Yaser Malik

Seems I wasn’t the only one who originally didn’t realise Patricia and Yaser were still together…tags below the cut, but first, look at this tag:

Such a good point. You know who is a private person? Bobby Horan. You know who we have always known was a part of Niall’s life? Bobby Horan. You know who is another private person? Geoff Payne. You know who we have always known was a part of Liam’s life? Geoff Payne. 

Do you know what one of the most pervasive stereotypes about racial minority fathers is? That they abandon their children. Now look at the tags below. 

Even if Yaser never wanted to appear before the cameras, do you really think he would prohibit Zayn or Tricia from mentioning or talking about him? Do you really think he would ask that Zayn be portrayed as fatherless? No. Of course not. He probably didn’t realise it would play out that way at all.

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This has probably been done but general Nintendo collage au? With stuff like… (mentions of Green Shell in here)

- Mario studying to be a doctor. 

- Mario has a pet iguana named Yoshi.

- Luigi studying art

- Luigi working part time at a coffee place and meeting Bowser who’s a single parent/ business guy.

- Peach studying all sorts of things. Turns out she is secretly a princess and is learning all she can for when she becomes queen eventually.

- Wario and Waluigi being total assholes and no one knows what they are actually studying for.


Look, I need your help. If you can hear me, I need you to give me a sign. Blink…raise a finger, anything, just–just something to point me in the right direction, okay? Someone killed Laura. Your niece? Laura? Whoever he is, he’s an Alpha now. But he’s one without a pack which means he’s not as strong. I can take him but I have to find him first. Look, if you know something, just give me a sign. Is it one of us? Did someone else make it out of the fire? Just give me anything–blink, just raise a finger. Anything. Say something!


favourite character meme | seven scenes [1/7]

“You had an affair with Malcolm Merlyn. One year before Thea was born. Merlyn is Thea’s father.” “I can see why Walter and Oliver have such a high appraisal of your capabilities.”


‘But Alma isn’t–’

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ☆*・゜゚・*YOU SHUT YOUR FACE*・゜゚・*☆ ]]

We had to do something that Friday night [when “The Five Doctors” aired]. I was devastated. I thought I was going to pass out.
—  David Tennant (“The Five Doctors” Commentary)

Happy 100th birthday, Billie Holiday // April 7, 1915 – July 17, 1959

“I don’t think I’ve ever sang the same way twice, I don’t think I’ve ever sang the same tempo. One night’s a little bit slower, the next night’s a little bit brighter, depends on how I feel. I don’t know, the blues is sort of mixed up thing, you just have to feel it. Everything I do sing is part of my life.”

“Probably no voice in the history of jazz exerts a deeper fascination than the vulnerable, intimate slur of Billie Holiday, who died in 1959 at the age of 44. With a vocal range of barely an octave and the timbre of a muted horn, Miss Holiday’s singing was far from athletic, but it spanned the emotional range of the universe, communicating joy and pain with an immediacy that seemed at once artless and profoundly sophisticated.”Stephen Holden

Ok, we get it. Hillary Clinton isn’t perfect. WE GET IT. No one who is going to run is. No one.

But what exactly do you think you’re accomplishing by finding out people support someone wholeheartedly, whom most of their views and positions you also would probably support, and immediately finding out and “exposing the TRUTH” about what a devil they are? Do you honestly think most people don’t already know she’s not perfect? Do you really think everyone else is that stupid and you and a few other pretentious people on social media are the only smart ones?

And what is your answer? Tell us. There are only 3 possibilities here if you’re an American citizen:
1) Vote for Hillary, who at least is to the left and probably going to support gay, women’s, and recent immigrants’ rights, for the most part.
2) Vote for some asshole, probably overly “religious”, white, straight Republican man who is right-wing, and is probably going to actively work against gay rights, rights for women and women having a say in making the laws that affect women, and immigrants’ rights, while also working to provide the most tax breaks for the super rich, and probably working for looser gun laws. In which case, *sarcastic voice*, oh, you’re right, this is so much better. I’m so glad I found out the truth about Hillary and didn’t vote for her. So much better having this closed-minded cis, straight, conservative MAN in office. You’re right! *slow clap*
3) Don’t vote at all. (Or vote for a third party that you know for a fact will never get even close to enough votes to win, which is, therefore, also basically not voting.) In which case, you are helping nothing. You’re doing NOTHING.

It’s useless and pointless, what you’re doing. Stop. Just stop.


so i got bored + this happened.

seeking-further-illumination asked:

Genie AU Part 3, please, kay, thanx. :)

(Part 1)  (Part 2)

“We should wait for Hero to get home for the next wish,” Beatrice said, tossing her bag on the bed and flopping down next to it. Benedick started to follow her, but he hesitated, opting instead for one of the chairs next to her desk.

“Wow,” he said, glancing around her room at all the posters, “there are a lot of British actors on your walls.”

“Yeah, well, I sort of have a thing for-“ Beatrice broke off, going a little red. “Um, actors.”

“Right,” Benedick smirked.

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I find this gif really interesting. Because Katara leans in as he looks away talking about his mistakes wanting to desperately help him (her facial features). But then when he looks her way she pulls back, Probably shocked at his words. Knowing he had already redeemed himself by choosing the right side and fighting along side it. This last one could be just me, but maybe Katara was intimidated by the fearful look in his eye. Because most of the time he is composed and has a fire lit in his eyes. I think Katara has seen Zuko at his worst plenty of times on screen, and this is one of those times. If we are talking Zutara, I honestly think this scene was the part where she realized she liked/loved him for who he is and not what he was.


Beardsleystuck? Art Nouveaustuck? Who knows?

ANyways, happy 4/13 guys! I’ve been officially a Homestuck for more than a year now, and it’s always amazing to see the various directions this comic has been going in, and I’m excited to see what happens now! And I would definitely be lying if I said the Ancestors were *not* one of my most favorite parts about this series. :0 So have some Ancient Alternian ladies drawn in the style of Aubrey Beardsley! I didn’t have time to do a Condesce or Disciple, but I’ll probably get around to it eventually. I just LOVE this aesthetic, omg. 

The Signs When Shit Goes Down 🍀

Aries- Gets into the middle of said shit.
Taurus- Rushes to the scene of the shit, but stays out of it.
Gemini- Calls everyone they know to tell them about the shit.
Cancer- Can’t believe that shit is happening, openly gawks.
Leo- Thinks the shit is about them.
Virgo- Is secretly behind the scenes orchestrating shit.
Libra- Probably the one who started the shit tbh.
Scorpio- Wants to be part of shit but at the same time, can’t be bothered with it.
Sagittarius- Completely doesn’t care about the shit that’s happening.
Capricorn- Tweets about the shit that has gone down.
Aquarius- Doesn’t find out about the shit that went down till a week later.
Pisces- Just thinks that the shit that is going down is stupid and complains about it.

homoegg asked:

everybody is talking about the continuity error with the old timey picture in amethyst's room, but no one is talking about how great of an impact Greg has had in their lives! we all knew he was a huge influence for rose, but now that it's clear that the gems didnt really interact with humans, i think he was the one who introduced a lot of human stuff to the gems (especially amethyst) and to me thats so cute. i need more greg/gems relationship talk ASAP

I agree! I’m super interested in seeing more flashback stuff because I’d love to see more about the Gems’ relationships with him. Rose clearly spent the most time with him but I have to imagine, since he was part of her life for so long, the others got to know him a bit too and like you said its probably where they got any of their knowledge of human stuff prior to Steven. Like, the Gems were trying to get him away but at the same time they all seemed pretty fascinated by him its just that he wasn’t supposed to be there so he had to go. But like when Greg gives Rose the T-shirt they all rush over to look at it and they really look so interested, like this sort of interaction is totally new to them and they may be kind of apprehensive (Garnet and Pearl mostly) but they’re still curious. So I have to imagine they’d be interested in him introducting them to human stuff, at least a little.

And, like, he must’ve have specific relationship with all of them, its pretty unavoidable if he was with Rose for so many years because they’re with Rose a lot too. And he has a lot of understanding of how alien the Gems are (more than pretty much anyone) and he’s very patient and understanding with them even when they’re being difficult and I think its because, like, he knows them a bit. He knows they’re odd and alien and he’s comfortable with them because of their history, even if its strained now. He knows enough about them to know they’re trying and that human stuff doesn’t come easy to them. And in “The Return” he talks about how they try to make up for what their kind was doing but they can’t forgive themselves and I don’t think he just assumed that was the case, I think he knows they feel bad about it because it probably came up at some point when they were comfortable enough with him to open up

and its, like, after Rose was gone and their grief and most likely seeing him at fault, whatever relationships they had got severely damaged and now they’re kind of strained. I’d really love to know more about the friendships they lost because of all that and see them repaired eventually


What really happened with Zach’s near eviction

Part 1: Frankie campaigns for Zach while the house secretly targets them
Part 2: Derrick & Cody flip Frankie
Part 3: Caleb saves Zach, Frankie & Christine take the fall

I know there probably aren’t THAT many people who are still interested in what went down on BB16 (lol), but I’ve been wanting to put a video out there of what actually happened when Zach was almost evicted during the double eviction.

I don’t think a lot of people realize that Frankie was the only one campaigning hard for Zach to stay for most of that week… and even after Derrick & Cody convinced Frankie that Zach had been playing him and using him, there were so many times where Frankie wanted to just confront Zach about everything, but was convinced otherwise. If only that would have happened :(

I know the videos are super long, but so much happened that week, I wanted to include as much as possible!


When I’m telling a friend that I’m polyamorous for the first time, I tend to say something along the lines of “N and I kinda have an open-relationship-thingy-arrangement” instead of just saying that I’m polyamorous.

I’m not too sure why I feel inclined to do this. Part of the reason is probably that most people don’t know what polyamory means, and part of it is the association with religious polygamy that I personally try to avoid.

Anyone else do this?

“You’re the only person in our entire dorm that has a television and if I don’t see this season finale I will literally die, I swear I’ll make you dinner or something please let me in” AU (awful-aus)

“No. No, no, no, no.”

Fitz hit the box. It didn’t work. He could probably fix it, but not in five minutes and the internet was awful, there was no time…

His neighbour.

He’d never really actually spoken to her even though she lived next door and was in a couple of his classes, quite frankly he was a little scared of her (possibly had a crush on her), but she had a set.

Fitz picked up his snacks and left.

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