Aries: Wrath- Aries can act in a split second when provoked, fire fueling rash decisions over anything logical. The danger with Aries comes from moments like these, because actually, they aren’t malicious personalities, and rarely manipulate or taunt, but rather act out in a moments notice with how they are feeling.

Taurus: Gluttony- Taurus can seek comfort from the sensual surroundings, often leaving them with an attitude of wanting “More.” Food, drink, spending are all mood lifters for Taurus, and an attitude of wanting excess can get the better of them. Especially when in actuality, the simple life suits them rather well, remembering to treasure the little moments in life.

Gemini: Scatter- Gemini can suffer from forgetfulness, swift changes in views and opinions, confusion over what exactly it is they want in that minute, which can all lead to a feeling of being like a wound up coil ready to spring at any moment. Nerves and anxiety are possible with this sign, as well as a certain clumsiness, even if they somehow manage to still look graceful while this happens.

Cancer: Fear- Cancer can feel vulnerable just simply because of their very nature, a nature of being rather sensitive and receptive to everything around them, from simple temperature changes, environment changes to scathing remarks that seem to stay with them forever. They can feel the strong desire to stay indoors, to stay safe, but also have the bravery to survive.

Leo: Pride- Leo can stick to their guns over the immense amount of pride they have, the ego that they cherish but also fear somewhat. They can come across as self-absorbed at times, but ironically, it is in these times where they struggle the most with themselves. You can tell Leo are truly happy in their lives when they become more generous, loving and protective.

Virgo: Worry- Virgo can work themselves into a box, trapped by all the little conflicting and taunting thoughts in their head until they really do feel sick. But worry often comes from being a conscientious personality, and this is certainly true for Virgo. Carelessness can be exactly that, careless. Care can equate to value.

Libra: Loneliness- Libra can find it difficult to grasp themselves when isolated from the people around them, as they often admire and find pieces of their own psyche in others. They often need company to bounce ideas from, and can get wrapped up in this idea of having another “half.” Being alone for extended periods of time starts to feel a little less creative, and a little more plain lonely.

Scorpio: Vengefulness- Scorpio aren’t known for being pacifists, especially when they themselves or someone they care deeply about has been hurt. They can often ruminate with ideas of revenge, maybe even to the point of obsession, until they feel that justice can be served. The very thing that tips them over the edge can become a central point in their lives, something to think about for much of the time ahead.

Sagittarius: Flight- Sagittarius often cannot stand the idea of being restricted by outside forces, and often need an element of freedom in decision making, the freedom to change their minds and ponder. When caught up in heavy responsibly, they often have the urge to escape, the take flight to somewhere else where they can retain this sense of freedom. Some may even accuse them of being irresponsible and reckless at times.

Capricorn: Formality- Capricorn can vehemently stick to logic over allowing themselves to be overtaken with the expressive waves of the universe, often clinging to a law of sorts, a traditional way of looking at the world. For them, a handshake can feel like enough when others need more support, but this often does not come from a place of not caring, but rather just a struggle about how to go about an uncomfortable situation.

Aquarius: Chaos- Aquarius can be overcome with the urge to destroy controlling systems, especially those that are repressive, even if what is left in its wake is chaos of sorts. The thrill of knocking down established bricks can be wondrous for Aquarius, often without thought of the sacred quality of effort that goes into those systems being established.

Pisces: Fantasy- Pisces can wisp themselves away to somewhere better than here, to somewhere that feels so real that they can even start to believe it. This can be a wonderful quality, apart from when they start to project these traits onto the people around them, seeing only a mirage when unfortunately, not everyone is this world has pure intent.


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“There is only one GF/ASOUE crossover where Stan is put in Count Olaf’s…”

What kind of role would Bill play? Would he be one of the Troupe who is the leader in getting the others to rally behind him and get the fortune?

No, Bill doesn’t have any interest in money. If he had a role in this it would be the same as in GF canon. 

Maybe instead of dedications to Beatrice where the joke is that she’s dead, Ford starts each retelling off with dedications to Bill where the joke is that he hates him and is going to kill him.

  • To Bill- You are a rare treasure–when I find you, I will bury you.
  • To Bill- I look forward to seeing you, specifically, seeing you dead.
  • To Bill- I still miss you, but my aim is getting better.

(Not Billford please don’t tag as such.)

I'm sort of pissed about the wilde hopps fandom and I finally figured out why.

Most have totally missed the point of the movie (posting stories with Nick calling Judy “cute” even though that is supposed to be a slur to rabbits), in favor of this romantic endeavor.

This movie was so important and well executed in its message about tolerance and diversity.

Two complex, likable characters built a friendship that became unbelievably close

– not because they have romantic/sexual tension–

but because they were able to share their experiences with oppression and discrimination with someone who understood.

And EVEN BETTER they found someone who was willing to LEARN about their unique experiences with prejudice, apologize when called out, and modify their behavior to “make the world a better place” for EVERYONE, not just their friend.

As a biracial queer woman I know how important and impactful a bond like that can be firsthand. It is an emotional and meaningful connection that is rare and treasured.

Like most fandoms, Zootopia has been essentially hijacked by mostly white writers who choose to reduce the complexities of Nick and Judy’s bond to a mere romance, essentially erasing the central theme of the movie.

This is probably my favorite icon of Nate because look at how his face lights up at whomever/whatever. Look at how that wide, toothy smile reaches his eyes and look at how he is ( for however long it lasts ) genuinely happy. It’s not a tired little smile, it’s not a run-of-the-mill “I’m going to give my all to people because they deserve to see it” smile, no no. This is a smile that blooms so naturally across his face, that speaks “thank you thank you thank you” for making me feel this way. This is a smile that not just anyone or anything gets to see. All of his smiles are warm, but this one is positively glowing, and it could probably put the very sun to shame. Like I said not just anyone gets to see this smile it’s so rare, and if you do then by gosh you are lucky and you better hecking treasure it because you may never see that smile ever again in your lifetime.

nytewing  asked:

Hi, Shima! I should have sent you this message yesterday when I reblogged your photoset. But better late than never, right? The Happy Nowruz post was a treasure and rare jewel in DC fandom. It's always nice to share Persian culture with the rest of fandom. Nowruz and sale no mobarak!

Hey Shahrzad! Thank you so much for your lovely message, my friend.  Nowruz Mobarak!

neverenoughhoursinaday  asked:

Hey, first of all, thanks for your great blog and the advice you've already given! I'm sort of a pre-med and have an odd question. A friend recently suffered a loss, and I found that I'm not very good at consolation. I've noticed at the hospital a few times as well. I'm just awkward and feel like whatever I say won't be adequate. I mean, it won't be. It never is. But other people seem to manage it better than I do. So my question is, can you learn that at all? Or am I just not empathetic enough?

No worries friend. We are all pretty awkward at consolation at first - except those rare few people who were designed to go into palliative care. Those people are treasures. 

Pro-tip: unless you’ve been in the exact same situation the patient is in, your words will probably never be adequate. What is important is your presence and your body language. 

If you don’t know what to say, be quiet. Sit with the patient. Let them open up to you. Cry with them. Ask them what they’re thinking. Touch their shoulder. Hand them a box of tissues and let them know it’s okay to cry. 

If you can’t grasp what they’re going through, say that. “I can’t begin to imagine how hard this must be.” “I can’t imagine what you’re going through.” “I wish I understood better what you’re feeling.” This conveys your sympathy without belittling their own experience. 

You absolutely can learn to console people. My school actually had a clinical skills session on breaking bad news where psychiatrists and palliative care specialists came and helped us practice consoling actors and gave us tips to improve. You can’t really learn compassion or empathy, but you can learn to channel it and express it better. You can watch others who you think are good at comforting people and emulate them. Chances are they were pretty nervous or awkward at it at first too (or maybe they still are!  I’ve had many attendings tell me that I played it so cool at times when I knew I was a nervous wreck inside). 

Stony Prompt #24

Anonymous said: “Tony wearing Steve’s boxers one morning and the team either looks surprised or just knows.”

Prompts/ Requests are still closed, but my Exams are over for now so I’m working on filling what I got so far- Thanks for the request and enjoy reading!

Quiet mornings, when you are member of a team of superheroes, are very rare and thus, very treasured. It’s not often that the Avengers have one of these mornings, because usually there’s always something going on and they’ll be called in.

But today has been rather peaceful. For once, everyone is gathered in the kitchen and in various states of alertness. Clint still looks like he’ll fall face-first into his cereals, his hair sticking out in every direction. He is almost as bad as Tony in the morning: grumpy, quiet, and better not to be approached until he’s had a decent amount of coffee and food.

Natasha is a stark contrast to him. While still being in her sleepwear, she manages to look dangerous, fingers curled around a dark-red mug of tea and watching the others thoughtfully. Thor looks as awake as always, voice loud and booming – which makes Clint groan unhappily whenever the blond speaks up.

And then, quietly, unobtrusively, Bruce gets to work on making scrambled eggs and bacon. He’s usually quiet and looks a tad mussed, but it’s something that stands out in the morning. When talked to, he’ll respond, although it mostly looks like he’s distracted somehow.

They each have their routine – only this very morning, something’s off.

Steve isn’t in the kitchen.

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