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I don't really know who else to ask, but I bit my lip a ton when it was numb (I had teeth removed) and now it hurts a lot? It's probably stupid to ask a dr blog this but you're really the only one awake. How do I get rid of/ignore the pain?

Ice packs, and Advil I guess? That’s what I do after I get my braces tightened. (At least the Advil part). Also, my favorite strategy is “nap the pain away.”

Sanji Theory: The Man in the Iron Mask

I think Oda’s going for a different literary work:  The Vicomte of Bragelonne: Ten Years Later by Alexandre Dumas, or more specifically, the final third: The Man in the Iron Mask.

For those unfamiliar with the story (even I’m pretty sure I maybe saw part of the Leonardo DiCaprio movie and maybe an episode of Wishbone, even though it occurs to me a lot of you might be too young to know what that show was) the basic idea is that the titular character is the twin brother of the King of France. Now there was a REAL Man in the Iron Mask but no one knows who they actually were (royal twin or not) but for the sake of this theory we’ll be going with the Dumas story.

Sanji being in that mask, as some have pointed out, is probably meant to keep him from being recognized as a member of the royal family, and since he’s a quadruplet of all things that’s especially risky. So why not kill him?

Well …

I’m thinking Judge planned on keeping Sanji down there indefinitely just in case a situation like this came up. And for that matter … we don’t know how long Sanji was in there (both the mask and the cage/jail cell).

In 832, Reiju explained it had been 13 years since she spent time with Sanji, but it’s only been 11 years since Zeff came into the picture (Sanji was 10 during the starvation flashback). That’s two years to go from “not spending time with Reiju” to the sinking of The Orbit. Yeah, crossing the Red Line as a kid would take a while, I get that, but taking a look at volume 7 (sorry no pictures for this one) … I don’t think Sanji was on that ship very long. The dialogue feels like the cooks are still in the process of introducing themselves to him - maybe not “first day” introduction but he’s still a newbie at this point.

My point is that “not spending time with Reiju” doesn’t mean he left home right away. He could have been in that mask for a while, up to two years when you consider Germa Kingdom is mobile - he could have escaped while they were in/around East Blue and found his way onto The Orbit from there.

Additional “evidence:

- Oda has said that if Sanji were from the real world he would be French, and The Man in the Iron Mask is a story about French royalty written by a French author.
- Duval is initially named “Iron Mask Duval” and hid his face because of Sanji’s wanted poster. Other than the fact that he, you know, tried to kill Sanji when they first met, his use of the mask to hide his face might have REALLY rubbed Sanji the wrong way.

And … oh man this chapter guys, this chapter. Everyone just … just go find something fluffy with Sanji in it okay? Okay. 

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Is josh the one who appears in maya's fantasy? You know, because he's just a fantasy. Or is it lucas?

Lucas co-stars in both movies. Honestly though, I think he’s kind of incidental because the movies are about the girls’ conceptions of an ideal relationship…you could slot ANYBODY into the co-star role, probably. As for why Josh doesn’t co-star in Maya’s, that’s probably because it would be kind of a dead giveaway for part two for the casual audience, most of whom prrrrobably aren’t spoiled rotten like the fandom. And I’m *guessing* that maybe the girls talking about Lucas is what triggers the sequences to begin with, but I have no idea for sure on that.

(Their movies deffffinitely sound like they dovetail crazy-close with the relationships they embark on at the end of SL2 though. But everyone dies at the end of both movies, so…)

The triangle (Riley’s part - Lucaya)

Am I the only one to think that the reason Lucas & Maya said that they needn’t end the triangle when Riley said that they had to, is because the triangle is already over? 

Lucas made his choice, he knows who he would chose, he can’t change that now, because it wouldn’t be fair to the other person (In this case probably Riley). 

I think that Lucas and Maya knows that they would chose each other, but they don’t want to hurt Riley and that’s why the triangle is still on and that’s why they can’t make it end because in which ever direction they go to Riley will end up hurt. 

If Lucas chooses to be with Maya (as i believe he did in Upstate) he would hurt Riley. If he chooses to be with Riley he will always have to live with the fact that he did choose Maya but simply couldn’t because he didn’t want Riley to get hurt. If he chooses to make it end by just stepping out, letting them all be friends it would do so they all would be hurt, and if it got out hat he did chose Maya, Riley would still be the one to hurt the most. 

Maya knows this and that’s why they can’t let the triangle end. But the thing that many of us keeps forgetting is that Riley does notice it too, she has every time, even in upstate. 

But she knows her role is to play clueless, to be all happy ad sunshine-y, but she knows, right before she gets all happy and “YEEY!”, she knows that Maya said it and then when Lucas doesn’t say something against it she believes, but when Lucas asks “What do you want to do know” or something like that, you can see it too, how her face goes down, because she knows there. 

But Riley needs to grow because how she acts sometimes are mean and not okay. I know that she tried to help Maya but she really didn’t, her intentions were good but not her results or the choices she did there. The trying to get a reaction part was the only one I actually thought was okay. But the whole thing it being Shawn’s fault, no. He gave Maya hope. And Riley didn’t listen to Maya ever, throughout the whole episode. And she annoyed me something enormously. 

Also, how Riley acts around Lucas is cute sometimes but Riley doesn’t give Lucas hope, if anything she takes it away. For example the whole “you would get killed on the football team” and one that many seems to overlook, the bull. Riley wanted Lucas to ride the bull and she said she believed he would succeed or whatever but she also told him he was a disgrace for Texas or something like that. Riley wanted Lucas to ride the bull so he could prove that he wasn’t a disgrace while Maya didn’t want him to ride bull because she doesn’t need him to prove anything to her and she didn’t want him to get hurt.

Lucas is Riley’s fantasy, because he was from the beginning the gentleman who had horses and was perfect and that’s why Lucas likes her, because she sees the good in him. But Maya sees both sides of him, the texas and the good, and he likes her because she is Maya, nothing more, nothing less. “Because that’s who Maya is” as he puts it. 

But something important about Riley is also that every time Lucas & Maya gets close she looks away, pretending not to see what’s going on, but I think she does. And later now she doesn’t even look away she just gets a plain look on her face, a bit puzzled if something. But I think she knows more than what the others thinks, but she’s not ready to let go of her fantasy yet.

And I think that Riley will do that when she realizes that Lucas isn’t all good and thank yous and perfect. Because as you might remember “Mr. Perfect” is Lucas’ flaw. 

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(This was all over the place and I’m sorry, i’m sorry for bad writing since i’m not an american also) 

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“Look at me! C'mon, don’t do this!”

14) 'Look at me! C'mon, don’t do this!’

Rose shook Luisa’s hand off her shoulder and kept walking.

‘Rose, please, don’t leave. I love you, I want to help.’

Rose bit her lip, turning around to face Luisa. 'I don’t love you.’ It was a lie, a big one, but it was better this way. 'And I don’t need your help. I am fine.’

'Yesterday you said you loved me, and today you want to break up? Why? At least give me an explanation.’

Rose felt tears burning in her eyes, the “because you are too good for me” remaining unsaid.

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What would Shiro do if he had a crush on someone but it was like super hard to figure out if they shared his feelings? Would the other paladins have to intervene or would he try to do deeper research and figure them out??? Idk who wouldnt like him everyone likes space dad.

  • He probably wouldn’t really know what to do. He doesn’t want to ask his crush, just in case they said no, but he didn’t want to not ask them, either.
  • He’d probably ask each of them for help on a different part of trying to figure it out.
  • He’d ask Lance for which pick-up lines, in his experience work best. (He doesn’t really have any that work best, as no one has actually said yes to him like that, but would never admit that.)
  • He’d ask Hunk for tips on how to cook them a nice meal for them. Hunk would have a hell of a time trying to teach him because for some reason Shiro’s really bad at cooking. (Shiro?? More like SHITo. hahah I’m sorry) (did I really make that part of it just so I could make that joke??) (yeah)
  • He’d ask Pidge to help decipher the text messages and emoji’s they sent him. 
  • Keith would be able to help with figuring out what their body language meant and determining if it’s positive or negative.
  • With all of their help, he was able to figure out that maybe they like him back!! So, he asks them out and (obviously) they say yes.
  • He’s so proud of his team. They’re such hard workers and helped v much.
  • He wouldn’t have been able to do it alone, probably. He’d probably think they weren’t into him and would stop trying, even though he really loved them.

Fandom/Pairing: Girl Meets World/Riarkle
Description: (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) A disheartened Riley is dragged to school after-hours by Maya, where she finds Farkle waiting for her with a big surprise.
Words: 1,837
Notes: I think this is the last chapter, loves! Thank you so much to everyone who has read even just one part of this story, let alone all five! It means the world to me. ♥ I will probably be compiling the entire thing into one post in the near future, and/or maybe I’ll even create an ao3 account… who knows. :)

The last bad day Riley & Farkle ever have is on a chilly Wednesday afternoon in March.
Their whole clique of six has rallied together a large group of classmates to defend the principal of Abigail Adams High who has just been wrongly fired under false accusations.
While everyone is gathered in the school’s sideyard waiting on the protest to begin, Riley can’t help but become a little giddy about the wonderful opportunity that she’s about to be a part of, which is exactly what she expresses to Maya in a loud, enthusiastic voice, eyes sparkling and fingers interlocking with those of her best friend when she does so.
But this is all before she whirls around just in time to overhear something that takes her by complete surprise - Farkle’s voice is what catches her attention as he’s turning to Isadora Smackle a few feet away.
“Hey, Smackle!“ he grins, “Since you’re such a good friend to me and all, what say you go grab that stack of protest posters we made?”
“I say; why of course, my newly-platonic partner in science!” is her cheeky response as she elbows him in the side and darts off in the other direction, leaving Farkle with a wandering eye that eventually lands on Riley.
But then suddenly he’s staring down at the concrete, his whole disposition laced with tension and… was that guilt?
Maya notices that Riley notices.
It is all she can do to watch in concern, staying just a short distance behind the brunette, worry lining her attentive features.
“…Platonic?” Riley finally meets Maya’s gaze with a shell-shocked expression & a voice that is slightly cracking, “Why didn’t he tell me?”
Maya shrugs in a way she hopes comes off as casual yet supportive.
“I’m sure he has his reasons.”
“Yes, Maya, and those reasons are that I’ve broken our friendship!”
“You have not. He’s always been there for you, and that’s not going to change now.”
Riley turns again, keeping her eyes trained on the back of his head (much taller now, she thinks, as she fondly remembers the elementary-middle school years when she practically towered over him); there’s a short silence as she allows herself to wallow in the memories of when everything was normal between them.
God, what she wouldn’t give to have that back.
“Well then why does he keep avoiding me? Maya, he didn’t even tell me that he broke up with Smackle. He didn’t tell me that, even though he knows…” her voice trails off here, heartbroken brown eyes freezing on a random spot in front of her as she purses her lips, “…he knows.”
In that moment the brief realization occurs to her that she never actually told Maya about her feelings for Farkle - though at this point, it doesn’t sound like it would have been necessary after all.
Am I really that obvious?
“…He knows that you like him.” Maya finishes the unspoken sentence left hanging in the stale air, “You more than like him.”
Riley tilts her head a bit, “How could you tell?”
The conversation Maya had with Farkle only a few days ago at the bay window flashes through her mind, and for some reason it helps her realize that understanding Riley’s feelings was really nothing more than an instinct. So instead of divulging, she pauses, offering a soft smile in response.
The girl in question whirls around with a lift of her eyebrows.
“I love you. And so does Farkle. And although it may not seem like it right now, everything will be fine. I promise.”
Despite the evident sadness and the hurt, a slow, appreciative smile starts to break through the surface on Riley’s face. Maya decides to take this opportunity to lift her hand between them.
It only takes a few short seconds for Riley to mirror the action.


“I mean it, Riley, this is important!”
Just one night after the rally is when Maya pushes her best friend through the unlocked double-doors to Abigail Adams High School’s auditorium, where a large projector screen has been hung all the way across the stage. While the blonde retreats to the hallway outside, Riley ambles forward a bit in wonder and curiosity as to what could possibly be so urgent that Maya had absolutely insisted they return to the school after hours without a word on why. Riley prefers not to break any rules or ‘live on the edge’ like Maya does from time to time and everyone knows this about her. So what was going on here?
While she’s still distracted with her thoughts, a familiar, lanky figure steps into view from between two rows of seats, coming to a stop a short ways in front of her. Farkle.
A sudden jolt pulses through her heart at the speed of light as she begins mentally combing through thousands of possible explanations for his presence here, scenarios both good and bad coming to mind… though most of them bad.
The boy shifts his weight a few times before daring to cut the silence.
“Look… I know things are weird between us right now,” Riley swallows thickly under the stare of his blue seascapes as they seem to bore into her soul, “I’m hoping this will change that.”

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Roads: Infinity (5/5)

Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angst one-shot series

Note: This series is finally done~ Thanks to those who stayed until to end >A< I will probably be opening a new series soon but before that I want to write some oneshots again so if anyone has any idea feel free to @ me anyways enjoy the read~ If you have any thoughts on this ending let me know =^= I feel like i dragged it a bit too long…


Part One (Wrong Paths) | Part Two (Crossroad) | Part Three (Mistimed) | Part Four (Parallels) | Part Five (Infinity)

Check out other stuff I’ve written here


When the words came from Jungkook’s lips you took second to let it register.

You’ve imaged this scene hundreds of times after you two broke up. Even now, five months after the break up, you couldn’t help but think about Jungkook and what he was going to say at the party. If he would ever mention it again, if he would ever apologize…

You’ve imagined all the possible ways you would respond: break down in to tears, scream and yell at him, give him a slap across the face… Or all of them combined.

Every possible scenario.

You’ve had enough time.

The different locations, how he would show up, who would be present and watching, an accidental run in… Everything down to what you were going to wear, how your makeup would be that day.

You’ve thought about everything, including this particular set up right now.

What you didn’t foresee, what your calmness.

Jungkook’s words no longer sent ripples through your heart, unfolding every piece of your logic. In fact, the apologize seemed to cut off the last of your feelings towards him.

You got an ending to the story.

It didn’t occur to you that you were lost in your thoughts until you realized he was holding his breath waiting for a response.

After a moment a hesitance, “Thank you.” You said softly.

Your response seemed to set Jungkook into shock, his face immediately filled with awe, mouth slightly parted with no sound coming out.

As if on cue, you heard someone call your name.


A soft husky voice with a slight melodic tone, that warmed you from inside out.

He must have been standing there a while, his nose tip slightly red from the cold.

You nodded goodbye to Jungkook before turning to him. Your path and his never crossed again.

The walk was still a distance, as if he stood this far to make sure not to eavesdrop, even by accident.

“Ya, look at you talking with your friend while I line up for coffee.” Playful teasing, he loved that. You smiled, and took the cup he held out to you.

“No, it was my ex.” You said calmly, openly observing his response.

He noticed your eyes settled on his face, and he let out a breath with a smile. “Did you get the answer you were looking for?”

“…No,” You thought about his question. All this time you were set on finding out if he had any true feelings for you, but when you came face to face with him, it didn’t seem important anymore. “But I found out what I want.”

His eyes shifted away from yours, something he rarely does when talking to you. He seemed hesitant, but he forced himself to look at you once again, “And what do you want?”

eyes shifted away from yours, something he rarely does when talking to you. He seemed hesitant, but he forced himself to look at you once again, a gentle smile on his face, “And what do you want?”

You opened your mouth to answer, but somehow Jungkook’s face appear before you once again.

“Y/N?” His face filled with the look of concern, his hand automatically reaching out for to caress your cheek.

“I…” You opened your mouth, trying to put together the words- to give him an answer to the question he asked last night. Yet, you couldn’t.

Tears filled your eyes, his gaze was one of deep concern, his voice low and gentle, almost wine like, soothing your thoughts and heart.

You wanted to stay with him, but what if it ends for him like it ended for you?

No one deserves to go through that, especially not him.

He was the one who pulled you out of it, allowing you to be the bright and cheerful person you once were. He was someone you wanted to protect, even from yourself.

You closed your mouth and shook your head vigorously until he stopped you.

“Y/N, what were you going to say?” He asked lightly, his voice as gentle as his hand, his eyes had a sparkle of hope in them. “You know I won’t pressure you. But I want to know.”

You shook your head, unable to meet his eyes any longer. You couldn’t.

You tried to pull away but his grasp on your hand was firm.

He didn’t ask again. You didn’t know if you were glad or disappointed.

But then-

“I can wait.”

You looked up at him in surprise through tears.

He was calm, determined.

He wasn’t going to let go.

“… No.” You said, finally managing to pull a smile through the tears, placing your hand onto of his. “You don’t have to.”

“I’m all yours.”

(Jungkook POV)

He missed his chance a long time ago, but he wasn’t willing to accept it until this day.

Seeing her walk away without turning back, he felt something in his heart shatter.

Once you lose something, you can never get it back.

That’s right, he lost her. He’ll never get her back.

How naïve he was, thinking that everything would be set straight if he went up and apologized.

Thinking that everything would go back to the way it once was…

How stupid.

He choked back a bitter laugh.

He could only watch her leap into the other man’s arms.

Tears of joy, he observed.

Something she never had with him.

He turned around and walked away, slow and steady steps. It was difficult at first, so he counted.




Before long, he looked back. They were no longer in view, neither was the café. He wasn’t sure how long he had even walked, counting his steps in endless circles.

He never even got to say a proper goodbye.

The realization made him break into a sprint back to the café, wishing, hoping, that she would still be with. Even if he ran into her kissing that man, he wanted a proper goodbye.

Except she wasn’t there anymore.

“…Goodbye.” He whispered to the cold, whistling air.

Filipino things

- rice
- every dish probably has vinegar in it tbh
- so like food is a huge part of our culture
- “what’s up with Filipinos and meat” “bro not even i know”
- realizing that you’ll one day have to introduce your significant other to your huge family and you just //know// that your cousins will stare em down like
- who dis
- rice
- “why is your nose flat” “pls stop”
- “wait so are you asian or pacific islander” “boTH OHMYGOD”
- “i saw your cousin in the mall!” “wait which one you gotta be specific i have like 2737468373 cousins”
- if you have a Filipino last name, it’s really entertaining to watch people try and pronounce it
- you have a relative whose name repeats (like Jack Jack from the Incredibles) (btw apparently his name is like that bc of the Filipino Pixar animators FUN FACT idk for sure tho)
- ^^ if u know that the Filipino easter eggs in Pixar movies exist, you try looking for em
- like the bahay kubo in finding nemo (it’s there yall)
- rice
- ((the following are gonna be if you grew up bilingual))
- your probably don’t use the english translations for words like walis, tabo, ipis, etc
- casually dropping filipino words in english conversation bc it’s hella normal
- when you forget the english translation and you’re jus like “uhMMMM”
- “can you pass the ano? it’s on the ano, i need it for the ano.” makes perfect sense
- words without direct translations frustrate you at times
- ((ok language portion ends here))
- those videos when people eat Filipino food for the first time
- and you just laugh at how affected they are by the smell
- or how confused they are by halo halo
- yeah
- rice


Darasuum kote is a phrase in Mando’a, the Mandalorian language, translating to “eternal glory”. In Legends, the phrase is used significantly in Mandalorian war chants, especially those co-opted by the Republic to promote a sense of unity and brotherhood among its clone trooper soldiers. It is made the motto of the Grand Army of the Republic, ironically becoming the herald of men created to die young in battle and who age at twice the rate of normal humans. In canon, the phrase is among the last words of a Death Watch soldier speaking in Concordian, a dialect of Mando’a: Se solu, se kad, se darasuum kote.

Lone Prowl and Cub

I barely have anything for this project but this episode basically sprang forth from my head fully-formed like Athena bustin’ out of Zeus so hERE WE GO. I’ll probably do other little episode descriptions like this, too, probably for one-offs and hopefully I’ll get some done for the first few episodes that really set things up but until then.


Episode Title: Lone Prowl and Cub

Description: Prowl finds a baby.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Dedicated to @meridianbarony who accidentally gave me the idea then told me to write it out.

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Here it is: Imagine being with the Avengers and it’s like Civil War all over again… but this time with food. No matter what your alliance was or were your loyalty lay before, you are now part of Team Iron Man and you are going to win this! No one can beat you or your backup Peter, not even Team Cap outnumbering you! ~ -Requested by anon
This is probably long enough to be a one-shot, but oh well XD RIP mobile users ✯

To this day, you still don’t know who threw the first sandwich. You were pretty sure it was Tony, but the entire fight was one big messy blur.

After a hardcore training session, the Avengers (minus Thor and Bruce) were gathered in the tower’s cafeteria for lunch. Tony and Steve were arguing about the training schedule. They almost always argued about something, but this time the others joined in. Pretty soon everybody was yelling at each other, either wanting less training hours or more. That was then the first sandwich was thrown. It looked like it was aimed for Steve, but instead it hit Bucky right in the face, its contents smearing all over his cheek. There was sudden dead silence as everyone watched to see what Bucky would do.

“That’s it!” Bucky shouted as he stood up. “You guys are always fighting nowadays!” He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, wiping the sandwich off his face. “Look- we’re all pretty stressed out. We need something to relieve the tension. So, as of right now-” You saw his metal arm creep towards his plate of mac’n’cheese. Without warning, he chucked the plate in the air. “- I DECLARE A FOOD FIGHT!”

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Inside you, Chapter 2

Title: “The Fortress”

Part 1 > “Once again”

Pairing: Bucky x Reader / Steve x reader

Summary: /

Word Count: 1, 348

Steve Rogers.

I couldn’t think of anything else that night. He was the first one I was introduced to.

“Pleased to meet you, ma’am. My name is Steve Rogers”

“I’m (y/n)” I answered with a shy smile.

“Move, you “striped dorito” said someone behind Steve “I want to meet the lady too”

He was a handsome man, probably in his forties. I recognized him, he was Anthony, Tony Stark. He reached his hand out.

“Tony Stark. You know who I am”

I didn’t answer right away, nor did I shake his hand. Instead, I stared at him with a serious expression. I was entering his heart.

Self-centered, arrogant, alcoholic

“It’s an honour, Tony. I’m (y/n)” I smiled, finally shaking his hand after several seconds. Of course he knew who I was, he knew I was to become an Avenger.

Tony wrinkled his forehead subtly, just enough for me to understand he felt something was off. I wasn’t sure how much they had told him about me.

“Hmm, yes, so (y/n), they have told me you…” Tony was interrupted by someone who touched my shoulder with strong hands.

“It’s a pleasure to have you with us tonight, midgardian!” I turned around and saw a tall, muscular man with long blond hair. “I’m Thor, of Asgard” he said in a deep voice.

Nobel, brave, manly. “Well, as manly as a man from another planet can be”, I thought as I bit my lip  trying to suppress a laugh.

I introduced myself to Thor, and then to Sam and Rhodey.

After being introduced to new people whose names I can’t remember for what seemed like an eternity, I looked around, searching for Steve. We didn’t have a chance to talk a lot, but he seemed interesting.

I couldn’t find him, so I leant on a wall, disapointed, with a drink in my hand. When the music started I thought it was better for me to leave the party, since I didn’t have a partner, and didn’t want to get in the way.

”Aren’t you going dance?” I heard a voice next to me.

“Oh, Steve…I don’t have anyone to dance with”

“Me neither” he said with a charming smile.

“I - I’m not good at dancing”

“Practice makes perfect” he said, offering me his hand.

Suddenly a flashback striked me like a bolt. A flashback of Jack offering me his hand, I snapped out of it and looked at Steve.

I put down my drink and took his hand.

“There’s something different about you, (y/n)”

“Ah…thank you” I answered distractedly, while looking at him. I didn’t know who he was. He seemed to have my age, and was talking with Tony on the other side of the Hall. His left hand seemed to shine.

“Tony told me you trained with Natasha these past months. You’re lucky, she’s a…”

Steve’s voice got lower and lower until it disappeared, I wasn’t even listening to him anymore, I was too concentrated on that man.

That wasn’t a natural gleam. It was strange, I had never seen a hand shine like that before. I surprised myself when I understood his hand was made of metal. I wanted to examine it better, but I lost sight of him, there were too many people in there.

“Steve…uhm, I’m sorry, you were saying?” I asked, blushing with shame.

“It was nothing” he giggled.

A new song started. It was much slower than the previous one. Steve’s hand slipped, stopping in the middle of my back as he gently pulled me closer.

I looked up, and my eyes met with his deep blue ones, now half closed. Instinctively, I layed my head in his chest, my body now almost completely against his.

We stayed like that for a while. Having Steve’s arms around me and smelling his perfume was an awesome sensation.

What the hell was I thinking! i can’t fall in love! Especially not with Captain America, he deserved someone better than a common girl haunted by the past.

I was lucky he couldn’t  read people’s feelings like me.

I still remember the first time my powers manifested themselves.

One day a man was offering my mother “the deal of a lifetime”. She should have noticed something was wrong. That moment I felt a strange sensation, almost as if I was entering his heart. I saw some of his most beautiful memories, I saw the people he loved, and I saw what he was really thinking, His true intentions. And I understood he certainly wasn’t a good man.  

That’s how my mother escaped a scam, and I discovered what I was capable of.

Back to the present. The slow song had ended and the new song was a very modern one, which I assumed Steve didn’t particularly like, so we sat on a couch close by and talked about everything and anything. Until the metal arm guy appeared.

“Steve, we have an emergency”

“What happened?” said Steve getting up.


“Is he hurt?”

“No. No, he isn’t hurt” his face didn’t show any emotion.

“Oh, for heaven’s sake, Bucky! Tell me what happened, will you?”

“He is drunk again. He wants the rookie to try and lift the hammer” said the man Steve called Bucky.

I tried to enter his heart, but I couldn’t. It was as if I had run into a wall. I tried again. And again, nothing.  He was like a fortress. A impenetrable fortress.

Obviously I couldn’t lift the hammer.

At the end of the night, Steve walked me to my room.

“Can we…hmm, see each other again…I mean, out of the missions? I don’t know if I made myself clear…”

“Is Friday at 7 alright for you?”

Steve smiled and nodded.

When I went to bed, I thought about Bucky. Why couldn’t I see his feelings? Why was he so closed within himself? I decided I had to know the answer to these questions.

The next day, I “casually” walked into the room Wanda, Natasha and Tony were.

“So…hmm, I didn’t quite understand how many people there are in our team…”

Tony looked up his newspaper “We are in ten”

“Oh, ok.  Who is in the team? You know, I met a lot of people yesterday and I don’t…” Natasha interrupted me and listed the members

“The team consists of Tony, Steve, Bruce, Clint, Wanda, Sam, Bucky…”

“Is Bucky an Avenger too?”

“Yes, he is”

“And, hm… what is his role?”

“Since it hasn’t been long since he escaped Hydra he tries to help us by sharing his memories of when he was the Winter Soldier…”

“Wait a minute. Are you telling me that Bucky is the Winter Soldier?” I asked, surprised by this new information

“Yes” said Wanda wrinkling her forehead.

“No, no, no. I can’t believe the Hydra’s ex assassin is an Avenger! I mean, an Hydra member whose job was to kill the Agents of Shield and that now is an important Agent himself? That doesn’t make sense!”

“My powers are from Hydra too, (y/n). That means nothing”

“Yes, but you didn’t murder innocent people! You didn’t go around other people’s houses destroying everything they had!” I raised my voice.

“(y/n)! You can’t blame Bucky! You can’t claim that was him!”

“What is happening here? I can’t understand anything” said Tony trying to calm things down.

Wanda whispered something in his ear.

“Oh” said Tony “What were your parents’ names?”

“Radcliff and Abigail (y/l/n)”

Tony widened his eyes so much, it looked like they were about to pop out “The Hills were your parents?” he asked me, shocked.

“Who did you think I got my last name from?”

Once again, I opposed to Bucky being on the team.

I didn’t know that, behind the door, the man with the metallic arm had listened to everything.

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ASTRO as Camp Counselors | MJ

Originally posted by beyondastro

// Part 1/6 in the ASTRO as Camp Counselors AU Series

MJ | Jinjin | Cha Eunwoo | Moonbin | Rocky | Sanha

  • Okay are you ready
  • Be ready for stereotypes and clichés because I live for them
  • I know I said I’d post Jinjin’s first
  • But I’d forgotten that MJ was older than him
  • I mean
  • Actual 5 year old in a 22 year old body
  • Boy, are you a camper or a counselor?
  • We may never know
  • Probably ends up with the younger groups
  • Because they’re the only one who act younger than him
  • Okay but for reals
  • So younger groups
  • He’s just so good with them
  • Like he’s good with older kids
  • But the younger ones are totally what he lives for
  • They’re cute and energetic and they absolutely love him
  • Also
  • Endless energy
  • Don’t be fooled by his height
  • This kid is so hyper and loud
  • You can follow his group by sound
  • No matter what they’re doing
  • So much noise and movement
  • You cannot keep up
  • Energy so endless he transfers it to anyone in a 5 meter radius
  • Favored activity: water
  • Anything involving water
  • Especially water gun wars and obnoxiously loud games of marco polo
  • He’s not actually very good at any sport or skillful activity
  • But makes up for it with enthusiasm
  • Like me lol
  • Cheers very loud on the side when his kids play soccer
  • Probably the main victim of pranks from the staff
  • Especially Moonbin
  • Screamed like a girl when a ton of fake spiders fell from his locker in the staff’s cabin
  • Was heard from the lake
  • The older campers tell this story to the younger ones at the campfire
  • Every damn year
  • Very embarrassed, but still embraces it
  • Will even re-enact it if you ask nicely
  • Especially if you ask nicely
  • Anyways
  • Talking about campfire
  • MJ has camp songs for days
  • If you’re doing your thing and you hear someone screaming a camp song at the top of their lungs
  • Yup
  • That’s MJ’s group
  • Be ready to join in because he’ll grip your arm and make you sing as well
  • Just imagine though
  • You’re minding your own business, probably organizing the schedules for the next week or something
  • Because you’re a responsible counselor
  • Unlike that loud kid that’s coming your way with his 4-6 group
  • And you sigh and shake your head because this one may be 22, but you’ve never actually seen him do anything seriously
  • You’re always scolding him and telling him to tone it down
  • You’re not so secretly fond of him though
  • His childish energy gives you life and you think it’s totally cute that a guy his age can still find the pleasure in simple and youthful things
  • So yeah
  • Back to what I was saying
  • So he’s coming towards you. He saw you and you know what’s coming
  • You’re like “MJ… no”
  • But he’s like MJ YES
  • And he’s giving you those eyes
  • You know the puppy dog eyes you know what I’m talking about
  • And you sigh and you’re like “but I’m actually doing stuff and I have all this organizing to do and the schedule for the end of summer show is not on point”
  • And he’s like “Jinjin is the head counselor, not you”
  • “Come on”
  • And he grabs your hand and drags you behind him towards his group
  • And of course those smol children love you and they’re so happy and they cheer you on
  • Until one of them sees you holding hands
  • “Y/n, are you MJ’s girlfriend?”
  • And you yank your hand back because omg it’s so embarrassing those kids are 5 year old
  • But even though he blushes MJ is still smiling
  • God, does he ever stop smiling?
  • You lock eyes and he gently grabs your hand again
  • And then funfunfunfun for the rest of the day because this guy is not nicknamed the camp’s happy virus for nothing
Lady Casanova - Exo/BTS - Part 2

Group: Bangtan Sonyeondan and Exo

Member(s): Park Chanyeol, Kim Junmyeon

Style: Running Series

Prompt: Initially from @jiminniemouse​‘s Surprise, Surprise and then from a bunch of shit talk about mommy kinks with Jimin. I’m trash, I know.

Summary: Most would probably call you a slut or whore, but that was never really any of their business. You were a decent person and if no one could see that then they could move along. What did you care for stability, love, or decency? With a whole life of being unlucky in love, who were you to turn away a club full of men that you could practically bend to your will? Love? Who needed that, anyway?

Genre: Mostly Smut, probably some fluff, angst, drama, slice of life

Pairing(s): Reader/Everyone -  Fucking everybody, okay? I’m a thirsty ho that needs my fix, alright?! No, but seriously, I have no idea for a final pairing or if there even will be one. Help me out here, guys.

A/N: DISGUISE MOTHERFUCKER! Okay, I need to stop, I know. Here! Have some shit Chanyeol smut. It’s the middle of the night, I’m currently running on ice cream sandwiches and cheese puffs and someone needs to call me a doctor. Holy shit I’m so tired. I was trying to get my sleeping schedule on track, too. And, no lie, I just choked on my own spit. Anyway, here you go. I have no idea who I’m going to have you guys with next so if you have any suggestions/hints/tips/preferences please, PLEASE let me know. I, like, half proofread this. Hopefully it’s not too terrible. Enjoy! P.S. I meant for it to be short… It’s fucking not.

Dislcaimer: Gif isn’t mine.

Part 1 | Part 2

Originally posted by myshittywriting

                            “How do you want it tonight, noona?” 


Chanyeol was pressed against your back the moment you turned around to close your front door.

“How do you want it tonight, noona?”

You took a moment to think about it, letting it drag out as he started kissing along the column of your neck, not stopping until his lips reached just under your ear. You shuddered a bit and he chuckled, the sound rich and making your core ache.

“I wouldn’t mind a night of sensuality,” you commented, always surprising yourself when you kept your tone so even. You felt Chanyeol’s lips stretch into a grin on your skin, whispering out an ‘okay’ before turning you to face him. He pulled whatever items you’d carried in from your hands, setting them on a table off to one side as he pressed his forehead to yours. He locked eyes with you and kept your stare as he dropped your things, his hands returning to rest on your hips and pull your lower half a little closer to his, though not letting them touch.

You let him back you against the door, your eyes closing as his lips finally descended on yours. The kiss was slow at first, his lips only moving with yours before he finally snaked his tongue in between them. It was all too easy for him to probe your tongue into a dance, his body finally straightening a little so that he could tilt your head back and delve deeper. His hands touched the base of your neck, his thumbs running over the front softly before they skimmed up and his fingers were in your hair cradling your head in place so you couldn’t pull away.

Not that you would.

You were starting to get short of breath, the kiss deep and hungry, but also slow and sensual. He was certainly getting better at this. Finally he pulled away and you were left panting and a bit dazed as he pulled away, his hands dropping to yours to pull you forward with him as he backed into your living room. You didn’t get much time for your head to clear as he spun you slowly around him so that he was pressing your butt into the back of the couch before sucking you in for another kiss.

This one was just as sensual as the first, but ended more quickly, his hands finding their spot at the back of your neck and head so that he could tilt you to one side. His lips skimmed slowly along your neck, not really kissing as he teased you. When you your breathing picked up he chuckled again, his lips finally pressing to the skin just under your ear to lave and open mouthed kiss there. He continued on down your neck, stopping at the junction where your shoulder started and biting down lightly. It pulled a quiet moan from you, his tongue laving over the bite mark as he sucked it red while his hands made themselves busy.

His fingers dragged down your neck and over your shoulders, dancing down your arms until they reached your wrists. He pulled you arms up, wrapping them around his neck and his head moved back up to kiss you again and your fingers made sure to tangle themselves in his hair. It was his turn to moan, his way of letting you know he was enjoying himself. With your fingers tangled in his hair, his hands dropped back to your hips pulling close enough so that your bodies finally touched and melded together. Even with both of you wearing jeans you could feel his arousal and it made you drunk with lusty pride that he was so ready and you had barely even started.

Your hands dropped from his shoulders, reaching through his arms to grab at his butt and pull him even further into you, relishing in his groan of satisfaction at the friction. You chuckled as he broke away from the kiss, his forehead finding solace on your shoulder as he rocked his hips into yours and pushed you back further into the couch. His hands made themselves busy snaking up your shirt, pushing the material up enough so that the cool air of your apartment hit the exposed skin of your tummy. His thumbs ran over what he could reach of the exposed skin before traveling up further and pressing a firm line into the bottom of your breasts.

“You’re doing very well, Chanyeolie,” you panted out, your voice breaking on the last syllable of his name as his thumbs skimmed over your clothes nipples.

“And you’re doing your best to hinder me, noona. I’m supposed to be catering to you, aren’t I? Nothing more sensual than slow body worship is there?”

You opened your mouth to respond only for your words to be sucked up into another kiss, this one a bit hungrier as his hands dropped from under you shirt to grip the back of your thighs. With a squeak you were lifted from the ground, Chanyeol backing you up just enough to sit you in the back go the couch. He let you settle there before pulling you closer to press your core to his clothed cock. You moaned into the kiss, your arms going back to his ass to press him closer for a moment before lifting to tug up on his shirt. You only pulled for a moment before your hand delved under the fabric, your fingers dancing up along his slim stomach and relishing in the way the muscles jumped.

Chanyeol’s hands mimicked yours, delving beneath our own shirt and going back to your breasts. His thumbs teased first the underside of them again before skimming up over your now pert nipples. The digits ran little circles around them for only a moment before his hands dropped and pushed their way under your bra entirely, the skin on skin contact had you gasping, your legs automatically opening wider as you groaned and pulled away from the kiss. It had been a while since you’d actually had sex. At this rate you weren’t going to last.

While his hands were busy squeezing your breasts and playing with your nipples, you made quick work of removing your own shirt and bra. You didn’t even bother unclasping it, just pulling it over your head and dropping it with your shirt on the ground. He chuckled again, pulling away to get a full view of his hands on your breasts, your nipples peeking out between his fingers.

“You’re getting impatient, noona.”

“I’m a woman, I do that sometimes- change my mind.”

“Oh? Would you like it a little quicker tonight? More rough?”

You chuckled back, pulling up on his shirt until he moved his arms and let you pull it off him, tossing it to the side.

“Not just yet, baby boy. You’re just winding me up, that’s all. But don’t be surprised when I suddenly decide I want it rough.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Before he could dips his head down to attack your chest there was a light rapping at your door. The look on both your faces were priceless, Chanyeol’s head dropping before he straightened to turn and glare at the hallway to the front door. Your eyes rolled into the back of your head, a glare setting itself on your face as you leaned back to slam a hand down on a blanket you usually kept on the sofa. You snatched it up and wrapped yourself in it, not caring that it parted to reveal a lot of your tummy as you walked. You really just wanted it to cover your breasts. Hell if it wouldn’t get you shit from about half the building, you would’ve just opened the door without worrying about them hanging out.

“You’ve got to be shitting me,” you grumbled lowly, Chanyeol standing back by the edge of the livingroom and leaning against the wall with his hands in his pockets. You swung the door open viciously, your glare taking a moment to blink into a look of shock.

“Junmyeon! What… What is it?”

Chanyeol sniggered into his hand, hearing the irritation in your voice. He craned his neck to try and see around the door and catch a glimpse of this Junmyeon. Said man looked quite the sight, his eyebrows shot up into his hairline and his wide eyes staring down at your naked, but partially covered torso.

(Y/N)-noona, I-I-I,” he stuttered out, clearly shocked at your brazenness. He was a sweet kid, he really was, but he was so interrupting your fun time right now. You tried to smile sweetly at him, but you could feel your irritation warping the smile ever so slightly.

“You what, Junmyeon-ssi?”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were… busy,” he trailed off, his eyes jumping from you to something much taller behind you.

“Jagi~, what’s taking so long,” Chanyeol drawled behind you, his arm snaking around your waist and making sure to slip under the blanket on one side. You couldn’t resist rolling your eyes as you turned to smile sweetly at Chanyeol.

“I’ll be right there,” you said sweetly, your face suddenly dropping to a flat expression when you sure Junmyeon couldn’t see.

“If you don’t go wait in the living room, I will-“

“Okay, I’m going,” Chanyeol chuckled, backing up down the hall and into the darkness. You whirled back around on Junmyeon who was shocked out of trying to peek further into your apartment.

“Did you need something, Junmyeon, or…”

“O-oh, yes! I have some of your mail. They mixed us up again,” he handed out a small stack of envelopes and you took them quickly.

“Oh, okay, thank you,” you said moving to close your door only to have Junmyeon slam his hand on it to stop it.


You really had to resist sighing.


“You wouldn’t happen to have anything of mine would you? It’s just I’ve been expecting some-“

“Not sure and it’s really late, I’ll check and get them to you tomorrow if there are any!”

“But I just-“

“Okay, thanks again, Junnie! Night~!”

You felt a little bad for slamming the door in his face, but holy shit. He was really a nice kid and a great neighbor, he just didn’t know when to take a hint. You turned back towards Chanyeol who was practically cracking up silently near the living room. You sighed and tossed the mail onto the table near the door, making your way back to Chanyeol and tossing the blanket back on the couch. You punched him lightly in the chest to get his attention and once his eyes fell on your naked chest you could see his focus return. His laughing died down to a chuckle as his hands pulled your hips closer.

“Junnie,” he questioned, his lips falling to plant butterfly kisses across your shoulder and up your neck.

“Yeah, Junmyeon can be kind of a mouth full, so I asked him if I could shorten it. I think his head nearly exploded the first time I called him that.”

Chanyeol hummed, but said nothing more instead gripping your hips tightly and lifting you from the ground. You gasped as your arms slung around his neck, your legs wrapping around his hips and squeezing to hold yourself in place until his hands fell to hold you up by your butt. He made sure to squeeze a couple of times, too. He locked your lips in another quick kiss before pulling away.

“Couch or bedroom?”

“Do you want to try and have sensual sex on a sofa?”

“Okay,” he said spinning you in the air and heading off towards your room, letting you guide him while his head dipped down to place open mouthed kisses just above your breasts. You elbowed your door open, having to duck down a bit so your head wouldn’t smack against the top of the door frame. You expected him to drop your onto the bed like a sack of potatoes, but were pleasantly surprised when he lowered you gently and immediately continued attacking your body. He tried to pull away, but when your arms locked around his neck he obliged and settled his hips between your legs.

There seemed to be an audible sigh of relief between the two of you as his arousal met yours, being able to feel each other even through the denim material. He kissed his way up from your chest, his kisses turning almost sloppy and open mouthed when he reached your neck, before he seared his lips to yours. His tongue wound around your own, pulling it into a dance while his hands occupied themselves lower. His fingers skimmed up your sides, the sensation making you unlock your arms and release him so he could lift himself enough to slide a hand over your breast. You sighed contentedly into the kiss, the roughness of his fingers scraping nicely over your nipple.

You moaned as he pulled away from the kiss, his head lowering so he could suck the neglected nipple into his mouth. Your hands quickly tangle themselves into his hair, holding him in place while his tongue swirled circles around it. When his head decided to switch to the other nipple, his hand sank lower. Chills jumped up your spine and your muscles convulsed as his fingers burned a path down your stomach to the waistband of your jeans. He got to work on undoing the buttons quickly, his mouth leaving your breasts to follow his hands down lower. He didn’t bother stalling as he removed both your jeans and panties in one go, standing so he could make quick work of his own jeans.

“Who looks impatient now,” you asked in a sultry tone, eyeing his twitching member as it wept between his legs.

“Just hush and let me finish this so we can get to the good stuff.”

You chuckled as he crawled back up you, capturing your lips once again as his fingers wasted no time in delving between your folds. You gasped and shuddered, his fingers dancing idly along your entrance and then up around your clit. You opened your legs wider, groaning as his fingers touched everywhere but where you actually wanted him to. You could feel him smile into the kiss and it urged your hand down to skim your fingers over the top of his length before gripping it tightly.


He pulled away from the kiss, hissing as his hips jerked into your hand. You smirked up at him, pumping him only once.

“Don’t tease noona, Chanyeolie.”

“Y-yes ma’am,” he stuttered out, his hips snapping into your hand involuntarily when your grip loosened. You meant to pump him a few more times, but when his fingers suddenly skimmed over your clit and then down into your entrance, you couldn’t find the motor skills to do so.

You gasped, your hand releasing him and your head falling back as the muscles in your thighs tensed. Your arousal made it easy for him to fit two fingers in right from the start and the feeling of him filling you even slightly had your walls clenching down around the digits. Chanyeol groaned at the feeling, almost forgetting what he was supposed to do before he finally started pumping his fingers in and out. Almost immediately you could tell it wouldn’t be enough, but you let him continue none the less. His thumb came up to circle at your clit, making your breathing pick up and your hands reach for the arm between your legs. Chanyeol couldn’t help it when his free hand snaked down to grasp at his own member, pumping it lazily as he watched your writhe beneath him. He wasn’t sure how much longer he could wait.

“E-enough,” you gasped out, sitting up a bit, “… It’s not enough, please Chanyeolie.”

He didn’t need to be told twice, his fingers leaving your folds and coating his length in your juices while he lined himself up. You laid back and spread your legs as wide as they would go, eager to have him inside you, filling you. Your heart raced with anticipation as you felt his tip tease your entrance, flicking up and down your folds a couple of times before he was pushing in. Your head fell back at the feeling, your mouth hanging open and panting out an ‘ah’ as he sank all the way in you. His hips settled between yours again, only this time his length was fully inside you and your walls clenched at the thought.

“A-ah! Don’t do that yet, noona,” he warned, his voice at its deepest pitch and his eyes squeezed shut.

“Come on, baby boy. I can’t wait.”

You flicked your hips up into his own and his choked gasp had you smirking blearily. You weren’t expecting him to retaliate with snapping his own hips into you. The feeling was glorious and you choked out a satisfied moan, wanting him to do it again. He complied, working up a quick and rough pace, all pretenses of sensual sex thrown out the window. You swear he must’ve been taking dancing lessons, his hips like a piston as he pounded into you, your bed beginning to creak with his efforts. Your fingers found purchase in his back, your nails raking down the tight muscles there as your arousal kicked up and the coil in your lower belly wound tighter. Your room was growing hotter and a sweat was breaking out on both your bodies, your hips now pushing up to meet his as his pace quickened a little more. That’s all you really wanted now was more.

“Chanyeolie, harder, please,” was all you could work out in between pants. His growl of approval had a delicious ache spiking through your core, his thrusts snapping harder and harder into you. He was going at it so wildly now that his lips were left by your ear, pants and little moans escaping between them. He was certainly more vocal with the rough nature.

Even in your haze you could tell when he was close, his rhythm breaking and his thrusts getting sloppy. Your clit throbbed with neglect and while you more than wanted to help him out, it ached only for his touch. You hand found one of his, intertwining your fingers for a moment before you guided it down to your clit. He took the hint easily and his fingers worked deft magic over the bundle of nerves bringing you just as close as he was.


“A-ah! I’m-“

Neither of you got to finish your thoughts, the coil in your stomach bursting and your muscles clenching in your high. Your walls clamped down over Chanyeol’s length, pulling his release from him in a strangled groan of ‘noona.’ Still he pumped himself inside you, his thrusts slowing to the sensual pace they should have been had you guys stuck to the original plan. A few more thrusts and clamps of your walls and he was collapsing on top of you, his weight a shock, but not unwelcome. Your arms snaked around his neck as you kissed his forehead, his lips leaving sloppy kisses on your neck and collarbone.

“So much for sensual, noona,” he panted out.

“You should really blame yourself. You’re too hot now. How is any woman going to resist you now?”

“You’re certainly very good at it,” he chuckled out, his laughter weak with fatigue. Yours sounded equally lacking, your breathing finally starting to calm as your heavy lids finally drooped closed. You felt Chanyeol lift himself off you, pressing an almost loving kiss to your jawline before he settled back down next to you and pulled you into him. He pulled the blanket you kept at the bottom of the bed over you both before burying his face into your hair and inhaling deeply. Your breathing evened out before his did and he couldn’t fight the little smile on his lips when he pulled you even closer before drifting off himself

You are an amazing person, Jack.
You have been such a big influence in my life. I was going through depression earlier this year and you were the only one who could make me laugh. You were such a big part in my recovery.
Keep being you. I know many other people probably say the same thing for attention, and there are also true ones, but this is truly from my heart. If you do see this thank you so much. I hope you do see this.

Thoughts regarding Animal Kingdom 1x07

First, great episode.

Second, Adrian clearly wasn’t okay with the way he was being manipulated by Deran. He made that clear: “You’re the boss.” Would any of us accept being in a relationship like that? Definitely not. So why should Adrian?

Deran needed to learn from his fuck up. I feel bad for the guy, because he was just finding a small part of acceptance from one of his family members, and probably felt like things could be different now. But there are consequences for the way he initially treated Adrian, who is tired of being hurt. I mean, Deran had Pope leave Adrian’s friend in the middle of the ocean to die, because he was jealous. He broke Adrian’s nose and cracked his ribs so that J wouldn’t find out about them. That’s not romantic, that’s controlling. I know we all want these two guys to be together, but that doesn’t mean they necessarily should be right now.

When Adrian says, “You can’t make me feel something I don’t,” I think he means that Deran can’t force him to love him under those circumstances. He’s just not okay with being controlled like that, because that’s not love.

Deran is my favorite character, and I truly believe he and Adrian love each other, but this break-up needed to happen. It made sense for the characters involved, and it made sense for this point in their story. In the future? Who knows! If you’ve seen Shameless, you know that sometimes you have to wait a while for characters to be together. And I’m fine with that.

Also, regarding Belize: I think people too often forget that, although Deran and Adrian may have had five (great!) weeks in Belize together, they haven’t been boyfriends for the past two years. They haven’t been dating. They haven’t been in a stable relationship together at all. On the outside, they’re friends. And that’s fantastic. But you can tell that having this other thing on the side is killing Adrian, especially when he’s the one being punished when things get out. And if his speech in his bedroom to Deran is any indication, it hasn’t really been the most ideal situation for him. When Deran offers up the option of going back to Belize, Adrian turns him down. He wants, and deserves, a bit more than that. He wants more than just Belize, and I can totally understand Deran not being quite ready to give him that.

And let’s be honest, the Cody’s are a complicated family. Adrian knows this. “I don’t want to wake up to your brothers throwing me over a boat.” Can you blame the guy?

But like I said, I think they do love each other. Jake Weary agrees, based on his interview with OUT magazine. But just because you love someone doesn’t mean you’re right for them. At least not right now. And maybe one day Deran and Adrian can be together. Or maybe not. And that’s fine, too. We’ll find out more next season.