I got a nice little surprise today in the mail, my advance copies of “JUST LIKE DADDY”. The print quality, colors, jacket, and paper all turned out amazing. Really huge thanks to everyone at POW publishing for a superb job on the book.

A big thanks to my amazing wife and kids who continue to support and put up with my adventure in making books (when I’m supposed to be cleaning out the chicken coop and taking the trash out).

And of course thanks to all of you for supporting the book with re-blogs, likes, re-posts and shares. You can continue to help out by spreading the word, posting, and sharing it with family & friends. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!

Here are 2 sample pages and the cover.


"A vividly illustrated day in the life of a little boy’s perception of what it’s like to be a grown up and his daddy’s of it. This charming picture book paints a gently ironically funny comparison of how the day unfolds for each of them. 

    The toddler is filled with glee as he tackles each new challenge, while the dad faces his day with a a more grown-up combination of perseverance and resignation—yet he finds himself inspired by his son’s open-hearted optimism.  Just Like Daddy is a perfect Father’s Day gift for today’s dads.”

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anonymous asked:

I know this isn't really eating disorders, but I need to talk. I've been binging alot but not purging, and today I had a huge binge. I had french toast and a big slice of pizza and chicken nuggets and fries and popcorn and a PB&J sandwich and 5 slices of cheescake, and a Twix bar. I feel disgusting and ashamed, and I hate myself...

You hate yourself for throwing up or eating?

wingardiumleviosim asked:

Happy Birthday lovely simmer!!!!! ^.^ I hope you've had an amazing day so far! And I hope you have a fabulous partaaay on saturday! Eat some cake for me :3 <3 *BIG BIRTHDAY HUG* xo

Thank you so much!!!

Well, I think I’m coming down with the flu.. I have the worst sore throat, it’s like a tickley one but it hurts. 

I also really want cake but I had a huge Mcdonalds and feel sooo sick haha (6 Chicken nuggets, 5 chicken strips, fries and a mcflurry)

Lmao, but yasss I’m so excited about my party!!!