I know lately Vince hasn’t really been doing the greatest job, however, you’d be a fool to not recognize how much he’s given himself to the WWE. He’s spent his whole life in wrestling. He does love it. I myself have had many problems with this man but I will be very upset to see him go. Remember he is getting older & as much as he wants you to believe he’s not immortal. Respect this man. It will be a mighty sad day when he goes.

Over the weekend, James Harris, formerly known as Kamala, was hospitalized due to diabetic complications. Harris had to undergo emergency surgery due to his lungs and the area around his heart being filled with fluid. While he’s now breathing on his own and is comprehending what’s going on around him, Harris is still unable to speak on his own. In the photo above, fellow WWE legend Koko B. Ware is by his bedside in support of his friend.

That, my friends, is brotherhod.

Victoria Crawford
[February 25th, 2007]

In the Summer of 2006, bikini models Barbie Blank and Victoria Crawford were signed to WWE developmental contracts and were assigned to Ohio Valley Wrestling to begin training. Of the two, Barbie would appear on WWE TV first, debuting as Kelly Kelly on the ECW brand in June 2006. The other, Crawford, had a much longer road. The early days of Crawford’s career were spent in OVW for well over a year, during which time she honed her craft in the ring along with the likes of Beth Phoenix, Ariel, Serena Deeb, Mickie James, Katie Lea, ODB, Maryse, and Nattie Neidhart. After relocating to FCW and wrestling there for 6 months, Crawford finally made her WWE debut by the side of DJ Gabriel, when she began wrestling under the name of Alicia Fox. Fox is a former WWE Divas Champion.

AWA World Heavyweight Champion Curt Hennig
[May 1987]

Though it’s arguable that Nick Bockwinkel is the greatest AWA World Heavyweight Champion of all-time, it’s something to be said about the wrestler who dethrones a champion for the final time. Curt Hennig was that man, defeating Bockwinkel on May 2nd, 1987 to win the AWA World Heavyweight Championship. As the champion, Hennig had no shortage of challengers from various levels of the game, such as Tommy Rich, Greg Gagne, Wahoo McDaniel, and the original Tiger Mask in a match that took place at Korakuen Hall in Japan. It wasn’t until May of 1988 that Hennig faced the man who would end his year-long run as champion. At a co-branded show between AWA and CWF in Memphis, Jerry “The King” Lawler defeated Hennig to become the new AWA World Heavyweight Champion, while Hennig would leave for the WWF where he debuted as Mr. Perfect the following August.