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fun fact matsu actually means pine in Japanese so that makes the Gravity falls crossover even better

Ahhh Thank you!!!

You’re pretty smart anon :)!

I’m really glad people like the AU I made on the spot <3 (waiting for that anon for the grunkle iyami art) Seeing Osomatsu as bill made me want to draw more, so here!

#exposed payback

@kitcatcandy456 I was really thinking about esp cat be Candy just for the glasses, and special thanks for mod oso suggesting karamatsu be Grenda!

Me and mod oso both agreed that Ichimatsu as Robbie, but I’m not really sure about Totoko dating Ichimatsu (whateves)

Sorry about this bad drawing of Todomatsu as Pacifica NorthWest, but I can totally see totty as her!!! 

That’s it for now (This is a really long post)… there’s so many ask for me.

Please gives some ask for the new mod Kara, and the others.

-Mod Choro

The sun hit its peak in the sky just as a bead of sweat rolled down Angela’s temple. Weather had not been on her side lately, the humidity getting the best of her and her work. She lightly banged on the top of her computer urging it to work. Angela hoped for any distraction at this point, the heat quickly becoming too overbearing. When she closed her eyes she imagined herself flying like a bird, escaping this dreaded heat wave.

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22, female, 5'1", blue/grey eyes and red-brown hair with the bottom half dyed blue and teal. My favorite things are my cats, as spoiled as they are. I would take you out to dinner and then take you home to chill in our PJs and watch Netflix 👽👽

your hair sounds so cool huhuhuhuu
Pjs and nextflix sounds great

sooooo if i turned into a kitty will you spoil me too?



Hey folk, here’s Hapin that just whant to say… sorry for these days without contiuning the comission. Sorry, sorry, really sorry, I’m feel really bad abaut having all of you waiting and waiting.
The true is… these days are a bit tought in my house. They are fighting again and I’m get really upset when that happend and… the little inspiration I have when I drawn just leave me in times like this so… I’m not doing anithing this days, and I’m sorry.
I will do it, I promised and I will do it, so… please don’t feel sad or angry because i didn’t do you’r comissions still.
Thanks for reading this and I hope all of you have a great day. Bye bye.

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Wolfstar 24 and 4 for the prompt thing pls?

Ugh I’m sorry, this is so bad…this one was really hard for me to write idk why. This is also really long, so I apologize for that too

“I’m sick of you always acting like you’re so much better than me!” Remus screamed at his boyfriend.

“So much better than you?” Sirius asked softly. “Remus, what are you talking about? I don’t think I’m-”

“You know you are Sirius! And I know it too. The whole bloody world knows it! I know it’s true but that doesn’t mean I enjoy being treated like I’m below everyone! It’s not like I wanted to be…this. I never asked for this! And you obviously don’t like what I am, either. You’re probably only with me because you feel sorry for me. You never loved me, did you?”


“Shut up, Sirius! Just shut up for once, okay?! Nothing that you say is going to change the fact that what I said is true so just stop talking!”

“I didn’t even do anything, Remus! This is all coming from nowhere! I’m so sick of you lashing out on me for nothing! All we do is fight! I can’t do this anymore!”

“You can’t do this anymore?” Remus spat out bitterly. “Then go, Sirius! Just leave! Even though you may think so because I’m just poor and weak little Remus, I don’t need you.”

Sirius glared at his boyfriend before storming out of their house and slamming the door behind him.

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Daniel collided with the person before him, stumbling backwards to make it look like an accident. “Oh, sorry, my bad,” he said. “Really should watch where I’m going, aye?” He smiled and moved to walk around them. He’d grabbed their wallet without stopping, without thinking, and was already headed off, prize in hand, when he heard someone calling after him. 

How to Mess with Your Waifu: Mephisto-Style
  • Talia:hey mephisto iris invited the kids to go to camp with belinda u wanna chaperone???
  • Mephisto:geeeee sorry princess i cant i uh got a really bad cramp in my left leg
  • Talia:that's your right leg
  • Mephisto:oh
  • Mephisto:ur <i>right</i>
  • Talia:
  • <a href=""><img src=""></a>

“There’s a direct descent from the royal line, which is myself, Thorin, to Fili and Kili, who are nephews by my sister. In one of the earliest drafts, he was a great uncle and Tolkien decided to bring them a generation closer. So he was absolutely certain that he wanted that close relationship. And so they would be in line to the throne.” - Richard Armitage

BTS of “The Hobbit” spam (67/100)