏の俺らは罪なヤツ」 渋谷すばる → Feature One: Manatsu no Orera ha Tsumi na Yatsu, Subaru Shibutani 

My image of the “Recital” is sort of in between a release event and a live tour. It’s kind of like it has just the right feel of both (LOL). Just loose enough, but not too loose… I think maybe we made the “Recital” into a style not seen before. A key point might be the distance. It’s a different kind of closeness from even a live music club, so when we did the “Ochikazuki Medley” last year I really thought, “This is so close!” (LOL) I mean, I could see everything, from the audience members’ makeup to their skin conditions. You should seriously be careful. Hehehe. The “Johnny’s Medley” is also a “Recital” original. It’s fun to break free from our limitations, and while we’re performing I feel like there’s another me looking down at us thinking, “the people watching this sure are enjoying this.” However… last year’s “Itoshi no Napolitan” was so exhausting! Judging just the right amount of “second helpings” was a chore, not to mention it was tough on our bodies. I think it took all seven of us together to get through that one (LOL). I’m also looking forward to going to different parts of the country. Especially since my only memories from our “47” tour in 2007 are of the venue and the tour bus. Just “Let’s perform!” and “Let’s move!”… It almost felt like I was being dragged along against my will (LOL). But last year, I got to see the area around the venue, eat out with the other members, and go drinking—something I don’t do during a live tour… I guess I was able to relax pretty well. Lately, I’ve been wishing I could experience doing live tours or solo concerts with the same looseness. I feel like I could be a bit more of myself in that case. I mean, it must be tiring to watch a concert where we’re stiff and exerting ourselves, right? (LOL) It want to take it nice and slow, but of course always taking the music seriously. We’ve shared the experience of the “recital sensation” once, so this year it sort of feels like we’re creating it all together. After all, the feeling of coming to the fans is a big one, and we want it to be enjoyable to people of all ages. Please enjoy it to the fullest. As for me… I plan on being even more youthful than I was last year (LOL). This is my high-spirited summer vacation! Enjoy it with me!