Singer pointed out that Lucifer needs the vessel to say yes to being possessed. “He’s very good at the con.” One of the challenging things about the situation is that Vince (Springfield’s character) starts off as a guy who is “pretty sympathetic and he’s lost his wife. He’s tortured. Once he accepts Lucifer, he is evil incarnate. As an acting exercise it’s pretty intense. He’s written as pretty evil. It’s a good part.” Singer also confirmed that Springfield will play a little guitar on the show.
—  Bob Singer on Lucifer in season 12 (x) I am HERE FOR THIS.

{25.07.16} // 87 days to O Levels

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// a math will be the death of me (ಥ﹏ಥ) //

really sorry for the bad quality pic!! anyway today i went for night study with @listudying, and i wrote a cheat sheet to help for my additional mathematics test tomorrow!! i’m really hoping to at least pass this test. 

* Viewing the response in “I (me) will literally cry if Mary is Moran“  of @jawnsigningpotato *

…Rah.This mania for Mary = antagonist
God. No. So yes, she did horrible things and we may know what, logic. But Moran be? Moran was with Moriarty. Why after the death of Sherlock, “Moran” would have married John??? She really loves John. Mary will be helpful. She can not stay in his corner. She will do as TAB. (And by the way die if she will)

But Mary = Moran? No.
The characters are respected. It would be illogical and disappointing. And disappointing as a fan, not for MorMor. But doubly disappointing because of Mormor, of course.

PM: Quick
  • Puck:Wait, you got fired? ...Shit, you really do got it bad. Sorry to hear that. But like I said... I get it. You don't know me. You don't get how I operate so you don't know that I don't mean anythin' bad by sayin' what I do..
  • Quinn:Yeah, it's a long story, but they fired me, because apparently my performance level went down since I got pregnant, when you know. It was suppose to be their child. Sorry, I am just really, really frustrated right now. But yeah, I am sorry, it's hard to figure something out through the internet, and I should have approached it easier. Can we start over?

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So I don’t know what the hell is up with Tumblr but I have been following @them for quite some time and apparently I unfollowed apparently (Imma have to keep checking up on this). Anyway. I have had my fair share of problems with LM Shippers but I will stand by @moesha because they are very sweet, opinionated as hell but I have nothing but respect for that. I am really bad at this sorry. Look my point is I love the blog. 

Anonymously send me a URL, and I’ll tell you what I think of them!

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I'm internally screaming I DO NOT want to unfollow this blog because it's my very fav tbh but like some of this discourse on gender is really really bad? Like no, it's not impossible to not align with a binary gender. No, liking someone not (1)

“(2) aligned with womanhood doesn’t make you not a lesbian, as long as they also don’t identify as aligned with manhood, and ALSO imho that doesn’t either because it’s 10,000% possibly ur picking up on signals from a closeted trans person which (..3) (3) I’ve literally seen happen before????? Just. Sorry, this rhetoric is just really bad and invalidating on a lot of levels and anyone who feels comfortable using lesbian as an identifier should do so, this kind of gatekeeping is toxic.”

I was literally saying that though… That they didn’t have to align with a binary gender…

Definitely do what’s best for you, but I’m kind of confused because that doesn’t contradict what I said at all? I’m very sorry if I’m misunderstanding something but I didn’t say anything at all that disagrees with that?

- Mod Z

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we were mutuals before i deleted and now u wont answer my messages :( i miss u

I’m sorry, I’ve been really bad at keeping touch with people over the last few months #thanksDepression


“There’s a direct descent from the royal line, which is myself, Thorin, to Fili and Kili, who are nephews by my sister. In one of the earliest drafts, he was a great uncle and Tolkien decided to bring them a generation closer. So he was absolutely certain that he wanted that close relationship. And so they would be in line to the throne.” - Richard Armitage

BTS of “The Hobbit” spam (67/100)